Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad
Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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$7.99 $14.99 2013-07-15 07:00:00
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Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Converter Pro 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The world's best selling video converter for Mac, since 2011.

The fastest video converter on the App Store with movie and TV show metadata, subtitles, folder monitoring and batch conversions. Smart Converter Pro 2 has it all.

It’s so easy to use - just drag your video or audio files onto Smart Converter Pro, select an output preset and convert. Smart Converter Pro analyses your files and only converts the bits that need to be converted. This means less waiting and top quality conversions.

The Pro Difference

Smart Converter Pro offers a bunch of amazing features to make your conversions quicker, smarter and more convenient:
* Folder monitoring - convert anything that hits your monitored folders
* Movie and TV Show info - automatically add key info about your movies
* Subtitles - include subtitles, add external subtitles and even load subtitles from the web!
* Audio tracks - include any or all of the audio tracks in your movies
* Batch processing - queue up and convert as many files as you like in one go
* Set destination - you decide where you converted files go
* Decide whether to send converted files to iTunes
* AC3 and DTS surround sound passthrough and conversion

Why So Smart?

When you drop a media file into Smart Converter Pro and choose a conversion type, it immediately analyses your file and works out what needs to be converted.

In many cases neither the video nor the audio need converting. In some cases just one or the other need converting, and in a few cases both will need converting.

Smart Converter Pro only converts the parts of your movie that need it and leaves the rest alone. This makes Smart Converter Pro faster that every other converter while maintaining the highest possible quality video an audio in the converted movie.

Awesome Workflow Support

Smart Converter Pro has been optimised to not only provide the fastest video conversions possible, but to simply your life also.

This is done by combining powerful automation features which work seamlessly together.

Here's how it works:
- Folder Monitoring: tell Smart Converter Pro which folders it should check for new downloads
- Metadata lookups: Smart Converter Pro will automatically pull in artwork and movie/show descriptions
- Subtitles: set your language preference and if the movie or TV show is in a different language Smart Converter Pro will pull in the required subtitles. Really.
- Send to iTunes: Once all the magic is done, Smart Converter Pro will add your file to iTunes, ready to watch on AppleTV or sync to your iOS devices

Give the Smart Converter Pro workflow a try and simplify your life.


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Best-In-Class Consumer Video Converter Posted by

As others have mentioned the overwhelming majority of video files that you throw at this software will be done in a minute or two. The only time I need to use Handbrake is when a video source has an odd frame rate that SmartConverter attempts to change which results in a stuttery image. If there was one thing to complain about it would be that the software lacks the ability for a user to modify and save a compression setting, for example modifying an AppleTV setting to maintain the source materials frame rate. The ability to set up watch folders and have the software automagically grab meta data like title, description, artwork, media kind, etc.. is great. I do mean "BEST-IN-CLASS", but people need to understand that this software is in the consumer media library class, not professional video editorial class. This application is called "PRO" because it is the paid version of SmartConverter with an amazing amount of extra features that are worth the money. Video professionals should not be expecting a consumer class product to fix their professional video editorial production problems. VinceW's problems with using professional video software from 2009 in the modern day marketplace are not SmartConverter Pro's problems. It is sad that this software does not solve his problem, but it is not designed or built to be the solution to his problems. The days of FCP7 are long gone so you either need to move over to FCP X or move to another software solution.

BEST Converter I Have Ever Used Posted by

I don't know why some people are determined to leave bad reviews? This converter works great! I have used many different converters and find this to be the best. It adds cover art, descriptions, actors and all other metadata to a film or TV show. I will agree that some formats convert slower than others but a lot is going on when converting videos. (A quad core with a dedicated GPU will help more than anything). I would say that 90% of what I convert is done in under 1 minute. Try to get videos with x264 they will be done in no time. In regards to resolution it really depends on what you start with. In other words don't expect to start off with a standard definition video and end up with an HD copy. When I convert HD videos I see no noticeable difference in quality between the original and converted copy. However I'm only an avid film watcher with more than 1000 movies in my library. I would recommend you spend the money if your an iTunes junkie and love your metadata attached to the films.

Great Improvement over previous Version Posted by

I have paid versions of previous versions as well as this version (Smart Converter Pro 2). This version, with the multiprocessor enabling has dramatically improved in ripping movies. I can’t attest to the issues with albums,as previous reviewers did as I do not rip albums, but the movies are excellent, and are now ripped in half the time as previous versions, whether I’m ripping for AppleTV, or whether I’m ripping for my iPads or iPhones, the quality has been maintained through all rips with the speed bump in processing. I am running the app on a late 2013 27 inch iMac, stock, with 7200 rpm HD and 1 gb 775 Nvidea GeForce 775M, 32 GB RAM. It is, as the stock images above illustrate, an extremely simple app, and extremely useful! It is well worth the 14.99. I have, since beginning this review 4 months ago, ripped albums, and have had no issues. I have run the App through the betas of El Capitan, as well as the General Releases ( Now at 10.11.2) and have no issues.

Best converter with one annoying flaw Posted by

I've tried tons of video converters and this one is by far the easiest to use and it consistently creates flawless encodings. I've thrown everything at it including avi, flv, wmv, etc and it never fails to convert accurately. There have been a few times where its metadata search has been wonky but more often than not the problem was on my end with naming conventions rather than in the application itself. There is just one feature missing which, though not critical, continues to be a real pain every time I use the app: there is no way to set the destination folder to the same location as each individual file. Meaning, a batch convert will put all the converted files into a single location making me manually place them back in their locations. All in all, still a five star app since it works exactly as advertised. Add the option to convert to the parent folder and I'll give it a sixth star.

Great Software, Almost Complete. Posted by

I just upgraded to Version 2. First off Version 1 and Version 2 are both great products in that they do what they say and they don't waste any time converting parts of the file that don't need it. Most of the talk about the benefit of this is related to speed, and that is really great, but for me the real benefit is that by only converting the parts that need to be converted there is no recompression so no loss of quality. For me, that is the biggest benefit. Version 2 has a nice new interface, and I love the fact that it adds artwork and details to movies and TV Shows. BUT, it doesn't add these details to music it converts. So I'm knocking off one star for being incomplete. Also, I just bought the Version 1.0 so not really happy that 2 months later I had to buy the new version all over again at full price.

Great Converter... Posted by

I’ve been using the free version for quite some time. Then, I had to recently had the need to do batches, which the Pro version offers. To my surprise, there was so many features I had no idea I was missing outside of the batch feature. If you’re in need to do a bunch of conversions, this is the app you need. Keep in mind, you don’t have much control of encoding, as you’re restricted to the presents. That being said, they’re good. If you need to tweak your conversions, I’d suggest using Handbrake (free) as it give you much more control. If you just need to do the quickest conversions without the need of completely re-encoding your multimedia, this does the trick well. The only thing I would like would to have the ability to actually edit the meta tags when you import from IMDB. I would highly recommend.

Worth the upgrade for me Posted by

I am writing a review because I saw all the other negative ones. I've had this app now for about a month. I LOVE IT! I have convert the majority of my 600GB library with this bad boy. At first I was cranky because I had to pay again for the upgrade. But now when I convert I can get to say this is a movie and the app says oh is this one? and it loads all the details. the tv show one is even better. I have even reconverted my files because it makes them that much nicer. i dont know what other people are doing to have issues. i had issues with one episode from one tv show (mind you i have like 60 differeent shows (full seasons) and that was something wrong with the file not the converter. I try very hard not to pay for apps, but this one I feel was well worth the coin.

great converter, shady business — I had to buy twice. Posted by

I was happily using the free SmartConverter and decided to buy the pro version last December. I think I paid $9.99 for it. I lost it, went to app store last week, searched and found it as "SmartConverter Pro 2,” with identical features and a different color scheme, I wondered why it hadn’t updated my copy (before it was lost). Then I realized they changed the name to avoid updating for free and to make people buy again. It shows I like the product that I bought the thing again —this time for $14.99 — even though there aren’t even any new features, just updated presets I paid $34.98 for this simple, basic app, which bugs me a lot, but I need a converter around. Good product from shady business.

For what I want, perfect! Posted by

I stuggled with the notion of $15 for this app reading some of the reviews, it was absolutely worth it. I use it to convert batches of files into an external to be used with iTunes, this app batch converts, keeps the resolution, (and this is the best part) it automatically finds all information including the cover, year, description and the whole nine yards. Then after the conversion is done it automatically places it in the location you want. If you choose to convert it to iTunes it automatically places it wherever your itunes library resides. The difference that sets this app apart is the Movie/ Show info and subtitles feature, for an app to do all that on its own i would pay the $15. Absolutely worth it!!

Works flawlessly with Yosemite (and a bargin at TWICE the price) Posted by

I have been using Smart Converter Pro since the first version and I can honestly say the developers took a fantastic product and only made it better. Smart Converter Pro 2, belongs in that rare class of apps and services (e.g. 1Password Pro, icloud, Google apps, and Calibre) where the feeling of what a fantastic bargin it is grows gets greater as you use it. What can be improved upon is the ability for advanced users to customize music bit-rates,(perhaps add Apple Lossless as an audio format) download album art and track info from CDDB. The greatest improvement would be adding full support for ebooks (including cover art and ISBN meta data lookup) then it would be the perfect companion to iTunes.

Great Video Converter Tool Posted by

I have converted many videos from different formats to MP4’s so they would work in iTunes for my iPod's. They would take a very long time. There is one format that I would seem to have a lot of trouble with. That was the format AVI to MP4. If I wanted a silent movie, they would work because the audio would not be there. The first time I tried Smart Converter Pro 2, I was amazed on how fast that it would coverted any video to MP4 or any other. Even all of my AVI videos kept the audio when they converter to MP4. Other video converters would take hours. Smart Converter Pro 2 would only take about a minute This is my dream video converter.

Love it - But Posted by

The App is amazing. It works as advertised. It’s very simple to use. I have converted well over 1000 TV shows and movies over last couple of years after purchasing this app. I love how it pulls down the info for each TV episode and Movie, fits right into your iTunes like if you purchased directly from iTunes. Now with this new upgrade (ver 2.2.2) I am finally able to convert HEVC files. The “BUT” is some files take forever to convert especially AVI files and the HEVC - I wish they as fast as the MKV or MP4 files. If you have allot of files you need converting for steaming through your appleTV I highly recommend it.

Have been using the free version and decided to get the pro Posted by

This has been a really reliable converter for me for a while now. Here’s the thing, I have the tools to convert music and video any number of ways to get whatever quality I need. What I like about this app is that it’s quick, simple to use and I think 80% to 90% of users are going to find it fits their needs more than adequately. If you don’t believe it try the free version. Then, when you’re convinced, and I think you will be, save yourself a few extra clicks and get the pro version. It’s worth the few pennies you’ll spend and a great way to thank the folks that put it together. It’s a terrific app.

Best converter Posted by

If you have your video collection in iTunes like I do (or even if you don't), this converter is the best. I simply drop files on it and it finds all of the relevant tag information online and then automatically converts the file (in my case for Apple TV3--many other choices though), puts it into iTunes under the appropriate media type (TV or Movies) and tosses the original file in the trash. It's like having several applications all rolled into one. On top of that, you can choose one or more monitored folders and the App will automatically grab them and run them through the process. I highly recommend.

So Much Better Than The Free Version Posted by

At first, I purchased this so I could queue up my conversions. $15 was questionable for that function, but I’m catching up a backlog, so I decided to jump in. I got much more than I expected. Not only can I have it monitor a dropbox folder where I collect videos to, It also goes out, pulls information (like episode name, ratings and artwork) before dropping the files into my iTunes library. The time savings from having me clean up names and add artwork alone make this worth twice the price. It works well, just like the free version. Does everything I need / want without error so far.

Best video converter, ever Posted by

Before using Smart Converter 2 on Mac, I often used other softwares to convert my videos on Windows. But none of the softwares I've used have provide such great and perfect experience like this. First, it is simple and convenient to use. Just drag in the video, click for a few settings, no complex parameters and settings, and here we get the video with the format we want. The most smart part of this software is that it can automatically add the movie or TV series info into your videos, even with covers, and enable users to add their subtitles. 5 stars! This is a must-have software!

amazing app Posted by

wow esta es la mejor aplicación para convertir videos incluso para mkv sin duda la recomiendo no pierdan el tiempo en descargar aplicaciones que no sirven esta es la mejor …… y la versión pagada es aun muchoquemejor la verdad es increibleeeeeee. yo en especial lo uso para archivos MKV a Ipad 3 y los convierte con los dos idiomas dependiendo cuantos idiomas tenga el archivo y lo mejor cuando los reproduces en tu iPhone ,iPad o cualquier dispositivo mobil le podrás cambiar el idioma. sin duda el la mejor actual mente tengo la versión pagada y creame que estoy feliz..

Only Convertor I’ve Needed Posted by

This application works great. It does exactly what it says it does, and does it well. I have used it for countless conversions (all of them movie filetypes) and I’ve never needed to contact the developers for support. I’ve found that converting to “iPad” let’s files work across devices (or at least Airplaying a converted movie directly from iTunes to an Apple TV device). A feature that I would like to see in a coming update: - Indications that subtitles have been found using the The SubDB or Open Subtitles, rather than a file that could already have them encoded

Almost perfect Posted by

I was struggling to get my HD video files loaded onto our membership site until i realized their CDN won't serve full HD anyway. Smart Converter did a great job of converting them to a lower resolution so they were easy to upload. My only beef is they just list the conversion output by platform (e.g. Apple TV or iPad) rather than by resolution, so i had to run the conversion to see what resolution I actually wound up with. For those of us who are not techically deficient, more complete information about the output formats would be helpful!

Fast Accurate Conversions Posted by

I just converted 10 WMV files to MP4 for viewing on the iPad 3. These totaled 4.21 GB in file size and took just under 90 minutes to complete. I'm using a 2009 dual quad core Mac Pro and it had every core firing on all cylinders. The only reason Smart Converter Pro 2 might be slow would be because of the machine you are using. This is easier to use than Handbrake and the batch conversion makes it worth every penny and more. No loss in quality from the conversion that I can see. If you convert video files, buy this.

Has no business being called “Pro" by VinceW. 2013-11-26

Any converter that is as slow as this one and that does not include AVCHD to ProRes as one of its outputs should not be called “PRO.” Most pros use ProRes in Final Cut Pro. Final Cut has not made it easy to transfer AVCHD into FCP 7 (which for many remains the preferred version) and the purpose of a third-party converter is to facilitate what cannot be done otherwise. Further the “force conversion of AVCHD” option defaults to the OFF position, creating the appearance of a fast conversion when in fact the final output is riddled with unstable frames, rendering it unusable by pros. Turning ON the “force conversion” results in one of the slowest conversions I have seen to date, the reward for which is an H264 format which must then be RE-RENDERED using some other program into ProRes 422 so that it can be used by FCP. Part of the problem lies in FCP’s whacked and wonky file and transfer function, it is true, but either SmartConverter Pro should add an AVCHD to ProRes422 option to its paid app version or it should not be called “Pro.” Pros who haven’t migrated to Premier or FCP X simply cannot use this program, and if they HAVE, they have no need of this program. A waste of $$.

Works, but you’ll need to set up a lot manually by Mage77985326 2015-01-06

I had a bunch of video files from old TV shows that I wanted to watch on my iPAD. This coverter does allow for batch processing but it automatically renames the video files to either the folder name as a movie or you had to rewrite the files as S00E00 format. The problem I have is that my episodes are actually further divided into parts. I had to queue one file at time to rewrite the metadata then once I had a large list, I could then run in batch. I even contacted the developer to see what the file naming convention is to fill in the metadata fields correctly from the filename. Basically I was informed that it would use the S00E00 Format to look up the data in online database (which didn’t have all shows) and there was no other way then to manually fix the metadata. Otherwise, this application works well to covert a large number of files. Probably will work better for newer TV Shows that are in the online database. I’d recommend that you try the regular version of Smart Converter Pro before buying this one to make sure it will run on your Mac.

Expensive, needs to be updated, Rude developer by Littlestbird - l'original 2015-10-03

I used Smart Converter Free, then decided to upgrade for better queueing abilities, was ok with it though it felt like an expensive purchase. Then there was an OSX update and it no longer worked so I was forced to buy Smart Converter Pro 2. I sent the developer and email and asked about being able to upgrade for free since i had already purchased the app for $15. the reply email was the equvalent of being yelled at. I was treated very curtly and did not appreciate it at all… eventually I did purchase version 2. I updated to El Capitan and it is not working any longer. No way I am going to buy version 3. ideally he makes an update for free, but given my experience I am pretty skeptical. When it is working it is fine, but I have found the same functionality elsewhere for a third of the price with Tube. Will not continue to support such a rude and obnoxious person moving forward. Glad to have found a reliable alternative.

Really disappointing by Kodiak13 2015-06-17

I have been using this program for a while now and I am very disapponnted in it. The complete lack of options has left me looking for a replacement. For instance… If you convert a file to iPhone - It renames the file based on “what it thinks it should be” - This is a nightmare. It also sets the file type to television show. Again, nightmare. If you convert to quicktime it will leave as a movie type and be nice enough to turn a 200mb viseo file into 600-800mb after compiling. The moral of this story is that this software does what it wants, not what you want because it apparantly knows better. Of course, anybody who has upgraded past ios6 might not realize this because Apple screwed up the video app so bad it isn’t usable.

Worth it but…. by RachelDCr 2016-02-04

Update: Yes this app is awesome but Ive had it for years and my TV show pictures still arent the square format that itunes has. This is a problem because in the settings it has a check for “Square Photos for iTunes”. Im bumping it down three stars. If you download movies and tv shows from the internet like I do then this is the perfect app. Not only does it convert and add to itunes but it also adds the Movie cover and information! It automatically scans my downloads folder too so little work is done on my end. Before this I was grabbing the picture from google images which was a hassle. Now eveything is automatically organized thanks to one app. Great job guys.

Writes over files of the same name by caeagles 2014-06-29

It's been a decade since I've seen a program that would write over a file of the same name without giving some warning. MAC adds a (01) after the file name automatically so as not to write over the first file. NOT this program. It has now written over months of video that I took of my children with the most recent video I just converted. A whole 2 months of my infants life have been written over! Our trip to Ausin, my daughters first grade play, my sons birthday, etc., gone because they were written over without warning. Unacceptable!!! This program is THE WORST!

Average, not too far different of a speed from original app. by Mr. Olbes 2016-05-25

I paid 15$ for this app thinking it would be faster, I was wrong. I love the app, can’t complain on how it works, however I was promised from the description this would be faster than the original free version. For a free App, it deserves the 5star rating but as for this paid app, I’m giving it an average. 3 The only difference this pro version gives us is the artwork, subtitle/surround sound, and converting multiple files at once. If I knew this, I would’ve never bought it. Converting is still kinda slow on the large HD files is really what I have to complain about.

Sound quality is very poor by kungfumaster007 2014-01-12

conversion worked seamlessly, fast, and very easy. I thought this was a great app until I started watching the converted videos. Sound level was low and flat. I have to turn up the volume almost all the way on my iPhone so when I switch to music it blasts out. Also sound seems very flat and is hard to hear the dialogue. I raised the issue with the developpers back in Oct 2013 and was told that some others have reported the same issue but it hasn’t been solved. It takes more steps but I am sticking with Handbrake for now. It was a waste of my $15.

Do not upgrade to Version 2.2.0!!! by KevinMcIntyre 2016-02-08

Do not upgrade to Version 2.2.0 if you use a Apple TV Gen 3 and iTunes to watch your converted videos. I convert .MKV videos and the videos crash every few minutes for the first 30 minutes or so with this upgrade. I had to restore an older version using Time Machine as all videos converted with the latest version were crashing. I have contacted support to ask about this issue but I have not received a response yet. Love the software but not this update. The rating is for this version 2.2.0! Otherwise I would give the software 5 stars easy.

Damaged and have to pay again? by Dwarrenr 2016-03-17

Been using this program for a few years (started with the original Smart Converter Pro). When they brought out Smart Converter Pro 2 I was okay with paying for it again because it’s really a sweet program. Today I tried starting Pro 2 and I get at, "“Smart Converter Pro 2” is demaged and can’t be opened. Delete “Smart Converter Pro 2” and download it again form the App Store.” Okay…so I go to the app store and it tells me I have to pay $15 again. Sorry…already paid for this twice, not going for a third time.

Not impressed. by jdramsey 2015-04-30

I used the original (free) version for quite some time and never once had an issue out of it. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was converting each file individually, so I finally opted for the upgraded version. I have attempted to convert entire albums at once and it will successfully convert one album at the rate that is promised, then in the attempt of converting the next album, it freezes completely. I, then have to ‘force quit’ the application and re-open it, and repeat this cycle every time.

a waste of money by utumiki 2015-06-20

I bought it after trying the free version. There is no way to change the bit rate on MP3 conversion, it is 192 just as is the free version. So to get better quality I had to go with a large WAV file. When it put the WAV files into iTunes, none of the information on the album went with it, so I have had to manually add all of the album data. But I cannot add the album artwork. If I could get my money back, I would. I am looking for something else.

Good Application by Alfachrom 2014-02-22

Excellent conversion speed and very easy to use, also you can drop a whole folder with movie files unlike previous version. On the other side it lack accuracy to find subtitles and 7 out of 10 you gonna have to get them your self and insert them one by one, also in iTunes, artwork TV series is square and and movies have it rectangular, Smart converter only get it rectangular. and no option to insert your own is available.

Terrible app by Numonex 2015-03-18

I installed to convert some AVI files that I have and this app, which is supposed to handle AVI, doesnt convert them properly. You drag them and drop them on and they will go through the process but they wont play. No errors, nothing they just wont play. I select convert to AppleTV…nope, try converting to Quicktime…. Quicktime cant play it. Only thing this app does is create large useless files..

Don’t buy this for web video by tqwhite 2016-06-11

While I’m sure there is someone out there who is targeting an iPhone 6s or some other single purpose thing, I convert for the web. This does not allow you to specify a file format or the size or anything, really. I bought it because Total Video Converter Pro has some serious flaws. However, it has one great virtue: It performs the function in a useful and flexible way.

I want my money back by nhackett8 2013-08-08

I downloaded this program and it worked the very first time. Since then, it crashes every time I open it. If it doesn't crash, it opens but doesn't bring up the conversion window (meaning the program is useless). I have uninstalled and re-installed it and it makes no difference. I have the correct requirements and paid my money. What's the deal?

Give me my money back by honi1068 2013-07-14

Doesn't even convert. I tried converting a movie to ipad, hit the convert button and half hour later it is still at 0%. Thought maybe it was the movie, so I tried a different movie with conversion to tv usb. Half an hour later, it's still at 0%. Don't buy this. It's a total waste of money. I wish Apple would do refunds for crappy apps.

Update Wanted Access to My Wireless Router Password by Bearlistic 2015-07-08

I received a software update for this software and received a popup message that the software wanted to access the password file for my router from the MAC keychain on my computer. This software doesn’t need a wireless router password to function unless the developers are trying to gain access to home networks. Beware if you install the update.

Useless support by Dimorian 2016-01-29

The latest version is sitting in my Updates window on the App Store and won’t download at all. I keep checking support, and find nothing on how to fix this. The app is great, only 2 stars because I can’t use the latest version since the App Store download is busted and ShedWorx won’t provide the support for an app I paid for. Fix it now.

Does not carry information to files by Giorgizirakadze 2014-09-23

For examle: I want to convert Dragon ball Z episode to quicktime. I edit files informataion: Choose Tv-show Type, write shows name, season number, episode number, episode name and click convert. After converting is done it sends to iTunes but in movies not in Tv-show. File does not have any of informations that I wrote. Please Fix This!