Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Download Smart Merge Pro - Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iPhone/iPad
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* Over 1,000,000 people love Smart Merge :)

* Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap! *

○ Find & Merge duplicate contacts!
○ Remove contacts without name or phone number
○ One tap to backup your contacts!
○ Quickly find the contacts you need

Your contacts are the most important data in your phone which easily becomes messy if not consistently updated.
Smart Merge easily helps you detect and merge duplicate contacts.

○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap!
○ Find & merge contacts with similar names.
○ Find & Merge contacts with duplicate phone or email.

○ Remove contacts without name
○ Remove contacts without phone & email

○ Backup your contacts with one tap!
○ Quickly export your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Email
○ Move contacts between accounts (Exchange, iCloud, Local Address Book)

○ Quickly find the contacts you need
○ Filter contacts by Company & Job title
○ Filter contacts by upcoming birthday & creation date

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Smart Merge offers unlimited backups for your address book
To keep your contacts even more protected, turn on Smart Merge to save every single change in your contact list, even when you are not using the app.
Smart Merge allows you to restore your contacts from any mobile device for $9.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription.
Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.
Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase.

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Do you think your address book is well organize?
You will be surprised how 'Smart Merge' can upgrade it!

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Great duplicate contact merger Posted by

Ive been using this app for over a year now. I have used other contact backup apps but this is the one i use all the time. Some tips for new users: Let the app find potential duplicates, but make sure to manually check each one before actually merging anything, this way you can be sure not to merge "similar names" etc. I personally check each potential merge and only merge them individually, the full auto way is too efficient and will merge people who have similar names. For backups i have found this app to be great to send the file via email, and i actually leave the last backup file in my email (and delete older backups) so that IF i ever have a problem such as dead or lost iphone then at least i can get a new iphone and get up and running with minimal fuss. Alternatively you can do cloud backup... The choice is yours.

Just get it already Posted by

I am an Office 365 user and have an account a gmail account and a ymail account. The countless ways to add to my contacts (iPhone, iPad, desktop blah blah blah not to mention the billions imported by my employer made my address book a disaster. This app took care of all of that (the free version to boot!) Just get it!! I didn't lose a thing and almost cut my list in half!! App gives you opportunity to back up contacts FIRST so that's a bonus. How people lose stuff is beyond me. Morons. And you can review before you delete or merge contacts so I can't imagine what else you could want!!!

Bulk Edits are missing Posted by

This is a good application but can be better. I expected bulk edits and the ability to move contacts around. On the editing side, I was hoping to change the company name for instance for a bunch of selected contacts at once. This goes for a lot of fields as well. Another example will be to bulk delete a field such as "anniversary" or "birth date" of selected contacts. I also expected to move contacts not just to a different group but to a different company for example. I hope the above suggestions make it to the next release of the app. Good work and thanks. Regards, Ra'id

Once upon a time Posted by

M it was a man who never updated his contacts then one day happened up on the app, this app forever changed his life. His phone was poised to do things as like fall into the toilet. Get left in the middle of malls and have random people pool parties while still clothed. Let's just say that our "hero" at times felt more like the victim of the story. But the hero had a friend. Oh how it forever changed his life and brought him so much happiness. He never again had to text " Yo who dis" again. He was now the master of his contact list. Thank you.

Simply Amazing Posted by

I have been struggling with my contact duplication as over the years Ali have been using different email systems, platforms and mobile devices. A task that I knew that will take me hours/days I got it done in minutes. I have up 6 duplicated contacts.. My contact list was about 3000 and clean it and merge it in 30 mins.. The app is super intuitive and everything that I thought that I will need to do this super tedious task, the app can actually do it.. The best 3dlls that I have spend in a long time..

Does what it does, but if only.... Posted by

The app is very good on what it supposed to do, but I have a mess in my email contacts right now and I want to merge and sort them out (I have multiple email accounts for work, personal stuff, etc.) like for example, I want to merge the same contact in iCloud and Gmail because of the emails that certain contact has... So I think thats what is missing in this app. Nevertheless, it's a good app and it would be nice that in the near future has a email integration across multiple email accounts.

Very useful! Posted by

I use this app all the time to move contacts around between my email accounts, and to eliminate duplicate records. My only beef is very minor. I want to search for a contact and when I find it have all the options for moving it between accounts. As the app stands today, you have to go into an account to select contacts for move/copy. It makes it into a two-step process. Again very minor complaint when considered in the context of how useful and effective this tool is!

A must have Posted by

If your a business person who's had several corporate email accounts as well as your own personal contacts list in outlook or something similar, you've got hundreds of duplicates. Just get this. Press a few buttons and presto! Your merged and the duplicates are gone and what's left over are more complete contact info. Buy and get pro. For the cost of a pack of smokes your address book can be all tuned up. No brained here people.

Great Posted by

A quick and easy solution to consolidating contact from multiple accounts/sources. Pulls together contact info from Outlook address books, Outlook suggested contacts, and linked social media. My only rec would be to go to the accounts setting before you merge in case there are sources of contact info you prefer not to consolidate. There are several applications that are layered and the marketing approach is to upsell to unlock features.

Exactly what I needed Posted by

About a month ago, I bought an iPhone for the first time. When I transferred all of my contacts over from my old phone, it somehow produced a lot of duplicates and included things like random email addresses from my gmail. This app not only got rid of the duplicates, it identified all of the contact that were only email addresses, so I was able to get rid of them all. Now my contacts look normal again. Great app!

My contact list just returned from hell! Posted by

I have contacts. Lots of them! But at last count, I was up to 5873.... I know. It was the list from HELL. I dreaded looking up phone numbers. Google was easier. So I bought this bundle. It took about one hour for my contacts list to return to normalcy. From downloading the apps to finish. And SO EASY! Now all my peeps have their wings and halos.

5 stars for what I wanted and just worked Posted by

Contacts had 400 duplicates of 1 person. As usual basic Apple apps can't do the job. Downloaded this puppy, didn't have to think about it, clean easy UI job done, 1 swipe. Decided to keep app, will use the backup feature as I'm sure restoring your apple contacts using iPhone native is some convoluted process lol. Great job!

In-app purchase Posted by

When I downloaded the app it didn't mention In-app purchase. This app works great; however, if you choose to do a backup it will ask for your sings in or fingerprint and a pop up says it'll be $14.99. I almost clicked confirm payment because I wasn't expecting to pay for anything. Great app other than that!

Awesome!!! Posted by

I just got a new iPhone and when the people were setting it up they some how put 200 no name, un used contacts in there. I've been thinking about for the past two months but it takes a super long time to take each one out one at a time. This app took it away in 5 seconds. Worth the money

Best app ever Posted by

After all of my online searches said there was no way to merge word delete contacts on an iPhone except one at a time, I found this app. It took my 12,000+ contacts and merged them down to just over 2000! That is 10,000 fewer Birthday Reminders!

So far so good... Posted by

I downloaded the app and within a few minutes my contact list was cleaned up. Still waiting to make sure there are no issues - if it is still as good as it seems to be in a couple of weeks I'll increase my rating to five stars.

So far, so good Posted by

Have just installed this app on a new 6+ that for some reason duplicated all contacts six to eight times. App seemed to work as advertised but another similar app I tried a couple of years ago ate a number of contacts. We shall see.

Apple should buy this company! Posted by

The software works like a charm! It finds what it thinks are duplicates and then let's you say yes/no to the merge. I have 30,000 contacts in my iPhone. I love it and use it about once a month to clean things up.

Did what I needed it to do. Posted by

I had tons of duplicated contacts in my phone and had trouble searching through them. Easily, I was able to manage and delete my contacts efficiently for free using Smart Merge. This is a must buy!


When I switched back to the IOS system I ended up with 700 contacts, most of them duplicates. I was able to merge the duplicates and delete many numbers in a matter of minutes!! Amazing!!

Not so smart after all by MoxieNYC 2017-04-07

*** NOTE -- IF TOU DO BUY AND USE DINT BE LIKE ME...CREATE A BACKUP FIRST *** This app purports to intelligently merge contacts that have very similar traits. Unfortunately what it actually does is merge contacts that have slightly similar traits. So for instance people with the last name that share one or two other data points (e.g. home phone, address, etc) end up being one. Apparently unbeknownst to me my wife and I have morphed into a Cronenberg-esque creature. And this is just one of several hundred instances. I suppose that there was a manual override option, but with over 7000 contacts (I hate how iPhone just keeps adding the same email address over and over as a distinct contact) it would have been too painful to cull through manually. Learn from the error of my ways and either avoid or backup ahead of time

Duplicated everything by Sved4400 2017-03-09

I have never written a negative review before, but I am compelled to write one becuase of their customer service and my duplicate contacts. I purchased this to merge some contacts between gmail and my iphone. They weren't always transferring over from one to the other. This program merged husband/wife contacts because they had the same address or the same home phone on their contact. Extrememly frustrating. So I tried to undo it and now I have double contacts of everyone! I contacted Apple and this company three seperate times and I have not received any feedback from the company. Apple told me I needed to contact the company. I realize it's only $3.99 that I am out, but it's the principle of it all.

Creepy app by Calisson 2015-01-14

Although this app did merge many duplicate contacts, it added many that are from who knows where. Google? Deleted iPhone contacts? Contacts I had deleted years ago reappeared, as well as pictures connected to other contacts (and these pictures were never on my iPhone in the first place). So I don't understand where this app goes to get contacts, since I did not give it access to my Google contacts (and I have two step authentication in place for Google)-- I thought I only granted access to to my iPhone contacts. In the end there's something very creepy about this app. I deleted it and I am hoping for a refund.

Smart merge program surprises by MusicCrooner 2015-02-24

I bought all three products that correspond to smart merge and was delighted with how efficient the program was however, I was shocked that it sent out the information that I had in each of my contacts to each respective email address. What kind of feature is this? Thank God I didn't put in any sensitive information (like many people do) but it is frightening that the program sent each person the contact info that I had for them. Some have responds with corrections but I woukd have preferred being given the option first before the program did this! Not cool programmers!

Annoying "Buy Some More Stuff" App by Wdav 2016-07-25

I purchased the "Pro" version to get rid of ads. Now all I get is "buy our subscription stuff" or "buy something else of ours that does ???". It takes time to open the app and then reject all their offers so you can just simply do what you want. I rarely use the app because it just annoys me to be bombarded by ads when I paid extra to get rid of them. I don't care that they are their apps they are advertising, I just don't want ads, especially since I paid to get rid of them!

DO NOT buy until they fix it by Mbehr22 2016-08-16

I have sent in a handful of help requests as I paid 4 dollars for the pro version. No response. Nothing. The app crashes every time I open it. I doesn't merge anything. I even downloaded "simpler" to see if I would have better luck. Nope. Same issue. Crashes as soon as it begins to merge my contacts. Overall the interface seems well put together but if the app crashes it's garbage. I doubt the developer reads this but FIX THE BUG ... Or refund me

Interior designer by Pedrosreview 2016-10-26

This app merged all of my contacts together with the same first name that didn't have last names. For I stance 20 Mike's are now under one Mike and I never am able to pull up the number to text somebody without having a problem. I have over 5000 contacts so to correct it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming and I'm not about to do that. For that reason I am very unhappy with this app, it's totally screwed up my contacts.

WASTE OF TRASH by EyadAA 2016-05-16

This app is garbage. I downloaded it to save and merge my contacts into iCloud and I selected them and choose the option to move them to iCloud and it made them all disappear. They all disappeared, I emailed the developers several times, and they haven't not once replied back to any of my emails. Save yourself the aggravation and don't download this crap. Throw your money and time away somewhere else.

Bad Bad Bad Experience by CALovell 2016-09-04

This worked very badly for me but thankfully I had backed up my data to several locations. The ap merged data into totally unrelated contacts for the smallest similarities. After I ran the ap the first time and realized what happened I immediately removed it from my phone, erased my phones contact files, and the reinstalled my contact files from a backup. Sorry I spent $2.99 to go through that...

Terrible. Really messed up my contacts... by Greg From Seattle 2016-03-20

I wish I had never used this app. It messed up my contacts so badly by deleting key contact notes, moving mobile phone numbers to the notes sections, deleting phone numbers. Gah! I had to restore, but now I'm back to having duplicate contacts, but it's worse now because I don't know which one has the correct information. Oh for the love of the almighty. Why? Oh why?

DO NOT BUY THIS by SupportingCRM 2016-01-15

These Apps are horrible. There are 4 and it seems the idea is to suggest that a user purchase the next one when they are done "cleaning" or "de-duping" their contacts. Also, they are simply not accurate. My desktop has contacts that are dupes that on my iPhone that I can see but your algorithm can't find. I want my money back. In a word FRAUD

Good app by Mac33040 2016-05-10

I've use this twice and it has worked as expected. It asked twice to rate this app and I give it two stars. If you give me more time it will probably go up. It says I have no duplicates (names, phone numbers or email ). My view, I see 8-10 quickly that are EXACT duplicates. (Free) buyer beware! Also, no app support.

Good functionality, but constant annoying pop-up by RaulSuf 2015-01-11

Did a job at organizing my contacts and identifying duplicates. But, it constantly pops up windows asking to login to other accounts such as Facebook or try additional products or ask for rating or try other damm annoying pop ups! How do I stop these messages.... I paid for this app.

Worthless by Decaturcomp 2016-12-07

Tried it twice. In both cases it slurped up my contacts and crashed when attempting to do what it claims it can do. This was on two new iPhones. I see that it seems to work for other folks. But... Now I wonder if it is just here to grab active contacts to spam or sell or something.

Don't buy by Tmyers2326 2015-09-29

I got this along with one of their other apps to clean up my contacts. I just lost a ton of important phone numbers because this app deleted the information rather than merging the info into the new contact. Now spending hours on my computer trying to clean up my contacts.

Very Creepy by Joel Oogie Boogy 2015-11-05

after downloading and opening this app it erased one important contact i had :( also whenever when i search my contacts random people from my email appear. Very strange i am thinking about getting my money back.

Can't do what app aims to do by l27_0_0_1 2016-12-10

I downloaded this app to merge some contacts, and to do that I'm required to create an account. Since I don't want to do that, app doesn't allow me to do anything, so it's useless.

AWEFUL APP!!! by LadyChickie 2016-03-05

I did the free one first, and it kept crashing. So I bought the $2.99 one. STILL CRASHES IN THE BACKING UP PROCESS AND THE FINDING DUPLICATES PROCESS. Do not buy this!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!

Bummer by DogloverIllinois 2015-12-02

Froze on me within five minutes and was rendered useless on a brand new iPhone 6S Plus. Either help me or refund my money, please!

Continuous Boot Out of App by RicksterNYC-1 2016-03-11

I am using app on newest iPhone 6, and continuously am booted out of this app to my home screen.