Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad
Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad

Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Snapheal - Fix your photos. Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Massive August sale: 50% OFF.
"Inexpensive Alternative to Photoshop" -

Snapheal removes unwanted objects, fixes skin imperfections, heals your scanned photos and performs other complex edits with a single click.

Top Features

Most other image healing tools only do half the job. Snapheal offers multiple precision erasers and image enhancement tools to ensure a flawless image.

Heal blemishes, imperfections and acne, adjust skin tones and colors or crop, flip and rotate to make the perfect photo. Snapheal’s advanced and unique healing algorithm allows you to remove multiple objects at the same time.

Make those old photos look new! Remove scratches, watermarks and overlaying text. Snapheal can increase clarity, sharpness or adjust light, color, saturation and much more.

Snapheal’s powerful user interface gives you access to multiple image editing tools, effects and enhancements, not just healing. Whether an enthusiast or a professional, Snapheal supports all popular image formats including RAW.

Finished touching up your photos? Share your images with friends and family or reimport into your favourite photo management app.

Snapheal is the fastest way to remove unwanted objects and imperfections from your photos. Composing the perfect shot has never been so easy.

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Fantastic App - the best at quick object removal & cloning! Posted by

I'll start out by saying I've bought and used a lot of programs and apps to do photo editing - including all of the big name (and expensive) programs. They're all good at various aspects of complex editing, but they often lack a quick and simple user interface. After using Snapheal for several months on a daily basis for work, I can say it is hands down the best and easiest program for removing unwanted objects in the photo. Ease of Use: Super quick and easy. Open the app, drop in your pic, mark the area/item you want removed, hit "Erase" and Boom! Done. I was really skeptical about whether this feature would work - it does so seamlessly. The program replaces the background intuitively, and rarely do I get a result that isn't great. Snapheal offers 3 different replacement methods (all super easy), and you can instantly switch between them to see which one you like best. It also offers an easy to use cloning tool that can be used to fine tune the final outcome. Crop Feature: Cropping is also a snap. The one critique I have here is that some of the standard crop options aren't included (like 5x7 and 8x10). This would be a great addition and keep me from having to hop over to another program to do this step. Overall Snapheal has far exceeded my expectations. I wish all the apps I use could be this intuitive and user-friendly. You shouldn't have to feel like a programmer or computer tech to do photo editing, and with Snapheal, you don't. Truly made with the ease of the user in mind.

Finally, I've looked forever! Posted by

I rarely, rarely write a review of the apps we can get, but this one deserves my time to do so! I've looked and looked for an easy and simple app to use on my photo's. I don't know enough and don't have enough time right to learn an intense photo program, nor do I want to spend the dollars on LR or PS, and I may never use one of those programs. But I wanted something that would take out unwanted items in a photo without it looking like I have a blurred area. I wanted something simple to use to and I've looked so long, I didn't think I would find it. But I did. This program is simple and easy to use! As an example, my husband took a picture of our dog, the picture had my foot in it…yuck. And it had a candy wrapper in it that our dog had drug over to her bed, again, yuck, plus some other unwanted items in the photo. I erased these with ease and you can't even tell it! Wow! And that's all I've done so far. I can't wait to see what else I can do with this app, but if this is all I can do, it's still well worth the money! However, I'm SURE there's more, I just got so excited with this one feature I decided to jump in and write a review. I am so glad I downloaded this app. Thank you ever so much for creating it!

More than just smart erasing Posted by

Snapheal does a good job at removing details from photos that you want removed. Just paint over them with a mask brush and click erase and a few seconds later it is like they were never there. More than this it is a powerful retouching app. It allows you to adjust colors, exposures, shadows, highlights and more. The real power is that Snapheal allows you to do those adjustments on the whole image (Like iPhoto and everyone else) OR just on a selected area you choose. This is it's true superpower. Took a photo of someone wearing a hat in the bright sun? Is the whole photo great except for their face in dark shadow? Just paint a mask on the area you want affected (their face) and then brighten the shadows only there. Voila! The perfect shot. I use shapheal more for photo retouching than erasing, but it's great at both. The only downside is that I WISH snapheal would retain the EXIF (metadata) of the photo you are retouching. If you open a photo, retouch it and then save it, it gets the creation date and time of the edit, and loses the metadata from the original photo. Even if this were a settable preference, it would be great if Snapheal would retain this info on it's output files.

This app is great! Posted by

This app is great! I am not a very technical person. I was at the point in my photography where my lack of post editing skills was holding me back and I knew I had to invest in an editing app and take a class when I found out about the MacPhun apps. I now have them all and I didn’t have to take a class. Snapheal is amazing. It is so easy to remove things you don’t want in your photo and the photo looks great afterwards, no telltale signs you removed anything. I can’t believe how easy it is, so user friendly. No long classes to take and no big expenses. It is incredibly reasonable for what you get. I would have expected to pay a lot more for this app. Experiment with this and you will be amazed at all it can do. I have all of the MacPhun editing apps now and they are all great and do their jobs incredibly well and with ease. Of course you always want to take the best photo you can to begin with, check your background, edges etc. You don’t want to become lazy and let MacPhun do all the work. There are times though when this app has saved an otherwise great photo save some unwanted object or photobomb. If you are so inclined you can also get creative and have some real fun with the clone tool.

Amazingly Simple Posted by

I own a store in Dallas. After being closed for 3 days to flip the store for Halloween, I wanted to get some good photos for documentation and to put on Facebook. I took some quick shots of what was already set up rather than taking the time to stage a shot. When I offloaded, I noticed a lot of price tags and other things that while they looked good in the store, did not comprise a good photo for the web. The shots were good, they just looked messy. After getting home at 10PM on Friday the 13th, i started looking for a photo editor that would help crop and clean these up. Snapheal came up in my search. It was a little expensive, but since it was on sale, I thought I would give it a try. This program is amazing! Within a few minutes, I was able to learn the program, clean up the shots, and get them posted on our Facebook page. I'm not a proffesional, but not a novice either. I know the basics of Photoshop, but didn't really have the time to cut, crop, clean, and restamp the photos to clean them up. Thank you for a great program. Even if I had paid full price for it, I would still give this a 5 star rating. Good job.

Look like a great photographer (even if you’re not!) Posted by

Snapheal is absolutely the easiest way to “fix” photos that have things in them you don’t want. I am admittedly a poor photographer. I try to compensate by taking a ton of pictures in hopes of getting a few good ones. When I was in Paris last month I took several pictures of the Eiffel Tower (like every tourist who goes there). Of the dozens of pics, I found one that was nearly perfect. The exposure and focus were great. The lighting was just right, but just as I snapped the picture a man walked into the frame. He was in front of a hedgerow right at the bottom of the photo. I opened the picture with Snapheal, used the simple highlight tool to roughly “paint” the man and clicked “Erase!” In just a few seconds the man was gone and replaced by the hedgerow he was in front of. The repair was so good I had to zoom the picture 5 or 6 times before I could tell (barely) where the man was before. Snapheal turned the normal snapshot into a postcard-worthy photograph.

I like it Posted by

I have been living and working France for awhile now and I also love taking photos of all the beautiful terrain and architecture everywhere I go among other things as well. Just the same there are many others that have the same appreciation for these things as I. Thus, I find a lot of times people are always in the way of pictures that would other wise be amazing. Wainting for them to pass never works because then someone esle will find there way into my photos. I like this program because of the simplicity. I was able to erase people from my pictures and many of them look as if they never were there. I find, however, that for urban photos it isn't nearly as fluid at correcting these photos because of the complexities of the structures. I do accept that there is no way that the system could predict what exists behind the obstruction and therefore it wouldn't be justifiable to be dissatisfied. It still looks natural at a glance. I give it a 4.6/5

Snapheal as iPhoto’s External Editor Posted by

It has been said, “Great technology is almost indistinguishable from magic!” Snapheal fits this bill. It’s ability to remove almost anything from your photographs, and leave the background looking as if the object were never there, is nothing short of phenomenal. Using it as iPhoto's External Editor is a perfect pairing. In iPhoto’s preferences, select SnapHeal as your External Editor, select a picture in iPhoto, and if it requires simple editing, under the ‘right mouse’ button, select Edit in iPhoto, but if more complex editing (as in removing unwanted objects) is required, select ‘Edit with External Editor’ and Snapheal will open. Work your magic with Snapheal and SAVE, but be sure to use the extension .jpg in the file name, so that your Snapheal modified photo is recognized by iPhoto. Using Snapheal with iPhoto in this manner, gives you all the power and flexibility you’ll ever need in managing your photo libraries.

Can’t beat the price and features!!! Posted by

I used Snapheal for my art project and fixed dozens of old scanned photos. The app is extremely helpful, simple and fast. I like the fact that you can adjust the erasing modes and selectively adjust parts of the images. This is extremely useful and I highly advice you to get Snapselect for your photos. Here are some things I like most. A possibility to change the erasing result. If I don’t like it from the first try, I can change the mode. This is something that is not possible in other software, even in Photoshop. I also like the different precisions, so if I have some simple task, I can use a basic precision and it will be very fast. When I was fixing the scratches on my uncle’s scanned photo, I used the highest precision - it took about a minute longer, but I got the result I wanted. It’s also great as extension in El Capitan. Wish this happened earlier, as I am using Photos as my main photo app.

Impressive Posted by

I'm a very amature photographer/editor but it's quite impressive to take some very key editing tools and make them extremely intuitive and easy to use. The "erase" feature does have it's limitations, but once you figure out what things can be erased well and start experimenting with multiple levels of erase with the different styles, suddenly that magic "wow" happens. Yes, it really is that easy-especially if you have a drawing tablet. The touche up suite is also just the right amount and equally simple yet effective. I don't really use touch up programs because I'm lazy but if I feel the need I'll definitely use Snapheal. I wish the UI had some better looking graphics, but this is purely cosmetic-the UI overall reminds me of Snapsneed and Focus, and it's not a complaint, just wish it was more aestetic. Excellent work, and looking forward to upcoming versions.

Frequently Impressed Posted by

The application consistently impresses me with the way it handles deleting garbege in a photo. Amazingly enough, Snapheal can erase almost everything I throw at it without noticable distortion. Removing things is much easier with Snapheal than the traditional healing and clone stamp tools avalible in other programs. Snapheal is a lightweight program, and isn’t particularly useful for more in depth efforts or retouches, but for simple image manipulation it checks all the right boxes. And Snapheal is the best, hands down, at removing that ugly pigeon who stumbled into your famlily photo, or that bottle of vodka you don’t want your parents seeing on facebook, or that ex-girlfriend you’ve been trying to forget for months. There is a pro version avalible as well, but for the basic removal feature (which is the real selling point for this app line) the standard, cheaper Snapheal does the trick.

Very Powerful Application at Minimum Cost Posted by

I just took a series of family portraits at the beach. You know all dressed up in white with sand and grass in the background. In my eagerness to get some of the pictures with four kids, I overlooked some of the background, like a sign and a few cars. The pictures were great but we wished those objects were not in the background and I remembered Snapheal. I bought the app and used to remove the objects. No body believed that the photos could be retouched so easily. Even more amazing was the photo of the baby. We sat him up on a sand bank and he smiled like an angel. The problem was we had to have mom hold him up with one hand because he can't sit up by himself yet. Well guess what, Snapheal was able to remove mom's arm from the photo and he looks like he is sitting on his own. Amazing. I highly recommend this software!

I’m amazed at how good this is. Posted by

Photoshop Elements 8 is the only photo editing software I’ve ever used. Well, I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and when the old hard drive was dumped onto my new computer, something happened and I was unable to open PSE 8 on my new computer. Something about how the licensing software had stopped working. Well, that was a blessing in disguise, because it made me go looking for a program similar to PSE 8 - so I went to the Apple store and did a search for Photo Editing software and found Snapheal. Man, what a breath of fresh air. Snapheal does the things I used to do with PSE 8 and does them SO MUCH EASIER! I went to YoutTube and saw a few demenstrations of Snapheal and I was sold. I am so glad that I came across Snapheal. It is a flat-out great program.

Incredible! Posted by

I have very little in the way of graphics skills. I have a successful web development company but have highly qualified designers for this kind of stuff, but I just downloaded this app and thought I'd try to remove some people from one of our vacation photos. It was SO easy! And when I compare the before and after it's almost as if the people are fakes that have been added, rather than the other way round! For someone like me who struggles with Photoshop this is an absolute must. I haven't begun to experiment with all the other things this can do, but I bought it with this particular photo in mind and it worked brilliantly, first time, with almost no learning curve at all. Well done - brilliant app!

I took a chance and won! Posted by

After skimming over the reviews I was scared to drop 5.99 on an app that wouldnt work but since I got a lot of iTunes cards for Christmas I took the gamble and purchased this app and began playing around with the erase feature which was super fast for me (using iPhone 4/4s photos) on a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB SDRAM. I also have a few other apps from MacPhun and they never really let me down every app brings a few new features to the table and they are good about updating bugs found once the app is released. I'd say buy it now while its on sale and be happy erasing the creepy guy out of your party pictures. Thanks for the facts while the erase tool does its job!

Simple and Useful! Posted by

I just discovered the App Store on my Macbook Pro and WHOA! This is my first and only purchase, I have the iphone 5 and an ipad so im familiar with apps, especially photo apps- but being able to use THIS one on my Mac!!!! It Rocks! WAYYYY better than Adobe Photoshop…which I just deleted thanks to these apps. I'm a regular person who loves taking and editing pics for facebook and albums but when you dont need all the bells and whistles of expensive programs an app like this one can make a hobby become a passion. I love this app :D

Snapheal Posted by

Great little piece of software. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the clone function. It kept telling me to press the Option key, spent more than a few minutes trying to find it when I realized they meant the Option key on my keyboard. Once I pulled my head out of where the sun never shines everything worked exactly as advertised. It does have it’s limits but, for the price, you can’t beat it with a stick and I’ll certainly be using it more than a few times in the upcoming weeks

Good for most users Posted by

In the week that I have the product I have been very pleased with its functionality. I have modified pictures with bright sun on the beach and in potrait studios. The erase feature works very well in removing acne, moles, and tattoos and has really enhanced our pictures. The ability to retouch small parts of the pictures has allowed me to minimize the 8-hour shadow on my face and the denoise function gives a more dreamy look. Overall I'm very satisfied for the price paid for this app.

1/2 hour of use--I LIKE it Posted by

Just downloaded and have been playing with it for 1/2 hour or so. I removed an extraneous person in one photo and other things in others. I can see that once I get up to speed with it I'll be able to do things I can't do in iPhoto. Photoshop just overwhelms me and just can't seem to climb its learning curve. Perhaps this app will ba a bridge of sorts to get me ready to tackle it in the future. In the mean time, I can tell this will be a usable--and useful--tool for me.

What a GREAT tool Posted by

We do sports photography and have to remove people, and objects from race photos. This program is a miracle. Yesterday I spent forever with photoshop taking out a kayak next to a person that was buying a photo and didn't want the other boat in the picture. I downloaded this and tried it on the same picture and was amazed at how easy, fast, and accurate it worked. Wish I had this years ago.

Inscrutable by Erasmus444 2015-03-19

I was hopeful that this program would prove useful in restoring old photographs, so I purchased it and went to work with it. I immediately ran into difficulties, because the program lacks adequate documentation or basic user interface elements. For example, there are no tooltips. These are the little text tabs that pop up when the mouse hovers over an icon. Tooltips have been de rigeur in user interface design for over twenty years now, but the designers of Snapheal haven’t gotten the memo about tooltips. The program offers three different “healing algorithms”: Twister, Shapeshift, and Wormhole. What do they do? There is no way to know. If you enter any of these terms into the help facility, you get “No results”. If you go to the website and search for them in the help documents, you get “Not found”. I’m sure that somebody, somewhere, knows what these things do. I experimented with them and couldn’t figure out what they’re best for. Nor could I figure out how I would chose between normal, high, or highest precision as offered on the window. In fact, there is no way to figure out ANYTHING about this program in any straightforward way. The in-program help facility does nothing useful: it merely tells you where the menu items are. The website documentation doesn’t tell you how to use the program; instead, it merely offers examples of all the wonderful things you could do if you knew how to use the program. I have used Pixelmator for retouching old photos. It is not optimized for that task but it can do the job if you put enough effort into it. I was hoping that Snapheal would automatically handle some of the tasks that I do manually with Pixelmator. It doesn’t. I suspect that Snapheal is indeed a wonderful tool for people who are willing to take the time to experiment prodigiously, read through all the random bits and pieces of information on the website, and dig deep. This is very much a program for aficionados. I recommend against purchasing it unless you are willing to devote hundreds of hours to mastering it.

It did something historic. by Rich7r7 2013-02-12

This $13 app did something no software at any price had done to me years. It completely and totally crashed my computer. Ever since Apple redesigned OS so that a single program could not crash the entire computer, nothing had. Until now. Not only did it crashed my computer, but the computer it crashed was Apple's top-of-the-line MacBook Pro, world's fastest laptop, with 16 GB of RAM, a flash-based hard drive and retina display to boot! When the application opened, I – the typical Mac user since the Apple IIe, began exploring on my own. All I did was play with the lasso tool, wondering if it works somewhat like the same tool in Photoshop. I was simply trying to get it to connect with itself and to see what kind of indication it showed when finally the lines did intersect. I don't think I ever saw that, because when I would lift the cursor button the lasso area sat there for a few seconds then the Lasso went away. I probably didn't last only two times maybe three, and a third time I lifted the button on the mouse the beach ball starts spinning and that, folks, is all she wrote. I computer was totally frozen. the force quit command wouldn't even work, the one that brings up the force quit menu. You might be saying to yourself, why don't you learn the program before you write a review? My reason is that this program has something about it they can crash this kind of a computer and you ought to know that before you start playing with it. yes I'm going to launch it again and try to get more than two minutes in on it (ha ha) but will not be without trepidation. I hope that I can come back later about how incredible this program is.

The app is stable, doesn't crash, but terrible output by munichman1970 2012-08-29

There seem to be two different types of reviews for this app. The 5 stars say it works amazingly, the 1 stars say it won't run. I guess I am totally opposite of both. I installed it on my brand new 2012 macbook pro. 480Gb SSD, 16GB RAM. No problems with the app running/crashing. Though even on my brand new mac, it can be pretty slow, but the real problem is the output. It is terrible. Completely unusable. Trash. I tried it on five different pictures. The first included a road, and the white line down the middle. The app did a pretty good job. I don't think anyone would notice it was removed. The second was a picture of my daughter standing in front of Andy Warhol's Gold Marilyn Monroe at MOMA. I know no one would actually want to remove Marilyn's face from the picture, but... i thought it would a good test. So I tried to remove her face. You know the picture. It should have been a slam dunk for this app, but not really. The results had distinct blotched border to it. Unusable. And from here, the rest of the pictures go terribly wrong. Shadows shoot off in the wrong direction. A fireplace mantel is copied and repetitively pasted on a wall. And so on. The results were astonishingly bad. So out of five pictures, one was "ok", and three stunningly terrible. I will probably not waste my time with this app ever again. I don't get it. Everyone who can get it to run says it works great. I have to admit the wasted $10 is my fault because the developer does offer a demo version. Please try the demo before paying for this thing. Maybe you'll love it. Or just maybe you'll thank me for saving you $10.

Good app, but still buggy in new iteration by mislyndi 2015-10-01

I like that I can access the features of this app directly from my photos app. It works pretty well. It’s not as “fine-tunable” as the content fill function in Photoshop, but it doesn’t cost as much and it’s infinitely easier to use. I find it’s much more effective to remove items one at a time instead of masking all unwanted objects and erasing them in one, fell swoop. The batch erase leaves you with a lot of weird artifacts. But the one-at-a-time approach, though more time-consuming, allows you to tweak each erase and (I guess) allows the program to apply a more bespoke algorithm to each problem spot instead of a blanket algorithm for a number of spots. That’s just my guess after a little trial-and-error. My one gripe is that the clone/stamp tool seems to be broken in this update. I can use it for one or two spots and then it stops working. I can choose a source with the crosshairs and clone the selected source image onto the target spot, but when I release the overlay disappears. This is true in the photos app extension and in the stand-alone app. Also, in the photo app extension interface, the option key does not turn the clone/stamp icon into crosshairs, although it does still function to select a source area. All in all, a very useful app. But because it’s not as powerful as Photoshop’s tool, you do often need to go back in and clean up with the clone/stamp, which is not functioning correctly in this release. So when that tool gets fixed, I would give it a 4-star review or maybe even 5-star based on its low price and integration into the photos app.

Slow and quite a learning curve, not quite what you expect by rosswellian 2011-12-16

"Select objects to remove, press a button, and they disappear!" That is what this app advertises, *verbatim*. Well there are more steps to it than that, and it can take minutes to overnight if you don't select the right options. The learning curve (to get results like they portray as so "easy" and "simple") is somewhat better but not much than as if you'd purchased a masking plugin for Photoshop. In fact, you have less control here for correcting the odd errors. In the first four sample images I attempted to "erase" an object from, I could not get anything remotely successful. I gave up. You probably only get good results on images with certain characteristics: very high contrast and color differential for the things being erased for example. I appreciate the effort put into creating this app, but IMHO it is more of a novelty than a useful tool. You cannot work on a second image (after abandoning the first) without exiting and relaunching the app. I guess image masking cannot really be "dumbed down" and I personally regret the $10 I spent, and if it later goes for $20, wow, I'd be even more upset if I bought it. Not all the developer's fault, I read some review that said this was as easy as cake to use, and, well, I beg to differ. To me this is a $3 app is what I'm trying to say.

Good, But Still Not Quite There by rent-a-spy 2013-09-14

Snapheal does a fair job with uncomplicated intrusive or unwanted photo elements that need to be removed. It performs the healing process automatically, while still offering up a line of tools that you can manually apply to unwanted photo elements. It is a far cry from the results of Adobe Photoshop's "Content-Aware Fill" tool, however. Photoshop CC is still something that I need to keep in my repertoire of apps for this, and other, reasons. I don't really like the Snapheal Pro product idea, especially since I so recently purchased Snapheal. There's always some strange idea that companies come up with to keep the cash-flow coming in, when in reality Snapheal Pro should have been a simple v2.5 upgrade to the current Snapheal subscriber base. Instead, they alienate existing Snapheal customers by essentially saying, we're going to put our best ideas and methodologies into our "Pro" product, and keep the "non-Pro" version crippled with our old ideas and technologies. My bottom line … Photoshop CC does content-aware fill SO much better than Snapheal. Am I going to upgrade to Snapheal "Pro"? I will wait until there are reviews of it in the Mac app store. Even if they are good, I will have to think twice about an upgrade that costs money under the guise of being a "Pro" version.

A Pros perspective - Not a Pro tool, Good for amatures by Kenji Kato 2012-10-03

Being a LOOOONG time Pro user of image editing tools like Photoshop (since 1990), I figured I would give Snapheal a try. I've been amazed what I can do with good inexpensve tools. But I will have to say that this tool is, well…… of very little use to a Pro user. I now understand where all those poorly edited media photos that I thought were bad Photoshop edits come from. This also explains to me why some students in a class I tought on image editing semed to get close, but always had an "off look", and could never show me how they did there image edits. While Snapheal might have a certain visibal appeal for photo hobbyists, this is NOT a pro tool. It provides the novice or intermediate user a couple of key photo touchup tools for a fraction of the price of Photoshop or Apature, but it won't replace those tools, and what you can do with some basic training. So, if you are a hobbyists, and want a fun little tool that doesn't cost you a bunch of money, then this is the app for you. But Pros, DO NOT BUY THIS APP unless you want to look like an amature, and be called out on your images. Since I was looking at this app from a Pros perspective, I can't really give it more than two stars. For amatures I can see why they would rate it four or five stars.

in its infancy still by TriaDguy 2013-02-28

There are almost no terms searchable in their help menu yet. For instance, you cannot search for "select" or "wand", but you can search for "mask". But when you search for "mask" it simply indicates that masking is listed in the edit menu. So, you attempt to use the masking tools, and they are awkward, with no keyboard shortcuts as yet, except that the spacebar does seem to get you a "hand" tool, then it becomes impossible to get OUT of the hand tool and back into the brush tool. Using the Undo and Redo commands is also very, very weird, with states drawn on your screen made out of colored pixels that must be screen drawing errors, and certainly do not help you decide what state your work has been reverted to or advanced to yet. on the Intuitive scale, it gets a 2 out of 10. On the Editing scale, it gets a 3 out of 10. On the selection scale it gets a 2 out of 10. On the File Services, it gets a 1 out of 10. Honestly, you are much better off just using the tools that are available in iPhoto, or springing for an older, more developed photo Editor- some are in the $30 range. Even better yet- just use Photoshop if you have access to that. BTW- you have to buy a separate copy for each of your devices, as they do not migrate through iCloud.

Overrated by Marketing guy in SRQ 2015-10-08

I wanted Snapheal to live up to its reviews. I really NEED such a tool. I too have 100s of photos w/ telephone wires and poles running through them. I was hoping to “heal” those photos. 1) On all 3 levels (i.e. norm, high, highest), the app removed the distracting element BUT distorted the part of the photo where I removed an electrical wire. 2) No “undo” feature. If the resulting “fix” doesn’t create the look you desire, the app does NOT allow you to undo the operation. You must cancel out of the app where changes (even satisfactory prior changes) are not saved. 3) Further, on a new Macbook Pro the app takes several seconds to render the photo. In the meantime, developers felt it necessary to insert “fun facts” in order to pass the time during rendering. At least I now know (thanks to one of these “fun facts” that it’s permitted and legal to beat a woman with a belt provided the belt is at least 2” wide or something like that. If that’s supposed to be “fun,” I’ll stick with waiting for the photo “fix” to render. Better yet, I’ll request a refund and wait for an extension/app that works.

So far, I can do better in Photoshop or Lightroom by nigelholderby 2011-12-14

I'm a professional photographer, and I have been looking for a more streamlined approach to editing photos in the manner this app suggests it can do. Unfortunately, the very first photo I tried to manipulate via the clone tools came out horrible, and the cloning takes quite a while to boot. I can take a photo into Photoshop or even Lightroom and get better results more quickly. I really don't think it's even worth $9.99, personally. I know not everybody has the money to fork over for PS or LR, but even at $9.99 it's not really worth it. I've had better luck with some iPhone apps, actually. There is also a propensity for grammatical/spelling errors in their tooltips and in the trivia that shows up during the processing phase. I'm really let down. Update: After a lot more toying, I feel this app is completely worthless. I couldn't handle the extreme typos and misspellings in the trivia any more. I tried other photos as well, and the "healing" capabilities are far less capable than even iOS apps. Sad.

Not so useful by William M S 2016-12-23

The app is limited in scope, and not very effective in any kind of photo with varying background. If you want to remove an object “floating” in a very consistent background, it works OK. BUT, if you want to remove a battery resting on the edge of the arm of the couch, with a bit of wall in the background, forget it! The app has no concent of boundaries, and trying to remove an object that sits in front of two different surfaces, or sits on a crack or a seam, is impossible. Even on a consistent background, it requires some clean up after removing an object. What the app seems to do is cut out whatever you paint, and then try to clone in surrounding pixels. It does an OK job of reproducing texture, but only if the entire surrounding background is similar. Lastly, MacPhun puts every photo editing feature in a separate app. If you want all the features, you will end up paying more than buying a full-featured product. Or, you could just use GIMP.

Great App for Easily Removing Your Ex from Photographs You Value by Phrii 2013-12-06

Snapheal works as advertised. It does an excellent job of quickly removing unwanted parts of a photograph. You simply open your photograph; you identify the part you’d like to take out, e.g., your ex-girlfriend; you use a paint brush tool to paint her over in red, and then you press Erase! Voila! No more sadistic, self-centered, mega selfy-posting, crazy ex-girlfriend. And what’s more there will be no police looking for you. Wonderful. Obviously, there are some limitations in what can be removed from a photograph, but there are three erase modes that you can try in order to get your best result. I’ve been succuessful at removing parts of even complex photos. The only draw back is that you’ll probably spend hours in this pursuit. Being able to remove an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend easily without having an awkward or uncomfortable parting conversation is worth the small price you pay for this wonderful app! Don’t you agree?

Does not work as a Photos Extension, don’t buy until that is fixed by MedhatGA 2015-10-04

As a standalone app it works, as a Photos extension it doesn’t. As an extension it is very sluggish and renders Photos inoperable. Emailed tech support and they advised uninstalling the app and redownload and reinstall which I did. Upon using it again it worked a little better one time only and then the same problem recurred. That means everytime I would like to use it I have to uninstall it then redownload and reinstall! NOT GOOD. Disabling it as an extension while in Photos, restores Photos functionality, while renebling it causes Photos to be very sluggish. The app does not appear to be properly optimized for extension. So in order to use it, I have to export the photo from Photos, work on it and then send it to Photos again, not good at all, sort of defeat the purpose. I hope the next version is better optimized otherwise I would have just wasted $15.

Something’s wrong with version 2.9 & OS X 10.11.4 by UncleMac OS X 2016-04-24

On my first launch of this app it wanted me to upgrade to “Snapheal CK” for $14.99 but I only needed to use it for a quick edit. There were artifacts and errors in a simple Erase a few things from one of my photos so I assumed it was a corrupted download which often happens so I deleted and reinstalled it. Then I thought on the fresh install I was mistaken and chose the wrong “Erase Mode” but again the image artifacts appeard on all settings. I’m assuming it just needs an update for 10.11.4 Until Snapheal is updated I used my stand by quick photo editor Livequartz the full version and for $6.99 it’ll do Snapheals job and many other photoshop type tasks. The developer updates it very often with bug fixes and new features, I highly recommend that everyone should consider giving Livequartz a try.

Does not perform as described by cburwick 2012-10-07

For 7.99 and the great reviews it looks like a good buy - save your money! As always if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. I use photoshop heavily for photo correcting and tried the app on a few "problem" photos that I have. Right off the bat it could not do anything with them; the results are worse than anything I have every seen. Then I decided to go to the developer site and download some of their sample images and try them using the developers own app. Failed! Based on the tutorials and help guide I can not replicate the same effect that the developer shows off in all of their After shots. Please MOVE ON and DO NOT BUY THIS APP!! They must have paid for all the positive reviews. If I could get my money back I would.

GREAT app for the $$- IT IS a MUST! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! by Sj2002sj 2013-07-17

Love it, used it on many a photo. I haven't tried (the erase) it on a large object but have gotten rid of small objects and it does what it says it does. I think it is better than photoshop because it's easier and MUCH cheaper :) I am doing night photography, even in complex scenes, this app ROCKS! The cloning is soooo easy and really works great. In a basketball shot there was a bright window ruining the photo..cloning iy out was a breeze. I don't know what I did before this app came along! Now I am going to get out the hard drive and see what other photos can be salvaged by this app. I can not recommend this app more highly. It is worth EVERY PENNY! UPDATE: I have had this for 4 months now and it IS worth every penny!

Broken for Mtn Lion - Dev aware by TheDrivingMan 2012-09-20

They said it not me. Please read what they wrote in their email. It's not compatible with Mountain Lion yet - Bought it and installed on my MBP Retina/10.8.1 on 10 Sep 12 - Loads images and allows painting the erase area but does nothing else including no image adjustments - Email to support resulted in this response: "We're currently working on a great update of the app, which is going to be fully compatible. We're launching it very soon, so make sure you stay tuned, thanks." So - they know it doesn't work with ML. Don't see that anywhere on the app info when buying. Update 9/20 - no update yet to fix the Mountain Lion problem

Has major issues !!! by Greatoudoors 2011-12-14

Downloaded this today and had a real hard time trying to use the app. Ran very slow and sluggish, in fact my whole system came to a screeching halt. Opened up activity monitor to see what was going on. I found Snapheal using over 5GB of memory and over 90% of the CPU. I am running this on my 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with 12 GB of of DDR3 memory. I cant get it over 1 star rating at this point because it uses so much of your system resources it renders the app and your system useless. MacPhun LLC please fix this and I will change my rating.

Works okay, but slowly, and taxing to the computer. by basieswings 2014-08-08

This app is terrible. Between this and Intensify, which I bought at the same time without testing this one first, I would never buy anything by MacPhun again. Count on slow processing, crashing your computer, and truly awful results. Save your money and instead get Photoshop elements, or better yet, CS6 and lightroom. I could do a better job editing anything on an old copy of Elements picked up on ebay. I suspect that all or most of the glowing reviews on these two products were given by employees, friends, or family of the devs.

Snapheal was great, now freezing by Rbuffdogs 2015-06-10

Yes a couple of years ago I purchased Snapheal for some easy photo editing. It worked well, even through the change from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. Withing the last few months , it will do exactly ZIPPO. The slightest attempt to use the clone tool or anything else causes the app to freeze, with the “Spinning Wheel of Death”. No amount of restarting will fix it. You must force quit to get out . I would love to continue to use it, but 2.7 is a big 0.0 for me. Any ideas would be helpful. What a shame.