Snow Day Calculator Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Snow Day Calculator Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Snow Day Calculator Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Snow Day Calculator Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Snow Day Calculator Pro Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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CALCULATE THE CHANCE OF A SNOW DAY! Get the most accurate and powerful prediction using the Snow Day Calculator. Using just your location, Snow Day Calculator will predict the chance of a snow day. The Snow Day Calculator automatically collects weather information from multiple weather outlets and uses a carefully developed algorithm to give accurate snow day predictions for your school! What's your chance for a snow day tomorrow?


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Great app Posted by

I'm a kid but don't get me wrong this is good for adults too because work could be shut down, but anyways back to the app, it's good for young kids to see the actual probability of snow as their own news station that appeals to them

Great app! Posted by

This was such a helpful app to use. It is amazingly accurate in telling me whether or not I will have a snow day or not. It's also great because I can trust it so much that I sleep in the next day knowing I don't have school.

Love it! Posted by

This app is great I just downloaded it last night and it said we would have a 79 percent chance of a snow day and we had one! I really like the accuracy of this app.

Accurate Posted by

It's awesome tat they use AI and machine learning to get the chance of a snow day. Really cool!

Best calculator Posted by

Oh my god, most accurate app ever thanks a ton korrent I got a snow day!!!

Excellent app Posted by

Developers know what they're doing with this app.

Fantastic Posted by

This app definitely saved me from doing homework

Amazing! Posted by

Best snow day app ever, extremely accurate.

-5%??? by Mr. Meep 2017-02-01

So I checked this calculator since I was bored, it popped up as a -5% chance and said very high chance of a snow day, get ready to sled! The only problem was it was 40 degrees and sunny today. So inaccurate!

Fake Reviews by Thegame3623 2017-01-30

All other reviews are fake. This is the worst app ever with the pop up ads and the inaccuracy. and I had a feeling the reviews were fake before I downloaded it but the app itself confirmed it!

Fake reviews by Joseph K. Mercer 2017-01-31

Nobody says anything written in the reviews, it's not like "kids" have proper grammar and to the degree that's written. Don't bother, just google snowday calculator.

I don't trust it. by StinkyPete3 2017-02-08

As a teacher, we have had a snow day, a two hour delay, and a snow day over three consecutive days. The app predicted nothing even close.

Accuracy? by j jetson 2017-01-30

Just downloaded this app, but not optimistic about its accuracy since the app spells temperature incorrectly...

Inaccurate by CaseySports 2017-02-09

I got -6???