SongShow Plus Presenter Apps free for iPhone/iPad
SongShow Plus Presenter Apps free for iPhone/iPad

SongShow Plus Presenter Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install SongShow Plus Presenter Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Provides the capability to remote control a SongShow Plus projection machine. The features include controlling the current program, looking up and presenting songs spontaneously, background improv, color improv, stage monitor, and access to all media items of your SongShow Plus machine.


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Pretty good Posted by

This app works really well, I have found you can't touch the computer while using it because it seems to lose sync if you advance a song on the computer and then go back to this, though not every time. Other than that the only issue I have is that there isn't an easy way to view all the songs slides. In other words if you didn't load verse 3 into the program on the computer, and the band decides to do verse 3 during the performance, you can't switch to it, it only gives you the slides you load onto the verse order on the computer. It needs a way to see all the current songs slides, like you can on the computer, and click on the one that's not in the program, it would be really handy to have on the iPad so your not running back to the computer for it. They should make a button or slide your finger across the current slide that brings up all the verse's, chorus's, bridge, ending. Kind of like on the computer program you can click in the window that shows all those and get the right/missing slide up

Great app Posted by

Good app haven't have much issue with use, but I just wish it could be used also in landscape view, and get this app for iPhone as, I can only use remote on iPhone, also it would be nice to be able to have stage monitor in the remote, if presenter can't be add for iPhone, since it is hard to go looking back and forth projector screen and app on the device's screen. Thanks!

Inconsistent image loading Posted by

Also I'm having a lot of difficulty getting the app to consistently display the images from the program. Too many blank results or broken images. Without being able to see all of the slides consistently, this app is hard to use. Even "refresh" is unpredictable.

Works well! Posted by

Took me a while to figure out how to get started. It's in Tools/Mobile Control Settings. But it does what it's supposed to do despite a clunky UI. You really should let people know they need a Professional Level License before they spend ten bucks though.

Great when it connects Posted by

Once it works Great but sometimes finding the computer can be frustrating.

A Good Start but... by @rickmead - twitter 2012-03-14

This is a very useful application. If your projection system has to sit behind a rear projection screen this allows you to run your presentation at FOH which is nice. They need two versions of the software - or at least a way to issue permissions with a login. Anyone you give this app to will have FULL CONTROL of your presentation. There should be a lite version that is read only for confidence graphics. I would never give this to a musician on stage because they could take over my show unintentionally. The application is a good start. Beef up log in security, add a lite version, and maybe customization options for the presenter interface and this would be a 5 star application. No crashes, easy to set up - really good start on a great application!

Useless by Mjb6950 2012-12-16

Does not tell you in description that this only works if you have Professional version. Make sure what version you have before you buy this app

Save your $10 by Chaz Obligato 2014-02-26

Not easy to connect. Cannot be used for services. Every eight or nine click does not work. Meaning the slide does not go up on time