Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sorted - Stay Organized Fast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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"...[Sorted] could become one of those must-haves for your iPhone" - TechCrunch
"...Sorted might be the task-juggling app you’ve always wanted." - Lifehacker
"... it's easy to see why Sorted can keep your life organised like never before" - Onboardly
"... all you need to get Sorted" - South China Morning Post

Sorted is a to-do app built for users who enjoy minimal, gesture based interfaces. Spend a bit of time with our tutorial videos and stay organised faster than ever before.


Organise your tasks in lists and schedule them directly with a tap. No date pickers and forms to fill. Quick, direct and painless.


Staying organised should not be a chore. Plan, schedule tasks and adapt to change quickly with our delightful gestures.


Swipe right to create checklists for subtasks or use it for block scheduling.


Forget about staring at your lists. Get notifications for your scheduled tasks and never forget a thing again.


Make tasks repeat from a selection of common choices or go as complex as you like with custom repeating rules.


Never miss a reminder again with auto-snooze. Your reminders will keep alerting you until you handle them.


Sync your tasks via iCloud and stay Sorted anywhere.


Personalise Sorted with playful themes and make it your own.

Sorted started as a personal quest to find the fastest way to manage our ever changing day and the tasks that come with it. It incorporates concepts from many books, articles and blogs into a delightfully minimalistic design.

Sorted is built by a small, but dedicated team obsessed with productivity. We'd love to know how we can help you #StaySorted. So get in touch via [email protected], or tweet us @Stay_Sorted.

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Keep it up! Posted by

You are doing lord's work! From a design-centered standpoint, I would like to make a few observations: * All tasks should occupy the same space despite having a tag or repeat. * When you swipe between days, there should be a separator in the middle (inconsistency really noticeable when task have different heights). * all motions should be equally fluid. * I can't swipe down the repeat menu. * I believe your settings bottom placement is wrong. It's one of the biggest bottoms on the app and it's centered. Why do you want your users to go to settings so frequently? * Settings' interface could use space more effectively. * Center the text of the tasks? Vertically. * If I can't see it, it isn't there right? I can't see my repeated tasks in the future, but I can see a calendar of those days empty. I think the app feels off about showing information the user expects and what it should do. But feature wise, you are on the right track, we'll see. You have to get your basics right before introducing new stuff unless it completes your basics. I would take a look at Glass Planner. Task complete times would be very useful! We could drag tasks without losing their time space. Ty!

Smooth! Posted by

Smooth & easy -- that's Sorted. There are enough (too many?) complications & hairpin turns in our little roads of life these days. A to do/reminder app shouldn't add to the pile up although too often they do: awkward/non-intuitive, complicated, fussy. Sorted is not like that. Sorted is different: it inhabits a serene, straightforward, flexible, smooth & easy mindspace. And you will too once you start organizing that road of life with this simple and intuitive, even elegant, but also powerful app. It has all the features I want to organize even multi-tiered stuff, but without being intrusive or adding yet another layer of complexity. If I need to shift something/change something/add something, it's all done with a couple of taps & no drama -- smooth & easy.

A great new reminder app! Posted by

Sorted appears to be modeled after the Clear note taking app, but betters it in unique ways. Instead of being just a note taker it is reminder focused with a clever UI that allows for quick entry and simple management. The tag based labeling offers an alternate way of managing, sorting and viewing reminders. the scroll gesture time setting is truly unique and allows the user set and reset times for single and multiple reminders quite rapidly. The syncing between devices is perfect, and the extra themes add a nice touch. If you are looking for a new and unique reminder app this is it. Once you get used to to simple features you will be hooked. Though Sorted builds on Clear's innovation, what they have done with it is trruly original.

Great app but clunky at first Posted by

I've been using this app for about a week now and I'm really starting to love it. I've been a Todoist user for awhile but was looking for something a little different that I didn't have to pay an annual subscription to. The app is a bit clunky to navigate at first and it has some quirks that I think could be improved to make it a little more user friendly, but I would definitely recommend it as an alternative to some of the other top rated task apps. Once you learn to navigate it, it's quite simple to use. My favorite feature is the ability to schedule tasks much easier and without a bunch of clicks. I also like that there aren't premium features that you have to pay to unlock.

Like it Posted by

This is a much more useful "Clear" and "Fantastical" combination. I am enjoying using it because of the very clever controls the developers have built to enter and move reminders. You can shift the reminder times of individual tasks or select several and move them together using a time ruler along the left side of the screen. Using a two finger spread gesture you have the ability to move reminders further apart in time on one day. There is a tagging function that lets you create different lists of tasks. The help section is very well done with short videos showing how to do all of the gestures to make edits to your tasks. It all works very well for me and I like the app a lot.

Brilliant, Beautiful, Useful Posted by

Finally an intuitive and useful on-the-go daily schedule planning app! This takes the best parts of the "Clear" App and adds even better features and usefulness for daily time planning, all without compromising on a beautiful chrome-less user experience. The gestures are truly brilliant, fast, and fun to use! I've tried many of the popular schedule, list, to-do, GTD-style apps and this is the most useful and fastest at doing what it does. I urge others to try it and also try "Clear" - they work great together and the basic gestures are learned faster this way. Thank you for your work on developing this and please keep updating in the future!

Exactly what I needed Posted by

I've tried so many todo lists and habit trackers. This one is literally exactly what I've always wanted. Everything from the design to the gestures. It's amazing. Creating todos super fast, assigning them to days, adjusting the time, recurring todos, snoozed alerts, lists within a todo, selecting multiple todos and adjusting their times keeping the relative space between them, or gesturing to increase the space between them and fine tune. I've been dreaming of this stuff since birth. Sorted absolutely nails the todo app. 10,000 stars. Make sure to go through the tips and tricks in the app.

Excellent App Posted by

Hands down, best app I've used for task management. Easy to set up recurring tasks (with a multitude of options), as well as recurring reminders if desired. I've used 2Do, Things, Clear, etc. None have made me comfortable in feeling that 'this is the one'. For anyone that has used Clear, this app will be fairly intuitive. There are minor differences, but the learning curve is accomplished in minutes. For those who haven't, easily understood instructions are native in the app. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this app. I look forward to seeing where they go with it.

Love this app!! Posted by

I have used everything from Todoist, Toodledo, Trello, 2do, Omniplanner, to Wunderlist. Ive been frustrated that there isnt a good to do list app to manage a changing hourly schedule with lots of tasks. Sorted is finally the answer that makes a busy schedule manageable with a beautiful UI. Assigning and changing times is super quick. The new update adds great features like importing reminders created by Siri and showing the times of over due reminders. My one request would be to set a snoozing reminder for individual tasks rather than all tasks.

These people are responsive! Posted by

They really listen when their users complain. It seems every problem is currently dealt with. I declare this now to be the best productivity app on the market. This is the scheduling app I've been waiting for. It does everything I need it to, beautifully, with a very basic set of gestures to control it. For those of you who are familiar with Clear, the learning curve is a tiny hump. I'm really glad I stayed with the app and that the developers were so good with listening to the users. These hardworking people have earned every star.

This app is fantastic! Posted by

It is easy to use! My favorite feature is being able to create lists within each item. Helps me make sure I'm not forgetting any details in the projects I work on. You can easily move tasks around to different days and tasks you haven't completed from previous days stay on the main screen so you don't forget them. You can also set tasks to repeat. Everyone has different need when it comes to to-do lists, and over the years I've downloaded a lot of list apps and this one works really well for me.

Yes! Apple Watch support at last! Posted by

I've always been in limbo with reminders apps. iOS reminders is too simple, and other apps are overkill for me personally. Clear was close but lacked the depth that I needed. Sorted hit the sweet spot for me, it's perfect for my needs. Waiting on a watch app to make it 5 stars.. *edit , watch app is here, so I no longer have any complaints!

Almost perfect Posted by

I've always been in limbo with reminders apps. iOS reminders is too simple, and other apps are overkill for me personally. Clear was close but lacked the depth that I needed. Sorted hit the sweet spot for me, it's perfect for my needs. Waiting on a watch app to make it 5 stars..

No regrets...a good companion Posted by

downloaded this app 48 hours ago. signed up for the beta version and installed it in my mac. no looking back..ideal for planning your day..lovely themes and excellent iCloud integration.. kudos to the creators...a must have app..

Update?? Posted by

Was my go to app for reminders & lists, but now with IOS 10 I can't set the time anymore for reminders!! Hoping for an update was definitely 5 stars before!!

Skip This App, SERIOUSLY by mattboy_slim 2016-07-06

This is one of most atrocious apps I have ever had the displeasure of purchasing. I balked at the price but figured it was worth it if it helped to remind me of all the things I need to do in a day. Where shall I start? 1) Creating a weekly recurring event seems to set the first instance to occur on the FOLLOWING week - not the current week. 2) Despite the above problem, you will still receive reminders every X minutes. That is not fantastic in the slightest. 3) Despite being able to set events that occur twice a week every week, only the first even appears. For example, I tried to set a reminder for "Soccer Practice" for Tuesday and Thursday morning. The app lets you do that, but it only shows the event on Tuesday in the calendar. 4) Accidentally dismissing an event pushes it out into the future with no way to bring it back to the current date without deleting it and re-adding it. 5) Reminders are constant and overbearing. Why send me reminder after reminder if I haven't even unlocked my phone?! I want them to be slightly annoying, but I don't want to get back my desk after a full day away and have 300 alerts from the app on my Notifications screen. In the end: save your money. You'll be happier if you tattoo reminders into your palm instead.

Not for me by Sprocket003 2017-01-09

Yes the simplicity is great but it's too simple. I was trying to find something simpler and more intuitive than 2Do. I thought the forced scheduling a time would be helpful but it became more of an annoyance, having to constantly reschedule. For me, I'd rather have the ability to have a task without an alarm. You also can't tag a task with more than one category.

Needs Work by Geronomo III 2016-07-06

Needs to have timed reminders. One should be able to set or assign at least one time of the day for reminder alerts. Preferably multiple times for us procrastinators. In addition, the task manager interface is confusing and not clearly laid out for those of us who are still reading Crash Courses For Dummies.

Deleted by Miss D. LeShe 2017-03-17

This app seemed nice but it's far from simple. I am a fan of productivity apps and have downloaded many and this app is just too difficult to input one task. You spend more time trying to figure out how to utilize the app then inputting tasks and completing them. Waste of time and money!

Wasted my money & time by Ladykay710m 2017-03-14

Waste of money....can't get any further than tutorial!!! App sounded good and very promising.....but it's not responding.....have deleted & re installed 3 times!!!!

Confusing by MC in St. Louis 2016-07-06

I don't think the app is intuitive at all. I literally can't figure out how to use it. Also, I don't think there's a way to add notes under a task.

Not reliable... by mahjr 2016-10-06

So as a test I create a reminder with a snooze (nag) activated. Alert pops up, I mark it as Done - then the alert keeps popping up anyway. App D E L E T E D...

It's buggy and bad by dowdyism 2016-07-07

Don't do it folks. It looks good but it doesn't work well and it buggy as heck. Stick with what you have and you will be happier.

Great app but unusable without repeating tasks... by Do It Now 2016-04-21

This app is easy to use, efficient, and polished. But like other users stated it desperately needs reoccurring tasks.