Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speaking Email - voice reader for email Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Speaking Email reads your email out loud. Simple interface designed to be usable while driving. Next, back, archive, flag, instant reply.

Whip through your inbox, clear clutter, flag important items and make inbox zero a reality - all while on the go.

Designed for driving - handsfree or cradle mounted with minimal touches - compatible with mobile phone usage laws in most countries.

We've designed it so you don't need to look - also making it ideal for blind or visually impaired users.

Features listed below with ($) are reduced in functionality in the free Basic Edition. Upgrade to the Premium Edition to get all features.


Skips signatures and disclaimers ($)
- We detect signatures, disclaimers, footers and other clutter and skip over them, simplifying email text into speakable language
- There's an option to skip once a reply thread is reached
- Speaking Email is the only app on the market with email signature detection - an essential ingredient for hands-free listening

Works with 95%* of email servers
- Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, IMAP and POP are all supported.
- All connections are secured via SSL/TLS
- If you have more than one email account, you can set them all up
*Does not work with AOL or Lotus Notes

Optimised for driving
- Requires minimal interaction, having only one main screen, meaning there is no need to navigate between screens
- No way to type replies and no need to ever use the keyboard. Emails can be continuously spoken, meaning you never need to look at or touch the phone
- If you wish to skip an email, go back, or archive an email, you can easily tap or swipe anywhere on the screen without looking

Accessible for blind users
- Tested by blind and low vision users
- Can be controlled with VoiceOver

Easy to triage your email
- Once you have listened, if no further action is required, archive the email with a double tap
- If it needs action, click the star button to star/flag in your inbox ($)
- Or just swipe to the next email if you don’t want to hear it
- If you don’t do anything, Speaking Email will continue on to the next email

HTML emails
- Speaks HTML emails, not just plain text versions
- A quick glance at your screen gives you the visual context of the email. Images and email content shrink to fit your device screen

Speaks beautifully
- Uses the native text-to-speech voice (like Siri)
- Speaks in your regional language
- Pauses for phone calls or other interruptions, then resumes
- Doesn't need to be online except when downloading emails

Manage your email your way ($)
- Instead or as well as archiving, the "Archive" button can mark as read and/or move to a folder
- Likewise the "Star" button can optionally mark as read, move to a folder and/or actually star your message
- Option to Mark as Read when spoken
- Speak Unread emails first or only
- Option to speak unplayed emails first or only
- Option to cut off at reply thread
- Option to skip promotional emails
- Customise whether to read out senders, recipients, CCs, dates, use sound effects, slow down or speed up the speaking

Have questions? Reach us at [email protected]
See our FAQ at http://www.speaking.email/faq
Feature tour at http://www.speaking.email

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Featured on:
- Paul Henry Show (NZ morning TV)
- Sky News
- The Australian, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, NT News, SBS
- NZ Herald
- 3News
- National Business Review

Featured in Best New Apps on the App Store
Rated ****¾ on The Popular Apps
Rated **** on The Great Apps
Voted Most Fundable App by Context.IO


“This is a nifty app, and one that will make driving a little safer for inbox addicts” - NBR

"Brilliant idea" - Paul Henry, TV3

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Great app Posted by

I receive 250 emails a day on a good day. All work related. I used to spend the first hour at work reading emails. Now I just listen to them while driving to work. I do the same while driving back home - listen to the emails that accumulated in the last 2-3 hours. Most of my emails don't need a reply. But if I need to reply, I just "Star" the email and reply later. I discovered Speaking Email 8-9 months ago. There were only three programs of this type in AppStore and only two that could connect to Exchange. After test-driving all three, the choice was obvious. I think I was one of the early adopters of this program. It was great when I discovered it, and it's been getting even better with each update. I did have a short wish list in the beginning, but now it's absolutely perfect from my point of view. It reads the emails in the right order, deals smartly with email threads, skips replies, and ignores spam. If there's anything else I should be wishing for, I've not discovered it yet. I like the fact that program does only one thing - it reads emails. There's no unrelated and confusing functionality and no distracting graphics. Clear interface, smart functionality, and clearly defined purpose. This app comes really close to my idea of a perfect app.

Great app Posted by

I was able to find just three apps in Apple Store that read emails out loud. Only two that connect to Exchange. This app is the best - clean design, easy to set up and simple to use. In most cases it doesn't read the entire thread, just the latest reply. It's a very nice feature. Over time I will probably develop a wish list. I'll share it with the developers. But for now I just enjoy the app. I listen to the emails accumulated overnight while driving to work. Saves me at least 1/2 hour in the morning.

Life Saver! Posted by

I have been using this app for several months now. I use it more than any other purchased app. I get 200 emails per day, most of which are actionable on my part. This app allows me to work through the volume while I am commuting and remain hands free. I still have plenty of work to do when I am in my office, but this app saves me so much time. I feel like I can be in control again.

Great App! Posted by

I would give this E-mail app 5 stars. I use it everyday and it is extremely accessible for me to use as a blind individual. I would recommend people to try out this wonderful app. I am looking forward to seeing this app grow and change with future updates! Keep up the awesome work Developers of this app!

Getting My Inbox to Zero! Posted by

The backlog of emails is the bane of my existence and hampers my effectiveness. Speaking Email is a great tool to get my inbox to zero--which frees my mind for creativity and productivity.

Excellent Support Posted by

Works as advertised.

Not worth it by Cousin Kale 2015-11-23

I really should be asking for a refund since this app never worked properly. Also just found out that Siri has a talking email function, so this app is basically useless even if it did work. Just click on Siri and say "read email" or while reading an email click on Siri and say "read this email." Don't know how long this functionality has existed in the iOS but very happy that it's finally integrated into the phone. Don't waste your time with this app, just use Siri.

Not working by Wirework girl 2016-05-16

It's frozen in the settings page. Only way out is to make in app purchase.

Mr by Sridhars sv 2016-04-29

Not connecting to my office mail.