Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad
Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad

Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad

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Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Speedball 2 Evolution Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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A Brutal, Futuristic mixture of Football and Hockey played at Break Neck Speed.

"Speedball 2 Evolution is perfect for pick-up-and-play action. There’s also a lengthy career mode that spans 10 seasons and numerous cups to keep you coming back. A fun trip down memory lane. To the extreme!” - Slide to Play

“Just as the name remains the same, so does the awesome game-play....if you are a fan of the original Speedball and Speedball 2, then you need this, as it is in my opinion better than it was back in the day. If you are completely new to the game you owe it to yourself to go brutal deluxe.” – Touchgen

“Its unique gameplay and brutal multiplayer is still as bone-crunchingly appealing as when it first appeared on the Atari all those years ago.” – PocketGamer

“A must-download, particularly for fans of the original. Newcomers to Speedball will find plenty to smile about too.” – Appys

Speedball 2, The Bitmap Brothers’ smash hit, multi-million selling classic futuristic sports game now brings all of its adrenaline pumping thrills to Android for the first time. Set in the near future, Speedball 2 Evolution is a fast paced, brutal fusion of handball and ice hockey where only the fittest and most cunning survive.

Plan your strategy, hand pick your team from a roster of hundreds, then power your way down the field, using every trick in the book to take your opponents down and drive your way to glorious victory through a mix of blood, sweat, fists and elbows. Speedball 2 Evolution is packed with a huge variety of game modes and features to keep players coming back for more including in-match power-ups, single player tournaments, multiplayer and a full career mode.

Outside of the matches, gamers can also develop a world beating team by upgrading their players, earning cash and then trading them on the transfer market.

Speedball 2 Evolution brings together its unbeatable heritage with high octane, in-depth gameplay to give iOS gamers a gaming experience like never before.

- Multiplayer mode! - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- Choose from 336 unique players and 28 Teams across 4 Planets
- Over 20 power-ups available
- Retina display HD graphic for iOS 5 and iPad
- Multiple game modes including 10 Season Career Mode and 10 Single Player Game Modes
- Full Player transfer market and upgrades
- Game Center enabled
- Choice of intuitive tilt and virtual joystick controls

Published under license from The Bitmap Brothers by Tower Studios in association with Vivid Games

Speedball 2 Evolution Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Almost Great... Posted by

I loved the original game, and this does seem to capture the feel of the original pretty well, with the gameplay being familiar from the very first play. The core is certainly there, and it's very slick and polished. My first gripe is perhaps a little petty - where did the original "Brutal Deluxe" music go? This was one of two Nation 12 (John Foxx, Simon Rogers, Tim Simenon et al) tracks used for Bitmap Brothers games - it was supposed to be released as a 12" with the other ("Into The Wonderful" from the game Gods) but never appeared. The new music is nice and well-suited to the game, but it'd have been nice to have heard it again. The other weakness may be imagined (I may be remembering the game as better than it really was). While the player graphics retain the "look" of the original, the animation seems less fluid - was the little "victory dance" really just two frames? Other than that, no real complaints. I'm sure I'll get the hang of the controls in time, there's plenty of game options, the team management aspect remains - in short, a lot of fun. The price seems about right too - there's enough content to warrant the extra $2 or so, but a remake of a late 80s title that fitted into 512K doesn't really warrant a premium price. Hopefully we'll see other Bitmap Brothers remakes in future.

Good game , really brilliant Posted by

But I'm getting sick of buying games and then the next day they have a drastic price reduction. - happened 3 times in 2 days . Almost seems like they punish the early adaptors. I'm not buying anything out of the gate again - or anything over a dollar since that's what most games go down to . That being said, the game is really , really fun though and deserves 5 stars . The controls work well and the games are exciting and the management of the players adds depth. Also love the power ups and drops , they keep every game fresh. For some reason I really want some ice cream . And um people , you can unlock all the stuff for free by playing career mode. The 4.99 is for people to have access to everything without playing several seasons . But what fun is that anyways ;) Great game , if only they had multiplayer through wifi !!! That would rule Oh and I want to add after more playtime , there is a lot of skill to the gameplay . The multiplier ramp , ball charge and stars can really turn a game around . I never played this back in the day , but it's brilliant !

A brilliant port of an Amiga favorite! Posted by

Undeniably crude and ridiculous by FIFA like game standards, it is a blast to have a slightly beefed up port of a late 80's classic back in my hands! I love the over-the-top brutalality of this game where knocking an opposing player out is worth a lot more than merely scoring a goal! Also how it ISN'T just about scoring goals and knocking opponents out, you can also make a few points by throwing the ball at targets on the side of the arena and bumpers in the center. Lastly the customizing of the players over your career is fun. Do you build up specific stats of some of your players or just save up to swap one of your players with some 5 starred SUPER STUD free agent to win your place into the higher divisions? I can only hope the game's help explains the game's myriad of power-ups. With the action as hot and heavy as it is in the heat of the game, it isn't like one really has time to stop and wonder, "Hold on, is that a fist or a shin guard I just picked up?"

So much nostalgic fun! Posted by

I can't tell you how many hours I spent playing "Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe" on my Amiga 2000 back in the early '90s, when I was supposed to be learning 3D animation on Lightwave 1.0. I never got very good at SB2 (but did eventually get better at animation), but I enjoyed every minute of it, and I'm thrilled to find it's been released for iOS. I love that they've kept so many of the background sound effects ("Ice cream!"), and the gameplay and controls are almost exactly the same as I remember from the digital joystick I used back in the day. I heartily encourage the adaptation of more classic Amiga games to iOS - I'd particularly love to see "The Killing Game Show".

Love it!! GET READY! Posted by

Always felt the original needed some minor tweaking, as opposed to some of the overhauls we've seen over the years. I love the original graphics and sound, and the additions of the inter-galactic cups and champions league, as well as the new stadiums. I don't like that you only play all the teams in the league once now as opposed to twice. It seems like the AI isn't as good as it use to be, but the 5 star teams are tough. I also don't like that injuries don't carry over to the gym and next match. Overall though, loads of fun. Wish bitmap would get this perfect already. Nice update though without destroying the great original engine.

Fun Posted by

I've never played the original and this game is a lot of fun. Game play is fast. The "ice cream" announcement gets old and becomes annoying. You hear it several times in every game. Simple micro management of players is pretty cool & the game play never really gets boring. If this had some over the top commentary like NBA jam it would be insanely fun. So not comparing this game to the original since I never played it...worth the download. It's an aggressive, fun over the top violent sports game - like a futuristic mad spin off of soccer. It has polished old school graphics that suit the game well.

Great game. Must buy! Posted by

I am loving this app. It is so unique. It really plays well on the touch screen unlike a lot of the sports game for this platform. The gameplay has a lot of depth. All the different ways to score make every game so intense! Check out the free version first to see if you enjoy it. Word of advice: go into the options and change tilt controls to dpad. It is much easier to control in my experience. Most of all enjoy!

Great Game Posted by

A well executed rendition of a early console game. I loved the game then and the transfer to iPad was spot on to the game. Some minor wiggles with the over- all performance of players, how confused they become sometimes. If the developers are interested in seeing this platform grow I would recommend the ability to buy additional players for their team. And more advanced AI opponents. A solid game.

Not a fake review! Posted by

This game is a classic from my childhood, played it on the PC years ago! I'm happy to say it has held up well! I had a few problems getting the game to load at first, but I restarted my iPod touch (first gen) by holding the home and power button for 3-5 seconds. After that it worked just fine! Now I'm reliving the glory of this gem again! So much fun!

BRILLIANT! Posted by

Absolute classic, done great. Much better than the XBLA version (HD graphics were ugly). Hope you guys keep up the great work bringing classics or classic style games to iDevices. Ay chance of Sensible Soccer? Maybe get a license deal with Codies? Would love to see the XBLA version done right on iPad! Or a new Cannon Fodder built for iDevices!

Deja vu amiga Posted by

This was one of my favorite games when I played it on the amiga 500. So happy that they made for the iPad. Plays great and true to the original. Controls can be a little annoying on occasion (especially moving north west for me),but it is a minor quibble. Speedball is soccer meets football meets a rollerball type bloodsport. Great game!

Even better than the original! Posted by

I had this game on my Playstation and was feeling nostalgic. Little did I know there was an updated app. I found it and immediately downloaded it. I LOVE this game. Back in the day I was so addicted to it and now it's even better. This game is a ton of fun. It's definitely worth the $5.

Potentially fun but ruined by bad controls by Chip H. 2011-03-31

I never played the original game and judging by many of the comments here and on forums that may be why I am unable to see what's supposedly so great about yet another retro remake of an older classic. First off, the controls, whichever system you choose, are simply bad. Maybe the bad controls + the frenzied game style is part of the charm for some, but they are unacceptably bad to me. The tilt controls are all over the place with the rapid switching of which player is active, and the D-pad is one of the worst I've seen with a permanently floating state that always has you chasing the controls as every minor lift off repositions it. On top of that, throwing with the D-pad is always a random affair. So you choose your poison: better aim for throwing, but terribly frenetic, imprecise player movement with tilt controls, or better player movement with the D-pad, but terribly random throws. Neither actually work so not really sure what the devs were aiming for or by what standards this game has garnered the praise it has. In most game genres, this caliber of controls would get the game panned by nearly everyone. Evidently, nostalgia gives you a lot of good will from your player base. The game itself, if the controls were actually good, could be fun for the right audience. Once you play enough to grasp the gist of the game, there's a decent enough sports game underneath a downright obtuse interface. You can, with great patience, see and compare every single player's stat on your and your upcoming opponent's team and rearrange player positions, improve stats at the gym, or just flat out hire better players given enough funds. Gameplay is frenzied to say the least and, once you get past the terrible controls and the near complete lack of tutorial and documentation as to what is going on, does have its moments of fun. The bottom line is that with significantly better controls, I'd give this game another go. However, in its current state, other than for those looking for a nostalgia kick, I recommend giving the game a pass. It's just not that good of a sports game, particularly considering the imprecise controls. Those who look past the flaws will have some fun, but I wager most will give it a few hours and set it aside glad it's only $1.

Has some major problems read on........ by Damn Limey 2011-03-17

I remember this game as one of my faves on my atari, this version has some big problems on my iPad. The first is no sound......WTF? There are several screens in the game with white bars running through the graphics, then last night after getting through to the champions league in my penultimate season in div 1 I was suddenly reduced to beginner levels on all skills after all that, now during the last season I am once again facing the toughest teams with beginner level skills on all team members, what the he'll is that, there's no chance in this division with that bug in the software, so because of these issues, I'm giving the game 3 stars, lose one for nonaudio and incomplete graphics, and one for the stupid skill level reset and waste of time getting this far to be cheated, shame because I was so amazed when I saw this had been released.....more quality control and testing....

Frustrating Controls by refusinganickname 2011-06-10

You can choose between an oversensitive tilt control and a D-Pad that keeps relocating itself when you put your thumb on the screen. I found it too difficult to get my player to point where I wanted him. Also, having your thumb down during the tutorial automatically exited you and there was no way to skip to where you left off. Ultimately I had to give up without even finishing the tutorial. The game did seem smoothly programmed otherwise and I would have liked the D-pad if I had better control over it's relocation, such as dragging outer ring or a place your thumb in a comfortable place option in the pause menu. It also looks like it might be as much fun to watch as to play, but I can't play it or even finish the tutorial.

Would be fun with non-terrible controls by LPGreg 2014-04-01

Let me preface this by saying that I've played a ton of this game and I've really enjoyed it. However, it is seriously hampered by its terrible control scheme. Whoever decided that a migrating joystick is a good idea and should be actively added to the game is bad at designing games and should be excluded from making gameplay decisions ever again. Other issues include apparent input lag and poor player switching AI. There might be more elegant play styles possible, but I only ever succeeded by punching the other team to death in order to score. 3/5 stars.

Retro arcade fun with wonky controls by CrysisDaMonk 2013-06-13

I wasn't aware this was an old game but that also explains why it has such charm. It's a little difficult maneuvering the players with any kind of precision in Speedball 2 since the controls are kinda wonky but it's not too bad. And it's probably asking too much but it'd be nice if the game were updated to take advantage of the iPhone 4 display size (and get rid of those black bars). But seeing how Speedball 2 hasn't had a content update in over a year, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for one.

Love this game from the past!!! Please add support for external controllers!!! by i&iPhone 2014-12-02

This is a great port of a classic game and the best sports game ever! I would pay $9.99 for an updated version with better graphics and free range of movement!!! Thank you I loved this game on my Atari ST!!! I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO USE AN EXTERNAL CONTROLLER FOR THIS GAME!!! PLEASE ADD SUPPORT!!! WAS 5 STARS...NOW 3 DUE TO IN APP PURCHASES! :(

Won't launch on either my iPhone or iPad by Rhunyen 2011-06-01

It's hard to rate the app if it won't launch on either my iPhone or iPad. I've hardbooted both to see it that's the issue, but it hangs on the title screen. Lame. Will re-rate the game if/when the launch bug is fixed.

Crashes 3 seconds into booting it up by The iOS Gamer! 2011-06-09

Didn't know how to contact the devs so I'm just posting it here. I have an iPad with the latest iOS. The game does not load. Crashes 100% of the time. Please fix and I'll update the review. I want to play this game.

Crashes on load by Randito3 2011-06-02

Have not been able to play this game. It crashes every time I load it. Have rebooted my ipad2 but it still does not load. I played the original years ago on the computer and loved it. Wish this worked.

would not have bought... by zippywista 2011-03-08

I hate games you have to BUY more levels for! I will probably never play this now! This should be free!