SpeedText Apps free for iPhone/iPad
SpeedText Apps free for iPhone/iPad

SpeedText Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Write quickly! No keyboard needed!!

SpeedText is a memo application for handwriting input. You can write words or numbers on a screen input pad. The content is automatically displayed on a text pad 0.5 seconds after releasing your finger from the screen. You can write smoothly, no need to scroll the window.

Features :
- Write text using your finger.
- Immediately shows the text after you write.
- Insert new line using the "Enter" button.
- Delete text using "BackSpace[BS]" button.
- Move the cursor location by touching on word.
- Add or delete pages. Move page using arrow buttons.
- Device rotation is supported (select from Auto, Portrait Fix, Landscape Fix).
- Selectable input wait (minimum: 0.2second, maximum: 0.8second).
- Selectable the input pad height (High, Middle, Low).
- Selectable word space (minimum: 0px, maximum: 24px).
- List View is availavle.
- Continuing write button which box up wordspace is available.
- Lock timer button and continuing write button are selectable (Yes,No).
- Icon insert and icon serach.
- Evernote Integration!

Jul 01,2009: Version 1.1 is now available !
Aug 13:Version 1.2 is now available !
Aug 26:Version 1.3 is now available !
Sep 13:Version 1.4 is now available !
Sep 27:Version 1.5 is now available !
Oct 13:Version 1.5.1 is now available !
Nov 21:Version 1.6 is now available !
Dec 22:Version 1.7 is now available !
Jan 12:Version 1.8 is now available !
Jan 22:Version 1.8.1 is now available !
Jun 8,2010: Version 1.9 is now available!
Jun 24,2010: Version 2.0 is now available!
Jul 2,2010: Version 2.0.1 is now available!
Aug 17,2010: Version 2.1 is now available!
Aug 30,2010: Version 2.1.1 is now available!
Sep 16,2010: Version 2.1.2 is now available!
Oct 21,2010 Version 2.2 is now available!
Jul 21,2011 Version 2.3 is now available!
Aug 3,2011 Version 2.3.1 is now available!


Current Version:
Varies with device
3.64 MB
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Really nice update, but problems scrolling (for me) Posted by

I _really_ like this update. It is, nearly, what I'd like as an ink note supplement for Evernote. You can input your Evernote credentials, and then you can very easily and quickly export a highly legible version of your SpeedText ink note into Evernote, which looks lovely in Evernote (and, I think, can be parsed by Evernote so you can search your fulltext--though Evernote does a terrible job with my scrawly handwriting). Its interface is nicer, IMHO, than TanzakuPad, and its exported text is much more legible (again for me) than the text from Dan Bricklin's (very innovative and very nice) Note Taker or TanzakuPad. However, there seems to be a bug with the scrolling, at least on my iPod Touch 3.x: sometimes I'll seem to reach the end of the "pad," and just grey space will show below the input pad. If I continue to enter text and export the image, that text shows up on the exported image (but not on the SpeedText screen). This happens at various lengths of "pad," and it's not quite clear to me what's happening. On the plus side, you don't lose any text with this bug. On the down side, though, it is distracting to try to enter text "blind." Overall, though, in my view, if you like to take ink notes and use Evernote, you really should give this program a try. It is the best of the bunch right now, IMHO.

Not too bad... Posted by

In my office, I take constant notes, which can stack up on my desk making it hard to find what I need. And there are plenty of times where work calls me out of my office, and instead of dragging a stack of notes around, I have it all organized. I bought a stylus for my iphone a long time ago (which I recommend doing) so i don't have that problem with the lack of room to write. But I will say that it makes your handwriting look a little shotty, but not so bad to where you can't read it...unless you can't read your own handwriting to begin with. Overall, I'm impressed. I look forward to seeing more updates.

Indespensible app Posted by

Don't be put off by negative reviews. This app eliminates theneed for all those little, but often critical, paper notes we take every day. Here is a simple, intuitive, and easy way to take and retrieve notes. The 1.3 upgrade completed the app with a very effective review and retrieval function. Unfortunately this has not been included in the screen images. This is well worth the $2 investment.

Great idea! Recommended. Posted by

This app finally allows me to take notes in meetings at work with my iPhone. I couldn't use the keyboard because it attracts too much attention and looks like I'm typing email. I couldn't use text recognition apps because they make too many mistakes and are laborious to edit. This is a creative solution that works great. Thanks! I can't wait to see what polish and features you have to add.

Simple, easy, smooth app Posted by

I use this app all the time to take notes. Very smooth interface. You can customize the height of writing area, space between words, wait time, etc. In order to change settings, tap the square with an arrow at the bottom left corner of the screen. Select settings. It is not that regular wheel icon. So some people might not have noticed it.

wow, so good. Posted by

This one is GREAT. Finally a developer who appears to understand what users need, and knows how to execute. This has so many elegant solutions to so many vexing problems that we who just want to jot a quick note have been dealing with. Even Cut/Paste works with this app. Very impressive.

Ignore the one star reviews! Posted by

This is a quick and simple way to take notes. The program opens quickly, you can begin taking notes immediately. There is plenty of writing space - you write one word at a time, but you can easily write lengthy paragraphs. This is a 3.5 star app which performs as advertised.

Nice app, but needs better documentation Posted by

I was using it right after I downloaded the app. The portrait mode is very helpful. But the program is lacking in documentation. Still trying to figure out how to jump from page to page. This is going to be real useful with the mail feature to send to Evernote.

Useful! Posted by

Works great, does what it says it will, timing on word transfer from writing area is just right. Fun to use and makes it possible to use iPhone for taking short notes during meetings. Could use landscape mode and other export features.

Fantastic Posted by

The most useful memo app I've found yet. Note taking is finally possible on the iphone/iPod! It even lets you save any page to your photos. Recommended.

not what I expected by ArthurAJ 2009-06-26

Here's another case for "try before you buy" software. Sure, it's only .99 but those .99 apps add up quickly. The space for writing is far too limited. I guess my fat fingers aren't meant for this. Too bad I can get a refund. Future buyers... beware!

Not a bad start... by wti596916 2009-06-09

Does what is says. Nice way to write down a quick note, however the area to write in is too small in the portrait format. A major improvement would be the ability to turn the itouch and write in landcape.

Waste of money by el basurero 2009-06-17

This should be free, I wish I could get my money back,I thought I could use it to send "text msgs" oh well.

Waste of money by MaryKateS12 2009-06-24

This is a really stupid app. I'm sorry I even wasted .99. I'll be deleting it.

Coul be better by JT_one 2009-06-20

Why save as picture? Dont like that

Total rubbish by Zach73838 2009-09-17

Amateur app, unusable.

No good by jjk8205 2009-06-21

Waste of .99 cents!