Stance App Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Stance App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Stance App Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Stance App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Stance App Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Calling congress is the most effective way to make your voice heard. Overflowing voicemails and busy staffers mean that constituents often spend hours waiting to deliver a 1-minute message. That’s why we created Stance. Stance sends your message directly to your representative's phone and twitter handle, and also posts them on for others to be inspired. You can record your message anytime, anywhere with just a few taps.


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Much needed oil to lubricate the democratic process Posted by

For those with privacy concerns: The app never asks you to give your address in your message. It asks you to "say your name and where you live." This is no different from commenting on many websites. Depending on your Facebook privacy settings, many times even non-friends can see your name and what city you live in. "Hey, this is Nick from Miami." Not a big deal - and it's not like they don't let you know it's being published on the app page, so you can decide not to download it if that's just a bridge too far for you. Personally, I feel as if this is the future. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered why it's 2017 and I have to wait on hold for hours! Finally.

Incredible! Posted by

As a late bloomer to political participation, Stance allows me to quickly voice my opinions to people that make decisions on my behalf. The app is sooo simple. Prior to Stance, I didn't really know which Senators and Reps to contact.

Awesome app Posted by

This is an awesome and effective way for me to reach my local representatives on issues that matter. Thanks Ense for making an app that allows busy people to get involved in grass roots efforts to bring change to Washington.

Stop whining about privacy. Awesome app Posted by

App doesn't give up your phone number or address unless you leave it as part of your message. So if you're concerned don't give that info! This is an awesome and very easy way to contact your representatives.

Interesting idea Posted by

I like the attempt to get people involved in democracy. Would be helpful if it had reps on a local level too. State house/senate etc. mahalo

very ill Posted by

i love it

Good idea, but no privacy by RunningUtes 2017-03-30

This a good idea, but unfortunately there is no privacy with the messages that are sent since they are posted publicly. I think that the concept is sound and it would be better to have the option to make the message privately sent to the representative. Since the point of Stance is to send personalized messages to my local representatives, just using the app releases private information onto a public site. I'm not sure that the user base would appreciate knowing that their name, address and sometimes personal phone number was easily accessible on a public website. ====Updated=== I contacted the developer, and was able to remove my last message. It sounds like they are working on adding privacy to these messages. As of now, I **would not recommend** this app since personal information like name, address, phone number, and even email is listed in the messages that other people have saved.

Great app, privacy concern could be easily remedied. by jrjDotOrg 2017-03-28

This app is a great idea, and I am willing to accept the downside of my calls to representatives being made public on their site for most issues. I recommend that the developer consider adding an option to not publish the call audio in exchange for a small in-app purchase. That would allow me to have the majority of my calls public, but in the rare cases where I prefer not to make my views publicly known I can pay a buck or two to still use the app to make calls but without publishing the audio. (This would have the added benefit of helping the developer fund the service.) UI is simple and easy to use, and its smart enough to extrapolate who your representatives are based on your location. (Would be nice if they could add support for local legislatures as well.)

No privacy = no good by nichollspete 2017-03-28

You guys just invented self-doxing! I know every communication with a senator or congressperson is technically a public record, but this service publicly publishing every message with each user's personal info? That's a good way to get a crazy person pounding on your door at 1am after they decided they didn't like your opinion on trans rights. App Store reviews are more secure! Come on, guys--just send our recorded messages to our reps in DC and don't post them publicly and I'll reinstall the app and use it! Until then, it is deleted. Thanks for trying, though!

UI is Easy But Serious Privacy Concerns! by Big Eddie Style 2017-03-29

I like the ease of use. It needs option to opt out (for no charge) from publicly posting your views on their website! Also, they should report back on when the VM was successfully left on the recording. Stats of how many attempts, how many hours / since first sent plus option to stop trying if too much time has passed and view is no longer relevant (for example after House vote was passed or after hearing is over), right?

Publishes your address and name?! by Striiker 2017-03-27

This is a great concept however one thing which is a bad idea is that they post your entire voice message to the internet for others to hear. So when you state your name and address, others hear you and also the rest of your message. The idea was to use your message to inspire others however it winds up being a personal information leak. I advise staying clear of this app until this gets fixed.

Lost my privacy by MalakiMoi 2017-03-28

After using the app to send several messages to my MOCs, I found out the messages are all saved online somewhere. Messages must contain name & zip code to be valid. As the current administration moves the US toward autocracy and spying on citizens I'm totally freaked out.

Why no Privacy? by 2017-03-27

It seems inappropriate, at best, for this or any other app to mandate publishing your name, address, and political opinions in a public online forum. That I can't control this undercuts the very point of the app: to give me more control over how my voice can be heard.

Doctor by KB 2017-03-28

Great idea! This could be hugely helpful! A couple improvements definitely need to be made, like opting in to post the message online and offering more local reps. Once those are implemented, this will save lots of time waiting on hold or busy signal.

Publicly posts recording on Ense without approval. by JLackman 2017-03-30

The app asks you to state your name and address. Then you make a recording. Then without telling you it post the entire thing online on ENSE. So now your name and address is posted online publicly with your message. This is an abuse of privacy.

Privacy issue by Srmonkeydance 2017-03-28

I wish I read the other reviews before using this app, I do not want my name, address, and phone number published. The messages should only go to their intended recipient, not doxx me to the entire internet.

Great Idea Poor Implementation by O'Malley89 2017-03-29

No, this review will not focus on privacy. It will focus on layout. It would be nice to see the full names of our representatives vs their first name and a few letters if their last name

Privacy Fail is a Shame by Lorna29876 2017-03-31

I tried this app yesterday. It worked great. However, I won't be using it again until the privacy policy is changed. Also, knowing when the message was delivered would be nice.


There's an irony in leaving a message for your representative about keeping internet privacy and then realizing everything is posted by the app. Yeah, not good.

No privacy by Lord McKenzi 2017-03-25

This app publishes all your recordings, which can make any information, like your address and phone number, public. It is a good concept.