StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad

StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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** Now with a kanji writing trainer and native-speaker audio **

The #1 Japanese flashcard app. Reading, writing, listening - all you'll ever need to make serious progress in your Japanese/JLPT studies. Lite version also available.

***** Reviews *****
"The only way I'd be more satisfied with this app is if it could just transmit the info directly into my brain."
"There can be no question that this should be regarded as the number 1 kanji tool on the app store, bar none."
"The kanji stroke animations alone are worth the price of the app"
"Best app for building vocab. Period."
"This app blew me away."
"Most complete kanji and vocab [app] I've seen."
"It’s obvious that a lot of thought and time went into the design of this app."
"This is the best, I have wasted my money on the others ... love it love it love it"
"If you're serious about Japanese, you need this app."
"I cannot tell you how well designed this app is"

Main Features:

◆ Writing Practice
View 6500+ kanji stroke order animations and be guided on how to write each and every one of them with the built in trainer. When ready, test your skills in study mode.

◆ Audio
Audio samples spoken by a native speaker (as opposed to "not quite right" synthesised audio) covering the complete N1-N5 vocabulary (around 8200 words). No extra downloads or internet connection required.

◆ Highly Detailed
All kanji, radicals, elements, words, compounds, similar looking kanji and examples are "tapable" linking you to something new. Drill down infinite layers and save words along the way.

◆ Dictionary
Search 700,000 entries (including names) in English, Japanese or SKIP. Examples, radicals, audio - more complete than most standalone dictionaries. Save entries and create new decks easily.

◆ Mini News Feed
Read today's headlines in Japanese, auto-translated into English.

◆ Translate
Copy/paste a Japanese text and have it translated into furigana and English definitions ready for study.

◆ Decks
Complete kanji and vocabulary required for the JLPT exams (N1 to N5), school grade kanji (grades 1 to 9) and joyo kanji.

◆ SRS Leitner Study Method + Calendar = Awesomeness
Just set a future date and let the scheduler tell you when and what to study, everyday.

◆ Example Sentence Breakdown
Includes a comprehensive example sentence database (with furigana) broken down into words which can, themselves, be searched or saved for later study.


◆ A beautiful, free scrolling "map" interface
◆ 6500+ kanji animations
◆ Kanji writing trainer built into every card
◆ Complete JLTP 1-5 vocabulary and kanji
◆ Human audio for N1-N5 vocabulary (8200 words)
◆ Full English-Japanese dictionary with SKIP
◆ Translate any text into furigana and English
◆ Mini Japanese news feed built in
◆ Details for 6355 kanji: radicals, elements, SKIP, dict codes, etc.
◆ All data is hyper-linked
◆ Detailed breakdown of example sentences
◆ Similar kanji display
◆ Adjustable SRS study algorithm
◆ Scheduler - set a future date and your daily study is calculated
◆ Dropbox backup/restore/sync across devices
◆ Filtering, sorting and searching
◆ Freely create your own decks
◆ In-app import (no need for iTunes)
◆ Extensive options
◆ Rolling progress chart
◆ Rock solid, loved and looked after by a kanji geek
◆ Full and detailed help with screenshots
◆ No ads, downloads, "review me" or in app purchases. Ever.
◆ Awesome support
◆ Universal app. iOS8+. iPad Pro ready.

Twitter: @justininjapan
Web + user guide:

The SKIP system for ordering kanji was developed by Jack Halpern (, and is used with his permission.

KanjiVG (animations) copyright Ulrich Apel.

I'm Justin. I moved to Japan in 2002 and I'm married to my Japanese wife (lovingly called "Spellchecker"). I've taken the JLPT tests up to L1 (yes, I was there) using this app. I speak, read and write Japanese fluently and I'm an overactive developer who really should relax a little more.

StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Very Useful App! Thanks! Posted by

When studying any language, I've always dreaded using flashcards, even though I knew they'd really help out in my weakest area: vocabulary. Most of what I disliked was the time it took to make the darn flashcards, so I was very grateful when I saw this and realized that I didn't have to do that anymore (for Japanese, anyway). Usually, I'm a slow learner when it comes to vocabulary, but I was surprised by how much more quickly I learned with this. For the most part, the vocabulary is more than what I'm currently learning, but it's been so much fun going to class and surprising everyone (including myself) when I read something that isn't on our usual vocabulary list and actually knowing what it means! The features on this app that I've found most useful are the flashcards (duh, that's a given), the samples of kanji combinations that come with each word, the stroke order animation, and the similar-looking characters. I can't tell you how many times I've had trouble on a kanji quiz and used a character that was 'slightly different' than the one I needed. It's nice to have all of those different ones in the same place for me to compare easily. In spite of the occasional updates that slightly interrupt how I work with the app, this is still a very good, reliable app. It just keeps getting better and better with each update, even though it's close to perfect anyway. My only suggestions to make it completely perfect would be to include hiragana and katakana flashcards for those of us just starting out and not being able to read those characters next to the kanji. Either that, or put in romaji. Or all three. :-) Also, I would love to see in this app (or another app) some kind of flashcard thing where we actually get to practice writing the kanji. That would be a dream come true for me, especially since I learn even better 'doing' in addition to seeing and sounding things out. All in all, this is a great app. Thank you!

Best Kanji Learning App Posted by

This app is an essential app to get if you are trying to learn kanji. I have been learning Japanese for 13 years, and patiently waited for apps which would let you learn kanji by actually WRITING them, and not expecting you to memorize them just by looking at them. This app takes the features from the other StickyStudy apps (customized decks, learning styles, goal completion dates, etc.) and adds that important writing element we all need in order to master Kanji. The app comes preset with kanji decks sorted by grade level, and JLPT level, as well as a deck with all of the jōyō kanji. It even includes vocabulary decks for all of the JLPT levels. You can also import decks from the other StickyStudy apps, but it takes extra work to space them out correctly, and there is no quizlet functionality in StickyStudy Kanji. Suggested improvements: As of right now, using this app to study vocabulary is almost identical to using the regular StickyStudy app. I think that what could make this app even better is if we were able to write out the vocabulary words. There's a StickyStudy kanji app, and a StickyStudy kana app, so combining the two functionalities into one app would be great. It would also add another dimension to studying by adding an extra element of English->Japanese (since you should DEFINITELY study translations both ways) Quizlet access for this app would also be great, or maybe even a different way to download decks that are made with the StickyStudy kanji format. Exporting from StickyStudy flash cards and importing into StickyStudy Kanji are difficult because flash cards only have two sides, while kanji cards have 3 sides (kanji, translation, and kana pronunciation). It would make it easier for users to create and share decks that correspond to different textbooks such as Mirai, Genki, and Tobira.

Innovative, Effective, User Intuitive Posted by

Most kanji apps have one of two shortcomings. One is that they're overly complex, so much so that using them gets in the way of study. Another are those that are simplistic, but disorganized or too minimalistic for user study. This app avoids the extremes and offers an approach that is learner intuitive, user friendly & well organized. It also delivers on all promises made by the developer. --Of dozens of apps on my iPhone & texts in my library I have to rank this second best only to a really good set of flashcard. The advantage of this; however is it has built in algorithms that pace the frequency of characters based on how well you know them. My guess is that the author may have a background or keen interest in not only Japanese but mathematics and theory of learning as well. This combined with a sensible user friendly design makes the app deserving of deserving of greater recognition & top recommended listing. --Finally, the developer is into the project & accessible. --In fact a glimpse of his website makes it clear that this app is his life mission (not just a quick hit and miss project) -- his level of organization is reflected in the design of the program. (My frustration with most other programs is that their concept is good, but they just don't realize themselves on the iPhone. In particular they involve too much scrolling and menu searching. This app in contrast involves simple tapping which allows more time for memory retention and less for fiddling around.) In conclusion, at present this is one unbeatable, and along with the kana version well worth the investment. I use it on the train, before bed & it has gotten constant mileage since I downloaded it. (Second or third most used app on my iPhone next to Twitter and Stitcher!). Get it... and spread the word!!!

Great App for learning Kanji! Posted by

Thanks for the update! Almost everything issue I mentioned in my past review has been fixed. 2☆ ー> 4☆ This is a good program for remembering Kanji. Lots of customization and useful tools. Well worth the money. The one bug that was not fixed that I have noticed is the goal setting menu (the date roller). I think this has something to do with the international region settings of the iPad. When I set my region to USA, it works, but it disappears when I set my region to Japan. In my opinion, this is how to make it a 5 star app: 1. As mentioned by other reviews, I think target word should be highlighted in example sentences. 2. Give an option to randomize the order of Kanji to be studied. (it's annoying for me to see 200 kanji in a row with the same radical, and difficult to study.) 3. Add more example words. Knowing a commonly used word that uses a kanji character makes remembering that character easier and more meaningful. (For example: I came across the character 俊 (shun) while studying flashcards today, but there were no examples. I figured this was just because it's not a commonly used character. When I asked a (Japanese) coworker if he knew this character he replied "Of course I know it!" So assuming it was more common than I expected, I looked it up in a dictionary. I found that it was used in some fairly useful words like 俊敏 (keen, sharp-witted) and 英俊 (genius, prodigy). It also happened to be in that coworker's father's name. But there were no examples on the flashcard at all.

Exceptionally Versatile Tool!! Posted by

I've been using this app for the last few months. I work a lot and have a pretty busy schedule, and I've been trying to find a way to get back to work on improving my japanese. StickStudy has been an enormous help with improving my kanji as that has been one of my biggest road blocks in improving my japanese. All of the little things are really what make this app; being able to study kanji in different categories from jlpt levels to school grade levels; the ability to set a goal, to zoom out and view all the kanji, to immediately be able to double tap and see the kanji being drawn, to be able to edit the examples for the kanji. I cannot tell you how well designed this app is, it deserves more than 4 stars. It always works for me, has never crashed, and has been updated twice in the last couple months that I can remember, and could be more. Each of the updates has polished what was already a great app. There can be no question that this should be regarded as the number 1 kanji tool on the app store, bar none. Honestly I would love to see them make an app more specifically devoted to Japanese vocabulary as that would be something I would buy in a heartbeat. If the author were to create a tool exactly the same except focused more on vocabulary, I would buy that in a heart beat. None of the japanese vocabulary study aid apps I've looked at have been very effective, as none of those authors have any idea how to design a good app. Once again, fabulous work and credit to the authors. A+++++

Really Good Posted by

Great app, especially for me. There's a lot of content! My own Japanese skills are close to non-existent. It's awesome that I'm learning new vocab/kanji every time I open this app. I have noticed small errors like in the example sentences. So, I take those with a pinch of salt. I wish I could customize these flashcards though. I wanted to personalize them and add mnemonics since they really help me remember. I do add them to the 'Answer' section, but it makes the definition bulky and hard to read, especially if it's a long one. An option to add mnemonics would be great! Another problem (?) I had with the app was the sound. I have the Auto Play turned on, but there is no sound when I study the decks. There are some sound clips for words I look up in the Dictionary though. I was under the impression there is sound for each flashcard, but that's not the case. I guess I misunderstood. It would be difficult to record all the readings.

Simply. Amazing. Posted by

Purchasing this app is the best decision I've ever made. I bought it two weeks ago and have been studying like crazy and have learned about 300 kanji. I speak pretty fluent Japanese but I am illiterate because I can't read kanji. (I can read hiragana and katakana just fine). This app is the best purchase I've ever made in the App Store. The dictionary is genius, I love how you can save words you looked up to what you Are currently studying so you can learn it, and I love how you set a goal to learn a set of kanji by and it tells you how many you need to check off every day in order to reach that goal. Seriously genius. Buy it. It's worth the money. One suggestion I might have is that it took me a while to tinker through the app in order to figure out how it worked and everything. Consider a simple tutorial to help people get started and familiar with the app. Other than that, perfect.

Great learning tool Posted by

I looked at every kanji app there is, and installed and tested most of the more promising ones. Stickystudy is easily the hands down winner, for all the great features so many others have already mentioned: the similar characters section, the scheduler, the progress visualization, the drilling down to explore anything that interests you, the built in dictionary saving to a learning deck, just the right amount of customization ability. Kanji felt like an insurmountable obstacle and now I feel like I am cruising on autopilot. The only suggestion for improvement I would hope for is a more robust sync functionality so I can more easily switch between my iPad and iPod

I wish I had bought this app Years ago! Posted by

I wish I had bought this app years ago. Practicing my Japanese vocab has never been more efficient. It's essentially smart flash cards, with audio for the words, it remembers if you get them right or wrong and retests you appropriately. It also provides a very useful Japanese-English Dictionary, and shows the stroke order for Kanji. It even came preloaded with the Kanji/vocab lists for JLPT N5-N1 and Grade 1-9. I can link it to drop box directly to make my own lists or make them on my iPod/iPhone directly too. The only way I'd be more satisfied with this app is if it could just transmit the info directly into my brain.

Best of the Best Posted by

I've been looking for quite awhile for a kanji flash card app for my iPad mini. I have a physical deck at home by White Rabbit Press, but it's cumbersome to take out on trips especially when you start reviewing over 50 cards. You can study decks based on the JLPT test system or on the grade school system. Each kanji has a sample sentence to help you understand its usage and shows you other kanji that look similar to it to help you notice the difference. The app also keeps track how long you take while studying, I guess I mostly like that because it helps give me perspective on how long it takes me to learn new kanji.

I <3 this app Posted by

I had just written a 1000 character review that cried out to the heavens the numerous virtues that this app poses, but alas, as I clicked send, the App Store declined my previously selected name and unceremoniously deleted my love letter of adoration. Thus I shall reduce my simmering pot of love for this app into a thick viscous syrupy dollop of praise. This app is amazing, I learnt TONS in relatively little time, and the interface is a dream, it so cheap and so convenient, you're cheating yourself by not downloading it. Get it, I promise you won't regret it.

Very useful Posted by

Elegant and effective study aid. Only flaw I noticed is that the flashcards get progressively slower to display the answers as more are viewed. Go through 200+ cards and the slowdown is clearly noticeable. Killing the app and restarting "solves" it. A basic text viewer (perhaps using iTunes file sharing for file import) would be a nice addition. Maybe also the ability to scan an imported text file and construct a flashcard set from the contents automatically. This app is obviously a labor of love. Many thanks to the author for such a useful tool.

Please take my money Posted by

I've been using the free version for months and didn't know if purchasing the full version was worth it. I've tried all sorts of kanji study apps, but I always found myself coming back to StickyStudy. I also hesitated because I didn't know how it would perform on my old iPhone 3G but found it works fine save for the occasional hiccup. The kanji stroke animations alone are worth the price of the app! I've only just skimmed the surface of this app and am very pleased. Thanks for all the hard work and love that went into this!

great app Posted by

If you learn things well with flashcards, I highly recommend this app. I downloaded the lite version to try it out and loved it. After 2 or 3 days playing with it, I bought this app. The developer is very responsive and replied almost immediately to a question I had. I am working my way through kanji, trying to learn to read. I like how you can import and create your own decks; I have made decks for Genki chapter 3 and 4 kanji.

Wow! Worth It! Posted by

I live in Japan and I'm still trying to figure out what's going on around me. This app had given me the confidence to decide to sign up for the JLPT 5 Japanese test. Thanks to Sticky Study, I'm not only confident I'll pass, but confident that I'll pass the upcoming tests, as well. It's worth your time and it's worth the price. Get it now!

Awesomly fantastic!!! Posted by

I am sooooooooo happy with this app. I am using it in conjunction with my Japanese class in college and it is helping sooo much with class and I am learning some kanji that we never touch on in class. Great for anyone who wants to learn kanji for academics or just for fun. It's a great app that I use whenever I have a minute or two of free time.

Best kanji study app out there Posted by

This is the best kanji study app you can buy. The algorithm is perfect, and the progress graphs give you good feedback and motivation. The only downside is that it is difficult to sync between iPhone and iPad because you can only backup one grade at a time. That said, if you want to learn kanji, this app is worth every penny.

No equal in looks and functionality Posted by

This app is absolutely the best all-inclusive app for the studying of Japanese kanji. The addition of the writing/drawing window & animations makes it close to perfection. A few things need ironing out but it is already better than anything else out there in its current state (I tried most kanji apps). Amazing!

Outstanding Posted by

I have downloaded an astonishing number of apps to learn kanji. I have tried to work with them all. This app is the only one that is worth my investment in time. It is well thought out, very customizable, and very slick. I can say with great certainty that StickyStudy is the best app in its class.

Best of class Posted by

I've tried at least half a dozen of the kanji study apps, and this is by far the best one of them. It's got the best interface and the best databases. Works well on both the iPhone and the iPad. Highly recommended.

Fantastic app but... by 2013-03-14

This is probably the best way to learn kanji if you're really serious about it. With its help I've learned nearly 600 new kanji in about a month, since I'm trying to become fluent in Japanese. However, I think there are some improvements that can and SHOULD be made. First of all, whenever I download an updated version, it erases all my prior data. So all the sections go back to zero and I have to start all over again. Secondly, when I start a new section, there are usually kanji I already know. It would be nice if I could just select those and move them to the "mastered" (green) section so I wouldn't have to waste my time with them and be able to see how many kanji I have yet to learn, without counting the ones I already know. Lastly, this app should be able to sync between devices. I like to study on both my iPhone and iPad. Say I use my iPhone and master 300 cards in the N5 vocabulary. If I want to switch to my iPad, the cards are at zero, since the app doesn't sync between devices. This is frustrating for me since it slows down the learning process and should be a relatively easy thing to improve on. If the developer could implement these suggestions then this app would be the greatest out there.

Great value, but some problems. by Catapostrophe 2015-06-18

For about $10, this app is a really great value. It would take me forever to make all the flashcards that are contained within the app. However, some of the Flashcards have mistakes. Definitions of words are incorrect or missing. I don't notice this often, but of course I only notice it with words I already know, or words that have English translations that differ greatly from the translation in the example sentence. If I don't bother to read the example, or I really just don't know the word, I would have no idea. I also dislike the way the kanji are presented in general. The kanji decks are "animated" to show the stroke order. I went through the settings, but I couldn't turn the stroke order off. The vocabulary cards don't have this problem.

Bad for older devices (i.e. 2nd gen. iTouch) by Man-Goes 2012-06-18

It's a wonderful app but it crashes 9/10 times. I literally can't use it for more than 5 seconds before it closes. I have a 2nd generation iTouch so it may just be age that makes the app incompatible with me. I know that a three is a pretty low rating, but this was my experience. For older devices, look elsewhere. To be honest the kotoba dictionary is just as useful and it's free. It's full of information and examples (translations are provided in several languages as well). Also it doesn't crash as much. The only thing you can't do with the app is use flash cards.

Inaccurate by Starspeck 2011-06-02

Went through the two lowest vocab levels and there were enough inaccuracies to have me checking a dictionary too often for my liking. Quite a few words with not all of the readings listed (ex. Only "jin" is listed for the counter 人). Words with multiple definitions also have their definitions split into multiple entries. Although there are a ton of example sentences, they're useless a lot of the time and include entries for different definitions of the same word or words that use the same kanji as the one you're looking at. Beautiful design but inaccurate entries.

It's almost perfect by IdkWhatToPut137 2010-10-17

This app has an excellent interface and what not, and is by far the best app of it's kind, but I find some of the kanji difficult to write and I am uncertain if I am pronouncing each one correctly, the only thing this app needs is a stroke guide and something that'll allow me to hear the sound each kanji makes then I will rate 5 stars.

Lots of kanji but confusing interface by Somadnow 2016-08-03

This program just has you looking at flash cards... It doesn't seem to test you on anything. If I just wanted to flip through a bunch of kanji without getting tested, I would just buy a book. There is another app called Kanji that tests you - you have to choose from four options in multiple choice questions. That seems more effective

Wrong fonts by Neil Wilson 64 2013-01-20

I like the program a lot.... My Japanese wife took one look at it and said that I was studying bad fonts and it will hurt me when I see normal fonts in Japan. I would rate this five stars if the kanji looked like the kanji as it is written in the section that shows how to write the kanji.