Subtitles Viewer PRO Apps for iPhone/iPad
Subtitles Viewer PRO Apps for iPhone/iPad

Subtitles Viewer PRO Apps for iPhone/iPad

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View subtitles on your iOS device synchronized with television or movies on your TV, or at the cinema.
Brilliant for when you're at a cinema watching a movie, and you need subtitles in your native language!
Great also for the hearing impaired or deaf community.
Satisfied users have described this app as "awesome" and "a godsend".
Subtitles available in English, Spanish(Español), Arabic(العربية), Bengali, Chinese(中文), Danish(dansk), Dutch(Nederlands), French(français), German(Deutsch), Greek(ελληνικά), Javanese(basa Jawa), Hebrew(עברית), Italian(italiano), Malay(bahasa Melayu), Polish(język polski), Portuguese(português), Russian(русский язык), Sweden(Svenska), Thai(ไทย), Turkish(Türkçe) and Vietnamese(Tiếng Việt).
Subtitles are downloaded from the huge database of subtitles at As subtitles are contributed to opensubtitles by volunteers, the time it takes for subtitles to become available after a movie release can vary.

PRO version will never have any restrictions and will give you full access to download unlimited subtitles from Open Subtitles and subtitles(srt files) from your own Dropbox account.


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Feature request Posted by

Is it possible to split the screen? One part moves in sync with the movie, while you can browse on the second part what was before and after this very moment. Pause also will be great. Pause the movie, review last dialogue, then continue from the place you stopped.

excellent fixation for Arabic Posted by

the last update was perfect for Arabic subs. thank you.

Works Posted by

It's working very good, so happy

Good. Posted by

It works now. It's good.

I'm disappointed by current movie options by Sunlionheart 2016-05-30

Twice in the last 2 months, I went to see movies at the theaters and the subtitles through this app was either not available or incomplete 2 weeks after its initial release. "London Is Falling" didn't play, and the one about Batman vs. Superman was missing a huge chunk of dialogue while playing. Now, I'm waiting for "Alice Through the Looking Glass" to show up for download on the app before I go to see it. When will that happen? So disappointed because I live in a small town with a theater that only has audio amplifiers but no caption reader devices for people like me, and the nearest theater that does have those is 75 miles away.

Fantastic when it worked by Revieweneer 2015-12-15

This app is phenomenal, my girlfriend's first language is Russian and she says the subtitles are spot on. That being said, it crashes any time I press play. It worked until an update, either the app or iOS update. Useless until fixed.

Broken by Арви 2015-12-19

It worked before. Last version closes under iOS 9, when you select subtitles.

Garbage by Tatathomas 2015-08-13

It crashes as soon as I hit the search button.