Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad
Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad

Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Sudoku 24/7 Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Play Sudoku 24/7-- the best in free sudoku games!

24/7 Sudoku offers all the difficulties a beginner or seasoned sudoku player will enjoy! This free sudoku app features hundreds of Easy Sudoku puzzles, Medium Sudoku puzzles, Hard Sudoku puzzles, and Expert Sudoku puzzles! 24/7 Sudoku is sure to keep you playing this great sudoku game all day, every day!


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Pretty good Posted by

This is a good sudoku application. It has a lot of nice features. It lacks one feature that is important to me. That is, you must tap the square that you are going to fill with a number, then tap the number at the bottom of the screen, then tap the square again. That is a lot of tapping to get one number placed. I wish you could tap the number Angie at the bottom of the screen and then tap as many squares on the puzzle as you want in order to fill it those squares with that number. The times for completion would be cut at least in half.

Get It... Still Posted by

About the best free game out there, however there is an aspect of the game that needs to be addressed. I wrote an earlier review giving the game 5 Stars, but after playing for a while I'm dropping back to 4 Stars. The reason is that the game won't let you make a mistake. This really needs to be corrected because presently there is no penalty for haphazard play. I'd rather take it a little slower and make sure of my choices before I put in a number.

Never too old to learn !!! Posted by

My great grandkids have been trying to get me to play. They have ones from the newspaper & books. They have tried to show me how, but "I am old you know", anyway this app is WONDERFUL FOR A NEWBE. I think I am getting it, but not ready for the pencil yet. Thank you for opening a new door for me.

Sudoku Posted by

This game is purely extraordinary. I have never written a review before playing this game. This game offers graduated games, beginning with "Easy" and advancing. SUPER!!!

Average quality Posted by

This is an average version of this game but like a few others have said the input system needs to be streamlined. Other than that I like it.

Learn Posted by

This is a great way to learn the game. I've tried many times to get the hang of the puzzle but never liked it until I found this app.

Easy at fist Posted by

For those just learning this is the best app. I have seen. It also gets more difficult appropriately as the levels increase.

Very poor entry system by DisapointedInTheDiceRoll 2014-07-04

Highlights go away as soon as you try pencils marks. Useless. What good is highlighting if you can't use it??? Painful entry system. You have to select a square then a number? Sad. You need to level highlights on, select a number, then be able to type that in.