Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Sun Basket Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Healthy cooking made easy! Sun Basket is a healthy meal kit delivery service offering easy, delicious recipes and fresh organic ingredients delivered weekly. The app allows you to select your weekly recipes, set your delivery schedule, access your recipe content, refer friends, manage your account settings, and more. Step-by-step recipe instructions make it easy to cook amazing healthy meals at home. Why Choose Sun Basket? Certified Organic Organic, and non-GMO produce, antibiotic and hormone-free meats and sustainably sourced seafood More Choice Choose from 12 amazing recipes each week, including Paleo, Gluten-free, Vegetarian and Breakfast options Easy & Convenient 30 minute recipes designed for busy people, delivered to your door


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Finally! Posted by

Managing my weekly meal schedule just got so much easier. I have been waiting for this app. The interface is clean and well-organized, just as I would expect from this team. I love the step-by-step recipe instructions, and that you can access Sunbasket's awesome content through the Sun Times. I haven't yet found a way to search recipes, which would be a fabulous feature. Being able to "favorite" recipes would also be a value add. But overall, really enjoying the app. Thanks Sunbasket!

LOVE SUNBASKET- and love the app! Posted by

Makes ordering food delivery so easy!! Healthy, fresh organic gourmet meals that are so easy to prepare! Love these guys!! I don't know what those who've said their customer service is bad- I've had to call twice (one key ingredient was missing one time, and one ingredient looked strange to me the second), and both times they were so helpful, friendly- and credited me for the inconveniences. I've been very happy with this service, and recommend it to everyone!!

Great experience! Posted by

This app truly helps you plan your orders and find the recipes if you have lost them or even try to recreate the wonderful creations you had receive previously. It's very difficult to even find these ingredients where I live and at such a decent price for great quality. Absolutely love the experience with each package which my husband and I are able to cook for ourselves after cooking for customers. Thank you for this fantastic product.

Love love LOVE! Posted by

I have tried other services. SunBasket is clearly the best. We are Italian and foodies. And we have been truly amazed at each recipe. We only have two weeks to go by but the food has been easy to prepare, and delicious. It's so nice to come home after work and have all the ingredients pre measured and right at hand to make delicious dinners together. We have made things I would not venture to make generally.

Excellent Posted by

Awesome company. Delicious meals. Easy to use app. Fantastic and easy to navigate website. Fresh ingredients. Easy to follow recipe. We order two boxes a week from Sun Basket. We might starve without this company! Lol!! I can't say enough good things about them. I have told all my friends! Very easy to skip deliveries of you are going to be out of town. Best company out there for this kind of service!!!

Excellent Company Posted by

This is a excellent company. I've eaten their food and have never been unsatisfied. I would recommend them to the president of the United States. You will not be unhappy with any part of this company. The staff are always friendly, courteous and go out of their way to make you happy. Too bad more companies in the USA are not like them. We would be a better country.

Everything I make taste like if it was made in a restaurant. Posted by

How fantastic! I live for the meals and my husband is impressed every time! I cant believe how accurate the recipes are i.e how long it says to cook things. Most recipes you follow are not correct leaving you with the feeling of next time I will add this or takeaway that. These recipes are magnificent and so tasty! Genius. We are obsessed.

Can only get better from here! Posted by

Finally, Sun Basket has an app. Been waiting for a long time to be able to use the app at the touch of a button to choose recipes. In the future would be great to have a more interactive app so us as the chefs can take photos of the food we make and rate the recipes. We love Sun Basket's food! Unparalleled to any other service.

At Long Last Posted by

We've been customers for a while...and at long last, the app is here. Sun Basket already has on of the top services, amazing Customer Service, and now the app to top it off! We were waiting for this day...and I am sure it will impress new customers too. Expertly laid out interface, intuitive design, and great features.

Great service, nice app Posted by

My favorite of the ingredient delivery services, now with a good start on an app. Works great on my phone, but took a little effort to get signed in on the iPad. The iPad's large on screen keyboard blocked part of the login, making it impossible to complete. But it worked fine once I switched to an external keyboard.

Fine tune your menu on the go Posted by

The app doesn't do anything the mobile web doesn't but to be able to quickly decide the next menu or skip a week when you think of it (or while in a line before starting another ToyBlast session) is FANTASTIC! Between this n Instacart, eating fresh responsible sustainable dinners daily is easy-organic-peasy!

Simple and wonderful Posted by

Instead of going to the website and picking the meals you just press a button and all is done!! Great app and Sun Basket is a Mom Saver.. especially for those that are looking for Paleo, gluten-free, soy free and dairy free options ...thank you!!!

SunBasket Posted by

Easy to use, easy to customize menus to suit family needs, easy to skip when we're going to be out of town, best of all, love the food. Very good communications on selection and delivery notifications. Very user friendly.

Amazing app amazing service Posted by

Love sun basket!! The recipes and the service are incredible and the app just makes it all better and easier. It is so easy to pick and change my meals, track delivery and then keep track of my favorite recipes. Love it!!!

Fix tracking!! by Adrvbkgdcbkhvb 2017-02-14

On the day of scheduled delivery, you will say the package is delivered and REMOVE the tracking button, even when FedEx says the package is still in transit. Your packages are often late and by removing the button, this means I can't get any REAL information about the actual status of the shipment - just your fantasy data. Are you taking lessons from Trump?? You wish it is delivered and so it must be delivered - SunBasket's alternative facts. Please stop removing the tracking button so I don't have to go in the night before and copy and paste the tracking number.

Look Elsewhere by cpurity 2017-03-09

Sunbasket does meet customer needs. They don't answer the phone (I've been on hold for 30min), they send the wrong menu orders (this happened twice so far), their app has no contact us feature, it directs you to FAQ page. They don't reply to emails in a timely manner (it's been 48hrs), they don't have an option to cancel through the app. If you select a preference in food plans, you still have to scroll through all food plans. If you do happen to find their phone #, the answering service may tell you they are closed (during business hours).

Good food/ horrible service. Environmental catastrophe. by Lasmn 2017-02-21

Look for a way to cancel or suspend on their website or app. You won't find it. You may only skip a week or more. Try calling. They'll hang up on you multiple times in an attempt to wear you out. Food and recipes were good. That said, the amount of plastic waste just from the ingredients filled a tall kitchen garbage bag. The box, insulation and ice packs would likely fill two more. I'm not a hippie, but this is insanity.

Very bad customer support by Ash1733 2016-11-12

Had this for two weeks the quality of protein (salmon,steak) was very poor. Small portions of protein and thin pieces. Recipes are ok. Did not have a food processor and did not see that it was required before I got the delivery so couldn't make the meal. The last delivery, I didn't get any protein at all in the box! I emailed them and said please cancel my subscription, never heard back. Terrible company poor quality food.

Great app as long as you don't want to cancel !! by Fútball 2017-02-07

Have called the phone number the app provides 4 times to try to cancel my subscription. Have Been hung up on 4 times after holding anywhere from 20 to 55 minutes! Food was good but portion sizes to small for a college guy. Took two portion meal to make one meal for him and he's not a big not the best for him. Very much dislike the difficulty trying to cancel, however.

Horrible customer service by ev489 2017-02-28

My requests to suspend delivery and charging were repeatedly ignored. I am absolutely furious at this company, which kept shipping food and charging my card against my explicit requests. Either dishonest or incompetent, either way, not worth doing business with them.

Doesn't Work by Sun Basket Customer 2016-12-14

I have been a customer of Sun Basket for awhile. Love the service and food. App does not work. It will not let me get past the log in page. The app is a great idea but if it doesn't work then it's just frustrating. Web site works fine. Disappointing.

Take care by Wald_miami 2017-04-04

The App Store to work itself you don't need to finish your oder for it start to work. And the worst thing I cannot cancel because there's not cancel button or delete your payment method Once it saved you can not be erased

Tried to cancel four times by Ryanzim13 2017-01-29

It's impossible to cancel your subscription. They just give you the loops and turns every time you click on anything related to cancellations. Food was okay but their customer relations is horrible.

Not worth your time by MMelt3 2017-03-01

Food arrived late. Container was broken and leaking. Costumer Service was slow by email and did not answer phone when called. Very difficult to cancel "subscription". I would not recommend.

Like the mafia, you're never getting out. by Lasmn 2017-02-10

Look for a way to cancel on Their website. You won't find it. Only skip a week. Try calling. They'll hang up on you multiple times in an attempt to wear you out. So shady.

Buyer beware: No way to cancel in app or on the site. by Bobbravo2 2017-01-22

Sketchy. How do you build a great service while requiring people to call and wait on hold to cancel a credit card billing agreement. Really? You lost my trust.

Great service! Not so great app. by l.v.s. 2017-02-22

App crashes after writing reviews and doesn't save the review... can't send gifts through the app. Not as searchable as the mobile app.

Need to fix by Laurievlee 2016-12-29

The pictures are not coming up in your app. they did before and now they're gone. Please fix