Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad
Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad

Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Super Stickman Golf 3 Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The award winning Super Stickman Golf series is back and better than ever! Super Stickman Golf 3 is packed full of new courses, power ups, collectable cards, game modes, multiplayer madness and a ton of new surprises for you to discover. It’s a new spin on a classic game!

Master the 20 new courses on your own or square off against your friends and players from all over the world in one of the many multiplayer modes. Be it turn-based play or real-time race mode, Super Stickman Golf 3 has enough content to keep you playing for years!

Collect all the cards and change the way you play. You know you are the best golfer around, so prove it by unlocking all the characters, hats, ball trails and more.

- 20 Brand New Courses
- Turn-based and real-time multiplayer modes
- Crazy New Power Ups
- Add Spin To Your Ball
- 35 Unique Characters
- Over 65 Hats That Change Gameplay
- Look Your Best With Over 40 Stylish Ball Trails
- Lots of Achievements
- Downloadable Courses
- New Game Modes
- Daily Races and Rewards
- Flappy Golf mode!

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Good job guys - game review Posted by

I was excited the night before the release day when I saw the game up in the app store. Thought I would check for it before I went to sleep, I think I stayed up a couple more hours playing lol. I really like the visuals and sounds. On super stickman golf 2, I played with the sounds off, because they were just distracting me, but on ssmg 3, I am playing with them on. I love pretty much everything new about the game. But there are some things that arn't right with me, listed in no particular order: 1. The chat interface is not very good for turn based games. I don't know why the text entering area is on the top, but it makes it confusing. Also, unlike ssg2, it doesn't show you your chat right away when you click on a match, so you have to click through all your matches if you have a lot of matches with one person, looking for the one you were messaging earlier. Even more, you can only view a little bit of what you are typing, so if you make a bunch of spelling mistakes, you won't know until after you sent your message. More again, after hole 9 and the game ends, you can't view the chat anymore, so if you were chatting with someone, you missed their response. 2. Although I don't prefer the pop-up forced ads, I do like the chosen placement of the ad. But it will be unbearable if I have to wait 15-30 seconds after every game. 3. I might want to purchase things separately. I want to most likely get the 25 turn based games, and the ad removal, but what if I don't want the added easiness of having unlimited daily race tries? Theres no way to get them separately at this time, and you have to get a bundled price to get either. Hope you guys read my review and consider possible revisions. Thanks for another game!

SSG3 is Phenomenal Posted by

I had played SSG2 with friends and really loved it. The only problem I had was the hat system. I didn't care too much for it. SSG3 however has completely eradicated those tiffs. The first thing I noticed when I downloaded the game was how much more responsive and beautifully laid out the GUI was. It is so much more easy to follow and a lot more appealing. The introduction of spin is something I had been waiting for for a long while, and finally it is here. Having the choice between three tap and two tap is really nice. There are only two things that I find obnoxious and frustrating: 1) When you tap restart course, it should reload at hole 1. It shouldn't take you to the menu. If I wanted that, I would tap the exit to menu button. It would just speed up gameplay and make things a little smoother. That's what I find obnoxious 2) What is extremely frustrating is the inability to reset your power meter on a shot. I'd be happy if that was another button that would take a point from your ball power-ups. Many times I twitch and subconsciously just double tap and then I'm screwed, messing up a near perfect game. Other than that, I'm really really happy with this game. Buying the deluxe and double xp is definitely worth it. Personally the bar showing your last power isn't worth it to me because I can remember where it was. If you liked SSG2 you will LOVE SSG3.

They improved a great game! Posted by

If you are a fan of SSG 1&2, you may have had trepidation about SSG 3 being released. So often, developers feel the need to "try something new" or "take a new direction with the franchise." I am always amazed by this. If it is already an established hit, why tinker with it until it is I recognizable to its' fans, and unappealing to newcomers? Noodlecake resisted this urge, and made a version of SSG that has new features that make the game we already love interesting, without just ruining the soul of the thing. The sound design is similar enough with putts, hole sinks, power shots, etc, that it still feels familiar. The multiplayer is fantastic, I love the option to play up to 8 instead of the previous 5 concurrent matches, and the daily race is a great new optional obsession. I'm only at level 12 so far, but I can't wait to see what all the new power up balls do. All in all, a fantastic new version. Thanks for not screwing up something I love and forcing me to pretend the new thing doesn't exist. (I'm talking to you, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.) Great job, Noodlecake.

Great game! Posted by

I've played all of these games. This game is a lot like the others, but instead they have turned to micro transactions. You can no longer just play the game and enjoy it. To level up and unlock all of the characters/items, you have to pay money. It's impossible to unlock every item in the game without paying the company. This is really sad to me as I used to love these games. The mechanics are great and I love playing online with people. However, it costs 40 bux to buy a "pack" and these packs give you items. However, in my experience you hardly EVER get new items in packs. To play a round of NINE holes online with 4 other people, if you place first you only get 3 bux. Now how is that even fair?!?! If you change the game mechanics so it's harder to level up and get items, at least increase the amount of bux won from the race mode. This game is horrible in this sense. However, it is still really fun and very addicting. I recommend it, if you don't mind the fact that you'll never unlock all of the items or reach level 60. Thanks Noodlecake :(

SuperStickmanGolf 3 by DecentReviews, inc!!!! Posted by

Super Stickman Golf is one of those games you play when you're really bored and have nothing to do. You'll see this game everywhere in schools. On a critical perspective, I really don't see this game is as good as the last game (Super Stickman Golf 2). There is a lot to offer in this game, like the collectable cards and stuff. The layout of the levels is also really cool. What disappoints me is seeing that there aren't many levels when you first get in. I know that you're gonna add more as you build the game, but seriously. We want the game to offer what the last game had AND more. I'm not really seeing that in this game. The music in the last game was awesome, and in this one it's a little bad sort of, but that's just me. Overall, the game is actually glitch-free unlike the last one. The developers did a great job finding the last bugs, but I really want them to focus on getting more levels in. Remember that if you want the game to be better than the last one, you need to offer what it did and more,

Great game, only needs minor tweaks Posted by

There are great additions in this game. I really like the idea of the cards, it gives a new fun strategic yet surprising element in the game. The courses are very fun as always, and I commend Noodlecake on the look of it. It has an easy interface with good features. The need to tap twice to hit the ball is helpful, as it avoids accidental shots, which are especially bad when out of power ups. That being said, a couple small adjustments need to be made. For example: I have to buy a package or extra I don't want to play more simultaneous multiplayer matches. Id much rather pay $0.99 or $1.99 for the game up front and get 25 games at once, and I think many people who played the other SSG games will agree. Also, I like the idea of the spin, but it needs fixing. I shouldn't be able to move by ball all the way across the Green when my ball is almost stopped by dragging a meter. However, I still love the game so far, and will continue playing it for a long time. Great job Noodlecake.

Great Game, Few Issues Posted by

THE GOOD SSMG 1 and 2 were great and seemed to only improve upon one another. The same is true for the third installment. The game is extremely intuitive and the new spin feature is a monumental game changer. The levels are fun and challenging and the game's music shows 8-bit flare like it's predecessors. The hats and golfers add personality and much needed utility. Finally, the turn-based multiplayer is flawless! THE BAD The power balls are too difficult to acquire. By the time you unlock many of them (particularly the Superball which requires 20 trophies to unlock) you have completed the game and have no use for them. Additionally, about half of them are utterly useless. Finally, there are considerably fewer levels in this edition, despite the downloadable ones available at start. OVERVIEW + Spin feature + Flawless multiplayer + Fun and challenging levels + Cool hats and golfers - Power balls difficult to unlock - Fewer levels than desired

Don't pass this game up! Posted by

My only complaint about this game is there's only 3 of them! I've never played a game with this high a level of creativity in quite a while. All three super stickman golf games are better than the last but not bc something felt missing from earlier installments. To me these games are a perfect combination of a conventional golf game married with the obstacles of miniature golf while being in 2D format. I've played many golf games and I've never been more pleased as I have with my experience playing the Super Stickman Golf series. If you haven't already picked these games up you are doing yourself a true disservice if there's ever been one! Last not least, you do not have to be a golf fan of any kind to enjoy these games. So don't let your dislike of golf and or golf games be a reason to not play these games! All hail Noodlecake Studios!

Even Better! Design-a-Course Would Be Cool... Posted by

Thought SSG2 was fun, this game is a straight up blast! More courses, more race modes, new daily races, exhilarating 'card' system to unlock power ups, hats, costumes, trails, ect. The upgrade to pro is also a good deal. The downloadable courses are sweet and I hope more come out soon. One thing that would be amazing though, like best game ever amazing, is being able to design holes and courses of your own. I know that wouldn't be easy to put in an app but you could make a website and make it from a computer then play it and share it with your friends via entering the 'course code' or some simple system like that. If you did that you could have promote making your own course and taking the best ones and making them downloadable and available to everyone!

Great follow up game but one downfall. Posted by

This game has fulfilled my standards when it comes to stickman golf. Every time me and my boys play this game on the bus it gets rowdy. Not because of the quality of game, but because of the pitiful Bluetooth connectivity between all iPhones. The last stickman golf (2) fulfilled our expectations completely. Hardly ever did we have a problem with our Bluetooth connections. Recently after playing Super Stickman Golf 3, we can't seem to connect more than 3 iPhones. We as a team (AKA Peninsula Pilots), would appreciate if you would send an update to fix the more than 3 iPhones support. We will go on strike from playing until our needs are fulfilled once again. Thank you while we wait patiently.

Better than the best Posted by

I play too many games on my iPhone. App-game-Designers make it too easy on my addictive behavior. From 'Ridiculous Fishing' to 'Alone,' 'Monument Valley,' 'League of Evil'...there's too many for me to realistically have time for & still attempt at identifying as a grown up. Though others may make their way into the cloud, Super Stickman Golf, however, will always remain, always be justified, & remain a braggin' right between me & my brother. Noodlecake always create games that are worth a download. I'd be proud if I worked & designed the fun they share with the world! Thanks noodle dudes & dudettes! Keep up the good work!

Love this game! Posted by

This is my favorite game for multiplayer turn based action. Everything about it is an improvement on the last game. Spin is an awesome addition. Well done. The premium edition is well worth $2.99! Gives you additional levels and unlimited tries on the daily race. Love this game! Trying to 100% everything and I finally got my last clean ball award on Inconcievable land but the trophy never activated. Went back and double checked that I got clean ball on every other course, besides the DLed ones. Is this a bug or do I need to clean ball the downloaded courses? UPDATE: Upon further research, you have to get clean ball on the DLed courses as well. I verified.

best golf game Posted by

I love this game, great job on hats, trails and golfers. courses are good, challenging enough. nice on adding courses regularly. a few things to fix though... the hats display is too small, can't read the text on my iPhone+ if I login on my iPad, the money is not the same, I earn money to each device, iPhone/iPad, separately. can't this be a cloud save? race mode has been buggy, got better on first update, but not completely fixed. I'd love to see better stats, historical performance, multiplayer stats, stats per course, longest drive, longest putt, "golden tee" type stats (the arcade game). I hope the level editor is coming soon!

Great Game yadayada Here's my problem Posted by

If you're reading the reviews, you don't need me to tell you that this is a fantastic game. Better than SG2 for sure. But my only gripe with this game stems to a lesser level than it did with SG2 and that's that I need a way to get bux without paying money. I've gotten all the bux in the game but most of my packs have been repeats and I don't get enough from the Daily Race to get a pack, so I have to wait almost a week now till I can get a pack from the daily race. As someone who loves collecting, I wish I had a way of doing so without going out and buying an iTunes gift card.

One of the best game franchises on the app store Posted by

I can spend lots of happy time on these SSG apps, and SSG3 is no exception. I thought it would be a paid app, so the in app purchase to make it ad free seemed reasonable and actually unlocked some other nice features. I love the addition of spin. I feel kind of guilty like I have a powerup every shot but then I accidentally spin it off the green and feel okay again. It's just another level of skill to develop, which is a good thing. Switch to the two tap control scheme in settings to save some time in race mode. I miss my pope hat from SSG2! I haven't yet uncovered anything like it.

I love this game Posted by

My husband and I love to play this game together. It is super fun to play solo as well. Lots of different course variety, fun upgrades and downloads, and no pressure to spend money. You can still have lots of fun without spending anything. I get so many hours of gameplay out of this game, but it is well worth the $2.99 we spend on getting rid of the ads. We were actually still playing SSG2 in this game came out, and that came out how long ago? At least a year or two.

Just a super game Posted by

I love this golf game. It is not loaded with ads or complicated and it hasn't been freezing up as most games have for me. It has a lot of courses and you can play with others. The card Packs are a great feature. I get excited to get new hats and trails! The power ups are good too, I do think they are what makes my score!! It's challenging enough but not discouragingly hard. Thanks for the free game.

Amazing New Installment Posted by

I've been around the Super Stickman franchise for a long time now, and I thought that this new installment would be just like the rest. "How could it get better than the 2nd one?" I asked myself. Once I downloaded this game, I was immediately blown away by how fun and addictive it is. In my opinion, the best one yet.


Absolutely LOVE this game. Play it everyday. Loved SSG2 and the 3rd I've been waiting for forever. From new party modes to a downloadable, growing library of epic courses... The list goes on and on! An excellent addition to the trilogy of unique, addicting, and genuine golf games that have me staying up hours at night!

Hours of Entertainment Posted by

Really, really solid game. I'm always having fun whether I'm trying to get all the gold stars, ghost flags, bux, and clean balls. All this for free! If you ever get bored, there are the downloadable courses for $3. My only slight annoyance is that I can't see what each hat does in game.

Addictive fun with annoyances by ASU Tech 2016-12-04

I was enjoying the free version immensely - was just in a fun groove of Daily Races and playing courses randomly after mastering them all. Then I bit at the "Premium Upgrade" for the card packs. (Yeah, after awhile you are tempted to unlock the last few cards faster.) Big mistake. Got saddled with extra courses that are not fun. Worse, they come up repeatedly in the Daily Race. Just ruiined it for me. That one's on me for taking the bait. Next complaint: I, too, am someone who's not really interested in competing against other people, and disappointed that you can't collect some cards unless you do. So, one star off for that. In addition: To add insult to injury, if you do start playing matches, other players can resign in the middle of a match. That's bad enough. But what's worse is that a resignation doesn't count as a win for you - AS IT SHOULD. So you have to play innumerable number of games hoping the opponent doesn't just give up in order to score the wins you need to earn some cards. Two stars off for that.

Basic flaws by rocket13531 2016-12-23

First off, let me just start by saying that I find the core concept and gameplay quite compelling, and overall, well implemented. Now, with that said, the only part of this game that truly interests me past 1 hour of play is the multiplayer "match" option. Unfortunately, this falls severely short as after creating 32 random opponent games (between this version and another), I have only completed 1 game and have a long list of "pending" games. Basically, players do not complete or barely commit to games they start in this game, rendering its most exciting feature useless. It does not help that their notification system is very buggy and is probably not properly alerting players that it is their turn and they in turn forget to check in on the app. Missed potential :(

Multiplayer servers are horrendous by Carota711 2016-07-09

Not bad so far. Just upset with a few things. First of all, they REALLY need to fix the race mode servers. I can't even complete a game as the game crashes or "host disconnected and unable to find a new host." The servers are god awful. Secondly, I wish you didn't have to "pay" $3 to be able to download more SSG2, they were free. Guess they are money hungry and need to make a profit. I also hate the idea that you buy "packs" now instead of being able to spend your bux directly on trails like in SSG2. Now you have to purchase packs and what you get is random. That would be so bad if I didn't get the same things over and over again (I.e. Rubber glove hat smdh). Overall it's not bad, but there are some serious flaws

Amazing Game, Horrible Ads by DAKherr 2016-07-12

Basically, long story short - the game is absolutely amazing. The big drawback and why I'm only leaving two stars is because of the annoying and horrible as pop-ups and placement almost always causing you to accidentally tap the ad, which I hate beyond all reason. While you're navigating menus the ads will frequently pop up covering all the buttons but you tap before you see the ad and it registers as a tap on the ad instead and kicks you out to the App Store for whatever the ad was on. This is a slimy tactic and they never used to do this. Either way, it's worth the $2.99 to unlock ad free and whatnot, just need to fix the free versions misleading ad timing and screen space. Then I'll fix my star count and review.

Trying to Force Multiplayer by Steph…. 2016-10-23

I hate when games withhold achievements trying to force you to play multiplayer. Why won't they just except that some people like to play single player, alone, without all the crazy cheaters out there? Just because we don't like to play multiplayer doesn't mean we don't like to complete all the achievements and trophies. It's very frustrating that we can never finish all of our achievements, even if we wanted to, because the multiplayer doesn't even work 90% of the time. And is doubly frustrating that we can't even unlock some of the power ups without being forced to play multiplayer.

I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS GAME by Thisgirlgolfs 2016-07-23

Don't waste your time or storage buying and playing this game. The courses are impossible once you get past the first two packs. It's just a really bad designed game. I personally play golf in real life and this is nothing like it at all. The new hats and stuff is just stupid and the daily race crap is not even legit. I'm warning you not to buy this game. The other two stick golf games were actually cool but this is just a poorly designed game. The main flaw is how much of a scam it is. I know some people like it but think before buying this game please. BTW it's not worth 1 star.

Great game with issues by Jeff8644 2017-01-20

I am a huge fan of the super stickman golf games and number 3 definitely didn't disappoint. Unfortunately after months of really enjoying the game, the game crashes on me mid course. It's especially frustrating when it crashes in the middle of a good course run or when I am taking a turn in turned base because it counts my stroke and starts me back at the beginning of the hole when I open back up again. If it weren't for this issue I would be giving it a 4-5 star rating but this bug has caused too many headaches to merit that rating at this point...

Ads open into the App Store automatically without touching them by Tmtm7546885 2016-07-13

With free games, by now we've all gotten used to having to wait a few seconds for the "x" to appear in an upper corner, and the frustration that follows when you don't touch the "x" with sufficient accuracy and the frustration that follows as the ad opens in the App Store. This game goes a step further. The ad opens up in the app and then AUTOMATICALLY takes you to the App Store, without even the multi-task convenience of the "back to SSG3" option appearing in the upper left hand corner. I am deleting the game.

Super Stickman Golf III by Matt Hudak 2016-07-07

After playing SSG2 for months I was a level 60 and had unlocked everything in the game. Playing the new version, I have basically unlocked everything in one night. This game has a fraction of the courses and most are based from the courses in SSG2. I'm really disappointed with the graphics and the music as they aren't nearly as good as the old version. One thing I have good to say is that the layout of the menu is much more organized and I like the new daily challenges. Good effort Noodlecake. -Fiji

Newest update deleted some of my progress... by Timmay270 2016-07-15

First of all, I really love the game but the most recent update deleted some of my progress in the game. The newest update deleted some of my progress I made on the downloadable courses and now I have to replay them all over again. That's just what happened on my iPhone. On my iPad the update completely deleted the downloadable course from my device and I had to reload them all. I'm kind of regretting spending the $3 full game IAP about now...

Sneaky Ads by KidSquid09 2016-08-03

Would have given this game a 4 if it didn't try to trick me into clicking on an add. Like, what's your thought process behind that? Do you think if I click on an add by accident I'll just say, "Oh well, they got me I have to download this game now" NO, I can tell you that's definitely not the case! It just makes me hate those other games even more! P.S. This game is fun....

Game is fun. Ads ruin it by dm.dolan 2016-07-18

SSG has been a great game for a long time. This game improves on that in many ways. It's unfortunate they decided to bait you into clicking an ad at every single turn. Definitely better ways to go about it. It's worth the 2.99 for upgrade version, but that doesn't excuse the sleazy decision to make ads unbearable in the free version. Shame.

ehh by Fresh treevor 2016-07-17

loved super stickman golf 2. i was going to buy the downloadable content for ssg3 til i got to the 4th course in tour 5. tht course is actual cancer and pretty much impossible to par. i literally spent all my bux just buying more retries and still got the lowest score of +11

Race Mode Doesn't Work by Smith726272 2016-07-21

Favorite feature of ssg2 was race mode. Every time I try to join a race mode match (wifi or cellular) an error displays stating other players can not be found. I have reinstalled to no avail. I have seen similar reviews. Please fix.

1 & 2 I think are more fun by Lainiebot 2016-07-18

This one is nice looking and has great graphics and music, but I think it's exponentially more difficult to get through. Pars seem harder to achieve and powerups are too expensive. Uninstalled, "sticking" with 1 & 2 :)

flawed by Ekim213 2016-09-22

I have this game on my ipad and i enjoy it. on my old ipad, which my grandson uses hole nine on Laser sub is blacked out so you can't complete the level or progress to the next level.

Great game, but would rather one-time purchase by Nathan Coder 2016-07-07

Great game, just like the other SSG games. My only complaint is the reliance on the "premium" IAP. I would have rather paid once for the app than be limited by the free version.

Update by Lamby7 2017-01-19

You say the new courses are free, but when you go to download them it says you have to purchase the upgrade! What a tease! Would be a 5 star app if this didn't happen.

Just get the Second one by Ollie53:5 2016-07-15

If you want to play this game...please don' the 2nd SSG

More freemium garbage by Eric Esquire 2016-07-07

Let us buy the app. Freemium is trash. Ruining the gaming industry.