Superlapse - Photo Time Lapse app for iPhone/iPad
Superlapse - Photo Time Lapse app for iPhone/iPad

Superlapse - Photo Time Lapse app for iPhone/iPad

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How to install Superlapse - Photo Time Lapse app for iPhone/iPad

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Superlapse will create a stunning time lapse video from your photos. You can use this app to take a photo once a day and see how your subject changes over time. If you have children or pets, this is an amazing opportunity to create a beautiful time lapse of them growing up. This app can also help you create an amazing transformation video and help motivate you towards your fitness goals. If you are a traveler, using Superlapse can help you create an unforgettable travel time lapse. You can also use this app to create awesome videos of growing a garden or capturing the changing seasons, and anything else you can think of that would make a amazing time lapse. Key features - Selfies are not mirrored - 4k/1080p videos - Superlapse will create the highest definition video possible depending on your device - iCloud backup/sync - you can save a backup of your photos to iCloud - Landscape orientation supported - you can take photos in landscape to create a landscape video - Instagram ready videos - you can choose to save a 1080x1350 resolution video ready to share on Instagram - Image overlay - helps you line up better with your previous photo - Countdown timer - for when you need a little extra time to get ready - Designed for iPhone X - modern user interface with swipe-gesture navigation - FPS Control - you can adjust the frames per second (fps) of the video to be saved - 1,000 photos per album - you can create unlimited albums (as long as your device has enough storage) - Daily reminders - you can set a time for a daily reminder to take a photo - Save your albums onto your computer - you can use the iTunes File Sharing feature to save your photos from your device to your computer

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