Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Symbolic Calculator HD Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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With full-featured algebra capabilites on par with high-end scientific calculators this applications lets you perform all kind of different operations from the simplest multiplications to computing the integrals of the most complicated functions. (see the screenshots for examples!)

Ideal for high-school or college students, also useful for engineers or anyone dealing with a lot of math.

Even if you are using just a fraction of the functionalities, the iphone-ish, easy-to-use interface makes life much easier compared to traditional calculators.

Features overview:

- Exact arithmetic. 5/15 is 1/3 and not 0.333 (unless you select rounded numerical mode)
- Extensive algebra and calculus capabilities.
- Formulas displayed in "natural" form
- History, storing results in an easy-to-use way
- Unlimited number of variables, user-defined functions
- Session management
- Plotting
- in-app help

Some of the more interesting algebraic capabilities:

- Simplifying or expanding expressions
- Solving equations, systems, differential equations, numerically or symbolically
- Integrals, derivatives, limits, taylor series, etc for function analysis
- Full support for complex numbers
- Vectors, matrices, linear algebra functions
- ... and many other things

User feedback is always welcome!


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Nice TI 89 Substitute Posted by

I use this app as a substitute for TI89 on the iPad, mainly for EE work. I've spent about 40 bucks buying other TI89-like apps and CAS apps, but have discarded all of them due to bugs or difficulty with clunky interfaces or even for calculation errors in numerical evaluations! Best runner-up was the HP48 emulators, but I've found they lock up quite a bit, which is frustrating. This app has a simple interface but still has the power for quick equation solving and plotting. The interface is very well thought out, but has one bug in this version - copying a calc sheet to the clip board causes a crash. A simple workaround is to just email the sheet. The transmitted sheet maintains the prettyprint. I may use this as an alternative to equation editor in MS Word for simple calcs. The app allows adding user defined functions. Calculation sheets may also be saved to specific file names - reminds me a bit of a MathCad sheet, although there is no ability to recalculate an entire sheet like you can in MathCad - calculation is strictly a one line at a time affair. Previously entered functions can be easily copied to the command line for reuse or modification or appending to new input. It is also very nice being able to save a series of calculations as a separate recall-able file. One can always think of things to add, for example units of measure would be useful as a double check of an answer, but all in all I rate this app 5 stars.

Great app! Still room for improvement Posted by

As a math teacher, I need a good calculator to go along with my iPad. This calculator has all the necessities: It will solve equations, graph equations, and do calculus problems, such as derivatives and integrals. It also has an excellent script method, which rewrites equations in exact and simplified form. (For instance, x^2/4 would be written as a fraction and the two as an exponent). This also serves as a very useful equation editor (it allows me to write equations and paste them into my tests, which I create using Apple's Pages app.) It does, however, have some room to improve. The way in which equations are written out is a bit tedious (it will include multiplication asterisks between terms like 2x, even though multiplication is implied). Matrices can be input, but the method of input is not necessarily the best method (to input a matrix: [1,2;3,4]). There is currently no way to have an approximate mode as your default (although you can easily get approximations by tapping on the result, it would be great to always get them). I wish there was an ANS key like on the TI series of calculators. I wish you could rearrange buttons on the keyboard. Overall highly recommended to anyone doing lots of math. I hope that the developer will continue to add improvements and make this app a 5 star!

The Must-have Calculator for Science/Math/Engineering Posted by

Symbolic Calculator is a phenomenal app for serious work in science/math. I have been using it for years. This is not just a scientific/graphic calculator. It is a symbolic math system that can perform many tasks, such as symbolic integration, differentiation, equation solving, matrix algebra, even more advanced functions used in physics and math. I use python/sympy on my mac, but Symbolic Calculator is often easier to use and more intuitive. I would happily pay $25 for this app and consider it a bargain. I am not affiliated with the developers as I suspect many overly enthusiastic reviewers might be, but this is not hype.

Great calculator for advanced math Posted by

This calculator does amazing things with calculus, but if you are just doing basic stuff it may be a bit much for you. Easiest way to tell if this calculator is for you or not is to scroll up and look at the screen shots. If you see a bunch of symbols that you don't recognize and math problems that don't look a bit familiar then you may want to go look for another app that has a button layout closer to that of a calculator made by TI. If all of that looks normal then this will likely be your favorite calculator app by far. The way that it does symbolic calculus is so incredibly easy to use it is amazing.

Impressive Posted by

Much more powerful than I thought. Easy to use interface. And I absolutely love that it can integrate algebraically. It can do integrals and many other things such as limits numerically...but the integrals are really fast and amazing. I love this plotting system as well. It plots everything (2-D...i dont know about 3-D) It is very capable. Worth it! It is worth more than I paid for far! After using this for a year or two now...I would definitely buy it again!

A Computer Algebra System for iOS Posted by

I just downloaded it and am VERY impressed. This is a CAS system for the iPad, well designed and capable of calculus operations, including limits (1 and 2 sided), differentiation (arbitrary variable, arbitrary number of times), and integration (definite and indefinite). I don't see a built in way to expand e^i, but there's a program-your-own-function mechanism, and the necessary pieces are there, waiting to be assembled. I highly recommend this app.

Great App, Have One Wish Posted by

This app meets or exceeds all of my expectations, making it mostly unnecessary to carry a TI calculator around for calculus and differential equations. I wish that it would work with my bluetooth keyboard, so I wouldn't have to keep scrolling the palettes for functions and variables. This lack significantly increases input time. Add this capability and the app easily gets 5 stars from me!

Made in Math Heaven!!! Posted by

Engineer with a physics minor here. I've been waiting forever for this app to come to the iPad. This is a magnificent tool! The ability to see your equations right beside the numerical answers just conveys instant understanding. The interface is lovely and the equations come out beautiful! Very, very useful. May I suggest an improvement? How about shortcuts for physical constants?

Great calculator replacement Posted by

Replaces my TI Titanium. And a lot easier to read screen. The problem I do have, on larger numbers. They are put in scientific notation. This don't work well when I copy and paste the results on other software where they only take numerical. Is there a way to change that? I see there is a procedure to change from numerical to scientific notation, but not the other way around.

Best in its class Posted by

Does as well at symbolic manipulation as my Ti-89 but much easier to see. The thing with decimal multiplication is a bit unsettling. If one precedes decimal number with a zero then things seem to work. Never met a symbolic calculator that did not have any flaws. This one merely has less than average.

Lost my TI-89. No worries now. Posted by

This calculator is highly recommended for anyone who is used to a TI. I was able to complete homework I otherwise would not have been able to do thanks to this gem. It's better than a TI because it actually gives instructions for all of its uses. I would pay 10 dollars for this app if I had to.

Pretty good Posted by

Pretty good app. Needs to have a setting to preset decimal form instead of having to constantly change it manually. Also, it needs to have a way to use the last answer you got in the next equation without having to enter it manually. It would be a huge improvement by adding those two things.

Best calculator so far Posted by

It lacks many of the features of a dedicated graphing calculator, but it seems to have the most necessary features, and it's by far the best calculator app I've seen by a long shot. It's especially refreshing to be able to adjust the axis on a graph using a touch interface.

Seems to work pretty well. Posted by

This is a pretty nice program and provides a convenient way to find analytical and numerical solutions to a wide array of problems. One thing I would do to improve it is to display all the roots of an equation, whether two or more are the same or not.

A great calculator! Posted by

There is quite a bit of really good stuff that can be done with this calculator including advanced graphing, calculus, symbolic evaluations, etc. Etc. In ways it looks like a version of Mathematica- lite. I highly recommend it!

Invaluable, finally a modern replacement for my TI-89 Posted by

I used this in college and now I use it as I work in the tech sector. After 10 years with my trusty ti89 I effectively replaced it with this symbolic calculator. Product is great and the developer is nice too.

Works well Posted by

Does as indicated! Great calculator, permutations and combinations on target.

Awful by D0red3ff 2012-04-29

Extremely confusing to use. Have yet to successfully calculate anything because of all the "syntax errors". Plus it doesnt even tell you what is wrong so you can fix it. You have to file through the big list of functions, and then read each one individually to know what the heck they are, and yet it still doesnt work.

Great but has bugs by Cliffit1 2012-10-25

Latest version as of Oct. 26 immediately crashes every time you try to convert to numerical value from fraction. Previous versions didn't have this problem. Needs to be corrected. Don't recommend update to this version. Great calculator otherwise.

Inequalities? by JonInCDA 2012-05-10

Purchased this app to work on solving some inequalities, but it does not seem to know how to deal with an operator other than "=". Entered solve(x/x+5<1,x) and it gives the Syntax error message and moves the cursor to just after the operator.

Can integrate but multiplying decimals is too hard? by GunslingerRD 2011-05-09

So whenever I try to multiply and decimal by another number it with tell me it is a redundant operator which is funny considering nothing else in the string implies multiplication. I grabbed this app for stats but immediately regretted it

Meh... by ModestyPrevails 2013-06-26

I use this for simple math as well as trigonometry. There used to be an easy way to turn decimals into fractions. It allows you to go from fraction to decimal easily, but not back the other way. Still using my TI-83 instead.

Error message at some function by Calc-moto 2012-01-02

Error message doesn't stop after some calculation. For example sum command. Sum(x,x,0,3) causes Argument error. Integrate command happens also. Not always, but I cannot stop after entered this mode except reinstall.

Frustrated user by Axle fan 2013-01-16

I bought this app in hopes of it being able to graph inequalities and was disappointed to find out that it did not. I am hoping that a future update will add greater than and lesser than functions.

Okay... by Gabeabrams 2010-11-08

It's an okay program... Theres just one major fail: it doesn't recognize stuff like 55x as 55 * x. It should automatically recognize that instead of making the user type it in each time.

Answers in numerical form? by R.J. Peña 2012-10-28

Good app, but its really annoying to have to constantly convert division answers from fraction to numerical. There should be a default option to always display numerical answers.

Doesn't know the rules by Polycledis 2012-09-26

It puts Radicals in the denominator which is totally not allowed. It crashes when you try to find the approximate value of irrational numbers.

Pretty good by iwuisu 2011-04-10

I'm looking for a calculator that has a history of previous calculations and this is the best that I've found.

Crashes by GenaF 2012-11-02

Crashes when copied to pasteboard. Not usable.

Worth it by na'meansun 2011-02-02

Not the best one, but very helpful.