SyncPass Apps free for iPhone/iPad
SyncPass Apps free for iPhone/iPad

SyncPass Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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SyncPass Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SyncPass Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
SyncPass Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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**** iOS 8 will not allow new entries to database - If you upgraded to iOS8 buy SyncPass 8 on the App store as well ****

All your passwords securely synchronized through Dropbox with all your devices. SyncPass secures passwords and notes in an easy to use interface that is instantly synchronized to your Dropbox account. SyncPass is compatible with KeePass (
-Protect SyncPass with a 4 digit PIN
-Search for entries from a simple search bar at the top of the application
-Organize passwords and notes into groups
-Compatible with KeePass available for Windows, Mac, Linux
-View, Edit, and Create KeePass 1.x and 2.x files
-Copy password entries to the clipboard for easy pasting onto login screens


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Varies with device
2.52 MB
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Very Good App Posted by

** update** after last weeks glitch, I was able to get up and running again. Note that you have to reenable Dropbox in syncpass and them go to your pc and open then save the keepass files on the pc in the apps/syncpass directory to get them to reappear in syncpass on your iOS device. I got this app to access my keepass db from my phone and my pc. And it does exactly that. There were some attachment bugs in the beginning but support was vey responsive to fix the errors. I have tried to sync a db modified with syncpass to another keepass db but that keepass function does not work correctly once syncpass has modified a db. Hence the 4 stars. Very good app otherwise. I would recommend.

Good but needs better Dropbox support Posted by

Seems to work well but only works with Dropbox IF the database is placed in a particular place in the dropbox folder - has to be within Dropbox > Apps > SyncPass (I think the SyncPass app actually creates this directory when you link it with Dropbox). This works well enough but I think it's a bit of a security issue and it's also a hassle if you have other apps using the password database on Dropbox - they would all have to be reconfigured to use this folder.

Works but needs more documentation Posted by

Finally an app that utilizes keypass. This did exactly what I wanted. One thing though the documentation could be better. I had to figure out how to use/open an existing file I already had with Dropbox. The app wouldn't see it until I created a file synced with Dropbox then added my existing one to the folder it created. Happy now that I have it working- just needs better documentation if you already have an existing file on a pc, etc

Da bomb Posted by

The sync is smooth. Like butta. PS it would be awesome if it synced with more applications. However anyone who says its "broken" didn't read the description. I like that at least one app has a real live sync. Even if its with drop box. Also the keypass plugins let you sync it direct without having to move it someplace else. So read before u rate. :) please.

Keep your desktop & iPhone passwords synced Posted by

After finding that MiniKeyPass only works on newest iPads & iPhones I had to find an alternative. This app does the same things but also has the bonus of using Dropbox automatically to keep your iPhone and iPad in sync with your desktop Keepass. It works with older iPhones like my 3GS. You can turn off autosync in settings if you like.

Great functionality, would like to see more Posted by

This replaced MiniKeePass for me because it's much more convenient not to have to export/import the password database every time I make a change from one platform or another. I would like to see the developer expand the services you can sync with and add other ways to get a key file onto your device. Great app!

It works well Posted by

I do wish there were more icons suitable for obvious applications. I appreciate the apple, but perhaps a bird for twitter, or an exclamation point for yahoo! I know the real icons are probably trademarked, but something similar would work. This program otherwise is perfect.

Actual syncing! Posted by

As opposed to download, modify, and upload process that other KeePass apps use, this app syncs automatically on each change. This suits my requirement very well. Now we just need iPad and windows phone 8 versions!

Great password keeper. Posted by

I sync the database on Dropbox giving me access to my passwords on my ios devices and laptop. The app is very fast and easy to use. I love it and find it one of the most important apps I have.

Great app Posted by

Great way to keep passwords straight. I have this integrated with Keepass and Dropbox to sync between 4 devices including a Linux desktop and a Windows desktop. Top notch!

A really helpfull tool Posted by

Nearly perfect, one of the best free password managers, the only thing is that sometimes you can see the last page while reopen the app.

First to fully sync Posted by

This is the first iPhone app that I have found that will fully and seamlessly sync with keepass and Dropbox. Awesome!!

Works for me... Posted by

Syncing to a PC, a Nexus 7 tablet and my iPhone. No problems.

It was great but stopped working on all my devices. by Iurerbierejn 2014-08-03

I really liked this app and used it a lot. It supports Dropbox Sync, which worked very good, but now suddenly the app is dead; stopped working. The starting screen appears and after few seconds the app is gone. You can get it to run if you are in airplane mode which makes me think this app is calling home and now home is gone and therefore it stopped working. This cannot be. How can you sell an app that I shall trust that is calling home? An app that stopped working because the server is gone? Not sure if there is an alternative app with Dropbox support, but I will start looking immediately.

Very limited by MaxwellT 2012-10-06

Can no longer Update database file from Dropbox? What have you done? Will not open database files from latest version of KeePass for PC only produces error message. Very limited compared to other iOS Keepass apps. If the Dropbox directory is inflexible (can't be changed), the app is useless since it will not find my Keepass database file in Dropbox. Yes, I could move the database file - but then I would have to revise all the other Keepass apps that I am evaluating. Coming this late to the Keepass apps crowd, you need to make changeover easy.

Finally Got It Working... but Copying Passwords Makes Them Visible! by FisterDotOrg 2013-01-15

I use Dropbox, KeePassX (.kdb db file with a key file), and my Master Password was not working for me with SyncPass, but it was working fine in KeePassX and MiniKeePass. So I changed my Master Password and it started working. Straaaaange... Anyway, once it started working, I was happy except for one thing: (1) the "copy password" option is gone and now the only way is to go to the field and do a select all and copy, which *gasp* makes the password visible! This is NOT acceptable! Please fix!

Good but has a problem by ergins 2012-09-22

I've been using KeyPass for a long time and was happy to see this app, it seemed just perfect for the job. The UI is fine and what I expected from an iPhone app but it does have a serious issue syncing with DropBox. Adding or editing an entry causes the file to become corrupt to the Windows version of KeyPass!!! Since the main reason for using this app is to keep the file in DropBox in sync so it can be accessed on my computers and my iPhone it makes this app useless (sorry).

No password generation, no iPad support by GusSmed 2013-12-22

Pros: generates 1.x or 2.x KeePass files, handles key files correctly, syncs using DropBox (though it wants a specific folder in DropBox). Cons: Doesn't generate random passwords, iPhone-only which means it forces portrait view on an iPad, which is very inconvenient, no way to re-arrange entry hierarchy, copying passwords to the clipboard is clumsy. Recommendation: Get KyPass instead. It has its own problems, but at least it generates passwords and supports the iPad.

Good with one limitation by Limey B 2013-01-19

I bought this for the Dropbox sync which works great. Unfortunately I also share the database with my wife but the folder in which the database has to be placed within Dropbox (the Apps folder) is not shareable so it solved one problem (autistic with Dropbox) but has created another more critical one (cannot share the database with another Dropbox user)

Unusable. Been crashing for months by whiplash439_ps3 2016-01-18

When I worked it was nice and convenient. I can still access my list of already stored passwords and usernames, but it's impossible for me to add to the list or edit it without it crashing. It's been almost a year since I last used it and its still broken so finally deleting it.

Ok, but... by Good Computer Guy 2012-09-18

This is close to what I want. It does a great job automatically syncing my iPhone and iPad (although the iPad app is really ugly - just a 2x iPhone app.) Problem is I can't open the file from Dropbox on my PC. It says it is corrupt.

Not working by Gandalf5011 2014-12-09

It crashes constantly, doesn't work on iOS8. Apple should warn developers about these kind of issues, and remove not working apps.