Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad
Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad

Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Talking Bruce the Panda Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Bruce is your pet panda, that shows nunchakus, responds to your touch and swipe and repeats everything you say with a cute voice.

***How To Play***

-- Talk to Panda and he will repeat everything you say with a cute voice.
-- Poke his head, belly hands or feet.
-- Swipe his head to slap him.
-- Swipe his body to turn him around and make him dizzy.
-- Swipe his feet to stumble him down.
-- Bring his bamboo shoots.
-- Pour a glass of orange for him.
-- Let him show his spinning nunchakus.
-- Throw ninja darts to him and can he dodge?

Enjoy playing with Panda.

-- On devices with slower processor(iPhone 3G, iPod Touch with iOS5), animations may be a little sluggish.
-- There are notifications in this app, but you get the control of on or off.

Talking Bruce the Panda Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
80.61 MB
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It is so awesome.... I mean his voice is just so adorable.... I'd he weak if someone actually started yelling and tried to fuss it out cuz they weren't smart enough to realize they copy everything u say and if they don't like it then cut it off.... But anyways this app is beast!!!!

Big Fun! Posted by

Kids like it! And so do we! Finding a lot of great Kid Apps on the App Store after getting some tips on searching for Apps. There's a LOT of great, free software for Kids available if you take a few minutes to hunt around all the distractions!

Great but have one request.. Posted by

Omg..this Is my absolute favorite app of all time.. It is the cutest thing ever and is a great listener..! I really wish I could record what the panda says with it because I wanna send it to my friends.. Plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

Wife loved this app Posted by

My wife just loves pandas and I just happened in AppMiner that this app so free, so I grabbed it and showed it to her. She had a blast, but said it did get a bit boring after a while but she planned to play with it again later.

Cute Posted by

It is adorable and so cute but it won't let me drink the juice or use the spikey things so I was a little upset about that. I wish they would let us do the other stuff. But he is so cute and adorable. Love him!

Love it Posted by

I love this panda's so cute. I love my there more? I love you panda so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! See you later love panda. I have to leave.

Cuuute~ Posted by

The panda is very cute but does not look like the baby panda from Kung Fu Panda 2. Feeding him bamboo is free and spinning nunchakus. However giving him orange juice and throwing darts at him costs $0.99.

Will not transfer my purchase Posted by

Bought it. Got a new iPhone, and it will not acknowledge my purchase. So, I am just going to uninstall it and never purchase from Unripe Grape again. Edited to report that it works again.

Great app Posted by

This is a app you have to get it is so cute and funny kids out there you have to look at this it's amazing the best part is it's free. Have fun.

Pandas game= THE BEST!!!!! Posted by

This game is so fun and free!! The panda guy is so adorable!!!! U guys out there who are bored, I recommend buy this game for FREE!!!!!!!

So cute!!! Posted by

I love this thing and it was so cute when I got a message from him saying he missed me!!!! Keep up the free talking apps!!!!!

Kung fu Posted by

This is an amazing app it does a lot for free which is very rare

Panda review Posted by

To bad its not all the way free tho!

Provides a good laugh by ashmic19 2011-12-15

My cousin told me about this app. I haven't had it long but I've really been enjoying it so far. It's pretty quick to grasp what you are saying and repeat it back. And my favorite part is it picks up on accents! It's free and quite amusing and guaranteed to being some laughs. I recommend it.

He fooled me!! by Shesaidit 2012-11-04

Before I got the paid version he would pop up on the screen with messages to get my attention and I thought it was pretty cool. Once I paid for the full version the messages and visits stops which is lame, he used me for the money!!

Talking panda by Panda123cutie 2011-12-02

I would give talking pandas rating of three. While chubby adorable and copying the things you say in a cute voice the talking panda doesn't do so much. This has been a quick review of what I think about talking panda app.

App for children. by I love Coheed but, 2015-12-23

This review applies to all the games that do this, that is when a small child plays the game it is constantly going to commercials because kids touch everywhere. For small children it is unplayable.

Don't do it! D: by neacodesert 2011-12-02

I thought this app was cute because I love pandas, but in the end it was a waste if time. Just say no! You only get to do two things to the panda and the rest you have to pay for.

dislike it by djuang1 2012-03-05

Ugh... another talking character app. Cute graphics and something to keep the kids entertained for 5 minutes but that's about it. .. Read all my reviews on ..

Ads Only by akitanya 2013-09-21

While i am using the app top of the screen is coverd in ads all time, but every time i click anything full screen ad pops up..., great app but ads on every click ruin the joy

Worked great... Until I paid for it by Jimbity 2013-03-17

Since then it won't even open without crashing. Tried deleting and reinstalling, doesn't help