TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad

TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TapGlance Interior Design Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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TapGlance is a powerful and intuitive interior design app. Within minutes and without any prior experience, you can create photo-realistic images of just about any interior design project you have in mind.

Drag and drop furniture, fixtures and appliances into your plan – more than 2000 items are included with the app for free. Test material combinations using over a thousand included materials, or import your own seamless textures or camera photos.

You can design your plan using three different modes:
• The layout mode, where you add, remove, shape, and arrange entire rooms.
• The 2D mode, where you furnish the plan from a two-dimensional top view.
• The 3D mode, where you can walk through the plan in three-dimensional perspective, decorate it using a wide variety of furniture, fixtures and appliances, and apply materials to walls, floors and objects.

When your 3D scene is ready, tap a button and bring it to life using our cutting edge cloud render technology. The images produced by TapGlance are so real, most people will not be able to tell they were designed on a tablet device. In many cases, the results will far exceed even professional 3D applications, with little or no effort on your side.

NOTE - Cloud renders are performed on a dedicated high-end server farm and require an in-app purchase. TapGlance includes a free non-photorealistic render mode.

TapGlance is based on our award winning “Interior Design for iPad” app. With hundreds of thousands of users, and the distinction of being one of TIME magazine’s top 50 best apps in the world, we were compelled to push the boundaries and create this next generation interior design experience. It offers more than 75 new features and improvements as well as the revolutionary cloud render technology.

See it in action:
Watch a quickstart video tutorial of this powerful app at www.tapglance.com/tutorials

Features & Highlights:

Cloud Render (3D) - Combining cutting edge technology with hundreds of dedicated servers, TapGlance can transform your 3D scene into a photo-realistic image. The cloud render service uses real world lighting system, taking into account the environment you choose and the artificial light sources you place in your scene.

Direct Object Manipulation (2D, 3D) - Quickly move, rotate and scale any object in the scene using real-time transform handles. Easily change door and window locations by dragging them around, in 2D or 3D mode.

Stairwells (2D,3D) - Drag a staircase to a plan and TapGlance can automatically create the stairwell and build the correct railing. You can, of course, do these manually if you wish.

Cameras (3D) - TapGlance supports an unlimited number of cameras, so you can quickly and easily move between saved views of your plan and render from the same vantage point every time.

Floor height (Layout) - Each floor can be assigned a different height. Combined with the new floor-breach shapes, you can create open spaces, lofts and galleries.

Blueprint View (2D) - See a printer-friendly, black and white representation of your plan with a tap of a single button. Blueprint mode temporarily hides all furniture and colors so you can focus on the layout.

Duplicate & Mirror - All objects in TapGlance can be duplicated, transferring over their properties like size, rotation and even materials to their clones. All objects can also be mirrored, effectively flipping their geometry.

Improved Drag and Drop - Any object or material can be dragged from the shelf and dropped in your plan, including doors, windows, furniture, fixtures, appliances and materials. It takes seconds to place, position and replace the materials of any item in your plan.

Plans and Folder Management - Easily manage plans by putting them into folders. Entire folders can be sent to Dropbox or an email recipient. This makes it very easy to share multiple plans across devices.

TapGlance Interior Design Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
1.34 GB
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Best Design App Ever! Recommend it for anyone!! Posted by

I love this app so much! It is so easy to use and understand in 5 minutes! After each update it gets better and better, A few ideas for the next update; Vaulted ceiling's Adjusting the ceilings in each room A rounded edges option for walls Raising/ lowering parts of the floor in some rooms (split floor leveling) A "remove floor" option to open up the lower floor instead of trying to configure the square to your room to make the floor go away for the upstairs level More strait upstairs type of Id love to see a rustic theme because most of the styles are more modern and I love gray flooring and dark rustic flooring as well as a white wash but they don't have that option for a panel flooring New decor is always awesome I love embellishing my houses with little stuff that fill the blank spaces and shelves and make it feel more like a "house" and not a blank canvas New Wallpaper an upholstery for furniture as well as flooring Sitting picture frames for decor Baskets for storage More items for kitchens Id love to see a farmhouse style sink! Towels and blankets Built-ins for shelving Ceiling length top cabinets for the kitchen New ceiling lighting fixtures and other lighting fixtures Cars/ motorcycles/ bicycles/ wagon for garages so they don't look empty New outdoor/porch area options as well as sun rooms A mud room A pantry and shelving units for the pantry option A water closet for a bathroom would be nice as well Attics from the raised roofs I also think it would be pretty cool if we could create our own objects, merge them together, and save them to use them in other house plans as well

Getting there Posted by

TapGlance has a lot of the improvements that were badly needed in Interior Design for iPad, so overall, a good new release. Paying for renders isn't too big a deal, since 3D and walk-through views are still available, and that's good enough for my purposes. The app still needs some improvements to get it to five-star level; chief among them: 1. Allow tap and hold feature to group objects so you can move multiple elements as one 2. Ability to set wall height/ceiling level per individual room instead of by level 3. Ability to set floor elevation per room to more easily create sunken rooms, crawl spaces or split levels 4. Curved walls 5. Prevent color loss/shadowing when applying textures to ceilings Also a problem is general glitchiness - the app crashes every time I try to add a user material. All that being said, the app is a good one. Very glad to have the ability now to sink objects below floor level (except apparently doors) and to heighten ceilings. Great tool if you want flexibility in interior design planning in a mobile form, and worth the price tag.

Great, but could be greater! Posted by

This by far is my favorite design app for my iPad! I love everything about it except for there could be many additions. Most reviews are exactly what I was thinking... Maybe some cars like SUVs or trucks, etc. for the garage so it doesn't look empty, some outdoor furniture and maybe even some pets. I would love to see the French country/ farmhouse look added in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Maybe some new headboards or even new beds in general, along with blankets for the beds or couches... I also really like tufted furniture (kind of shabby chic). Another idea I saw on the reviews and it also went through my mind is furniture and other items for "other rooms" such as a movie room, game room, bar, mud room, etc. A couple more things to add is some French doors, better double front doors, wrought iron stair cases, rounded rooms/walls, special ceilings, roofs, and more textures! I definitely would love to see these additions as I know many others who would too!

Very good but... Posted by

-Needs roof options and different ceiling options to fit along with the roof (hip, gable, gambrel, salt box, etc.) for example if you chose the gable roof, you should be able to expose it and have to work the furniture around it. -More furniture options: living room couches, coffee tables, side tables; baby and kids room furniture changing tables, more baby soft toned toys, cribs, chests; more outdoor furniture options -Bring back the tile, brick, and other patterns you deleted and add a color picker that can chose colors from patterns and not just the pattern itself -Turn light on/off in home -Night time/Day time aspect to see the house in different lights -Be able to change what level a floor is on after you design it -Add Christmas or holiday decorations for furniture options -Add snow environment options -Add outdoor lounge chairs -Add decks -Add different elevations- outdoor and indoor -Add outdoor kitchen and greenhouse and shed options -Add bars

Great app, would absolutely recommend. Posted by

I purchased this app three days ago and had a successful layout of my first floor within the first 8 hours. Easy to use without any previous design work. Loads of fun to see all the options available for an upcoming remodel. I highly recommend this $10 app. Suggestions as I continue to layout the rest of my house... 1.) I live in a split level and am seeing no way to snap my "second floor" as it is not as tall as a typical second floor. I see adjustments for ceiling height, but not floor height. That has been a problem. 2.) No way to add shiplap, or board and battens?! Too easy, give me some mouldings to work with. Please! 3.) No WHITE paint. There is 50 shades of off white, but no WHITE? 4.) I need the ability to add a wall. Not a room, but a wall within an existing room. How is this not possible? 5.) looking forward to more modern items and decor. The art/rug/furniture items change the aesthetic of the room.

Needs more additions Posted by

This app is amazing and is totally worth the money and I've been noticing a lot of new additions like the beach theme and more accessories but the apps needs more decor objects, pets and cars. It would be nice if the roof would automatically generate and be visible in 3D because I always struggle with using the shapes to make roofs and make them look right. In the previous app they also had nicer looking rails for the balcony and I wish it would come back or even better have more options for the balcony rails. It would also be awesome to be able to customize the shapes and lock them together to create out own objects. Lastly, it would be cool if we could create the first level a certain number of feet of the ground without making a basement level in order to make stairs that lead up to a porch. Overall, this is my favorite home design app and it's really well thought out it just needs some additions.

Love the app, needs some additions Posted by

Tapglance is much better than any other interior design app I've ever used but that doesn't mean it's anywhere close to perfect. These are some improvements you need to make: (Also add tutorial videos you can access through the app). More furniture- kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture, stairs, fireplaces, couches, beds, desks, kids stuff, office supplies, shelves, bookcases, gym equipment, game room items, kitchen appliances/accessories, technology, cars, skylights, string lights, hot tubs, swing chairs/hammocks, etc. New rooms: basement, attic, movie theater, sunroom, craft room, volleyball/basketball courts, and pantry. New building options: 3D mode that shows roof and an actual ground, vaulted/other special ceilings, editing a single room's height instead of an entire floor, creating built ins, steps up to a porch/patio, porch without railing, and creating circular rooms.

IDEA!!!! Posted by

So when I played it I was so satisfied but I had some ideas:first up you can put in some longer dining table and make it very luxury just the way I like it,second maybe you should have ground so you can make gardens and you should have more garden like more fountains,patio tables,flowers, statues,pools etc and another idea would be to put animals like dogs and cats and more beds for them this idea would be to put stairs that lead to another rooms and more beds luxury beds and put more office,laundry,dancing,closet objects and you should be able to make mansions well that's it make on August 14th or the last week of August see ya I love this app and your other one put this review in the other app bye❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Simply amazing! Posted by

I had been using a program on my Mac that cost about $125. TapGlance trounces it with ease of use and selection of useful materials. But the real stunner is the photo realistic cloud renders. Sure you have to pay for each render, but they really are truly amazing. I do wish the app had a gallery you could upload your content to. I really would love to see others' work to help inspire me. It would be nice to see the UI better optimized for the iPad Pro as well. I would highly suggest this app if you want to redecorate or remodel. This would be a big boon to realtors who want to show what a property can look like without all the cost of repairs and staging.

** Amazing application! ** Posted by

I’m not in the business of architecture but I am in the business of keeping my wife happy and not busting my back. With TapGlance not only can I have a great time building the rooms but I can work with my wife to align the furniture and not move it around 100 times! Honestly, TapGlance is a great product and on the iPad Pro it’s an amazing product, with a laser measure I can knock out a room in less than a half hour and then it’s just a matter of making it look great with all the furniture, paint and carpet options. Being able to use the thousands of 3D CAD images out on the internet would make this product unbeatable but at this price it already is!


I love this App. I used Blackmana's Interior Design for IPad, then switched to TapGlance which contains all our comments from previous design App. Blackmana's customer support is also superior. There are areas of improvement which we users have mentioned over the last few months. Hopefully they will be addressed over time in updated versions. New accessories, updated furniture, maybe some pets as shown in their picture would be nice. Better Exterior curved pathways and exterior designs, plants, etc. I would gladly purchase the upgrade or an "Exterior Design" for iPad! This App still gets 5 Stars from me regardless.

Best 3D Home App Posted by

Love this App. A must if you plan on remodeling or building a home. Gives you an idea of how everything looks so you can make changes before you begin a construction project. Also you can put in home layouts for sentimental value, like your grandparents home so you can always remember what it kind of looked like walking inside of it. Worth every penny of the purchase. Also easy to use. Does not have every door or window selection, but if you want something like that your talking a much more expensive purchase or hiring a designer for the job.

Great improvements Posted by

This version is so much more flexible. Allows for stairs to different floors, can add windows and doors while in 3D mode. Additional furniture, new bay windows, new doors are all great. Ability to duplicate windows and doors is really convenient. Lost the high rise environment which I used a lot, but the new features are great! A couple of bugs - I lose floor and wall paint occasionally. Everything turns white. Have to reboot iPad to correct - cling and reopening app is not enough.

Love it Posted by

Just a few suggestions. In interior Design for IPad there are floors like the big squares for the kitchen for example. Also, I think that there should be a few more decorations like letters for the wall for teens rooms and stuff. And you should be able to make your own custom carpet colors with the wheel like for paint. But I love the app. Worth the money.

Lovely app Posted by

I have been using tapglance for a while now. My only complaint is there are not enough cabinet, lighting, door, and window options. It'd be great if you could create A frame ceilings as well. Hopefully you can update soon.

OMG!!! Posted by

This app is amazing !!! I love all the items . I mean bay windows AMAZING ! So many more materials! It's just so exciting that there's finally a app that I can show my true talent .❤️❤️❤️

I love his app Posted by

I love this app it is the best one that I have tried for my Ipad. I wish that you would update the materials and the objercts. I would love to be able to a be able to do a mulit- level suface.

Architectural Posted by

This is one of my favorite apps for the iPad, but to make it even better please add french doors, grand staircases, etc!!

BEWARE!! SHOULD BE UPDATE TO IDFI by Nafulya 2015-05-01

I was very excited when I first about the inclusion of renders because I have really enjoyed using the original Interior Design App for iPad (Paid version). However, my excitement has been short lived as I feel like I have been reaped off on purchasing this app and the in-app purchases. Admittedly a number of enhancements have surely been made which I do not think justify this totally new app as the same could have been annexed within the original app.I have now used this app for about 7 hrs and noticed that the app substantially remained the same with the exception of the few enhancements which the developer had outlined in their "whats new section". I was further disappointed by the fact that a $4.99 for 500 render points can only enable you to render one photo in high resolution. In fact a realistic high res render was giving an indicative figure of 600 render points . This is really exorbitant because seriously one (1) render point should have at-least been equal to 1 standard render or there about. I was also disappointed at how pale the two renders I got were as I was expecting a lot more for that price tag really. If I could, I would have requested for a refund of my $9.99 as the same is not justified as I already own the original Interior Design app which cost me the same $9.99 as there is no way I will use the renders which was the reason I paid for this app looking at how exorbitant they are. I would rather keep the older app until the developer reconsiders the cost of the renders.

Buggy by Veraxus 2016-05-15

Im trying to plan out my new apartment before I move and I bought this instead of 5D thinking it looked like it would be easier to use. In theory that might be true, but TapGlance is so buggy that I cant even use it. For starters, it clearly hasn't been updated in a VERY long time; it doesn't have native iPad Pro 12" support (its just an upscaled standard iPad UI)... but worse, rooms don't always snap,together properly. For example, I create the master bedroom and its exact dimensions, then I create the walk-in-closet and try to snap it to bedroom... but it absolutely wont snap cleanly to the corner of the bedroom at all... I have to offset it before it will accept the layout, but that isn't the correct layout. I have had no end of problems with this app not letting me properly snap rooms together. It's such a huge problem that the app is completely, totally useless as I can't even replicate a simple, real-life apartment floorplan. I've tried it on my wife's iPad Air as well just to make sure it's not an iPad Pro problem, and it has broken buggy snapping on there as well. Considering that there hasn't been in an update in a solid 6 months, you should probably avoid this and try 5D instead. Sure it costs more than TapGlance to unlock the full version, but it actually works.

Renders are too Expensive - not much reason to upgrade by Krafty_one 2015-05-20

I should have read the description closer about the in-app purchases...each photo realistic render costs $5...a ridiculous amount. Maybe for $0.25 each it might be worth it, but I use this app (like most people I would think) to find out how the home improvement projects in my house will look before I do them. There are some nice new features, but nothing that makes upgrading from Interior Design for iPad worth it. It only brings over your basic blueprint...no windows, doors, furniture, etc, so it is hours to recreate your setup only to find out that each render costs $5. There is a local render option and this does have some value...but it won't render your artificial lighting and it only looks slightly better than the non-render. Overall, I feel like the app was misrepresented when it was sold. It feels like a bait and switch. Hopefully they will fix their whacked out pricing soon or include the artificial lighting in the local render. Only real improvement I've noticed is the ability to create vaulted ceilings. If you haven't used the old app, I suppose this one is better...they didn't take anything away...but it isn't worth the upgrade as it is right now. Old app...5 stars. New app...2 stars...but only because of the bait and switch ...the core features are still cool.

Love the app, BUT SO MANY BUGS!!! by Junglegirl0160 2016-11-23

Tapglance is an astonishing app but that doesn't mean it's anywhere close to perfect. However, the app hardly ever works because of so many bugs. Most of the time that I use it, I can't even go into 3D mode before it shuts down. I've been having these problems ever since I got it over a year ago. Even an amazing app is no good if you can't use it. Please fix immediately. These are some improvements you need to make (other than bug fixes): More furniture- kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture, stairs, fireplaces, beds, desks, kids stuff, office supplies, shelves, gym equipment, game room items, kitchen appliances/ accessories, cars, skylights, hot tubs, craft room supplies, etc. New building options- basement/attic, 3D mode that shows roof and an actual ground, vaulted/other special ceilings, editing a single room's height instead of an entire floor, creating built ins, steps up to a porch/patio, porch without railing, etc.

Saving Glitches by Boyce95 2016-06-22

I had just finished seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, nine closets, a laundry room, a hallway and a stairway complete with lighting decor and etc. but only half of one bedroom one was saved. The current app did well with being able to create multiple floors and one plan but somethings changed from the previous app compared to the current one something I would like to see brought into the current app are wallpapers. I'm hoping for an update that will be coming soon that the old wallpapers could return and I also wish that there were more cars, bikes, water heater things of that nature and a couple human figures and a little more improvement on the stairs, being able to put a roof on the house and some other updates to correct saving glitches and other miscellaneous glitches. I also hope that the developer will only release updates for the current app instead of having to pay for a totally different app.

Definitely not the best but does the job. by JStraitiff 2016-06-15

I have been through most of the interior design apps available on the App Store. Others are more up to date and more polished with better features but this app shines above the rest in two ways. 1) this has stunning photorealistic renders (despite that you pay for each render..) 2) you can use your own textures from photos which is something every other app lacks. Now, granted they are extremely rudimentary like the rest of this app. For instance the photo you use isn't scalable or adjustable in any way to make it work properly as a texture. Another gripe I have with this app is that it doesn't allow you to divide walls up into sections for different patterns. The app uses the old school UI kit for navigation and such. All in all this one satisfies my basic needs so it deserves 3 stars despite it not being very good over all.

Render Rip Off by babs7268 2015-05-17

I love this company's product "Design for the iPad". My friends can not believe what I can design for our new kitchen. Honestly I could not wait to get this new app only to see it is a lot like the old app with some nice enhancements but they are now charging points/dollars for the renderings! They were free before. Once you create a plan you want opinions from friends and designers and these cost can add up quickly. Be careful and see if the 1st app will do. OR....If you have money to blow quickly this could be your app.

Good features by ibgbeny 2015-07-01

The app is great. One of the best. The problem that is linked to my rating is that the renders are way too expensive. I am not using it for comercial use to make that count but I would like to see a quality render. You can use the normal 3D version but it's not the same when you there is something better. The description of the app shows you those beautifull renders but doesn't tell you the cost of a render. A bit of False Marketing!

Ignored reviews by Meleah16 2016-04-20

I liked this app until I noticed that the creator does not pay attention to the comments that are left on the reviews. This app WAS NOT a free app so why not keep it updated and acknowledge the requests. If I would have known this I would have NEVER paid for this app.

Not good by Paolotim 2015-08-07

I paid ten dollars for this thinking it was a really good app. It took forever to download, and I thought, oh it must be really good and have a lot of programming. Finally it was done and I open it. It goes to opening screen and then screen quits app

Hours ruined by Jayse_ 2016-01-21

Doesn't auto save apparently - has great potential - not enough elements - but losing hours of work the first time I use it because it freezes - and continues to freeze is just unacceptable for a paid app. Terrible.

Renders are WAY overpriced! by Solara07 2015-05-08

I love this app just as I loved Interior Design for iPad but...having to pay $5 for each photo-realistic render is ridiculous. Charge a little more for the great app and let renders be free (or cheap, like 25 cents).

Nice when it works by Jthomas4505 2015-10-07

Needs more options for kitchen, decor, and tile options. Freezes quit a bit and looses current work which is frustrating. Pretty easy to work with once you get the hang of it. Needs some new updates though.

Doc. Taylor by Frogger too 2015-11-08

Nice app fun to use but pretty limited when it comes to putting things on the inside. There needs to be a download for other items to place inside and decorate with.

Amazing but needs some improvement by 55555555 STARS!!!!!!!! 2015-06-27

Needs - roofs - sunlight through the windows - ground outside - cars for garage

Worst app ever by Nature lover84 2015-12-29

Won't even download, waste of money and time.