Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad
Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad

Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tesla Wars - II Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Protect the planet with the help of Tesla Tower. Construct guns, open unique special attacks, improve the tower and you will create a real electric monster, which sweeps everything on its path. Do not let the small black little men enslave the Universe.

"Tesla Wars II" is a sequel to the unique game "Tesla Wars", which has more than 3,500,000 players worldwide. In the new version, you will be surprised with a large number of levels and various special attacks. Now you can install various turrets as well as fight against spiteful bosses.


∙ 80 unique levels and 3 difficulties that will reveal 240 exciting levels in total
∙ The new play mode "Survival"
∙ Compete with your Facebook friends
∙ 6 types of auxiliary turrets, which can be improved by adding unique features to them.
∙ 13 special attacks, including nuclear bomb, each of which can be improved as much as you wish
∙ Now you can kill more bad guys with 3D Touch

Please note that this application contains links to social networks as well as in-game purchases for real money. You can always turn off the built in purchases in your device's settings.


Current Version:
Varies with device
351.03 MB
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One minor complaint... Posted by

I absolutely loved the first Tesla Wars and when I saw the sequel, I bought it instantly. Having played this new Tesla Wars, it's similar to the last but has better graphics and animations for the stick figures, and new mechanics like turrets. It's nothing super different from the last game, but that doesn't mean it's not great. It's really good, but my only complaint is that the game takes up almost a whole gigabyte of memory!!!! That's ridiculous for a game like this, it really is. I hope the memory will be reduced soon because it's crazy. That's really my only complaint, this is a good game that I recommend to everyone who stumbles on it

Exciting! Posted by

This is the kind of game isn't boring because it got strategy and rich imagination. The visual effects, lighting and sound are very nice handling. In addition, the game also had much improved gameplay and difficult levels for players to try.

Bug Posted by

Every time I use the gravity ability my game crashes

Good, but... Posted by

I can't buy teslars! Good otherwise.

Fun Posted by

Nice graphics

Potential... by Sean1001 2015-02-28

I really like the first Tesla, and their is many improvements here. However, there is a big issue in that the game will not save my progress on my last level until I go to the next level. So if I finish a level, and have to stop playing, it does not save that level. I usually go to next level and stop at the beginning, but if I forget, I am screwed. Update: The more I play this game the less I like it. The upgrades in this game are so laborious and so expensive relative to how much you earn that you earnings eventually become pointless. As an example, just one of the many weapons they have in this game can have many upgradeable features, like ammunition, damage, distance, reload speed and many more. But each feature can have as many as 30 upgrades (like an extra bullet for ammunition), and the cost is very high and in some cases doubles right after the first upgrade. It's a shame, the game has potential. And, and for some strange reason, if you want to buy money or Teslar (form of currency), they don't show you how much until you begin the process of buying. I have never seen this before. Update: I decided to upgrade may rating from 1-3. There are still issues with the game, and after realizing that the extra turrets are worthless and a total money drain, I restarted the game and have enjoyed it much more. Focus your efforts (spend the vast majority of your money) on building up your primary Tesla (mostly just energy and life improvements) and you will find you can actually get somewhere in this game. You definitely need Specials as well, but there is not much need to spend a lot of money on upgrading these...

Fun but extremely buggy. Waste of time. by Flam79 2015-02-28

I'll admit that this game is addicting and the concept is fun; however, with that said, this game is really poorly developed and will waste a lot of your time. Bug 1: Camera shakes don't recenter the screen. Levels aren't hard, you just can't hit objects that aren't in your view. Bug 2: Energy stops regenerating if too much is going on in the scene. There's no point of upgrading energy regeneration because at some point it will stop anyway. Bug 3: When pausing while in the middle of using the laser, you will lose the laser.. sometime. Bug 1 and 2 can be circumvented by pausing and unpausing. I frustratingly do this throughout each level which is how I found Bug 3. Bug 4: The most annoying of all and which is why I am writing this and deleting the game. Levels will not end once you're finished! This happened to me after using a bunch of Tesla Points and spending a lot of time defeating a boss (bracing myself through Bug 1-3). However once I defeated the boss (energy at 0), the level did not end! The routine of his attacks kept looping only he was not visible. I used a few more Teslas thinking this may be part of the game but I realized it never ended. This boss was not difficult, but this camera effect would adjust the screen where it was impossible to hit him or the missiles he launched at me. It's a shame, Tesla Wars 1 was well developed and fun. You guys need to and should have checked the game for problems before launch.

Great game but don't cheat us by Tesla fan ? 2015-01-31

How come when I dismantle a turret I can't reinstall it unless I pay the same price I had to pay to get it installed in the first place ?? Let's be honest what kind of cheapskate thought of this brilliant plan. I mean cmon I'm a huge tesla fan here and this has to be one of the most disappointing things I've seen come out of a tesla game. And then I am forced to have to actually pay real money to have it reinstalled ... Seriously?? Also I completely agree with the other guy, almost 1gig for this game.. When it said the space it would take was only 277MB, at this point I'm just plain sad

Clunky compared to the first by Semibulletproof 2015-12-21

I played the first Tesla Wars and absolutely loved it. This one however has just about lost my interest. The angle of the screen when defending is annoying - the menu at the top blocks most of your view of the top left corner, leaving not much opportunity to engage enemies coming that way. The upgrade system feels too complex. I'm sure I'd get used to it with more time, but... I purchased the fireball upgrade because it sounded pretty useful, however I guess I'll never find out because every time I try to use it the game crashes. I guess I'll just try playing the first game again.

DO NOT BUY!!! by benmyfriend 2015-04-08

A great game...until the 3rd set of bosses...then you win and nothing?!?! Any money spent will be lost. The first version of this game has endless levels & was a great app...tesla wars 2 has some great additions in gameplay, but lost too much from the first version! I love the concept and gameplay, but am sadly disappointed with the overall. I do not recommend you purchase this game or any "in-app" purchases.

Terrible game by JalesMeMe 2017-02-18

Not even fun to play. The 1st Tesla Wars was better. You quickly run out of energy and don't make enough money in game to buy the upgrades fast enough. I quickly became irritated after the first 2 stages. You have to click a guy like 20 times before they die in the 1st stage. It doesn't even seem like the electric attack is hitting the guy, you click them so many times. Really lame. Not even worth a $1.

Huge flaw by klutch3 2015-02-15

There's a fundamental flaw in the game. When you get to a certain level with no $ and no T's to purchase anything, and you have no energy or life left, it's impossible to play any longer. Usually your energy resets or restores over time. Not in this game. I'm at a dead stop. Can't go back and earn any more money so there's no option but to quit playing. Pretty stupid.

Low Grade by CrosswordRios 2016-03-18

This game was ok at first, but as you progress it seems like the only way to upgrade enough to beat anything is to spend too much money. Everything is upgradable but the cash u earn is insignificant vs the number and costs of upgrades. A lot of different parts of the game crash, especially survival mode. When I tried to go to the manufacturers website it is "restricted".

Should be Free to Play by Sl3v3nish 2016-03-16

By design this app is only playable for the first two or three levels unless you are planning to embrace their micro transactions. That they charge 1.99 for a game is quite disingenuous, as it suggests that it is not a Free to loose/Pay to win game - I cannot give this game a low enough rating.

Bug by DJ.Atomix 2016-02-29

When I do a triple tap you app always crash and close itself. I used iPhone 6s Plus