The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad
The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad

The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad

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The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Enchanted Books Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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In this latest adventure with Uncle Henry, he has had a secret kept for many years that he now wishes to share with you. Over his travels he has discovered three enchanted books that transport you to the worlds written on their pages when using a special amulet for each. He has just learned that there is a fourth book hidden within one of these worlds! He asks for your help in search of this fourth book. You must go to his house and use the clues and puzzles he has placed to locate and explore the three books that are hidden away in his library.

Your Uncle Henry has been renown for discovering lost treasures for as long as you can remember. His legendary stories of adventure excited your imagination as you were a child growing up. Now with your newly acquired archeology skills, he has been reaching out from time to time for your help in tracking down some of these difficult to find treasures.

This captivating adventure game has:
- Custom designed beautiful HD graphics!
- Custom composed soundtrack and sound effects!
- A built-in hint system for when you get stumped
- A dynamic map to show the screens you have visited and current location
- A camera that takes photos of clues and symbols as you discover them
- Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items
- Auto saves your progress
- Available for phones and tablets!

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I'm Enchanted By This Adventure! Posted by

I love games of this genre where you need to use your intelligence to make connections and use logic to determine where and when you can use items and apply clues to solve puzzles. I play hidden object games, which become redundant since one is spoiled with a teleporting map, a spoiling hint system, and spoon fed clues that solve puzzles for you. No hand holding here; the map only shows pictures of the locations and tells you where you are. You have a camera to take photos for you in order to solve some puzzles. I like how one travels through the books as portals to new areas. Transition is smooth and glitch free. Overall, the game is not difficult; it just requires some thought. It's a long playing game with many locations to explore. Worth the low price!

Another fun game from Lone Wolf! Posted by

Very engaging, good puzzles, beautiful graphics... a wonderful game! There are a lot of places to discover and visit, and the transition time between scenes is really fast so you can move around quickly, which is something I really appreciate. It's a good length and the puzzles are challenging without being too hard, and there's an in-game hint system if you need it. All in all, a really enjoyable puzzle adventure game. To the person who had trouble with one of the puzzles... if it's the one I think it is, you have to back some of the pieces up to their original positions for the others to move again. If you post a question on the Lone Wolf Facebook page, they've been pretty responsive. Thanks Lone Wolf team! I'll be waiting for the next one!

Very good, & quite long. Posted by

I enjoyed my time with this one as well as the other Lone Wolf games. However I think in a few cases the logical reasoning is a bit off, which is fristrating because you run around for hours unless you're willing to use hints. Some key objects are also needlessly small / faint or close to a screen transition point, making them far too easy to miss. Example: I see a square notch so I look for a square object -- yet the answer has nothing to do with what you would expect. Also, thanks for including a skip on a very hard puzzle; a good call. Overall this game excellent, however you may have to swallow your pride and use a hint or 3. Keep them coming!

Great Game... However... Posted by

I gave the game 5 stars as Lone Wolf P&C games are the best. However this game was not as good as the last two. The developers gave up continuity for length. Rarely had to use the hint feature in the others, not so with this one. Was also disappointed to see a puzzle so difficult that they felt they had to include a skip button. Despite these issues this is the best of the point and click category. Will instantly purchase the next one - just hoping they don't continue to lose the intuitiveness that has made the series so great.

Overall a good experience Posted by

I played all of the games by Lone Star, including this last one. I liked the app because it is user friendly...lots of people can play without having to be a rocket scientist yet there is still good game play. I did experience some bugginess where I was doing the right thing in unlocking puzzles but the game wouldn't engage...even when I checked the playthrough on YouTube, at times, I really struggled to get the actions to go through. Most of the time, I was able to play on my own though and still had fun.

Fun, with a smart gameplay aid Posted by

Fun game (fun series, actually) with great graphics, challenging puzzles and a decent premise. One of the best things about these games is their unique "story map" feature that allows you to find every scene in the game by number, with a corresponding hint system if you get stuck. I hate having to track down game walkthroughs and these features made that completely unnecessary. Really helpful.

Excellent game! Posted by

Beautiful scenery, nice background music, satisfying puzzles, logical sequence of events, this company bats it out of the park for a home run every time! I got lost for many fun hours with their latest game and if you get annoyed there is an hour long full YouTube walkthrough. I highly recommend this game!

Wonderful! Posted by

These games are in my "buy immediately" category, and this latest entry is the most dazzlingly complex yet. Superb game. My only request would be for a "skip" button on the lion and turtle puzzles...they take me forever to do. Greatly looking forward to the next letter from Uncle Henry!

Almost made it by tiasabita 2016-02-23

Darn, was really enjoying this game; not too easy but no physics degree needed to play; nice graphics and quick screen changes; no annoying creepy characters or bonus points or extras to buy. Then everything came to a screeching halt on the wooden tablet puzzle above the fire in scene 46. The buttons each moved once then got stuck in place. Anyone else have this glitch??? Maybe I'll try to reinstall but I hate to have to start all over!

Frustrating by Feline Muse 2016-05-01

Okay play. But I got near the end and tried to play the pink dot puzzle in the cave. No logic so just have to spend an eternity pushing pink lights hoping they will all go out. No longer fun and no skip button so I deleted the game.

Not as good as the first three games by Mixalhs 2016-04-05

The first three Lone Wolf games were great but this one lacks any continuity. Scenes and puzzles are unintuitive and boring. Thank goodness for the hint book otherwise I'd be completely lost.

Wonderful game by CorinaFS 2016-08-26

I don't understand, I am at level 55 and I am doing exactly what the walktrhough says and to no avail, I am getting tired of not passin to the next clue, HELP

Compass puzzle glitch by THTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTHTH 2016-02-29

Compass puzzle in scene 52 does not work. Aligned correctly, but nothing happens. Disappointed for first time by Lone Wolf Games.