The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad

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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Featuring innovative hidden object gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and stunning full-screen graphics, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a thrilling escape for the whole family. Embark on a brain-bending adventure with Nicole, whose father went missing after making a discovery that could "change the course of humanity”. Nicole searches the globe on an eye-popping quest to discover the truth behind his invention.

● 7 Picturesque Settings 

● 22 Levels and Mini-Games 

● Loads of Brain-Bending Fun
● Use pinch to zoom in and out to find all objects

Game available in: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Fun game, but... Posted by

This game was fun, and a little different from others in a good way, but... First, I'll give you the good points: • You have to finish a set of objects to start the next. This, to my knowledge, makes this game unique. • You only see the drawings of the objects you have to find (in a different position than the one they have in the actual screen), so this game has no problem with the localization to other languages. • The graphics are quite nice. Now, the bad points: • You have to pass the mouse all over the screen to find the next "main" object and, some times, even a place where another object is "hidden out of view". This is tedious. • It has cultural flaws, which are already well described by other reviewers. • Compared to other G5 games, this one feels too short (it has approximately less than 20 screens). • The animations between scenes are too long because the text stays on screen for too long, and there is no way to speed it without skipping the whole story (I want to read the story, not skip it). In any case, this game could last you well over five hours if you do not use the Hint button too often. The story is nice (although feels short), and the graphics are good.

Hello, my name is Spike, and I'm a hidden object addict. Posted by

I'm a grown man in my 40s, happily married with three kids, and I love hidden object puzzle games. This is the first one I've bought in decades, and it was a good re-introduction to the genre: not too hard, not too easy, predictably cheesy (and at times hilariously groan-inducing) script and back story, and a few late nights this past week staying up WAY past my bedtime to finish the game. I only hit the Hint button twice (the second time in the very last room of the final level), because it was REALLY late and I desparately needed sleep. I think this had just the right combination of straightforward hidden object searching along with multi-level searches (having to find or uncover a later object/hiding place to solve an earlier puzzle). This isn't the greatest game of this type I've ever played, but I'm glad I got it and played it, and I'm looking forward to dipping deeper into this pool.

This Is My Favorite Posted by

I enjoy the seek-and-find type of game, and this is my favorite of all that I've tried. I can see why it won awards, because the designers clearly put a lot of time and thought into the user experience. There are key objects that require you to find regular objects and drag them over. Once those have been found, other items are revealed, or new key objects are created. Each room has several animation affects that add to the appeal. It's a very beautiful game. At the end of each chapter is a puzzle, and I enjoyed all of them. They hit my sweet spot of being just challenging enough to be interesting and not so impossible as to be aggravating. One can also skip those puzzles and continue on with the seek and find parts of the game. I loved it, and will come back to it in a couple of weeks and replay under a different user name. I wish there was a sequel!

ok but needs work Posted by

This is a fun game but needs better instructions/guide. The most frustrating thing was not being able to find objects, then after several minutes, going back to a previously finished room and finding a new clue. The hint button will not help you in these instances - you just have to keep looking. It took me a while to figure this out since I had found all the objects in the other room. Bottom line - if you dont see a green check mark on the room map, you have something else to find or do there! The things I liked were the music and background changing with each scene. Story line is ok, too many pieces are literally in the dark where it is almost impossible to find them. Another bummer is that once you have played it, can't really redo it since the pieces are all in the same place.

An Amazing Game! Posted by

This may be the BEST hidden object game in the Ap Store. The graphics and animation are stunning. The game play took a little getting used to, but I was soon enjoying every minute of it. Finding the objects can be challenging, but the HINT button is there if you need it. I loved the puzzles...difficult, but logical. Frustration was kept to a minimum. Truly first class entertainment and well worth the money.

Awesome, but Disappointing Posted by

Got the game the other day, and I was totally beside myself the this game. The different levels, and investigative realms had me entranced so much, time went by without notice ( don't play if you have to work in the morning), however, when I got to the end; it was over! That is it? Nothing more beyond the portal? Come on dudes! give me a break, you got me hooked!!!!

Great mystery "find the object" game Posted by

My 7 and 5 year old kids were looking for a game they could play from the App Store and we took a gamble with this one. It's similiar to the Eye Spy series of games but has a story to go along with it and great puzzles. They were hooked after their first sitting. I'm having fun playing it along with them as well and I highly recommend it as a family friendly game.

Mystery of the Crystal Portal Posted by

Contrary to other reviews, this worked fine for me. I loved the hidden objects and the main goal. It was very intertaining though I wish it was longer. It was great intertainment. The graphics were great. The progression was fun. I highly recommend this one for its intertainment involving hidden objects and puzzles.

I'm waiting for the follow up... Posted by

The graphics in this game are beautiful. It's not a real long game, but it's the kind of game that you can play more than once. It's a time waster like solitaire. For the person who couldn't figure the end out, it ends with a - To Be Continued - message. In other words, the next game in the series.

A very well made hidden object game Posted by

The searches are challenging and get progressivley more difficlut, which is sometimes hard to find in games such as these. Also, this game has a good storyline, as well as entertaining puzzles that fit into it as well. For the price, I really couldn't ask for sharper graphics, and I am hoping for a sequel!

fun but too short Posted by

Lot of unusual twists to the clues in this story. I enjoyed the challenge but it was short lived and no sequel. I needed more closure to the ending. It left me disappointed in the game. If there was more of an ending I still would have purchased the next game because it was fun.

Awesome! Posted by

I was half-expecting this to be an easy little-kid's I Spy sort of thing so I could pass the time, but no, I became a frustrated mess at this game! It's fun, infuriating, and addicting! An excellent combination, and I for one will be looking forward to the sequal!

Over too quickly Posted by

While I enjoyed playing this game, I was finished within a two hours. There is no replay value because you already know where everything is. But still, it's around two hours of entertainment all for less than the cost of a movie.

One of the Best Hidden Objects Games Posted by

This is a terrific game. We enjoyed playing it and never got bored like we do with some of these types of games. We would highly recommend it to anyone who loves playing hidden objects games. We hope there will be a sequel soon.

sequel. Posted by

there is a sequel to this game. can we please get it for mac download? PLEASE.

Good game with cultural flaws by PhredG 2014-03-22

This game was fun, and it had variations on the hidden objects not seen in other games, such as having to complete one set of hidden objecte before moving on to the next. It gets away a bit from all the hidden objects at the bottom. In fact, the first thing to find is the sets of hidden objects. On the other hand, the puzzles at the end of each hidden object stage were not that challenging. The main reason I am giving it two stars, though, is because it has major “cultural” flaws. The biggest being the ruins in Guatemala, which I assume are based on Tikal. The character in these scenes was a North American Native American, not a Guatemalan/Mayan. Aside from that, many of the artifacts were all mixed up. I know these games are never really that accurate, but having been to Tikal, it bothered me to see artwork resembling the Northwest and other areas outside Guatemala all lumped into these scenes. Not great education for kids. The other scene that bothered me was Africa. This happens so often. Africa is a continent, not a country! All the other scenes were country specific, Japan, Guatemala, Russia (which was already the USSR under Stalin by1928, the setting for this game, by the way), U.S. Could you now have at least picked a country like Tanzania or Kenya? I hope you can be more culturally sensitive in future games like this.

Not good for multiple users by DL Bach 2011-03-26

While you can let others set up to use this, they will not be able to collect the coins on their own, they must settle for the first person to achive each one. This does not make me happy. Otherwise, the game is nice and helps with focus and coordination. I am so sorry I purchased this game. Even after writing a review, my games are constantly interrupted asking me to write a review. They really need to get their act together. I can understand interrupting the games with ads if it is the free version, but to disrupt the game three times after writing a review and having paid for the game is just wrong. They don't even offer the next in the series for the game. I had to buy that from another supplier.

Redundant by BayouBankerBXS 2011-03-25

I thought the graphics were great and the thought process of the game compelling. I also liked the messages when you finished a "chapter" so that you did not spend needless time searching. The problem I have with the game is that each place visited is really no different than the last so each segment is nothing more than the last other figuring out what one needed to do or find. As a result, the game gets decidedly boring real quick.Again, a good adventure contemplated but repetitive in each scene. Would have been, in my opinion, a bit more fun if a bit more difficult. I thought the price of $6.99 to be about right. Will I buy the next episode? Probably not.

Easy but enjoyable with one major annoyance by talmy0 2012-04-08

The annoyance — when you complete a level it wants you to leave a review. I'm downgrading the game for that. Finding the puzzle pieces, which are very often forced in sequence (even when pieces are visible you can't necessary select them until the puzzle lets you) is a bit frustrating, but if were completely easy it wouldn't be enjoyable. Can't be too analytical about the backstory. If you really think about what you are doing it hardly makes any physical or logical sense. Just sit back, click, and enjoy! Suitable for the young and old, but probably not by teenagers or young adults who will find this boring and beneath them!

Okay game by the Catman 61 2011-08-11

Not your typical hidden object. Yeah, it's pretty in between scenes and If you like clicking a lot and endless dialog you can't skip, probably the game for you. Lots of the hidden objects aren't visible which is fine, but things are hidden in places you've checked over and over again, you just have to figure out when it's appropriate to click on them. There is no logic whatsoever involved in figuring this out. It's not a puzzle, just a poorly designed game. The "tween" games are okay but not that challenging. Overall a disappointment and not worth the price at all.

Please don't put advertisements in the game by I'm sayin' 2011-05-13

I'm trying to warm up to "hidden object games," but this game cooled me off. It is in fact "I Spy" for grown ups. That's OK, but then when you finish a level the game "reminds" you to rate it on iTunes and wants to introduce you to other products. Not cool. There is no faster way to take someone out of a story (and this one is barely a story) than by putting ads in the game and cojoling us to rate you. Your strategy worked. I'm leaving a rating/review. There's not much to the game. The ads make an OK game, bad.

Poor craftsmanship and annoying game by Twitcho8 2011-01-18

I"ve played many hidden object games and I consider this one rather poorly done. There were too many errors saying things had been done when they had not yet been completed. The images popping up with inane dialog in the middle of searching for objects was annoying. Other games have the dialog with a movie between sections - all of which can be skipped. The visuals were good - clear pictures with interesting things to look at but the story line was dumb and intrustive, so that it couldn't be skipped.

Very Disappointing by hikerup 2012-06-17

I've played many hidden objects games over the years, and I have to say this was very disappointing. The graphics make finding the objects impossible without using the hint button or repeatedly clicking the picture and hoping you get lucky. I have no idea what a few of the objects were even after I found them. The ending was tolerable. There are much better HO games out there with a more developed story.

Good game needs some work by Protagonist1c 2011-10-29

I really enjoyed the graphics on this game and it was fun to play. The reason I only rated it three stars is because of the hidden objects themselves. Even after misadjusting my monitor calibration so I could get more brightness many of the pbjects were almost impossible to distinguish. I think I found as many objectss by just clicking around on the screen as I did by visually identifying them.

Failure to load full screen by my name: Cliff Berrier 2015-05-08

When I click the little red button to select “full screen” there is a total failure to give me full screen. There is merely a “flash” of a full screen, then snap back to tiny screen. I am very disappointed. I have played nearly 10 G5 games in the past. This failure to load “full screen” is VERY disappointing. I doubt I’ll try playing it very much at all. I give it only ONE STAR.

Needs fixing by W6ZRD 2015-08-28

I enjoy playing this game over and over again. However since I have updated my computer I am no longer able to open in full screen. I am stuck on a level were I am unable to go far enough to pick up an item at the bottom of the screen. I will delete and reinstall to see if it helps, if not I will delete and forget about this game.

G5 This is Chinese Culture! Not Japan! by Ancient Culture discoverer 2014-03-22

Apparently, the game maker- G5 totally confused Japanese culture and Chinese culture. The things that shown on the game are all from Chinese, But the story happened at Japan. That’s a huge mistake! Please correct it! This is a good game tho, but this is Chinese culture! Stop making this mistake!

That's it? by Sn-CHONCaP 2011-01-10

I bought this and was playing it while I downloaded a movie I rented from iTunes. My wife and I blew through the entire game before the movie was even finished downloading. Way too short. Not good value for the money. I feel cheated.

Broken puzzles by miss banana biker 2011-05-22

Playing a game like this makes me wonder if anyone beta tested it. Many of the puzzles just don't work, and many of the "hidden" objects are literally hidden behind brick walls. Disappointing.