The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Don’t miss the second part of our hidden object bestseller - The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2!
Featuring innovative hidden object gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and stunning full-screen graphics, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a thrilling escape for the whole family. Embark on a brain-bending adventure with Nicole, whose father went missing after making a discovery that could "change the course of humanity”. Nicole searches the globe on an eye-popping quest to discover the truth behind his invention.

● 7 Picturesque Settings 

● 22 Levels and Mini-Games 

● Loads of Brain-Bending Fun
● Use pinch to zoom in and out to find all objects
● Support Game Center
● iPhone 5 Display support

Game available in: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full) Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Beautiful game with some flaws Posted by

It's a "Where's Waldo" type puzzle with lots of interesting little objects of a given culture to find. A lot of time went into the artwork and general presentation. I found one small design flaw and one big one. The small flaw is that to open up groups of objects to be found you first have to click on random objects to find a group. There is no point to this; it's just annoying and time consuming. There's no challenge in random clicking. The bigger flaw is that some of the objects to be found are not there! They don't appear until other parts of the puzzle are completed. Imagine playing Where's Waldo if there were a good possibility that Waldo is not there at all? How much time would you spend looking for him? Exactly. This problem severely compromises the game for me at least. Still, the gorgeous graphics, engrossing storyline and the clever idea itself make this game well worth having. Update: I just finished the Africa level and found the above problems only get worse as the difficulty increases. Their way of making it harder is to make you rely increasingly on luck. I find the only way to finish a screen beyond a certain point is to click on every point on it. In the cave for example a large amount of the screen is off-limits unless you happened by chance to click on a random point in another screen to activate a lever. If you didn't do that (and there's no reason you would unless you happened to hit it by chance - I had to resort to a walkthrough to find it), you simply can't progress in the cave. That's not fun puzzle solving; that's just poor puzzle design. In addition some of the normal objects are so small they are not even really there. In particular, a wrench and a propeller appear to occupy no pixels at all on the screen when compared carefully before and after (especially the wrench). People who like puzzles tend to obsess over them and so they need to be able to trust the puzzle to be solveable without chance. In this game G5 has produced very pretty puzzles that cannot be trusted enough to really commit to solving. Search for "walkthrough" and the name of the game on Google; you'll need it.

Laid back enjoyment Posted by

One if the kids I babysit downloaded this app & I got curious one night & started playing. The most enjoyable part of this is that it has absolutely beautiful graphics! I sorta felt like I was in the countries they said I was in... It isn't exactly fast paced, but if you liked those "I Spy" books, this is somewhat similar. You have to locate items to unlock puzzles. You MUST have good eyesight to be good at this game & be able to distinguish between similar items. It isn't trivia, but you do use your brain to solve puzzles & you gotta find items like in those "I Spy"/"Where's Waldo" books (except WW are just people & IS are different objects you have to find - this is more IS). And after a long day of work, it's a good way to unwind!!! Really laid back & quite. Maybe even something you could play with your child (ages 8-12-ish)!! Enjoy!

One of the best looking hidden object games Posted by

This is one of the best looking hidden object games I have played, the sub-objects are a nice touch, and the objects don't look out of place, or appear in bizzare locations. The cutscenes are skippable, and there isn't an annoying pentalty for wrong guesses, or a stingy hint system. Overall a very good game, except for a few gameplay quirks. The main problem I had in the game is identfying the key objects, the containers, or worse, the objects that just dissapear when you tap them, even though they didn't earlier. There are hints, but I felt like there should have theoretically been a way to figure it out without any 'wrong' guesses. And make sure you find everything in the last room before you extinguish any lights, or you'll just be waiting for the hint button to recharge like I was.

Too early for review Posted by

I am reviewing this game at this time because I feel that G5 needs to understand that playing the first part of a game and then asking for a review is not the appropriate time to ask for a review. What about the rest of the game? If you've done a good job, someone out there that think so, will write you a review and if you've done a poor job, you'll also hear about it. If you wany to let people know how to write a reviw, put the information at the last part of the game, but don't interrupt the emersion the player might be in. You could also put a button on the main menu for a review. That being said I love the game except for all the FaceBook garbage. Graphics are good. Storyline, SO FAR G5, is good. I will write a proper review of the game if and when I finish the game.

Challenging Posted by

It's fun, has very nice graphics and is more challenging than some other hidden object games. My only "wish" is that there was either more instruction at the beginning or you could turn off/stop the "error messages" when you click on something that you can't yet access (example: it drove me nuts in the African cave that the shaman kept popping up with "You need to open the trail first" (note: which should have said "trellis" not "trail")). I wish after the first time or two that he appeared if you then again clicked on the unavailable area, it would turn a different color or gray out or something vs the shaman reappearing and having to click to close him. Otherwise it's fun!

No time limit, neat Posted by

There's no timelimit so this makes the search very relaxing. Additionally I actually really like the controls, despite all the complaints. Hint: when you're zooming in, just click a found object once - then tap once on another part of the screen, you can even do this while dragging - the object will move there and will keep on hanging in the air. You can now drag the screen up to where you're supposed to drop the object. Tap a second time and the object will drop.

Pretty good Posted by

Every time I try to move the screen around I pick up an object and I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put it. No rhyme or reason as to what I need to do. Sometimes they highlight an area to tap so you then know what objects you have to find, but sometimes you have to randomly tap to figure it out. The objects they want you to find can be pretty unclear until you actually find them and they become colored. Fun game, but not the best HO game out there.

Fabulous game! Posted by

A great game- challenging, (but not brain twisting difficult or anything), totally absorbing, well thought out, and fun. It's a different kind of "object search" (or whatever you call this kinda game) , I didn't think I would like it at first, but I soon became thoroughly engrossed. Super detailed graphics - although a little hard to make out on an older iPad - I bet it looks just killer on a real screen! Thanks for the great game!

Good time waster, but... Posted by

This is a battery eating machine. Play for a bit and watch it drain the life out if your iPhone. That being said it is an ok time waster. Doesn't take much real thought at all. The puzzles you eventually get to are elementary school level at best. I paid $0.00 for this so the price was right, I'll play part two when it hits the same price.

Great mystery app!! Posted by

I love these kinds of games - but this is best I've seen! The graphics are amazing. Music is good. I do not play games much, so this took some getting used to, but each time I play I learn something. Keep up the great work - and thanks!! :) I just finished the mystery and can't wait for next installment. Very addictive game! :)

우리나라에도 이런 게임이 나왔으면... Posted by

무료로 풀렸을때 받아서 잠깐씩 하고 있는데 재미있습니다. 다만 영어로 나와서 스토리이해에 어려움이 있을수 있습니다. 한글판이 나왔으면 좋겠구요. 우리나라 앱개발자분들도 이런 류의 게임을 개발해쥬었으면 좋겠습니다.

정말 Posted by

찾느라 시간가는 줄 모르고 하게 되는군요. 두번 할 땐 질릴거라 생각했는데 그렇게까지 질리지도 않고...저도 무료로 풀렸을 때 받아서 하고 있는데 나름 재밌습니다. 집중하게 만드는 게임이네요.ㅋ

Takes a little too much guessing but otherwise good Posted by

I didn't like it at first but it grows on you. It might be better on a bigger screen like an iPad but on an iPhone the pictures are a little too dark which makes it hard to figure out what they are. Otherwise, good.

Cool game Posted by

This is a great game for the iPhone. The iphone is not a ps3 or Xbox360 or wii. It's a phone. I think more phone friendly game like this would be awesome for the iPhone. A touchscreen is not a gaming remote control.

Big enough to see Posted by

Finally a hidden object game playable on the iPhone. Unlike some others, this game doesn't make the objects too small to see. Pinch and zoom can only take you so far. Great job Developers!

Great game, solved too quickly Posted by

I enjoyed this game very much, even the second time I played due to having to re-install all my apps. Great game to play during meetings!

Keeps crashing Posted by

I love it, but it won't load with ios9 and keeps giving a "fatal error" message about the gui and sounds failing to load

Loved this game Posted by

It's a really good game if u like puzzle type games. This is the first one I found on the iPhone that I have liked

Good fun. Directions could be clearer. Posted by

Played on iPhone. Enjoyed hidden objects. Point if solving puzzles was sometimes unclear. Looking forward to sequel.

a great game Posted by

it was great! I LOVE playing this game on iPhone~ detailed picture, easy control, it was really an excellent game~

Terrible controls by Lilfishy5689 2014-03-18

Honestly, I am a huge fan of hidden object/mystery games, but I have never once been more frustrated by one. The drag and drop mechanic is the most annoying control I have encountered. Most games utilize drag and drop for using items on each other, but to have to drag every single item? It's even worse when you're zoomed in because the drop point is off-screen and dragging the item to the edge of the screen does not cause the camera to move. Constantly had issues where I was trying to move the camera and would click on an item and end up dragging it around instead of moving the cam. On top of that, there is no way to skip through dialogue scenes piece by piece. You either read at the pace they want you to, which was annoyingly slow for me, or skip the entire cutscene. The dialogue pop-ups in general have a delay before you can close them that also took too long for me. So annoying that I deleted the game after about 20 minutes. The game mechanics prevented me from remotely enjoying the game. This is the first time I've ever had this problem with a game in this genre. Sub-items are innovative but poorly done. Stick to what works.

A problem by Kris slay 2011-06-25

I love graphics on the game and overall it is very fun. But the way you find objects is not well done. You can just be moving the screen to look somewhere else and your finger will find a "hidden" object. Then you can't search for that object because you have already found it by accident. This wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't find half of the objects by accident. A simple fix would be that we have to tap the object once before we can move it. Please consider my problem because I know I am not the only one facing it. You have done a great job on this game already but fixing this problem would make it a thousand times better. Thank you.

Poorly executed but okay by MoscowIdaho 2014-06-25

The game is okay. The story line is fine. But the gameplay is subpar because often, at least once or twice per each puzzle, the items are behind the controls like "MENU" and there's no way to display the entire screen. On other games, you can press something, like an eye, which allows you to see the entire screen. But here, you have to constantly tap, tap, tap to find items. Some where behind the button for HINTS so you ended up getting a hint. The objects were just poorly placed considering the controls. Otherwise, it could have been more enjoyable rather than frustrating. I'm hoping the sequel improved on this.

Enjoyable but... by Tom Stitzer 2011-06-05

...It's only Part 1. When it ends, it doesn't really end. To get the rest of the story you'll need to buy Part 2. That's not really a knock but this is called Mystery of the Crystal Portal, not Mystery of the Crystal Portal Part 1. Some games point that out (1112 Episode 1) and let you know you're getting involved in a multiple app purchase. This one did not and thus, my rating. It's still fun, but for completists, you'll need to slap some more dough down. This company's Mushroom Age was much more enjoyable due to the fact it HAD an actual ending and was not continued in another app.

What's With the Prisms??!! by 4rh4u2 2013-01-06

Most every game you play, when you get stuck on a mini game, there is a skip button you can tap on to get back to the regular game. In the Africa section, there's a puzzle with prisms that I don't understand. I've tried every combination, but I'm stuck. There's no way to skip and get back to the game so I won't be able to finish it. The help button does nothing to help me understand what to do. What a waste. Am I the only one who is clueless on this mini game??!! Had to pay TWICE for this game.

Crystal portal by Lmendel 2012-10-01

Not happy! All games I play ALWAYS has a skip button just incase u don't/can't finish the mini game! This one does not!! I want my 2.99 back! You can't even go back a find the missing prisms I missed. What the heck is this??? Now I can't get to finish this game. And I liked it up to this point!!! I am going to call iTunes and get a refund!! Unless someone can tell/show me how to finish the prism game. I think it's Africa. Thank you if u can help.

A glitchy, annoying game by fairlind 2012-03-15

Picture makes sudden moves from the area I'm exploring toward the key object. There is repeated pressure to advertise the game on my Facebook page. The ending is not an ending-you have to buy the next, more expensive game to see how it ends. And call me old fashioned, but I think the hidden objects should make sense to the story. On the positive side the pictures are nice.

Crystal portal by Holli5026 2012-02-24

It has a few bugs but it's fun. The first time I downloaded it it just stopped working so I downloaded it again and ended up paying like three times. Does anyone work at iTunes?

Good game by Tina17997 2011-02-24

Good game for the price. The facebook metal was annoying. No problems with crashing or freezing.