The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Don’t miss the second part of our hidden object bestseller - The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2 HD!
Featuring innovative hidden object gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and stunning full-screen graphics, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a thrilling escape for the whole family. Embark on a brain-bending adventure with Nicole, whose father went missing after making a discovery that could "change the course of humanity”. Nicole searches the globe on an eye-popping quest to discover the truth behind his invention.

● 7 Picturesque Settings 

● 22 Levels and Mini-Games 

● Loads of Brain-Bending Fun
● Use pinch to zoom in and out to find all objects
● Support Game Center

Game available in: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal HD (Full) Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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[THERE'S NO FRICKIN "BUG" OR "GLITCH" IN THIS GAME. THE DEVELOPERS DON'T NEED TO "FIX" ANYTHING.] [ I'm putting the cave solution at the end of my (original) review, so it won't spoil the game for those who want to figure it out themselves.] This was my first ever hidden object game, played on my iPad. It's a really good game; very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I don't have kids, but if I did, I wouldn't worry about them playing this; it's not vulgar, scary, or gross. I guess it's kind of simple, compared to some of the newer hidden object adventure games, with all the puzzles and locks and puzzling inventory items, but it's still really really good. Ok, the cave thing: remember how the guy was saying something about a lever? When you're in the cave and you only have two objects left to find and the guy keeps saying you need to "clear the trail," what you do is tap on your diary in the upper right corner of the screen and then select the other area (I think it's the hut), and when you get there a mask will burn away, revealing a lever. Tap the lever, then go back to the cave, and that grate will be gone, allowing you to finish the scene.

Keeper Posted by

I download a lot of hidden object games and usually end up deleting them within the first half hour. Not this one. I actually worked the whole thing in one (rather long) sitting. High marks for balanced challenge, good sound effects, appropriate music I didn't have to turn off, great graphics, and not too big a hit on memory resources--mission accomplished, developers! Would be 5* if (a) key items weren't so hard to find and (b) fewer items were sooo obscure that only a full, repeated tap-down of the screen could find them. All in all, terrific. I'm getting Part 2 right now.

The mystery of the crystal portal Posted by

I really enjoyed it! The graphics where awesome. I felt that some of the items where very difficult to see so you had to do a lot of tapping hoping to finally touch on something. I really felt that the puzzles could have been more difficult, it took very little time to solve them. I haven't played a game like this before so i can't really compare it with others. But it was enjoyable........................

Different but enjoyable Posted by

A fan of all types of hidden objects games. This is one you can play without the sound on, for instance at night when your partner wants to sleep and you want to play. Also good to play when you don't want to think or fret about what to do next. Or when you want to listen to a ballgame while playing. Plenty of helps and hints. What more could a person want?!

Very challenging Posted by

I found the graphics stimulating. The sites traveled to are done with such meticulous care, you feel you are at the location. Little kids under the age of 8 may have a hard time finding all the items. I was impressed in that some items are kept hidden until others are found. This is a very amusing & challenging game. Keep up the good work and graphics!

Lots of tapping Posted by

Overall, good puzzles. Nothing requiring too much thought. Make sure you have the brightness up, or you could be overlooking items. I see thoughts of request to make the puzzles harder. I agree as long as making them harder doesn't mean making items microscopic or invisible. Otherwise you spend more time tapping the screen instead of solving puzzles.

Yes,Yes,Yes Posted by

Am in a nursing home and to kill my time...I play this using my fingers right now..but my stylus will be here very soon and I can't wait to play this game with my fingers are bad and holding a stylus and play this game..will help my fingers and my mind and after i finish this game..I will look for another game like this one.

Great game Posted by

I have played this game before on my PC, but it has been a long time ago and I had forgotten how fun and challenging it was. I really like the puzzles and they are hard enough to challenge you, but not so hard that you can't figure them out.

Lots of fun with one warning Posted by

I'm playing on an iPad mini and it's a bit difficult to see some of the objects, even with the brightness all the way up. Otherwise, it's good fun. Take your time and enjoy finding all the objects and traveling around the world.

Great for free! Posted by

Got it for free and love it! Great graphics and just enough challenge to stay interesting, the storyline takes you around the world to some beautiful places. Different mechanics than most HO games which works well with the iPad.

Great graphics Posted by

Enjoyable, stress free game. But demands attention to detail. Like that you can play at your own pace. These hidden object games are becoming my favorites. G5's are my favorites.

It's OK Posted by

I like mystery games. This one is not the best, it's only about searching and can be finished within one day. But it's still good enough for when it's free.

The graphics are amazing Posted by

Looks so nice, but a little hard to see on the iPad. Some of the hidden items are a little too hidden because of their size- you cant even tell what they are.

Cool Posted by

I like free games!! It's only searching and not much of a mystery but its all good.

Great Game Posted by

Great game... Much better than all the other hidden games and its free. Love it!!!!!!!

Master of mystery Posted by

Really good game.Full of enjoyment.Want more free games similar to this one.

D Posted by

Great game. Best played on iPad rather than iPhone

Fun game Posted by

Definitely worth the download.

Fun hidden object Posted by

Best part it was free.

Very poor user interface with no guidance by FoxShepard 2016-12-28

After having to wait on the opening "Continue to game" screen for 10 minutes for the fix to the game to download per G5's instructions, I finally was able to get to the opening scene. (Note to G5: If you're aware of a problem with your game that makes it unplayable, how about actually fixing the game and putting out a new working version in iTunes instead of just putting a note in the iTunes description describing a workaround that some people may never see.) The user interface was very unusual and there was no description as to how it worked. I tried for a few minutes to try and open the door (or whatever you were supposed to do in the first scene) and when I wasn't able to progress I decided to delete the game and move on to another one.

Worse game ever by Eeeek 245 2013-04-24

Don't waste your money. I bought this when it was on sale for .99 and I think it is a waste of money. Now they are charging 4.99. What a rip-off. There's no zoom to find the hidden objects. There's no video or mini-movie to enhance the story. The lead character has an annoying posture, like she's better then everyone. She doesn't move, she just stands there with her arms crossed why dialogue words appear. No voice either. To activate the hidden object game, you have to tap around the screen until a circle pops-up displaying hidden objects to find. I got so bored I never finished the game.

Boring, buggy by AliciaHollywood 2013-04-06

Nice graphics but the story is barely there, you don't care about the characters or what happens, just a bunch of hidden objects although some are pretty to look at. Often very annoying when you have to click several times to get the object to stick in its place. Why not just have a list of things and once you click it, it's gone, rather than getting it to stick to those stupid circular things? Also way too much random tapping just to find the circular things and random hidden hiding places for other things. Glad I got this on sale. Only good if you have insomnia, it will put you right to sleep.

The Mystery of the Crystal by Catz&books 2013-03-27

I really wanted to give this game 5 stars but I can't. It was hard to give it even one. I have played many other games by this developer and enjoyed every one of them. Those each had the option of skipping a puzzle after trying to solve it. Not this one. Not only no option but there are no clues as to how one goes about solving the crystal puzzle at the Africa level. I gave up in frustration and am wishing I had not spent my money. Until this bug is resolved, I won't be in any hurry to purchase another game by this developer.

Not a good puzzle game by bmwonchrome 2014-03-19

In short, there is no rhyme or reason to what objects are "key objects", how objects are hidden of obscured (why does this box disappear when I hit it, but nothing else does? How am I supposed to know that?) in other words, it is not really a puzzle or a hidden object game as much as it is a test of patience and poking around randomly hoping you trigger the right items. It is pretty, the interface is good and workable, but the core mechanic leaves much to be desired. IMHO, stick to adventure games like the Awakening series.

Mystery portal by Peg219 2013-03-29

It is a fun game but when you get to a secret place and can't solve it they don't give you any hints or the option to skip it. I do not understand the prism secret and can't get any help. It was nice to get a full game for free but if you can only get to step 4 no fun to have Hope the people who make the game can help me out. If not it will be deleted an not buying Mystery portal 2. Won't spend the money on something I can't solve.

Just ok by Jerryaumen87 2013-03-29

If it wasn't free for Easter, I wouldn't get this game. Half the objects you can't see or can't tell what they are. They're hidden behind containers and some objects you either have to use a hint or get lucky to find. I'm enjoying the storyline but don't think I'll be buying the second one. I played the free part of treasure seekers and that game seemed better than this.

TOO SHORT!!! by RedRocket131 2013-03-27

Good little game but it's definitely way toooooo short!!! Im glad it was a free app of the day because I would be upset if I paid more than $.99 for the game unless they included part 2. Another reason for 3 stars is its not intuitive. I often had to either hit the hint button to figure what objects or I would just randomly push objects to figure out what to do next...

Doesn't work by Shytowngirl 2016-10-14

Opened up app and it has continue to game at top amidst a lot of advertising for their other games. Nothing happens when you click on continue. Haven't started game so I can't genuinely rate it. Looks like I'm not the only one with this issue. Tried again after deleting the game & reloading with no luck. I have the latest iOS.

It's short by Sunny1964 2013-03-25

Good game, interesting story, fairly easy, but not stupidly so. Unbelievably short though. As a free game it's 5 stars. If I'd paid for it I would be pretty darn unhappy, since it only took a couple of hours to play, start to finish.

Doesn't play by BlueBelushi7 2016-10-22

Downloaded this game 3 different time now. Using iPad Air and ios10. Can't get past 'continue to game' screen. Followed all the instructions on the G5 page. Don't waste your time or money.

Too short by limey1939 2013-08-04

I anticipated a much longer "journey" for the money. It was enjoyable but I expected more, changed things to find next time I played. I was disappointed.

Crystal portal by Ghuseline 2016-10-04

Got the game downloaded, but it will not let me have access to the game. Will you please fix this issue? I will up the rating after I play the game. Thank you.

Disappointed with paid version by U19421 2014-04-22

Paid version states that more levels are available to explore. Does not provide anticipated multiple levels that it implies. Wasted my money.

What???? by Jhm52 2016-10-04

I just downloaded this game, and it won't open. I deleted it and reloaded it, and still won't open at all! I have an iPad Pro!

Mehhh... So so by GreenWeinie 2016-10-10

Ok, but certainly not their best. Ads for all their other games are annoying but tolerable for a free game I guess.

What Game? by garwah 2016-10-05

I downloaded the game but it will not open. The "Continue to Game" button doesn't work!

Ok game by Rilla06 2014-03-20

Some of the objects are hard to see on an iPad but otherwise pretty entertaining.

Don't Bother by MeTenn 2016-10-05

I have an iPad Air, and it will download but will not play. Tried multiple times.

Wont open by Pjoe1954 2016-10-04

I down loaded the app twice and it will not open on my iPad.