The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad
The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad

The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad

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The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Dive into the world of wild wolves and live your life as one of them! The best wolf RPG on mobile is finally here. Explore the amazing environment, develop your character and upgrade your skills to become the Alpha of your pack! You can try your strength in one of two modes: CO-OP or PVP - everything in Online Real-Time Multiplayer. Play with people from all over the World! Online Real-Time Multiplayer RPG Stunning 3D graphics Beautiful environment Realistic animals Character development and upgrades Cooperative multiplayer hunting and PVP Battle Arena modes Smooth performance ONLINE MULTIPLAYER SIMULATOR Compete with players from all around the World! The wilderness is never empty. Meet other wolves in real time and conquer the forest! CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Are you a mighty Gray Wolf? A Dhole Wolf? Or maybe a mysterious Black Wolf resembles you the most? Choose your favorite and create your unique character! RPG SYSTEM You are the king of your own destiny! There is no imposed path to follow in this simulator. Decide which attributes to develop and which skills to upgrade to become the Alpha of the pack! AMAZING GRAPHICS Enjoy the stroll around the map and admire the stunning environment! Starting from your den all the way to the mountains and streams, the high-end graphics make the game incredibly pleasant. Don’t the animals look realistic? Try and chase them all! VARIOUS GAME MODES Hunting mode lets you explore the map while searching for prey: from rats and rabbits, through does, foxes and racoons, all the way to bisons and bulls. Cooperate with other players to fight the strongest opponents! If you need a bigger thrill, join the Battle Arena mode - you will be teamed up with other wolves to compete with another pack. This means war!

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I'm back to tell you to add something here again Posted by

Hi there again I want to tell you something so here it is again but it won't be that long, ok it might be long but here you can read so you can add stuff in and also for people to read too. 1. Mates( I want you to add mates because I've been waiting forever but yea I want you to add that in, also I will tell you about something in number five but you can't be mates out in the blue so yea...) 2. Pups( I want you again to add pups NPC pups and also, you can have 1-4 pups for the female to give brith to even I am a female in the game...) 3. Wolves name( I saw some with my name and it said like this NicoleSky B I T C H that the name someone did at the pvp so can you but hashtags to the names that says bad words.) 4. Packs( I've been waiting all day for you to add packs in this game because I just feel lonely sometime maybe, you can add in packs so we can make friends easier and have mates and pups easier too, and also you can have two alphas like male and female to be the alpha) 5. Friend list( I want you to add a friend list just as you know I made lots of friends but we never get to see them again because we're on different server so I want you to add that and if we get to know each other than we can be mates.) 6. Titles( again I want to talk to you about the titles so for an example: I said "yes I made it to lvl 50" and the title said alpha so now to the next one!) 7. Map( I want you to make the map bigger because I feel bored seeing the same map that look the same thing -.- can you do, that please?) 8. Size( Can you make the female a different size and also the male wolf, because they look exactly the same size so yea.... if you can do that in the next update please) 9. Different games in the future( I hope you can make another RPG online game of any different animals in the future....) 10. Den( Can you add a den so like packs can live in their own dens while the alphas live in their dens in packs or you can do it for, your mate and pups to live in also.) 11. Chat bubbles( Also in the reviews people are saying that they were trying to get the other wolf attention, so they are asking chat bubbles you know like when you say something a bubble is above your head, like that so can you please add that.) 12. Thx for reading this( I would like to thank you for reading this because I want you to add this to make the game a lot more better, can you please add all of these in, and the mate and pups because a lot of people is saying about that too to add in, but anyway I would like you to add this in the game to make it a lot better, more just seeing the game look like the same thing when you join in....)

I'm back to tell you to add something here Posted by

Hi there it's me again yes I know, I been telling you to much review but I want to tell you to add some more stuff you need to add to this game that the people would like even more so here it is. 1. Mates( I want to tell you about mates, why because I want you to add a friend list but you can't be mates out of the blue so you have to get to know them before you can be mates) 2. Pups( the next one is pups, after you have a mate you can have 1-4 pups but females can give birth to pups so yea...) 3. Seasons( the third one is the seasons I want you to have like spring, summer, fall, and winter and you can give birth only at winter that why I'm tell you here on number three) 4. Packs( I want you to add some packs, clan, or guilds either why you want to call it but anyway, the reason I want to tell you this so people can be friends, mates, and have pups also the packs or whatever you want to call can fight other packs again whatever you want to call it) 5. Animals( the reason I want to talk about the animals it's because I want you to eat them or drag if the animals are big or pick up if the animals are little so after you did that you can bring them for your pups, family, or packs so they can eat also) 6. Co op( the reason I want to talk about co op where you hunt is because I want the map on co op to be bigger because, everyday I see the co op map the same every single day....) 7. Battle arena( the reason I called it battle area a because it won't let me spell pvp but let's keep going so why, am I talking about this because the players keeps camping us waiting in front of the cave so here if the we're doing that can you make them go back, to their den and they have to wait for 10 seconds to get out of their den to fight us) 8. Sky( I want to talk about the sky because the sky has been sunny everyday so I want you to turn it night to day just like that, I know this is short but to the next one!) 9. Titles( why am I talking about titles because I want you to add this so if your on lvl 50 for an example: if your lvl 50 you will have a title the says alpha. That the example so you can put the titles any where you want like by our names on top of out names any you want.) 10. Thx for reading( if your reading this I want you to add all of these to make, it 100,000 times better for people to play sorry if it is really long but, if your reading add this and thank you but I better go after this long review I wrote but thank you for reading it and bye ^~^)

This is one of the extremely rare GOOD wolf games. Posted by

All you have to do is type the word "wolf" in the App Store search and you'll be immediately bombarded with cheap, poor quality wolf simulators with ridiculous names like "Angry wolf attack revenge 3D free wolf life survival hunt simulator", but this game is NOT one of those games. This game has many original models, and, for once, this game DIDN'T use that cheap ugly wolf/fox mix thing that so many other wolf simulators use over and over (If you've downloaded a lot of animal simulators, you'd know exactly the wolf model I'm talking about). There's over 20 animals in the game that you can hunt, and while I think the environment isn't the type where you'd find rhinos and tigers, it at least doesn't have unseemly animals like polar bears or camels. Another thing I think should be noted, you HAVE to have internet connection to play the game. If you have slow internet, you'll probably have difficulty staying in a server. Now, just in case this game's developers are reading this, here are my suggestions... 1. Larger map. Don't get me wrong, I think the map is pretty big already, but it would be a lot better if it was a bit bigger. Maybe include different biomes so you won't have to cram all these exotic animals in a forest biome where they just don't fit in. 2. Wolf Families. Multiple other reviewers have said that they want to have families in-game, and I think this would be a great idea. Our wolf could become partners with other players and have pups, and, if you want to make this game really complex, you could allow other players to somehow play as said pups. 3. More moderate-difficulty prey. I'm talking about Lynxes/bobcats and stags. I love hunting those because of how easy it is and it's upsetting how their the only of their difficulty level. Alright, this is the official end to my review. I hope the developers make more RPG simulators just like this one, but maybe a deer simulator or horse. Anyway, I highly suggest this game to anyone who like simulators and wolves. Have an excellent day! ~Kogot/Taberah

Like the game but... Posted by

While I do love this game, it gets very frustrating in the PvP when people just sit there and do nothing. while you, and whoever else might be on your team, struggle to fight off the players from the other team. It would make me, and possibly others, happy if there were a "kick player" option in the game. Where you would need the majority vote from your team mates to kick someone from your team. Along with some form of way to prevent players from abusing the option to kick a player. Such as if they tried to "save spots" on the server for their friends by kicking some random person. This is just an idea for a future update, and I hope at least SOMETHING can be done about players who will either sit there during PvP or simply chat without fighting or helping the others on the team. If the idea of kicking players doesn't seem good, maybe a way for the game to time out on someone who doesn't attack anyone in PvP for longer than say, 6 minutes? Again, it's very frustrating when your in PvP and your the only one fighting. This is my reasoning for only putting 4 stars.


This game is the best wolf game by far but it still has some room for improvement. I was wondering if you would consider adding these since I've seen a lot of people ask for these. •New areas to explore since it can get a little boring sometimes. •Actions such as a lay down, growl etc •Change the chat system-it's awesome that we can chat but the keyboard is horrible. Also it sensors everything u want to say even when it's not bad. •Match system for the pvp is a little unfair since lvl 18 can spawn with a lvl 40 and they simply have no chance. •A lot of ppl want to be able to friend others too •Last suggestion but I think this is necessary-Earning gems. I think that it's just not right that after lvl 40 u can't get anymore gems. There should be some way to earn the gems so u don't have to buy them. These are just the suggestions that I've seen a lot and I think they're the best suggestions. I would appreciate it if you would think about adding these and I really believe that these would immensely improve the game.

Great Game. But could be Even better. Posted by

Everything is great. Sound is advanced and immersive. Upgrade system is totally tubular. But I would like it if you could eat your killed prey for increased health regen, or just healing. And also, sometimes words like kill, killed, pig, or other words that aren't even cuss words are stared in chat, it says 12+, and I'm fairly confident that most 12 year olds know what kill means. Sure, actual cuss words should be stared out, but only those. But ignoring those smaller things, this game is amazing and has room for improvement(still already great game) but could be EVEN better. Maybe also add a small tutorial for what some things are, I've been confused by some things. I don't even know what exactly that orange circle on the right does. There should be a detailed description for what your stats are and what they help with, and what will happen to you're stats when you upgrade you're attributes. That's all.

Love it Posted by

I apsolutly love the game it is so AWSOME!! But can you do we're you can pick up serton foods like small rabbit, rats and others for the big ones you can drag them but they make you go slow. And make it we're you have to eat and drink. Make a other pvp area we're you can attack any wolf instead of team ones like red and blue so we're you can make your own team and be a wolf pack and defend your pack agents other packs besides role play. I just think this would make your game have way more people playing it and that is what all other famous other games have besides the picking up food thing but when you do this you DO NOT have to get ride of the one where you DONT eat and drink keep that one so kids that understand it have to keep eating and drinking like my little sis just make more areas for older kids like me I'm 12 but other whys I love the game I love wolfs and I love the info you give about them!

Surprisingly Well Made Posted by

I did not have high hopes for this game at all, but loving wolves, I decided to give it a try. For an app this game is very well made. It is close to Wolf Quest, minus having to mate (clearly), and other things to make the game less complicated. There are many factors I like. When going after prey it will sometimes lock onto it automatically so you run to it without much tedious movement on your own part. Which can be difficult doing so on a phone/tablet. You work your way up to being able to take on bigger prey. You're not overpowered. Although you can't eat, resting up makes up for it. Again, a less tedious task. I have yet to encounter ads (and hope it remains that way or it'll make the game unenjoyable.) You can pick your wolf, gender, and name. The descriptions of the type of wolves are a little off, but that is okay. 10/10 game in my opinion.

Excellent game. Just a few things.. Posted by

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ :) I think this game is excellent, relaxing and quite a good time. One HUGE suggestion though. This is supposed to be an RPG but doesn't have any guild options or friend request options. We can't build our own team/packs or even a friends list! That is my only complaint and it's sort of a big one I suppose and I'm sure many agree. We are supposed to play a role of a wolf...but we can't be a part of our own pack or a leader of a pack? Only by high score we can control spawning. But none of the other players in our sessions are actually a part of your pack. They are just random players who MIGHT accept your spawn calling. I feel the game DEFINITELY needs: 1. Friends list/ friend request 2. Team creator/ pack creator Thanks for viewing my review and keep up he great work!

Incredible Posted by

So addictive. Amazing game...can get boring though NEED TO UPDATE AND HAVE DIFFERENT AREAS. I am so sick of the same river/mountain world. Also, should be able to have a friends list or something to create a "pack"/know when they are playing etc...also be able to go to the same pvp room with your group if you want to. Also need to add more skills and auras etc. gets very boring...and being able to eat what you kill and/or drink water to heal faster would be awesome. Great game overall, but might stop playing soon if no new areas are added...don't know how much longer I can run around the exact same spot hunting the same exact animals that reappear in the same exact spots after some time has passed...keep up the good work!!

Phenomenal game!-but with minor tweaks Posted by

Overall this game is pretty amazing I love the wide range of things you can do, but there is a slight problem with the chat box. It's very laggy and glitchy often. Sometimes when you tap the keys to write, it doesn't comprehend the letters and results in spelling errors, misunderstandings, and censors. Another problem is the unnecessary censorship with simple words like, am, kill, etc. And they are covered by asterisks, in which other players might mistake it for profanity. If at least one problem could be fixed, it would be greatly appreciated by countless users. And again, this is a very wonderful app that I recommend you download and play!! Keep up the good work! <3

Unexpectedly Good Posted by

When I first saw this game in the App Store I was doubtful because sometimes there are those games that are not worth it. But after playing this game I really liked it. But I think it could be better. First off I think we should be able to make clans or packs or something like that. Secondly you may want to add a little more animals for variety. One more thing is you should add crow friends that you get when your at a high enough level. Wolves sometimes have symbiotic relationships with ravens and crows. I'm telling you that you should put all these in. I have experience with coding myself and it can get complicated. I just want you to consider these things. Thanks.


1. More maps - people are tired of the same ones over and over again 2. Mates - can we actually have those ??? 3. Friend list - people want this so you can make a pack with people you want that would be amazing 4. Offline mode - I love playing this game but it eats my data and I would love to level up more when I'm away from home 5. Pups - it would be cute but not 100% fond of this MYSELF but it has been requested a lot 6. Chat bubbles - can we get those above our heads it's easier to see who talks and more fun, also private chats This game is already amazing but I have seen these suggestions and personally support these myself please consider and thank you ^-^


First off, you should be able to reproduce. Secondly, you should be able to establish your own pack. Also, a bit more in the customizing your own wolf, like maybe eye color. Maybe in the pack that you made you could add in your ranks, and here are some rank ideas: 1. Alpha (obvi)- leader 2.Omega - takes over when leader dies or retires SECOND IDEA FOR OMEGA- any normal wolf 3. Pup- a pup that is not yet ready to be an omega. Has training with an omega to become an omega 4. Rouge- packless I hope that they see my idea and add it into this amazing game!!! Also maybe less glitchiness. I hope you agree!! Have a magical day! Or night.. idk where chu are

Supporting Wolves! Posted by

I would definitely recommend this game! Besides wolfquest, I would say this is the second best wolf simulator (wolfquest in first). Games often make you pay for all the good things, but this game gives you access to all of the wolf breeds! I love how it doesn't say "wolf color", instead it lists them by breed. Each breed has their own stats, such as swiftness, strength, and health! This game isn't a ripoff. I repeat, NOT a ripoff. Other wolf simulators either directly copy Gluten Free Games simulator, or they have little effort put into them. Get this game!

wow this is amazing Posted by

I love this game so much. You can talk with people you could hunt you could fight. All the wolves are for free, and it's just incredibly amazing! However… I think they should make another one instead of wolves. Example like cats,foxes,deer, or whatever. Other than adding other animals it's a great app and it's online so you don't have to be bored all the time. And if you're having fun you tend to level up… In my opinion. !You should get this app!

What I've been looking for! Posted by

This game provides so much realistic features that it Actually pulled me into downloading this app! This game should have a story line to it, a good one too. Also, when I started playing this it keeps on crashing every time I try to play. I had to delete some of my apps and restart my device but nothing was working. If you fixed this bug I will definitely give this a 5 star rating. But overall, this is an amazing game!

Best game ever Posted by

Awesome game love how you can free roam, how there are different types of wolf skins to choose from and how you can connect with other players in the game. But one thing that could make it better is to make different types of environments based on the different types of wolves an make different types of weather throughout the game. Other then that I love your game an I can't seem to stop playing.

AMAZING Posted by

I barely EVER write reviews for apps, but this game NEEDS one. All the wolf skins are free, you play with REAL people, not bots or AI, there's cool power-ups, and there's head-to-head PVP against other REAL people. The game is just completely amazing by itself and I HIGHLY recommend it whether it be for an enjoyable game, or a great time-killer!

Freaking Awesome. Be a Wolf. Posted by

I got to admit I passed this game by several times before finally deciding to dwnld it. It is fun. Running with the pack, solo or pvp. Choice of wolves. Upgrades for your wolf. Full motion camera. It's the most fun I've had in a mmo for awhile. Download it. Oh it's not gory. It is exhilarating.

A promising game declining and dying by iDan iKnight 2017-03-16

The Wolf Simulator A comprehensive review This game has such amazing potential, but by all indications, it would seem the developer has abandoned it :-( There are numerous problems that are currently afflicting the game, ranging from extreme annoyances, to crippling dysfunction. The developer has not responded to inquires. The gameplay itself is quite fun, especially when you are hunting together with others. It takes a little while to learn the dynamic of hunting, some of the functions, and skill advancement. The biggest issue currently plaguing the game is the lag. Online gamers are all too familiar with lag problems, no matter what you're playing, but in the case of The Wolf Simulator, it is so bad that it causes skills to malfunction, hunting difficulties, player death, etc. Prey health often goes down then up then down again. On many occasions, prey have resurrected and subsequently been killed again, due to server-client sync problems. This is not intermittent; the game is laggy permanently. There are quite literally no lag-free moments. Not one. The social aspect of the game involves simple chat, broadcast game-wide. However, the game does not call up the OS's standard keyboard, opting instead, for a custom keyboard that is - oh so dysfunctional. Firstly, every keypress must be followed by a full one-second pause, or else the next keypress will not register. Second, there is a very short limit (about twenty-five characters) per chat send. This causes a lot of disjointedness in the chat. Lastly, the chat has an obscenity filter, which goes to the extent of masking words like "god," "jesus," and for some unknown reason, the word "am." That's right; "I am tired" will come up in chat as "I **** tired." On the social aspect, I would ordinarily be hesitant to criticize the player base, but in this case, it's gotten inordinately irritating. I have found that about 50% of the players are ten year old girls playing make believe, involving chat discussions about choosing mates, and having other players role play as the pups. On too many occasions, several players were just sitting around, not hunting, and referring to each other as family, such as "mom," and "dad." They play pretend and flood the chat with baby-talk. This would not be so bad if not for the fact that sometimes, one of these players has the Alpha token, and so the rest of the players in the instance cannot get called to pack hunt. Numerous other functionality bugs exist which inhibit and sometimes ruin gameplay. Contacting the developer has yielded no response whatsoever. It saddens me that such a promising game has seemingly been abandoned completely.

Too Overpowering by Arlene Mesa 2017-03-28

Whenever I try to play, and I say try in quotations, I am met with overpowered people who don't even let you have fun. My cousin was crying because she wanted to play, but she couldn't due to the fact she could t move without being obliterated. It's really disappointing that you can't even play with family. What also makes me upset is the fact whenever you are about to score by killing the enemy in the PvP Arena, they automatically leave, acting like brats who don't want their friends to mock them for being killed. I'm really upset, because when I got this game, almost everything was fair, and all matches were even. Now it's 134 kills from some one kill player, to a 5 kill player. You see what I mean? I hope they can make it more fair with this game, otherwise I don't think I'll play this game.

NEEDS THIS!! by gd_íѕ_αwєѕσmє 2017-03-09

This game is fun and entertaining but one problem that I have with this, is there is no friends List present. It would be nice to have one so that I as well as other people could keep track of the people we meet. It gets kind of annoying when you meet someone and then don't see them again because you join a different server every time. But other than that and a little bit of lag, this game is amazing!!

Money Stolen purchased by Darkshadow95 2017-03-13

I bought a $20 Gems from this game and never received my receipt or gems, it Failed. So it makes sense when people say they don't bother spending money not because they don't want too but they know they won't receive anything, it's a steal! The game is great and all don't get me wrong but what the hell bro.

Don't buy from this app!!! by Nubianqueenfromfar 2017-03-12

Y'all don't even deserve stars. Do not buy from this app they will take your money and you will not receive anything. And again very disappointed that I spent that much money and didn't receive my gems I am furious. This is robbing people blind from there hard working money. How dare y'all.

Good idea.... by LionOolong 2017-03-13

It needs more land options though. First day or two is fun but once you know your way around it's boring.. Why upgrade points and skills to keep fighting in the same area and the same monsters? It gets old really fast.. Great start though!

Fun, social, but almost no purpose by Marinemarine 2017-03-31

You get to interact with other online players, which is great. You level up fast for the first 5 levels, but without much of a story, the only thing you'll be doing is slaughtering for days just to get higher levels. Not my cup of tea

Why!!! Plz fix if u can by Fre sha Voc a do 2017-02-12

I thought this was gonna be a fun game. But, every time I go to click on the chat or any other button, it glitches and then crashes. Maybe this isn't the case for some of u ppl. But makers of this game plz fix if u can.

Things you need to add by X( X( x( 2017-03-15

I love this game but I think it would be more fun with my suggestions •adding friends/friend list •more and bigger maps •be able to be a pup when to wolves get together as mates •quest •different mobs

Interesting by kayvt603123 2017-03-08

I do enjoy the game, it is challenging just enough. I think it would be great if I could connect with my friends specially. Like form my own pack. Be able to build your own pack and battle it out in the Vs. Hunt.

Let us add friends by BtSArmyy 2017-03-22

Sometimes I want to play with friends online and it's so frustrating to find them. I also meet really cool people but I'll never meet them again because I can't add friends.

Pleas fix it by Samanthabamm922190 2017-04-05

Can you pleas add to where you can add friends and invite them that will make the game so fun. Also can u add a tutorial so we can learn how to play the game better. -Thank you

It crashes a lot by Lila64 peace love 2017-03-21

I've played the game for a while it's great but after a bit it crashes Can you please fix this so I can experience the game better Thank you

About That. by M2ng13 2017-03-17

So,yeah this game is fun. But,every time I try;other players kick me out of the play room. Don't forget,this game eats battery power like nothing.