Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Band Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Play with sounds and create your own band!

Rock out with Toca Band!
Toca Band is getting ready for their big concert and needs your help to mix beats and sounds together for their hit song! Toca Band is a fun and easy toy that encourages children to explore music in a new creative way! Choose from 16 different cool characters – each with their own unique quirky sound and musical rhythms. Put your band members on stage to get the music started – then move them around and see what happens! Try out new band combinations, explore different sounds – and while you’re at it, why not give the lovable rapper, Stikk Figga something he always dreamed of: a solo performance!

With Toca Band you can play together with your kids and experiment with sounds, beats and rhythms in lots of fun ways. Guitar or opera, upbeat or downtempo, let’s find out what sounds best together!

√ Background music, animation and fun sound effects.
√ 16 colorful characters, each with their own unique sounds and moves!
√ 48 fun sound loops that can be put together in endless combinations
√ Change the way each character plays by placing them further up- or downstage
√ Make the song the way you like it – then dance along with your own moves
√ Play and improvise in solo mode by placing a character on the star
√ Combine rhythm instruments with melody and vocals
√ Amazing original graphics
√ No rules or stress – play any way your kids want to!
√ Kid friendly interface!
√ No third-party advertising!
√ No in-app purchases!

Each character plays their own instrument in Toca Band - and there are loads to try:

- Bang Bang Chef - Drums
- Dancy Nancy - Piano
- Mr Whizzle Whiz - Whistle
- Shaky McBones - Maraca
- Zuzz - Accordion
- Figara - Opera Singing
- Kalinka - Singing
- Stikk Figga - Rapping
- Lil’ Riff - Guitar
- Frig’n Frog - Frog
- Wao Miao - Theremin
- Tic Toc - Clock Percussion
- Shoe String Charlie - Bass Guitar
- Balooney - Balloon
- Dolores - Percussion
- Bimbell - Harp

Toca Band is not a game – it’s a toy where you and your kids get to explore music together. Oh, and don’t forget to let your kids make some noise of their own too!
As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stress. Your kids can play with it however they want! Toca Band is suitable for kids between 2-9 years old.

If you like Toca Band – check out our other digital toys available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Find all on

Privacy Policy
Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Toca Band music created by: Håkan Lidbo Audio Industries


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Great app,needs more characters though Posted by

I'm 10 and I love toca boca apps. I wish they weren't so much money though I play them on my iPhone 5 and they are so much fun. I love this one the most at first when I got it I didn't know how to play it do I deleted it and then I was on the toca boca website and it said how to play it so I was like ohh ok and I redownloaded it and I didn't have to pay again! So that's awesome but I can only get a new app that cost money every 3 weeks unless I pay for it so I think they need to cost less and it needs more characters I get stuck doing the same tune over and over again when I'm trying to do a different one but yeah and I think we should be able to chose the characters to disable because I have a little sister and I got this app on my moms iPhone 5 and she loves it but my mom hates the rapper I live rap music though so I'm ok with it but when you are teaching little 3 year olds that I don't think it's good but great work toca boca. :)

PLEASE READ!!!! :) Posted by

Best game ever! I do have a few ideas, though. There should be a record button so you can record your song. The orange cat used to freak me out, but now I think he's cute :) my other idea is, you should make a new app called where it's kind of like Toca Life, but you should make the characters the ones from Toca Band but like, on tour or something. There should be a tour bus you can go in, and different places you can do your concerts at. There should be a map option on the bus witch determines where you play the concert at. I'm ten and not very good at explaining things, so I hope I made it understandable enough for you. My last idea is, You should make a new option to make your own band member. It should be kind of like Toca Mini, but for a band character. You should be able to put in your own personal sound for it, too. really hope you use my idea about the new game the most. I love TOCA BOCA!!!!!!!!

Toca Boca's the best Posted by

First, I love that u said that its called Toca Boca!because I'm An Argentinian so I'm from Argentina.Anyway I think that you should let us make our own character like toca mini. I also think its a good idea to have little concerts that would be sooooooo cool!! Other else then that I highly recommend this app and more Toca Boca games! Please listen to my suggestion. I'm 10 and I'm not good at explaining things , I hope that u understood me. Keep up the good work! Oh and I give this game and all your other games a thumb up! I also think that the games are adorable! For the next game can you make characters. And that you would be able to make a city! Ps plz send me a letter?! Oh yeah and with the suggestion for the next game can u make it free plz thx! I love TOCA BOCA !!!!!!!!!!!

Parent options? Posted by

Most Toca Boca games are great about giving parents control over the app -- the cooking app even lets you choose whether or not include meat products in the game in case you want the app to be vegan-friendly. I find it odd, however, that Toca Boca would go through the trouble to cater to the vegans but not to the parents who are raising their two year olds "rap music free" (for lack of a better term). Please let us choose which characters are enabled in the game, I love the app but hate the little rapper guy... I know the phrases themselves are harmless, but I still don't like my two year old repeating phrases about "all the ladies" or whatever. Otherwise, top app... he plays with it for quite a while, and I love a creative, musical app for kids. Keep it up. :)

adorable little game--wish there were more songs Posted by

I'm a speech language pathologist and have been happily using some Toca apps with special needs students. I ran across this one when searching for apps and decided to buy it for my own self-indulgence since it looked so cute. This is a really adorable game and is so intuitive and easy to use, this looks great for keeping even really young preschoolers entertained. The only thing I would change is adding more songs--the different instruments do a lovely job of adding variations, but it is always the same melody. I hope that by the time that I have kids old enough to play this game, there will still be a platform to play this game on :)

I really love this game! Posted by

I love to a nova games they are very entertaining and sweet this game is not exception whatsoever it's got very creative and lovable characters, even so I think that in the future this game nights have things like: violin, saxophone(my personal favorite), trumpet,maybe a flute or trombone, or even a clarinet. This would widen the variety of instrumentals to chose from. Don't get me wrong this a very fun game! But adding more musical characters would make it even better. (By the way if you did add a saxophone I would recommend a tenor saxophone)

OMG AMAZING!!!! Posted by

Okay first off this game is amazing so fun and not boring at all! Just like toca dance and I love that your making it free! For it being 2+ and I'm 12 years old it's pretty entertaining for me! I love every toca baca game I have toca boca dance toca boca band now toca boca tailors toca boca kitchen toca boca paint my wings toca boca salon Christmas toca boca house toca boca vet toca boca Doctor and all the toca boca life games and so exited for the new toca boca life vacation omg I'm gonna get it the day it's released!

Great App! Repetitive Song!! Posted by

This an awesome game usually I'm done and have gotten bored with games but this game, I've been playing it all evening! I love how the higher you put the characters the more the sing or play their instruments, and lower you put them the less they play. Two things though. I wish it had more human characters to sing. Second thing is I wish that you had a song option. But other than that I highly recommend you buy this app. Best of all, ITS FREE THANKS TOCA BOCA!!!

Perfect! Just one suggestion... Posted by

My brothers love this app and I do too. In fact, they love it so much they fight over my device basically just to play this game! One suggestion, please make more characters. Me and my bros have named ourselves and drew pictures of the people we were "going to be." Toca Boca, you are one of the best coders for games around, and please, make more free games because ALL OF YOUR GAMES ARE ADLESS! Oh and plus, they're REEEEALLY fun!

Fun! Posted by

I preloaded this app on an iPad mini for for my young son for Christmas. I heard some very interesting sounds coming from it as I was making dinner. I went to investigate and it was my son playing Toca Band. I was so taken by it that I sat down with him and we played it together (dinner got burned). I recommend this app to anyone who want to encourage their child to be creative with music and rhythm. Great find!

Love this fun app!!! Posted by

This is a great app!! It is lots of fun rearranging the musicians to hear different versions of the song. Each time we open this app, we discover something new that we love. It's hard to believe that it was free...maybe it was because there is only one tune to play around with. Despite that fact, you don't get bored because of all the changes you can make to the song or beat. Even my husband loves it.

Oh ma gurd Posted by

This is awesome! I just wish I could record it. Because some of the songs I make are to cool to forget. My two fave characters are the rapper and the girl that goes "la la la la la la... la." I'm 12 and I think this is awesome for a child's game! And it's FREE to top it all off!? 9/10 because I NEED you to add A RECORDING ACTION! But other than that, it's awesome.

Posted by

I know that all of your apps are for little kids I am 10 and i love love love your apps. Sometimes my baby cousin and i play your different apps together. There os just two things i ask; could you please make it so that you can change the song to different tunes and could you please make some of your apps that cost money into free versions or just make them free?

Luvvvvv dis app... U.O.E.N.O Posted by

LUVV dis app ..!! The only thing is it needs new people for new sounds but I play this ALL the time whether I'm at home or somewhere else sooo if you're deciding to get please do it will light up you're imagination..?!!! And just have fun wit it so I give this 5 STARS!!!!! Downloaded Complete!!! U.O.E.N.O ..... Team #Mindless and Team #Breezy !!!

Best app for kid and me Posted by

This app is so much fun for my toddler and me! His favorite is the singing girl and the rapper dude! Pleasedo fix this bug. On my first gem iPad mini, when I put the harp guy on center stage the app crashes and it closes itself out. Just that one character that I know of. Fix it please!! Love your apps and thanks so much.

It's very addicting to older kids and adults!! Posted by

I'm 14 and my 5 year old cousin was playing this. He wanted me to p,ay with him, and it was so cool! When I went home I bought it on my iPad and I got addicted. It's so much fun!! Toca Boca, PLEASE MAKE NEW CHARACTERS OR A SECOND TOCA BAND!!! It's so fun!! I'm sure other people agree with me!

Pleasant fun Posted by

No ads, no cost, no add-ons. 14 instruments with unusual sounds. Any can be played by the user. Playful intertwined medium-length musical phrases that change depending on their position on the stage. Swap them while playing. Definitely worth the download for 5-year-old, tween, or bored adult in airport.

BAD BUG Posted by

Hi. Ok so I really do love toca boca it is the best anyone can ask for but there I a bug you see I have iOS 6 and this is iOS 5 but any toca boca game I get it will bug and go straight back to the home page and I tried over I started crying plzzzzzzz some one help I love toca boca games

I love it Posted by

This is my favorite game you guys should make all the toca games free and the toca band is a really fun app I play it all the time but you guys should make it have more people and make them play and sing different songs and not just that one song but other than that's its awesome

Very fun Posted by

Very fun I really like it I wish there was more sounds. and characters then it would be would be a amazing it's just the same sound but its fun.. Download it you're kids will love it I'm 18 and I like playing it I'm a kid at heart

Glad I didn't have to pay for this! by abalser2328 2013-07-09

I love toca boca games for my nieces and nephews, and lets face it, for myself! Like all the others, this one is well designed and clever. But despite all the different characters in toca band, this one is just too repetitive because no matter what combination of characters you use, it is ultimately the same song. If they had different songs and types of music to choose from or a way to use the characters to make your own notes and songs, this would really be a hit but this was boring after 5 minutes. Still love toca boca though!

Used to be awesome but now no sound by Audiunut345678 2016-09-26

This app used to be so great, but all of a sudden there is no sound. The only way to fix the issue is to take my phone off mute. First off I want my phone to stay on mute and secondly how do you expect me to tell a 1.5 year old that "honey, wherever you play this specific app you need to take the phone off mute". All the other apps work and have sounds whether the phone is on mute or not. Common guys, fix this silly issue. Please. All the apps I have from you do this, is reality frustrating.

Cool but Creepy by Chuuuuuuurp 2016-09-17

I like the music in this game. It's fun to play, and I do enjoy it, except for one thing... THE CHARACTERS CREEP ME OUT. The green skeleton thing that makes a chattering noise - I mean seriously, I don't use him so I don't have nightmares. Seriously, this is a little kids game??? Plus, that little clock thing makes a terrible noise. So do the balloons. Oh, and, why do you have to add an old lady? Totally creepy. Overall, the game is okay though.

CREEPY, SCARY AND DUMB by Amazing, inspiring cool 2016-09-11

First, the sound cut off and really disappointed. Second, all the characters are creepy, especially the chef dude. I had nightmares for goodness sake! Last but not least, it had no point. Was the point to help kids to learn different sounds or they just want kids to have nightmares. I'm 9 years old and this game is just bad. Do not download!!!!! The worst well one of the worst games ever.

Good fun, gets old fast by Beeevil9789 2015-05-09

I love this app. I love most of the toca boca apps. They're great for children and as an adult I enjoy them as well. They'd be smart to make apps for teens and young adults. This app is fun when you're feeling creative, but gets boring fast. The same repetitive song actually gets a little annoying. But it's a good time killer and gets your creative itch scratched.

Please fix the sound by R4r1ty 2013-11-06

My daughter and everyone in our family have lots of fun playing this game. Suddenly the sound doesn't work anymore. There's no settings to change the volume, but we can't figure out why the sound doesn't work when we can play other apps with sound just fine. Please fix it so we can play again. My daughter is so sad that it stops working.

Creative but average by Tina sodium 2013-08-07

The Toca Band is seriously the cutest thing, the characters have different sounds and the different placement for them gives them a different beat, but at the end, no matter what choice of character, it's the same song. Catchy song— but it gets old. It's great to try but not for a long time. Kids will be occupied with it for a while.

Sound stopped working...son is really upset by haileyr123 2016-07-29

These are all great apps, but the sounds stop working after a while. I have to give 2 stars because it's really frustrating. I have yet to find a fix. The iPad is brand new and is not the problem. The sound for all my other apps and games work. Please fix this problem. My son really misses playing these games.

Toca boca by Srlone 2013-02-16

Mind numbing music, no adult could ever be within ear shot of this app. The hiptomizing effect on children should be illegal. I don't allow the twins (2 1/2) to operate the iPad without an adult's presence so this app is impossible to tolerate. Next job is to delete, worst $3 ever spent.

Very bad. Full of glitches. by Textrrtfctcfttxctryfydd 2016-12-04

I used to love this game unit I re downloaded it and it was terrible. You could put characters on places where you couldn't before, terrible sound, only sound on the star spot worked. Overall you need to fix this problem.☺️

Hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Should fix 2013-02-25

Does not work on iPad only works with fith generation does look fun for iPod please do not make the mistake I made and do not bye this app I am shocked of what a waist of money this is!

Fun but crashes a lot by junk69a 2014-03-23

Just installed on an IPad Air. 4 year old loves it. One problem. Every time she plays the guitar character it crashes the game always. Great fun but please fix.

Fix itttt by RaynaWald 2015-08-29

I got this for my little sister and am not pleased. The audio hasn't ever worked on it. Tried to reinstall many times but still no audio. Please fix this.

Not working on iPad... by Muggi me 2013-02-26

Why is this app not working with iPad, when is states in the description it should...? Bought this to work on my son's iPad... very deceiving!!!

No Play Button by Mind Drive 2013-01-06

It sounds like this is a great app but it doesn't work on my iPhone 4S. There is no play button. Please fix it!

Update? by Tayspay 2014-10-13

My kid loved this app! But, the sound wont work with current Ios updates. It's a shame.

No audio no solution by BrianElvis 2014-01-28

Using original iPad and all of a sudden, no audio. Unable to resolve. My child is sad.

Would be fun... If it worked by ComcastPleasMakeItBetter 2015-11-28

Crashes like mad. I'm running iOS9 so maybe that shouldn't be surprising.

Keeps crashing by jerseejohn 2015-10-17

Very cool app but it keeps crashing on my iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.

Don't Buy It To expensive Kids don't Love It by vinizio 2015-04-02

Only if it was free app but it's not like all toca boca