Toca Birthday Party Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Birthday Party Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Birthday Party Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Birthday Party Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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"Another fun app from Toca Boca. If your kids like playing birthday parties (and whose don’t) then download it now and start partying!" - The iMum

"Perfectly conceived and executed" - OWTK

"My son loves this app [...] and this birthday party activity correlates nicely to the way my son plays with this play food, dolls, and stuffed animals in real life – without the clutter of play food and dishes – and it is wonderful to have this app compact on our iPhone." - Amy Solomon, Giggle Apps

Time to invite friends and family to a birthday party - around your iPhone or iPad! Choose which theme you want, set the table, serve the cake and give the birthday boy or girl a present! Eat and drink with your finger, and tilt the device to put everything in the dishwater when you're finished!


√ Fun sequel to Toca Tea Party!
√ Three themes to choose from - Pandas, Dragons or Rainbows!
√ Surprise present to the birthday boy or girl!
√ Blow out the candles on the birthday cake!
√ Shoot fun party poppers during the celebration!
√ Fun sounds when your guests eat and drink!
√ Finish by putting everything in the dishwater!
√ Beautiful hand-drawn graphics!
√ Kid-friendly interface!
√ No third-party advertising
√ No in-app purchases

Now you can have a birthday party wherever you are - just take out you iPhone or iPad and you're good to go! Friends, siblings, or even teddy bears can sit around the device and have a party together. If your kids have played Toca Tea Party before you will recognize the theme! Designed to stimulate your kids imagination, Parenting's Birthday Party Playtime lets your kids make up their own story with their toys and friends.

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Great app with a lot of potencial but it needs more items to choose from Posted by

Great app. You can play and move the object at the same time with your children. You can eat and serve food independently but the app doesn't have many things to choose. Only 3 plates, 3 gifts, you can not change the pattern of the tablecloth or move birthday present from the box, only some party poppers and no more choices. You can not wash the plates you just put them inside the sink, no cuttlery. Would be nice if you add some forks, spoons, knives, napkins. The cake is already cutted! You can not cut it by yourself. You can not choose the type tea or change it by lemonade or chocolate milk maybe? The main purpose of the game is great but children feel bored after 2 days! The app says that is ok for 4 people but you can only place 3 plates on the table. Nice but it needs more items to choose. Paper glasses are important things to choose on a birthday party as well. The game has a lot of potencial and I hope you can add more things to it because my children love Toca Boca apps!

Super fun! Posted by

My sons and I love this app. We have Toca Boca Doctor, Hair Salon, Tea Party, and Store, in addition to Birthday Party. My sons are ages 4.5 and 2.5. They love doing this over and over, because they love birthday parties and birthday cakes. I have a first generation iPad with iOS 4 (?not sure) and the app works fine. Check out the other Toca Boca apps, they're really fun, and Toca Boca Store is really great in particular. Birthday Party, Tea Party, and Store can be used with another child or two or a pretend player like a stuffed animal. You can use these apps to practice social skills. The graphics and functionality are fantastic.

AWESOME GAMES!!!!!! review for b day party + SUGESTIONS! Posted by

This game is well worth 2.99, in fact, this was one of the first Toca Boca games I ever played! And when I was 5!!!!! I'm 10 so I have been playing for 5 yrs, and let's just say, it changed my life! However I have a suggestion for this game........what if u could have more plates, a bigger cake, and maybe decorate the cake yourself?!?!? HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?! Also, I don't like how EXACTLY when u finish the cake everyone leaves........plz note, ALL OF THIS IS BASICALLY A SUGGESTION U DONT NEED TO ADD THEESE,.....even though I hope u do, AND I WILL DEFINITELY SHARE THEESE GAMES WITH MY KIDS WHEN I GET OLDER

Toca Boca plz read this Posted by

I love this game, heck I love all your games but first things first I have this game on my I pad and in that game there is fruit punch how come there is none now? Next I have some suggestions. You should let them choose when the party is over, let us decorate the cake, make it a room not just the table, streamers I know just streamers, oh and if you do use one of these suggestions in your next update thanks a million and I'm not here to nag you about your games I'm here to help you make it better for me and others

Love it!! Posted by

This app is so fun I'm a huge fan of toca boca!! I think it should be 99€ but I love it my friend's little brother who is 3 played this and he had so much fun picking out the cakes pouring juice slicing cake and opening the birthday presents he was laughing and smiling and he knew how to play the gamesome well! I'm 13 and I love it I even play it with my stuff animals! I have all the toca apps I'm a huge fan you rock toca boca this is a big hit make many more like this and everyone will have your apps!:)

It helps. Posted by

Have you ever not had a birthday party? This year I didn't and I was upset for a long time. But when I saw this game and I played it,it made me feel better like I finally had my birthday party. They should make an update where you make the cake,and you should be able to invite your friends to it over the Internet,I wish there was different drinks and more presents (so it was like each person brought 1or 2 presents). I love the game though I complained a lot and made some suggestions it really helps.

Amazing game but it needs… Posted by

1.) to be able to WASH the dishes 2.) play with the toys and not just have them make noise. 3.) more cake options, and a special option to make and frost a cake. 4.) other plates to chose from 5.) be able to pick a table cloth 6.) change the plate underneath the cake. 7.) other drinks to pick from 8.) more things like the party poppers 9.) and actual separate part for presents and more of them 10.) add ice cream 11.) have party games. 12.) lastly actually blow out the candles.

LOVE! Posted by

I'm almost 12 and I love playing this with my 6 year old brother! PLEASE make Toca Tea Party available for iPhone, please! I know you are working on Toca Builders (so excited!) but consider that please! I want an iPad for my birthday but don't think im getting one. So, I love it, but please more options of juice and snacks, and maybe a party game like musical chairs or something. You are amazing Toca Boca, kisses from me and my bro!

Pretty good Posted by

I enjoy this great app from Toca Boca It is fun for a pretend birthday party and it is fun to "serve" others! My sis and I had a tea party for our American Girl Dolls, and this app is better on iPad! Only concern- for $2.99 we should jave more than 3 parties, just sayin!

I'm 11 Posted by

I'm going to be honest here. Before my bro got an iPad I bought all these toca boca games for him. Now I'm always looking for a new tb game for me! I enjoy them for some reason... DONT JUDGE!!! But instead of being $3 why not $2 or $1 or FREE. Just saying

Add more Posted by

Add stuff like cupcakes and so you can pick whats in the box and you can make a cake for that person or have a choice for a drink and maybe before you wash the dishes they have to finish there drink thats all I ask for thank you for reading


Ok. I luv dis game but u need more stylez of cake and presentz and u need balloonz & streamerz 2.besides that its BOSS. I also think toca tea party should not just be for iPads. It is not fair.

Great for ~2 yrs old! Posted by

My daughter is almost 2. She loves this app. Its open ended play is perfect for her mannerisms. I only wish there was music playing during the party like in the 'Tea Party' game for iPad.

Fun, but... Posted by

It's fun like toca tea party, but it feels kind of limited like it should be free or 99 cents until you add more themes. It was fun holding a bday party for each of my clients though.

Toca boca is the best Posted by

I don't like it I love it. It is so awesome. See the good side... Your in a far place on your birthday and have your iPad iPod or anything there is somewhere to blow the candles

It's fun Posted by

This game is fun but u should let us bake the cake Let us choose different drinks Have more chooses of presents Oh and have cupcakes Please do some in the next update

Needs more stuff Posted by

Please add more stuff!!!!!! Like goodybags and drinks to make and more cakes. And a sponge at the end while washing the dishes. And of course napkins and tissues

Free! Posted by

I don't understand why everyone says it costs $2.99? I got it free.... Btw it's a very fun and entertaining app!

LOVE Toca Boca, but disappointed with this particular app by Lovetoread1977 2011-10-26

I love Toca Boca apps and use them often to practice pretend play and communication with my clients on the autism spectrum. I have all their apps so when I saw this birthday party app, I bought it immediately. It is a nice app, but a far cry from the complexity and creativity of their other apps (hair salon, doctor, tea party, grocery store, helicopter). I would love if they could add more elements to the birthday party -maybe choosing and wrapping the gift before the party starts, different music options, maybe play a party game like pin the tail on the donkey (or a toca boca character). I think Toca Boca is fantastic, and I hope they continue to make complex and creative apps.

I like it... For now. by Toca Boca Critic 2015-12-12

I feel like this game always gets old after three or four rounds. It is kind of a cliché the way it is so much like other tea party games, like Daniel Tiger Tea Party on PBS kids. I also feel as if you should be able to prepare for the party more, like baking the cake or buying the present. Or even being able to choose it, maybe. I gave it two stars because it was just the same thing over and over. Also, maybe there could be more than one present and could we be able to actually do the dishes or wrap the gift. Just a few tweaks that you should add to make a much better turn-out. Thanks, Toca Boca!

So upset! by babyuno 2013-08-09

VERY DISAPPOINTING,! I must say this is one of the worst apps from this company! I have purchased all their apps and the kids love tea party so we were excited to see this come out. What a disappointment. Very boring and there is nothing to it! Please add stuff or refund people this was a greedy move! They knew people would purchase it because they have the other apps and then everyone is like why did we waste the money on that app... I'm not afraid to say it! This app is horrific thank you for making me waste my hard earned money!!

Lonely ;A; by GameJudger5000 2013-11-23

Its a good game but it should have an update like add opening a card, changing the juice, you should add like a choice to customise your cake. Please update! @RachelMovies I exactly agree all that is what they should add, like the cake could be a unicorn, there should also be more presents not just a dino, robot, and a doll?Plus more wrapping choices and more presents! Please add everything she said or more! Please update we spent $3 on this game. (And especially what I said)

Not worth $2.99 by T. Bean 2015-05-15

I love the Toca Boca games for my preschooler, but this one is really lame. I am glad we got it for 99 cents because it really isn't even worth that much. It is just one of those "tea party" games where you choose your plates, tap on the pitcher to serve drinks, then tap tap tap over and over again to "eat" all nine pieces of cake, three bites each. BO-RING, even when you're 3 years old.

Why did I get it by Lorelei324 2015-05-17

Alright I'm 16 I got this because... Well I don't know. To be honest, I'm a birthday Party Hostess at Chuck E. Cheese's. Sure you might say "oh hey then it's perfect!" Well it's not. I'm actually quitting that job... Heh... I must've downloaded it because I honestly enjoy Toca Boca's apps, and just have party hostess instincts?

It is TERRIBLE by kjcipod 2014-04-27

It sooooo boring all u do is tap to eat a stupid cake!!!!!!!!!!i can't beleive it cost 2.99!!!!!!!i should have read the reviews before I got it!!!!!!!!!!if I could I would give it 0 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!if u r looking for a FUN game trust me DONT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if u r looking for a BORING game u should get this app!!!!!!!!!!!its a Total RIP OFF

Okay app by MD 13 2011-12-15

This is a good app but it needs to be cheaper and needs more stuff if it had Party games Pinita More themes Crafts Characters to go to the party Get to dress the people up for the party Decorate the party Cupcakes More presents Have a option to design a present If u added these things I would give it five stars and it will be worth 1.99

Party crasher by Moojie11 2011-10-23

I was really enjoying this app until it crashed half way through the party. I'm glad I tested it before my toddler. This would be very frustrating for him. I played it 5 times. It crashed at around the same point each time. I'm playing on a first generation IPad. It had such potential. So sad I wasted my money.

Not very feature-rich by Rachel '00 2012-09-24

I have many other Toca Boca games and they are all far more substantive than this one. Gets repetitive very quickly. Wish there were more activities and variety. My kids would have loved to "wash" the dishes themselves at the end! Would have been fine as a free game.

Dr. by Zdtrq 2015-08-03

very silly game and does’t worth a penny! doesn’t worth to download for even free. my daughter insisted to purchase but should read reviews before. I thought for such price I would get some thing! any way it was my mistake to jump and buy without checking.

Horrible by Koop aid 2015-11-21

My preschool twins love toca boca games they sit on my iPad for hours I put this game on they played it for 15 mins and then told me they were bored then I had my 4th grader check it out she said it was very boring not worth two dollars not even any

Blah by Borrrrrred2tears 2013-04-01

This game is a giant waste of money and super boring. It needs way more things for kids to discover and more options. There are free games with more features than this boring game.

It gets boring by msrmom 2016-07-03

You do the same thing over and over and after playing with all the options for the party it gets really boring. If I were to keep it the same it should be a free app

Waste of a buck by MrGyp 2015-05-16

Entertains perfectly for roughly 5 minutes. This would be perfect if it were free. Add more variety and I'll add more stars to my review.

Biggest waste of money EVER!! by Buffalomomof3 2013-04-03

Wow! I have purchased a lot of stupid apps but this one takes the cake!!! Boring! This should be free. Do NOT buy this, you'll be sorry!