Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Toca Hair Salon 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Cut, curl, color and style – any way you want!
Our bestselling app Toca Hair Salon is back in an even better version, with new characters, new tools, new accessories and even more hairstyling fun!

In this kid-friendly, super-creative app, you get to run your very own hair salon, with six fun characters to choose from. Cut, colour and style any way you want, using lots of different tools – from a simple comb and scissors to a curling iron and a straightener. Trim mustaches, spray mohawks bright pink and give someone the curls they’ve always wanted!

Whoops – did you accidentally snip off too much hair? Make things right with our special tonic G.R.O.W. and then top it all off with hats, glasses and other fun accessories. Once you and your customer are happy with the way they look, don’t forget to take them to the camera booth for a snapshot!

What’s new in Toca Hair Salon 2?
- 6 completely new characters
- New tools: razor, curling iron, a crimper and a straightener
- More realistic colour spray effects – combine to make new shades!
- New accessories: hats, glasses and much more
- Cool new photo backdrops
- Smooth and beautiful animations
- Better and more realistic hair styling - make any style you want!

Other features you’ll recognize from Toca Hair Salon:
- Cut and trim hair with the scissors electric hair trimmer
- Wash hair with shampoo, shower, and towel
- Use the hairdryer to get the right look
- 9 hair colors to choose and combine
- Lots of accessories for the final touch
- Use the magic potion G.R.O.W to make hair grow back again
- Characters make fun faces and sounds while you’re styling them
- No rules or stress - play any way you want to!
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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This use to be free right? Posted by

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1. More people? 2. Upload pics of your/others face(s) onto the characters? 3. 360 degree view. (For easier styling in the back.) 4. MORE REACTIONS! Make them hate your styles sometimes? Hair stylists might use this app just to play around a bit and if all the customers are always happy..... Then they won't expect unhappy customers in real life? 5. More accessories/clothing and an easier way to get to the item you want? I myself don't enjoy going through all the hats just to get the one I want. 6. Game Center. Have achievements or share with friends. Maybe have a store to buy more accessories and colors?(Could get profit to TocaBoca company from people making in app purchases for coins) I hope the game creators can take these ideas into consideration. Thank you for your time. I LOVE THIS APP!!!!

AMAZING Posted by

Okay so... The other day I was on vacation with my family and we had to go to target. I saw the iPhone 5s and started playing on it. I found this app and started playing on it. I played on it for the whole time I was there! When I got back to the hotel I immediately downloaded it! The next day I showed my sister. My sister has NO games on her phone. She is very weird about games! They have to be very very good for her approval. She absolutely loved this app! This is her only app so this app is amazing! We love to do famous people and have contest who's is better. I just wish there would be an update soon where there are more hair color options! And more people! I'm kinda getting sick of the same people over and over again! But overall u love this app! Please have an update soon!

Love it but... Posted by

I love this game. And I really really really love doing hair. And I really wish I could give this five stars. But I had to give four. Because when I use the hair color I can't get the right color. Like when I pick blond hair I did want to pick the Blond but I wish you could make it darker. Like what I'm saying is I wish we could have the option to change the brightness of it. I mean this is a really good game. Actually instead of four stars I would do four and a half stars. But I can't. Because you can't rate it like that. And also when you do the curler with the spiral on it and you curl the hair with it it looks you just put a bunch of hair spray in it. So if you could make the hair more realistic that would be great.

AWESOME AND ALL but..... Posted by

I think this game is fun, but there are two things that could be better about this game. The first reason is that you can't see the back of the person's head! I wish you could rotate the chair so you can see the back. The second thing that could be better is that it gets kind of old after a while of playing. What would make people come back and play this all would be that if people would say how they want their hair done, and you would do that hairstyle. And if you do it right, you get coins to buy more salon items. And let's say little kids want to design hair the way they want , there could be a setting where you can free play. That's all. :)

Awesome Game! LUV IT Posted by

This game rocks! It is perfect in my opinion, because all the people saying it needs more characters or a story are trying to make a fun game made to be simple anything but! You don't need more characters, you make them yourself with your hair styling! Another fun thing to do is when a friend comes over, play challenges with them. Give them a story to style for, or blindfold them and have them style blind! Toca Hair Salon 2 is a fun game that is great for experimentation. Also, this is a game made for kids. It's not supposed to have coins or color mixing, or anything too complicated. More new faces would be fun, though!

Super fun Posted by

I've tried about 50 other hair games, and nothing compares to Toca Hair Salon 2. The shampoo feature, and the beards/ mustaches add another twist that you wouldn't expect. This is definitely worth the money. I don't like to spend money on games, but I tried it on my friends iPod and I was willing to spend the $3.00! I recommend this for anyone who is sick and tired of terrible hair styling games! I love the layers you can use, I mean no other hair game has it! I love the fact that u can put bangs on the people. But I wish I could turn them around for easy styling in the back. Other than that, great game!

Grow hair liquid : please make it longer! Posted by

I want to say that I am actually pretty satisfied with everything except that I really want to make the client's hair longer. When I first got the game, my favorite character was the red-head-girl because of you make it blond, the use the growing liquid, you could make her have Repunzle's hair! But I couldn't because it only goes about a foot long! Make it longer! And also, why is the music not on? Usually there is a cutting hair noise. I like it bring it back or you will have ⭐️⭐️⭐️ that can't happen it will hurt your reputation Toca Boca!

Toca Boca Posted by

I think this game is great! I think this app is a great way to express feelings I have paper 53 (you should check paper 53 out of you like this game) on my iPad and apps like this one and paper 53 just make me feel like I'm in a safe creating zone. And I probably sound like a dork but I am older than 5 years old and I love this game! You should totes buy this app paying two bucks is worth it!!! Thanks for making so many amazing apps Toca Boca. Keep up the good work and uh yeah. Bye!!!

I love this game but Posted by

I think there should be a tool to let you braid hair and there should be more customers also there should be requests from the customers to make it more challenging then there will be a freestyle part so people can do what they want also we should be able to grow it as long as we want because the amount you let us grow it is too short PLEASE❗️we should also be able to turn the person to the back and to the sides!

Wow. Posted by

I have tried a lot of hairstyle games and the physics and tools are terrible. I love toca hair salon so when this came out I almost immedieatly downloaded it. Wow. I was blown away at this game and it wasn't terrible. In fact, it is one of the best games I have played. There should be an ability to put their hair in braids or something like that. overall great game keep it up Toca Boca!!

Worth every penny Posted by

This game is so amazing! It teaches kids important qualities, such as creativity, imagination, Uniqueness, self care, and good hygiene. It is funny and interesting! Toca Boca is one of the best game designer companies in the App Store. I bought this game and have bought every game from Toca Boca since! It's ad free and safe for children,toddlers,and infants. Worth every penny!

New game idea! Posted by

An idea : Have a Toca Universe. There is different plantes with aliens. You can add whatever building and customize aliens like Toca City. Just thought it would be cool. Then the different planets can be the different games and some of them can be a free world where you can build and maintain a civilization. Please do this it would be amazing. I would buy it

I love it. Posted by

I first encountered this game waiting in a phone store for two hours. I became addicted & wanted it on my own iPad. It never crashed with me, & it runs smoothly. I love that the characters respond. I wish there was a makeup option, too. Lol but I love it. The only game I'd ever buy. The only game I've ever wanted so badly I bought it.


I love love love this game. It is so amazing! I don't have any complaints. Download this game!!! Is that to many exclamation marks and too many awesomes? This game is free so get it! This review was written by Sugarbelle. But my real name is Maryam. I am age 8.I hope you like this review. It is hilariously funny. This game is utterly good.

It is a great app!!! :) Posted by

When I went on vacation I found this game and thought it was really cool. I downloaded it on my iphone and it is really awesome:)!!! My favorite person is the girl with the short black hair. I find it easy and fun to style their hair. It is more fun than any other hair salon game I have played. Thanks Toca Boca for another great game!!!!!

Pretty Good But... Posted by

I love the game but after awhile it got very boring. More characters would be great, and if we could have a different version, like where costumers come in and sort of order what they want, and then you would also do the free play version which we have now. Also let us turn the person to see the back of their heads!!

Amazing!!! Posted by

So I downloaded this app for my sister and she loved it. I am a 17 year old boy and I'm totally HOOKED TO THIS APP!!!! One thing I would like to have on this app is an option to make the hair loose and more realistic. And 3D mode or something like that so we can see the sides and back to make specific cuts.

Good job, Toca Boca! Posted by

This game is just as fun as the rest of their games. It's ten times better than their previous salon games, and definitely a game worth downloading if you don't want to spend $$$ on their costing salon games. Two of the guys can even grow 'stashes and beards (I'm sorry, this just excites me)

Clever and engaging Posted by

Got this for my soon-to-be nine granddaughter, who absolutely loves it. The concept works well, and the 'clients' have great sound effects and facial expressions. It might be nice for an upcoming edition to offer more of them, along some additional tools, but what's here is nicely executed.

Fun!...For Two Seconds by redmask38 2015-08-12

Seeing how Toca was so popular, I thought I'd try out one of their expensive apps. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. While it is fun, it's more of a one-time thing to play. There should be a way to select an individual strand of hair before cutting or coloring. I always cut the wrong strand or color something I don't want to color. Also, you can't see the back of the person's head! It's a good concept but the game needs to be mastered before you can fully enjoy it. Once I mastered it after thirty minutes, I lost interest two seconds later. What a rip off. It's way too repetitive. It should be a free online game rather than an expensive mobile game. Don't waste your money on this.

Great but... by Dncr101 2016-04-22

The two girl characters have some glitches. I'm not sure if it's hacked, if it's a glitch, or if you guys thought it would be hilarious to scare young children. I am 12 and LOVED this game. There was two times that the girls "died" I guess. Their eyes turned white and they like flopped over and one of their faces split. It was terrifying. It happened to my sister too so I know it wasn't just my iPad. I have had this game for over a year and it only happened twice but if you could find this and possibly fix it that would be great. I know it would be terrible if a preschooler was playing the game and this happened. It scared me enough at this age. Thanks.

Great game, but.. by Razor Zoe 2015-07-13

I love this game, except for these few minor details. I wish you could rotate the chair to see the persons' back of their head. It would also be nice if the clients could tell me what kind of haircut they wanted, instead of just being able to do what you want. That is cute, but childish. And some of those colors, though. There are only a few natural hair colors, all of the other ones mostly rainbow crap. I always try to flip the notebook page to find more characters, but no. This game needs an update. Have you read these reviews? Maybe an update with my ideas? Thanks. Otherwise, this is a very cute, kid friendly game!

Needs Improvement, It's Ok. by Cuter that cute. 2016-02-14

I read so many comments on how you cannot see the back of their hair and there needs to be more variations, but I'm pretty sure that Toca Boca is working on it. And don't expect little children to write 2 paragraphs about improving a game. This game is for kids. They see nothing wrong with the game. We, on the other hand, get board of the game very easily because we are older. Don't expect 14 year olds to enjoy this because it was made for a younger group of people. Overall, many people enjoy games created by Toca Boca, and I promise you, there are more games and more updates to come. Hope this review helps.

I like this game but it gets a little old sometimes by Skruffa16 2015-06-15

this game is awesome but I think it needs more characters and you should be able to rotate the chair so can see the back of the characters it is a really good haircutting game compared to other ones though but it gets a little old sometimes maybe you could add a optional part of the game where the clients tell you how they want there hair cut that would be fun but there would also be a free mode where you could do whatever you want . I REALLY want to be able to see the back of there heads if you do one of the things I listed I might give u a 5 stars (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Love this game by UnRevealed_Truth 2016-09-06

Im actually 21( don't judge me) and I love this game and my little sisters love it to. I wish you could rotate the chair to see the back of the head while styling and coloring hair and I would add some more things to make the game more interesting. Like hair appointments and having the characters request certain styles and colors and maybe add a makeup section and clothes or something idk but I would play more if those things were added. I've been waiting for an actually game play update for years and I guess it's not happening

Great Game, But... by Somepeoplewantgames 2015-08-01

Hello! I would just like to say I REALLY wish that you could rotate the 'client's' head so I can also change and cut the back of their head. Also, I. My opinion, this game isn't for 9-11 year olds. I would say it is definitely around 5-7 year olds. I really wish I could give this game 5 stars, but it just has to many simple flaws that nobody cares to fix. Overall, the game is nice, and it never glitches or crashes.

More options.... And Can I see the back of their head plz?! by Awkwardturtleinthepacificocean 2016-01-07

I think we need to have more options to put on the people! We should also have a color wheel that we can pick our own colors instead of the same old colors!What we have sorta gets old.... I think this is a little overpriced, and we should also be able to see the back of their heads! That way, we can do more designing, and have more room to put bows and headbands on! This needs to change or I might delete!!!

Boring by Imaninjaoreo 2015-05-27

It's a good game it's just really boring if you've had it a long time. I can't even tell you when we got any new characters, hair colors, hair tools, anything. Make the people look semi normal and not like animals lol. Add those please cause I've created every single hair style/color on every character and I'm bored and I'm sure I'm not the only one

I don't want a refund by Lolly_polly346 2014-08-17

I purchased this game about three days ago & still haven't been able to enjoy it . The game won't fully download . I've checked my connection , turned my phone on & off , placed it on airplane mode, deleted it & tried to re-install but nothing seems to be working . I really want to play but if I can't enjoy the game I purchased I want my money back .

Omg :( by Uj,ksmxjcj 2014-08-25

What do I do I bought this game that is obviously $3.00 I forgot my password to my iPad and had to sinc it. How do I restore this I'm so sad and can't buy it again also if I can't restore it that's a total waste of money making done with apple products cause they are frustrating to begin with

Watermelon man by Watermelon boy 2014-09-21

This is not that good don't get it try the free one first if there is a free it might have Santa on the free one. DONT GIT THIS APP!!

Upset by Kiki393939 2014-12-15

This game was $2.99 and now it's FREE. I want my $3 back

why do i need mpney to getmit by to uch money 2015-03-18

why cant i have it for free