Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Hair Salon Me Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Give your friends and family a totally new look! Simply snap a picture and you’re transported to a world of hair-raising fun!

In this new version of the wildly popular Toca Hair Salon-series we want you to create the characters!

Toca Hair Salon Me lets you be the customer and the stylist! Curly, straight or purple? Create a funky hairdo any way you like. Grow it long or cut it short, shave one side or spray paint it every color of the rainbow. The possibilities are endless!

Add accessories such as hats, sunglasses and hair clips to top it off. Don’t forget to take a photo and share with friends. Now you can use your own photos as backdrops to complete your style transformation.

Check out what’s new in Toca Hair Salon Me!
- Snap a picture of your friends to create their new hairstyle
- Or use a photo from your camera roll
- Tons of fun new accessories from mustaches to hats
- Even more hair colors to choose from
- Create photo backgrounds from your own pictures

And all the features you already love:
- Use G.R.O. to make short hair long again
- Lather, rinse & blow-dry
- Use tools to curl, straighten, crimp, shave & trim
- Characters make fun faces and sounds while you style them
- No rules or stress – play any way you want to!
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Privacy Policy
Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


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MY FAV APP EVER!! Posted by

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT GETTING THIS APP, (WHETHER FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR CHILD) DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE AND BUY THIS APP. THIS IS THE MOST ENTERTAINING APP I HAVE EVER PURCHASED. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PURCHASE THIS APP!!! Now that I have you hooked, here's my thoughts. I love that you can take a picture (or use a picture from your photos) of yourself, friends, family, etc. and do their hair. While playing the app, certain actions cause their facial expressions to change. Also, I love that you can dye your "client's" hair literally any color on the color spectrum, versus the 8 or so other colors on the old hair salon apps. I also like the accessories on this app more than on the other Toca Boca apps. Other than that, all of the other features are virtually the same, besides a slight change in appearance, such as the "grow," curling iron/wand, flat iron, scissors, comb, mechanical/electric razor, and shampoo and blow dryer. The only thing missing is the towel, but that isn't a huge problem. I just wish that the hair could be grown just a touch longer, but it's just fine the way it is now. Overall, this is by far the best of the Toca Hair Salon apps. It is extremely enjoyable to give yourself/friends/family/etc.crazy hairstyles. This app will provide you or your child hours of entertainment. I highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone. (I am a 14 year old girl.)

Very pleased, yet somewhat disappointed Posted by

I got this app (im 14) a few days ago, trusting the company as i love their hair salon apps. I was thinking it would be just like toca hair salon 2, but with our faces, making me excited because i hated the silly characters you had to use in hair salon 2. I was pleased, yet disappointed. Pleased: I love the new color selection I love the IDEA of the faces I love the picture background Disappointed: I do not like the art style, simply, AT ALL. I think it is creepy and looks like all the supplies came from a dump. I think if this is a kid oriented app I'd rather it be clean and colorful. I do not like the way the faces turn out. I assume there will be updates to improve this, so since i spent the money i'm holding out, but right now the faces get distorted and there arent enough options to pick the mouth or eye shape for it to work properly. I don't like the accessories, there should be more. I do not like the hair itself. I think it should be like hair salon 2; the hair for this one seems thin and doesn't grow as long. Last thing, but it seems a bit touchy. Doesn't respond well.

AMAZING! Posted by

First, the good: this app/toy looks incredible, it is really really fun, and a brilliant idea, the animations are awesome, my daughter and nieces think this is the coolest! Second, the bad: there should really be a way to 'save' a gallery of your characters, so you can come back and play with them again & though I did not have as much trouble with the dark edges as many people, I did experience that, but I just took another pic, but since it seems to bother people a lot it would be nice to adjust that edge coloration algorithm. Third, the obvious: for those that complain about what their pictures look like: try again, it truly is up to you, it takes a little bit of effort, but in the app it says so itself -"use well lit photos... properly cropped and centered" and then with some care, place the eye and mouth markers. Lastly, toca boca apps are great because of their unique style, humor, silly cartoons, fun, and playability... So don't expect photo-realistic effects here, it is a toy, it is stylized, funny, and quirky, just have fun!

Awesome app! Two suggestions, though Posted by

Our daughter is a huge fan of the previous hair salon apps, and adores this one! Two changes would make this much more usable, though. First, she's three, which is old enough to do the salon part of the app, but *not* old enough to choose a picture, line it up, pick a head shape, identify eyes and mouth, etc. This app would be *much* better if we could save the heads after we put them together, so that she could just decide whose hair she wants to style and go. Second, I don't understand why this can only pull pictures from the camera roll. We use this on a couple of different devices, and would prefer to just have a shared photostream of usable head shots.

Toca Boca review Posted by

Hair Salon Me is a fun game that has a new approach styling hair with new faces. You don't have any old boring faces you can take a picture of someone else and then design their hair when many colors amending the expression the mini accessories to go with it. This game is very fun for young game players and also make a young adults and adults of any age laugh at the crazy possibilities. The styling of the game is very good for everyone but the skin color that matches the face doesn't go well sometimes it glitches up sometimes it doesn't even match at all so that's what's wrong with the app. And the rest is just amazing!

It's Alright... Posted by

I've been waiting since Saturday for this app. I was highly excited for it, I'm 14 and I love the toca hair salon two. But I'm not happy about the hair lengths they give you in this app, and then if the face has one little shade on it when you take the picture you look like you got beat up. I just want the hair to be longer and for my face or whoever's to look less awkward. I personally love the wash and dry station, it's really smooth, but if you like these fun and crazy apps to express your self this apps' for you, if you don't like designing or being cooky, this app is not for you.. I like it though.

Just two more improvements needed! Posted by

This app overall is AWESOME! Just need two improvements! First, plz make LONGER HAIR! I used the GRO potion but it only went down to about my shoulders! I downloaded this app to see what I would look like with blonde hair but my hair is a lot longer that it would be cut off in the screen! The only other toca hair salon I have is the Xmas one and it can make the hair cut off the screen! So would you plz do that? Second, the hair is really cartoonish. Maybe just a little bit more realistic? That's all the problems I had with the app! The rest is AWESOME! :D Have a good day to anyone reading this!

Love Toca Boca apps but....... Posted by

I have been a fan of Toca Boca apps for a while now and always love to get a new one but they cost a bit too much. I am alway on the look out for a new app and Toca Boca is the way to go. Can you make them cost like .99 cents or $1.99. I would buy them a lot more often then. And some apps are free and they are fun but by far my favorite is Toca Town. Love the apps otherwise; so fun to play with. Thank you for reading.

toca boca Posted by

nesecito que el pelo sea mas largo, que uno mismo lo haga crecer pero que sea mucho mas largo y la ropa que uno la cambie así se puede diferenciar entre niño y niña o hombre y mujer eso, el juego es muy bueno y educativo haci que le dare 5 estrellas porfavor hagan los cambios que les pedi. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️❤️

Great! Posted by

Best 2.99$ I've ever spent. My 6 year old cousin loves this and he's a boy lol. He thought it was fun and loved to make his hair funny. I'm so happy he loves it! He also told me his mom downloaded Toca Builders and Toca cars on his/moms ipad. He loves your games Toca boca keep up the good work!

Another Hit Posted by

I downloaded this to my daughter's iPad mini early this morning while she was sleeping and the surprise on her face when she discovered a new Toca Boca app for her to enjoy was wonderful. The new interactivity makes this salon title an excellent addition to the family. Thank you Toca Boca!

Really cute and Funny!!! Posted by

My niece and step daughter love it! I downloaded the app on thanksgiving and they snapped pics of everyone. The whole family had a great laugh! Disregard the rates a reviews about it looking strange. It's for kids and it's pretty darn close..VERY CUTE!!!

Toca boca is great Posted by

I love this game I could play it all night but maybe add some more accessories and some characters for people that don't take pictures of people but that's up to you so thank you and ps can you make tocaboca buliders free

Awesome, but Posted by

This is a great app. But you need some changing. It needs to be charge for free. I give it four stars because this is not um....that fun because The advertisements are popping up every five seconds.

It's ok by eshapaul 2013-11-29

I have gotten most of the Toca Boca apps, and I though this on was going to be way better than Toca Boca hair salon 2. It's not. For the premium 2.99 there should be way more new interactions. I also don't like the fact that you can't manually pick the color of the face. I noticed the hair flows better, and the tools are more precise, but there really should have been more options. Front, back and side profiles, ponytail holders that bunch the hair up in a group when you release the hold. I could go on and on. I hope in the future you guys keep adding on to the hair salon it's totally my favorite app of all other than your kitchen app, which I hope you make updates for it too, to make it more like my disney kitchen. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Disappointed by Ry Guy Mcfly 2014-07-13

I was expecting more. I paid quite a lot of money for this app, and what do I get? A creepy looking face orientation (how did you get the screenshot pic anyway) and that's about it. Some advice- I thought it would be some kind of Hair Salon 2+. You could have some of the prearranged faces, AND you could use the pictures. And by the way, I wish you could go to the back of the head, because it's mostly just guessing there. I had hoped you could grow the hair longer than shoulder length, and having a back view would help with the longer hair. Please include these in the next update if possible.

not looking so good by Meara12340 2014-01-05

I got the app thinking it is just like the other toca boca apps and will work great, I was wrong I got it to load and opened it and first chose to take a photo and then it put my hair like a boys and and put me in a boys shirt and keep n mind I am a girl. It then has the second option to choose an existing photo and I went through the same proses put my picture and sized it and went to go style the hair and it happened again. It is not all bad but mostly it is bad and the features to style the hair is great and all just kids might get upset if they are a girl and come out a girl and vice versa.

Ok... by Stormyrocksme 2013-11-30

The hair color picking is AMAZING but they make me look like a boy! You should to be able to choose genders. They make my face come out creepy and when she smiles or opens her mouth, the inside is black! The hair length is also too short. I have longer hair. Although, I love the new hats and bows. I also like the idea of putting your own background in. The wash station is very smooth though. But when I am swiping through the stations, the hair color sometimes swipes with me; it can get quite annoying because you loose the current hair color. HOWEVER it's a great game good concept!

Not Impressed by Mandipandy4321 2013-11-27

I've always loved Tocas apps and I was very excited to get this but when I first got it I was not very impressed. The app has a 3D-ish look which is ok. They have the eyes and mouth move which sometimes and be a little weird, but when you get to the hair all the hair is behind your back so you can't even see it. The hair is harder to brush and cut. But the only thing I do like is how you can blend your own hair color. When you do hair styles on here it just looks awkward. That is why I give this 2 stars.

Bad by Hopey27 2014-01-03

Don't buy let me say save your money for just toca hair salon I bought this app for 3.00 not worth it. Every time I take the picture it won't let me drag the mouth down to where my mouth is in the picture and in life or the same with the eyes I'll do it an do my eyes will be all up there when my eyes are farther down . And the cheeks in the head molds go right through the eyes when I do someone . Usually your apps are FANTASTIC just not this one. Please also make it comparable for the iPad .

It's fun, but needs improvements by Nelly1494Rocks 2013-12-04

This game is really fun, but there are some things that i don't really like. One of them is that you should be able to choose your skintone, because those ones are nothing like my skin. Another thing is that the hair is barely even long when you grow it all the way. Another is when you choose colors as your wallpaper, there are a bunch of colors, so you have a hard time choosing and you have to keep pressing the button over and over again. Thats basically it. But otherwise the app is pretty cool! :)

Pretty good, but... by Jess Vidović 2016-01-31

I love this app! I have it on my iPad and it's great! However, I have an iPhone 5S and whenever I open the app, there's a light buzzing sound. Whenever I try to take a picture or get one from my camera roll, the buzzing noise becomes horribly louder. Please fix this

Really? by Doodleguppie 2013-12-08

Clever idea, but the hair length shouldn't be limited. Also, WHY ARE THE FACES SO ZOOMED OUT? I'm trying to play this on my iphone 5 and I can't have much control because of how zoomed out the game is and how hard it is to control the hair.

I don't know how to work it! by Giggle buggy gal 2015-06-28

When I first got the app, I took a "selfie" and the thing appeared so bad! The mouth even opened in the wrong place! I deleted the game and I won't download it again! Don't buy this

Can't access photo library by Garrett Dimon 2013-11-28

Downloaded this for our daughter, but the app only lets you choose photos from the camera roll and doesn't seem to let you browse existing albums or photos for using with the app.

Para molestar con gente de la U by Camilo Calvo 2014-11-16

Excelente app, me la paso molestando con la gente de la U, esta app también es para gente adulta graciosa. seria genial que la actualizaran y le añadieran cosas nuevas. Gracias

Angry by TIFF999 2014-06-30

I got this app, and then I deleted it for something else. Now I try to download it and it won't let me redownload it. Other than that, I really liked it

Will not work with iPad 1. by TAFFY creative 2013-11-27

There are no privacy settings on the iOS for the iPad 1 so they cannot be edited to ac

Purchaser by User to 2014-08-14

Sorry I purchased. Not like the app on the iPad we tried. Kids were disappointed

Said it was $.99 but charged me 2.99 by Mama 2015-05-18

The store said it was $.99 but it took $2.99 away from my iTunes. Do not get!!