Toca House Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca House Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca House Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca House Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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Welcome to Toca House!

Help the five friends to do fun chores around a cosy house. Let your kids do the dishes, ironing, sweeping or planting flowers in the garden. Loads of fun with 19 different mini-games! And if your kids liked Toca Doctor, they are going to LOVE Toca House!

The graphics and attention to detail are top notch. The app is sure to be a hit with the kids and one that they will return to over and over again. -

Keeping with the theme of fantastic illustrations, seamless gameplay and engaging activities, Toca House is an excellent addition to any families’ iPad. - Famigo

* PLEASE NOTE: Toca House is designed and intended for children age 2-6. But you can have fun with it if you're older too :) *

- 19 different mini-games to play with
- Domestically themed mini-games - teach kids what needs to be done around the house!
- Loads of variation - different order of the games each time
- Fantastic original artwork!
- Convenient time to pause or take turns when the sun sets after playing ten mini-games
- Fun sounds and animations!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca House is a free play toy for kids that takes them through the everyday chores of a household. Cleaning, washing windows, deliver mail, taking a bath or mopping the floor. All familiar themes for kids that they see everyday, but often can't participate it. But now they can - and it's fun too! Play a series of mini-games that take place in and around the house with five super-cute characters. When the sun sets it's time to go to bed, but you can always play another round of course. This makes it perfect for turn-taking or a break to do something else too!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Privacy Policy
Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


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A little expensive for what it is... Posted by

I wish the toca boca apps were less expensive. They often are fun and easy to enjoy, and I will admit that I love playing them. I love it when they come out with a new app because they are always fun the first few times, but with this particular app the mini games get very old, very fast. It would be fun if you could choose what the characters do in this game instead of having to do the same old things. I would like it if there are new chores every day, and if you could cook and stuff. If you are interested, I'll list all of the mini games: - putting the letters for the characters in their mail slots -handing each character their package -picking the flowers outside and placing them in the correct flower pot -placing the scattered leaves outside in their correct piles -mowing the lawn -sorting berries and tossing rotten ones -placing the wooden logs in the fireplace -hanging pictures on the wall -sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping dust and water from the floors -cleaning the dishes -wiping the windows -washing clothes in the washing machine -hanging up clothes on the clothes line -ironing clothes -placing groceries in the refrigerator -giving the yellow monster a bubble bath And finally, -cleaning up a spill of soap on the floor. Here are a few more mini games that I think would make the game more fun: - cook supper for the house and put food on dishes -plant vegetables in the garden -fold clothes and put them in drawers -trim the hedges -brush a characters teeth or hair -paint the exterior of the house -collect plants and vegetables from the garden -pick up toys from the floor -put a broken vase back together ...and so on. Anyway, I really hope more mini games could be in the app update. But to be honest, the toca boca games really need to be less expensive. They are so fun and I always love playing them, but they should definitely add more mini games.

It's for the description before you review things. Posted by

Not sure why this app is getting such harsh reviews, did you read the part where it's for 2-6 year olds? No, this app is not going to be earth shattering for adults. I watch my nephew & niece often so I figured having this app handy in case they get bored. I have not played with it yet so I cannot give accurate review but once the kids and I play I will update the review to based on how the children enjoyed it (since that is who it was created for) but I thank you for offering something for children to play with. I think that since the future is technology based, they might as well get an early start. And for those complaining "What 4 year old has an iPad", have you ever heard of a family sharing an electronic item? Sometimes mothers have to keep the kids busy while they do chores. Thank you Toca!

My 2 year old LOOOVES it!! Posted by

Yes I got this from the 12days app as a gift. No I am not 2 but my daughter is. I would have never known about this app if not for the 12days app. So all you ungrateful BRATS that are giving it 1 star because you didn't get what you wanted get over yourselves. The world is not going to bow down at your feet. If you don't like the app DELETE it. WOW what a concept!!! I am know there are couple of odd things like the matches and the "yellow monster" getting a bath. I am pretty sure my 2 year old will not be scared from playing this. You parents that are complaining about those little things. I am pretty sure you ACTUALLY played with real matches as a kid and didn't get hurt. We are all way over protective these days, it's no wonder we have such whinny ungrateful kids in this world.

Great routine based learning tool Posted by

Toca House is a routine based app for preschoolers that teaches about daily life routines in and about the house. The nice feature about all Toca apps is there is no right or wrong way to play and kid's can freely explore and learn. The Toca house references time of day, for each activity, and reinforces early learning skills in the context of completing daily chores. I especially like the mowing the lawn activity as it helps teach kids to learn control with coloring within defined spaces. There are also matching/sorting games with not only direct attributes, but also ones that increase the complexity, i.e. sorting grandma's fruit - and being careful to trash ones that are a little spoiled. There are links under secured buttons, but no IAPs. Highly recommended.

Great toddler app! Posted by

FYI: This app is getting lower reviews not based in the merits or how well it works but because people are annoyed that it was offered as one of the gifts on the 12 Days of Gifts app (from December 26- January 6, 2013) offered through iTunes. It is an AWESOME app geared towards younger children. It is simple and easy for a toddler to understand and very thoughtfully designed. Probably a child in the 2-4 year old range would enjoy this the most. I enjoy it a lot too and I find this app to not be overwhelming and annoying like a lot of toddler apps have the tendency to be. It's engaging but not aggravating for the parent. Thanks to Apple for offering this as part of the 12 Days of Gifts app. It's gonna be a favorite of my son's for a while!

So much fun Posted by

My two year old son loves this game (and most games by Toca Boca). This game has a lot of color matching activities and simple household tasks (like sorting the mail and putting clothes in the washing machine). After each mini game he says "oh look, mommy, the ---- is happy!" And he identifies the blue character as a grandma, the mailman, the yellow thing is a "guy", and the rest are kids. Since we have been driving long trips across a few states lately, these apps have really helped keep him entertained in the car. I'm not sure why they're rated for kids 4 and up in the App Store...that should probably be changed so parents searching the preschool category can find this.

Youngest kids only Posted by

The graphics are great, and the concept of instilling fun with household chores is good for young kids. Definitely a repetitive little game, could certainly expand to other tasks and rooms, since I could see that even young kids would tire of it quickly. But I ask that the creepy yellow nippled and naked creature man be clothed like the rest of his housemates throughout the game. It doesn't make sense that only when he is ready for the tub, we get a towel around his waist, why not some decency everywhere else? It was a little weird bathing him, but can see how that could help kids like bath time better.

Eduacational and fun Posted by

It's a great app for the little ones my 4 and 5 year old daughters loved it. Now they help me around the house asking "mommy can I clean the windows?" Or "can I help put the food away?". Also a lot of you complain about how the yellow fuzzy person wears no clothes. Kids relax he is a fictional character he is not real. If he is not wearing clothes it doesn't matter he is not REAL! If big foot were real that would mean for years big foot walked around in our Forrest's naked well he would have fur! Anyway I highly recommend this app,my kids can't get enough!

Cute for small children Posted by

I feel bad that their reviews are getting hammered by people who downloaded it without understanding what it was. It's fairly clear that it's an app for young children. The art & animation is beautiful. I found the gameplay to be a bit confusing, but I'm used to small children having more guided experiences. The response to touch is fun. The naked yellow bear thing seems a little bit like a large naked man. I'd probably put his ears more towards the top of his head to make him look less like a man. Not my favorite character design, but definitely unique.

Love toca boca Posted by

Hello ppl....this app is for 2 yr clearly states it (it's wasn't designed for ppl that can write a review). I Love and have all toca boca products for my daughter! My TWO and A HALF yr old enjoys them and so do my pts during therapy. I really don't write reviews, but just felt as if I had to since lots of older ppl that are playing toca boca child games are writing negative reviews. Maybe if they purchase age appropriate games, they won't experience boredom. Anxiously anticipating more toca boca apps! Good job producers!

Nice Posted by

First of all I think it's funny when people complain that it's an app for kids... It clearly states for 2-6 yr olds! If you don't like it don't complain and tell apple they need to step up their game with these apps. Just don't download it! No a 2 yr old is not going to have their own iTunes acct. but if you are a parent you know you have downloaded kids games to keep them occupied while in town! The game is fine. Just another one for my 3 yr old to push buttons and be entertained for a bit.

Just a wonderful app Posted by

Many kids love it and enjoy playing with and so does my niece and nephew they showed me even how to do the stuff on it and I have to say it is amazing maybe add some gardening or cleaning spill on the table and putting Landry away or in the washer and dryer and my niece and nephew wanted me to add please keep making more to a vocal products everyone loves them on my niece and nephews iPad they have all the toca boca games and I guess that shows that the app are loved very much! Nice job Toca Boca

My Granddaughter LOVES This Game! Posted by

You get an A+ in my book for coming up with this concept! My granddaughter really enjoys helping me clean & do small chores around the house and I absolutely agree with you that if you make these "chores" fun when they're little, they won't dislike them so when they get older. Your apps/games help teach that, as well as being very educational. I think every parent should consider downloading these and playing them with their children, then teach them to help you at home, too!

4 year old loves it Posted by

I downloaded this game a while ago and played it for a few minutes and wrote it off as stupid and didn't even show it to the kids, just threw it in the kids game folder. The 4 year old found it and loves it. She plays just to see the little creatures smile at her when she completes a mini game. She will play this all day long if I let her, and has played for a couple hours in a row before. Perfect for long car rides.

Young Gamer App Posted by

Okay, so, this is a great app. Unfortunately, I chose to delete it because it is made for much younger children. But for all the 3-6 year olds out there who like to perform small, sweet tasks, download this app! The graphics are adorable and completely friendly. A total go-to game for the mommies who need to distract their kids! Have fun:)

Love it!! Posted by

This is a great app!! There are so many things to do! It feels like the mini games endless. At first I thought that cleaning the window and wiping a soda stain off the floor was the same mini game! They make the mini games seem different every time! I love this app so much and I'm a preteen!!! Another great app by Toca Boca!

Fantastic! Posted by

This and the entire Toca app catalog should be purchased. They produce the best apps for fun and development in children. To be honest, my wife and I compete for the iPad with our kids to play their apps at times. All are must-have. Keep up the quality Toca Boca!

As always, Toca Boca is top notch Posted by

My three-year-old son is playing this game on my iPhone right now, and my five-year-old daughter would rather watch him play than play her own game on the iPad I'm now writing this review on. I'm about to go throw some more money Toca Boca's way....

3 year old loves this ap! Posted by

She just noticed the new ap on my ipad and started playing with it. Kept her entertained and engaged for a long time. She's played with it daily since I downloaded it. I can't remember the last time we had this much success with an ap for her, thanks!

Fun for littles Posted by

I was happy to see this app on the gift giveaway. I was just looking for some fun apps for my daughter to play on my iPad for trips home. It's fun and simple. Absolutely perfect for a toddler. It would definitely be worth the purchase price.

Ok app by Jillian K. 2013-12-29

This app is kind of weird. If you are older than around 7 years or older, you would probably find it very boring. My sister loves it, but I don't really care for it. There is not much to do, you finish the level and then you do it over and over again. GREAT FOR LITTLE KIDS, BORING FOR OTHERS. I love toca boca but for me to play it, it is a disappointment. Although to teach little kids to do chores this is a very well done app. I don't hate the app, I don't want to be a hater. Just if you are thinking about spending your money on this and you are over about 10 years old, rethink.

A little limited. by .:.:.:.:. 2013-12-20

I am a little older than the age range that your apps are designed for, and I really think that your games hold a lot of potential to be fun for all ages! (I personally really enjoy Toca Talior!) But to be truthful, I find this game to be limited. This game only allows mini games to be played, and I think it would be very enjoyable if you could customize the house and the characters. I also think enhancing the mini games might make the game more entertaining. Thanks Toca Boca, I really enjoy your apps for the most part!

Too weird by emmajilly 2013-07-24

Maybe it's just me but I think the characters in this app are unnecessarily weird. Why does the yellow giant have nipples? Is it a man? If so, why is it ok for a young child to 'wash him in the bath'? And what's with the little girl whose head is a house? And the mother who looks like a friendly witch? Nothing against witches but this app is venturing into the inappropriate zone for me due to the yellow man giant. And I consider myself fairly open-minded. Why not make it a little more normal?

Aweful by -Shyam 2013-07-29

We love many of the Toca Boca apps, but this one really stinks! Except for one character (the little girl), they all had grimacing scary faces. When they did smile, it only lasted a second and then they'd go back to looking mean in a flash. And unless you're cool with your kid giving a big naked dufus a bath, DON'T get this app!!!!! It doesn't even deserve the 1 star due to the high potential of forever traumatizing a person :( but that's the only way to submit a review...

Not worth the $$$ by Hedgehog156 2013-03-03

It's kind of fun for the first couple of times but, gets boring after a while. It shouldn't be 2.99 it's price should probably be at least .99. There is a lot of thing for kids to do in it like cleaning laundry,mowing the lawn, and much more. It's a pretty good app over all but they are asking to much for the price. I only gave it 4 stars because it's cost to much, it doesn't have a lot of games, and put some clothes on that yellow guy.

Concerned Parent by Kids play with matches?!? 2014-01-03

I started playing with my 2 1/2 year old, and we were going through the different house levels. He was having fun and doing great. However, there is a level where they loaf the wood in the fireplace and then place lit match in fireplace. I seriously don't want my child playing with matches in life or in a game. This is the reason for one star. Game designers should have known better than put this level in.

What a rip off by Happy time 2016-03-14

I absolutely cannot believe that people are saying that this app is good, maybe for a baby but for kids over six it is a complete waste of money. I don't want to be that person who just says negative things though and that is why I came to give you an idea maybe toca boca can make a thing that says it's made for kids 2-5 and 6 up I don't mean to be rude but that's just a thought. -hope it helps!

Good, but simply the wrong audience by Pedro Gallardo 2013-12-29

I understand that this game is meant for a younger audience, but I don't think many 2 year olds have an iTunes account. I think the graphics are great for the younger audience but, unfortunately, I don't think an iPad or iPod is the appropriate medium for a toddler's game.

Sooooooo much fun! by Noel❤toca boca 2015-05-05

I love this app!I first found out about the Super adorable peoples on toca town. My little brother loves the bathroom and Helping the big yellow guy(big bath tub Billy) and the pink and green guy(triangle man). Please download if you enjoy anything from Toca Boca!

Very redundant by Ash-Luv 2013-12-29

I downloaded this game from the apple app give away. I am a game head and even enjoy playing kids game but with toca house you are doing the same thing over and over again. This app could have a lot more potential. The two stars are for the graphics.

I love the chores by Atalorw 2013-12-29

I have chores to do around the house. This app is perfect for kids. After you're done cleaning you can grab your device and do even MORE chores. I love how you can do some of the hardest chores ANY TIME ANYWHERE. Not worth the download

Audience's Age by Noodlehead3333333 2013-12-29

I downloaded this via 12 days app, I am very disappointed that an app that advertises 2-6 year olds is being "gifted" to people on the 12 days app that says for people 12+. Although I don't enjoy it maybe a smaller child will.

Don't get this app!!! by Carrie71320 2013-09-22

The app freezes every time my kid get on it! And frankly i don't like having my kids bathing a big hairy yellow man! I would give this NO stars if i could!! Don't waste money on this piece of junk!

Horrible by Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123. 2013-12-30

I got if for my granddaughter and I was watching her bath the yellow guy . He has nipples ! My granddaughter is 6 . If you download this make sure you want you kids to play . It's stupid !

No sound by intheningnangnong 2014-01-28

The Toca Boca introduction plays with sound but there is no sound in the game on my iPhone, even with the side switch on and volume up.

Toca boca house by Dddddddddddddddddooooooooooooo 2013-02-17

This app is bad it's a big waste of time. you just do chores for them no wonder why it's free:(:(:(:(

No sound by minnesota'mom 2013-10-05

Just bought. Sound works on iPhone 5 but not iPad mini! Please fix. My daughter is highly annoyed! Boo

Upside down by World B. Free 2013-12-31

This app ignores orientation on iPad 2 running ios6. Not cool.