Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Kitchen 2 Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing!

Who said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boil the salad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipes and treat your guests to something special.

With five different kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfect setup for preparing fun foods! Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner?

Discover your guests’ preferences by watching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn’t like it? Try adding some salt. It’s fun to get the “ew”!

- New ingredients in the fridge
- New characters to feed
- Stronger character reactions
- Five kitchen tools to cook with
- New juicer and oven
- No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Posted by

This is a really good game! I highly recommend this for really young children. Im only 13 and I get bored really easy, and this is a nice game to play when your just sitting around and doing nothing. I think other people have the same suggestions as me because the game is fun for like one time basically because there isnt really much you can do after you experienced all of it already. I repeatedly delete and re-install this app just to see if they added anything new. Here are some suggestions that i have; 1. I think there should be more ways to cook the food. Like if you want to make soup, or something of that nature. 2. You guys should add DESERTS! Everyone loves to eat deserts after they ate, and I think the characters would really enjoy the combinations we would make. Like probablly ice cream, cake, pie, cookies, etc. 3. Add more sauces, and possibly toppings. Like i said before you guys should add deserts, but you should also have toppings with the deserts! Like sprinkles, or candy! And more sauces like mustard, chocolate sauce, etc. 4. Combine the food. Instead of just making two things, for example bread and meat, why cant there be an option to cook the meat and some how add it with the bread! I think that would make the game way more fun and people wouldnt really get as bored. It would be amusing to see how our characters would recat to putting shrimp and lettuce together, or the apples and chicken! 5. More ways to cook. I feel like there should be more ways to cook, like probablly a microwave, or a toaster. Since theres bread in the fridge, why not toast it?! I feel like a toaster should have been there from the start. 6. Add more beverages. I feel like there should be milk, coffee, tea, lemonade, and and milk shakes. instead of just blending different foods together to get a color and prenteding like its something .( Ex. getting a white food from the fridge, blending it and pretending its milk

Awesome Posted by

Hey Toca Boca and Buyers Or People looking to get this app or people who already have the app ... TOCA BOCA is the best app maker in the world for me don't know about others ... This app is Amaze. Hey guys the update is here and I have some ideas for all Toca Boca app and the creators look... Here's the thing... How about making all Toca Boca apps free for a limited time and also the free ones be free I would buy all the apps and how about adding more characters to this app add more food and items to use to make the food,do what you want and make Toca kitchen me , where you can take a photo of yourself and cook for yourself that'll be cool and yea make all apps free for a limited time people would love that I will download all the apps for free then delete them and when you have to buy them again I'll just download them from purchased I love Toca Boca and I'll love if you will let all apps be free for a limited time thank you and good bye , also never put in app purchase on any of your apps I will hate that, also allow the player to put thing on top of each other you said we can make burgers in the app on the description and how are we going to do that HUH , also lets us be able to make stuff like soup and stuff especially stew. @okayyyyyyyyyy ish is correct her/his review is good we should have all of those thnx for listening Get all Toca Boca apps

Suggestions :) Posted by

I love this game and think it's a great improvement from the other Toca Kitchen games, but I have a few suggestions to makes this an even better app! Kitchen Improvements- 1.) I suggest a food processor that has two options, chunky (for mashed potatoes and other, well, "chunky" foods) and smooth for things like soups. 2.) Bowls, for the soup from the food processor of course! Maybe an option to make pies? It's a stretch but it would be very cute! Ingredients- 1.) EGGS! (With the option to boil or crack them.) 2.) Cheese? 3.) Apples (I'm about 99.9% sure they aren't already in the game, but if they are, disregard that!) Other- 1.) I do think you should be able to go into "stack" and "free" mode. "Stack" so you can you can stack items to make sandwiches, or let the ingredients fall as they already do in "free" mode. 2.) I would also love to use utensils, I think it would be a great addition to the gameplay. 3.) I also think the chopping function is a bit frustrating, it's hard to be pick things up without cutting them. I think the chopping block in "Toca Kitchen" was much more accurate and easier to navigate. Thanks for reading!

Awesome Game worth buying! Posted by

Running on a iPad Mini 1st gen and a iPod 6 gen both 9.2 This is a great creative no time limit cooking game, you pick up some food put on the plates then take them over to be cooked, fried, chopped, baked, steamed or boiled even made into a weird bubbly juice.. While all this is amazing the juicer shows that things can be blended into one thing.. The ability of bowls that would allow the making of soups or salads or pasta dishes (blend up tomatoes and make sauce ) now that brings me to my other issue.. Items that should be gooey or floppy come out as one chunk (rice I believe that's what that white ball is)( oh and pasta) need to be more real...How about give us some spoons and forks to feed them with.. Make sauces blend things together like the juicer but for sauces .. Would love to see more then food how about ice-cream or candy ? Make kabobs would be cool, make different foods then stick them on a stick then feed them it ^-^ More reactions I blended in the juicer raw chicken a mushroom raw pork and she just sneezed stuff on screen ... All and all a great and fun game kinda wish there was a challenge mode to try to please them with your cooking,

Really good game and company Posted by

I'm 11 years old and I've playing toca boca games since I was 8. This app is amazing and all other apps too. My one problem is that only a couple are free and a lot of toca boca apps are kind of expensive if you maybe reduced the price to $0.99 to around $1.99 I'm sure you guys would have a lot more business. But this game in particular is AMAZING. One of the best my little sister (3) plays this along with me and I, in my opinion, think that this app should have game modes like, for example, a younger kids mode where it teaches them about the safety's of the kitchen (like always have adult supervision) along with teaching them to make good food for their "costumers". Maybe some more ways to cook and some more ingredients would be awesome and maybe a cookbook/recipe book would be amazing too I hope you read this and take my thoughts into consideration please and thank you -Audrey

Awesome Game! A few suggestions... Posted by

This game is great to keep young kids busy, and I will admit that I actually enjoy it! It was a free app of the week a few months back, and it made me happy to think of when I was younger and I loved Toca Boca games, so I installed it. It was great, (still is) but I think that you should add a few things to make it more interesting for older people (but still fun for younger kids)! You could add more characters, more ways to cook, more reactions, more food (I think an egg would be useful) and just some cool new features, like, maybe add the ability for players to mix foods together in bowls, then serve it, like salads or soups! Also, I think adding a burger and a way to turn things into soups and not just smoothies and juice would be fantastic! Please take this into consideration, as I think that this game is a wonderful and lovely game for children, but it may be just a little bit more fun to have some more cooking options. :)

Suggestions!! Posted by

I LOVE this game!! BUT i have some suggestions so i can rate it five stars!! So i would love to have more fruit for more juices! Also a potato peeler and a deep fryer, hamburger, fries, ingredients to make a cake!! Like you have to get the eggs and flour and oil and of course,whatever kind of food to make a personalized cake. Also the same for cookies, pancakes, and cupcakes. And a mixer to mix all if the ingredients together and different sorts of pans and skillets. Nd icing and sprinkles. And i love the new edition of hotsauce and lemon for tour food. Also you can make dough to make pretzels. All that im asking for is MOAR stuff. This game is fabulous and i think this isnt just for children because im not a child and I ❤️❤️❤️ it!!!!also you can get flour and put it of the chicken and deep fry it!!! There are tons of stuff you can do with this game!! 4 stars for now Toca Boca!! ❤️❤️❤️

Good kids app! A FEW SUGGESTIONS... Posted by

This is a very sweetly animated app- the monster is adorable! You can chop, blend, fry, boil, serve raw, pan cook, or oven roast. Cute characters but only 3. Fun even for a grown up, to a point. Some suggestions- 1. More characters still. Another monster or some pets or farm animals. A little boy & girl, an old man or woman etc. 2. I really wish it was an actual game with a goal. As an adult it would make it much more enjoyable and for older kids too. Maybe points for each thing they like or levels with new foods or something like that. There could be a "play" setting and a "challenge" setting. 3. I am like the other reviewers- I want to prepare meals for the characters! Would be fun to actually make a dish of combined food. Pasta, salad, stir fry etc.. As is, the only way to blend food is to make it into a shake/smoothie. Overall pretty cute and nice for little kids though.

Hey great game!!! Just a suggestions Posted by

Hi I really like your game but I think you should add in some things, 1: Cheese (because cheese is good) 2: Eggs, and the ability to crack them 3: Being able to melt, or combine foods together to make other foods. 4: Ice cream :0 5: Butter, flour,milk, pretty much what you would find in any other fridge I guess 6: Blueberries, apples, mangoes 7: How about a peeler? Can that be added to the kitchen tools? 8: More guests to choose from 9: Add a Hard mode where you have to cook exactly what the guest want 10: Be able to change the scenery 11: Be able to earn coins from the Hard mode where you can buy different sceneries and characters I also have one question: The clock in Toca Kitchen... Does it show the actual time where you are right now?! It is 10:32 and I saw that the clock was in the same spot.


I LOVE this app but I think maybe you could add even more ways to cook food like for example make a soup. I also feel there should be a way to combine ingredients like maybe in a sandwich form, because I always wonder what my character would think if they tasted the two things I made together, for example bread and meat. Also I think you could add even more seasoning like maybe red pepper flakes, sugar, cinnamon, or something else.I just think this app needs more options overall like ways to cook things, more food, and more seasoning. Also, one last thing. I think more complicated reactions from the charactors would be appreciated. Like for example, maybe you could even make them talk! If you keep at it and keep with the updates, I think that this app will turn into one of the best apps there is.

Ideas!❤️ Posted by

Ok the game was great. I suggest that people get it. It's definitely the perfect price too. Here are my ideas: 1. Game mode! Game mode would be like they tell you what they want and you make it. If you make it correctly, you get 5 points. If you don't, you lose points (depending on how well you did) 2. You should be able to mash stuff and make like mashed potatoes and stuff! 3. When you blend things the food that you mix should matter like if you mix strawberries and a watermelon than they'll like it but if you mix octopus leg and orange or something like that than they won't like it. Same with condiments. 4. I think you should be able to peel certain things like potatoes and all fruit etc. (except watermelon) I hope you use my ideas I love Toca Kitchen! Thanks!

Super fun but needs more! Posted by

I love this game it fun and easy but this is what i think 1. There should be a place that you can make sauces to put on your noddles or rice or whatever 2. You should be able to make sandwiches 3. There should be like a baking bowl and you can a sugar flour egg ect. 4. You should be able to make salads 5. A grinder to grind meat and stuff 6. The noddles,rice, and meat should come apart instead of staying in a clump should be able to mix stuff like without it turning in to a juice 8. Add lemons like as an ingredient 9. Eggs 10.more utensils 11. Grapes but you can pull the grapes off the vine 12.there should cheese that you could melt or cut or grade 13. You should be able to make soups 14. Popcorn That's it for now hope you can add these things:D thanks!

Cool update Posted by

I like the update, yet I think the rice and noodles should split apart when you boil it. And more food, characters, and ways to cook the food. And add jelly, peanut butter, chocolate, pretzels, macaroni noodles, cheese and cake. And you should be able to grind the food, cut food into shapes, put food into molds, and put food into a panini presser. And you should color things with food coloring. Put characters from other games. Also there should be crackers and cracker molds. And cupcake molds, cupcake batter, sprinkles, frosting mix. Also milk, more berries, and maybe burgers and hotdogs. You should be able stack foods and smear things on the food and etcetera etcetera etcetera! You should also make your own characters to feed. Please put this in the next update.

Awesome Best Cooking App Ever Posted by

I think the app is great but you should add a few things: 1. Soup 2. Salad 3. Stack Things On Plate 4. More Food In Blender 5. More Food 6. Make sandwiches and more food you have to make by mixing ingredients such as eggs, flour, etc 7. You should be able to look at a cookbook to try and replicate the food! 8. You should have a mode where you have to take an order, and then a freeplay 9. You should be able to wash foods like fruits And the ability to mix ingredients such as flour and eggs to make breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, bagels, and more. I am already impressed by the latest update and I think this would make the app even better!

Could have more Posted by

I love this app and recommend everyone to buy it but it still could have more foods, seasoning, and expressions as well as characters. Some suggestions are adding desserts like ice cream, chocolate, and cookies with a new chocolate syrup for sauce. Also, I would love it if you added breakfast foods such as pancakes, cereal, and syrup. Another idea is adding more stations like a pizza pan or cake pan or even cupcake pan. Maybe you could adds soup maker too. Please add more characters like a vampire or zombie that likes bad tasting foods and drinks. This app is great but has so much room for improvement. Keep updating!

It's OK Posted by

I had this app before and it was great - I LOVED IT! Then after a while it got kind of boring because there wasn't any good food options and anymore ways to cook the food, so I deleted the game. I'm currently waiting for another update, so I can re- download it again. I'm thinking you should put in like a salad plate, a blender, an appliance to make cake, a sandwich option, I wish the spaghetti would turn loose instead of stern - that goes to the rice too, different kind of foods, and more interesting appliances kids can use. I know this app is for kids, but its also pretty fun for me too (I'm 12).

Posted by

I love this game. It's so much fun to make good and terrible food for the people. There are very few things I'd like to change. First of all, I would like to have more food like desserts. Another thing is; I would like to be able to stack things or spread tomato sauce onto a pizza or put the meat and cheese to a sandwich. Last but not least, you should add more machines like, a food processor to make pizza sauce, a freezer, a soup maker , or etc. If you could fix these I would be the happiest person on earth and so would all of the other users who play your game too! Please give us a new update soon!

Make a third plz Posted by

Great app but I would want the creators to make a third one but the third one would have to be free and in the game have more ingredients more ways to cook and should have a cook book to cook things like for example if you want to make a cake you would go to the cook book and the cook book would tell you what ingredients, then you would grab them and they should add a mixing bowl so you could mix the batter and you would but in the oven. Next then it would be nice I'd they have the choice to decorate it with different color frostings and sprinkles.


I love this game but, you should add more foods. You should add varieties of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. You should also have a few more cooking tools like a masher where you can mash up foods and not just to create drinks. You should also add levels where you have the choice to play freestyle or the actual game where you have to impress the person with your cooking and they rate your food. You have to get a certain rating to pass to the next level. Other than that, this game is fun. I'll be waiting for the next update.


I think there should be... More food: •Bacon •Sausage •Burgers •bananas •garlic •gravy • a whole turkey •blueberries •blackberries •pomegranate •kiwi More ways to cook: •mashing •freezing •microwaving I also think that Popsicle molds would be a wonderful idea as well. Once you blend something, you can put it in the Popsicle mold and make yummy (or yucky) popsicles! The food should be able to be burned, if cooked for too long. Thanks for considering putting these in the game!!

Few entertaining interactions by Forestdude 2016-03-05

Play a game with SEVERAL characters; three to be precise. Cook your way!—oh, what the heck—cook any way! Fry a watermelon and watch your guest give you the same expression that they gave you about your fried chicken—that it was good! There are few exceptions to frying and sautéing that make your guest sad. But that is only true because at least one out of the four cooking methods must work—there are only four. But what about blending? Well, blending does not affect the food quality, or your guests reaction. I know this is for kids, but this is terrible for a kid's learning experience. There are a ton of foods that behave exactly the same, no matter what you do to it. C'mon! Realistically, you can't eat a watermelon whole! Sand is a more practical, experimental learning experience. Usually games like this have more operators than foods, which are also more diverse, so that the player can apply the experimentation here to other, similar foods. The game requires no attention, just waiting, which seems to only waste time! The condiments have no effect if you add a little, and no positive effect if you add more; they only seem to hate it! It is a better idea to let your kid(s) play the mindless racing games that come out every year than to play this, because they would learn a few aspects about driving, while this teaches them to add no condiments and fry/sauté every food!

Bug? PLEASE READ. by Nikkie._.Nikes 2016-05-29

This game is a pretty decent game, but for some reason, when in the cutting station, it won't let me cut ANYTHING. I found that I literally have to cut using FOUR fingers, and it only SOMETIMES WORKS. I honestly don't know if it's the app or my iPad or whatever, but it needs to be fixed. I love this game, don't get me wrong, but what's the point of cooking when you can't cut a single thing. It's making the game pretty annoying now, so PLEASE FIX. Also, I have a few suggestions to add to the game, more characters, more reactions, more food, more kitchen equipment, (maybe) add utensils or napkins or something, and basically more ways to cook and prepare in the kitchen. This game is a pretty great game so far, I'm just looking forward to their development in the future to make this game the best as they can.

READ!!!! PLEASE DO!!! by Cookiecrumbs126 2016-03-28

I have a few things to talk about. 1.) What if we wanted to make Sandwiches??? Update so we can I know it might be a lot of work but would make gameplay mor fun to see how the characters would react to how different foods taste together! 2.)More expressions!!! It gets boring because they say the show the same thing!!! Please it will make gameplay more fun! Also while your at it add more foods! 3.)More characters please it gets boring after the same thing give us reasons this character is special or something or give us a variety of characters! This will make our gameplay better and much more fun thank you for reading -cookiecrumbs126

Has potential by Um.............., 2016-03-06

This game... I'm not sure how to criticize it because I feel as though it is just a demo. From the start where I was looking at the little ad it has when you buy it I was very amused with it and wanted to try it. But with this game you play it for 2 minutes and you are done. The cooking is pointless. The things do not change when you boil them and if you truly want to cook you cannot put items together like the pasta and sauce that you make with the tomatoes. The cutting is ridiculously buggy and the controls are not the easiest to figure out at first. I wish there was more and I wish you could truly make food. It has potential like I said, but if it was an app I had to pay for I would pass

No sound, I want a refund by MarissaClay 2015-10-06

I just downloaded this app for my autistic son who loves the first version and was excited and eager to play the second one when he found it in the App Store. Upon downloading and opening it, there was no sound. Needless to say my son was upset, but I tried restarting the app. Then I tried restarting my iPad. Then I went into the general settings menu in the iPad to ensure that the music option was turned on, all to no avail. I now have a kid having s meltdown and in tears because he can't play the app that I bought him, and you have forced me to let my chi down. Kids with autism don't take these ineptitudes in programming lightly, folks. I want my $2.99 back, and I want it NOW.

Must read by Must read reviews 2015-06-21

This app is great.I think that it could be even better though.You should be able to search up food and it will let you cook it,for example if I searched apple it would give me an apple.I also want to be able to make soups,sandwiches,salads,and more.They should have different stations where you make the food.For the soup you go to the soup station and put the ingredients in the pot,cook it,and when you are done a bowl of soup is made.For the salad you can chop up the food and press combine and it makes a salad.For sandwiches you can get the food and press make sandwich and it makes a sandwich.The makers of the game should add those things and more but other than that the game is great.

It used to be fun..what happened? by Memes skid 2016-03-13

Like in the title, what happened to your magic in this app? Or is it just me. I am a twelve year old girl playing a game for 6-8 year old dudes. When this was the free app of the week I was thrilled. I thought to myself, "hey Toca Boca apps are usually money, so I'm just gonna get this app and then try it out if it is good." So, when I clicked the just downloaded app I was in LOVE. This app was amazing! You could cook some cool food, you can watch their reactions from the eather good or bad food. I was playing this for about a week. I have cooked every food combination, you name it and I did it. I soon got really bored of it. Maybe I'm just too old for it...

Can be better by Okayyyyyyyyyy ish 2015-03-26

Hi I love to play this game but their is a few thing I want in it first their should be eggs and you should be able to put stuff on top of each outer and you should be able to make cold cuts and and you should be able to make ground beef and they should have forks and knives and spoons and you should be able to make soup and they should have a menu wear you can type in what their having and we should be able to mix stuff to better and make pancakes or waffles etc. if you can't put all of this in this app if you make another app please put it in that app please Make it free for a limited time when it comes out hope this helps ☺️

Wait people really like this game?!?!? by José-reviewer 2016-03-04

Since this game was free app of the week I downloaded it to give it a try.but it was horrible.this game is so pointless and not addicting and barely anything to it.i was surprised that people actually buy these is this fun? How is this worth anything?How is only 3 exactly the same characters and barely any food choices and pointless cooking and then you feed it to the person?!?!?!?you know what I should program a game that's so stupid people like it.just I'm warning you if you try this game out you will regret even playing it for a second.(by the way this game is broken barely works for me)

NEEDS MORE OPTIONS. by Enzo 2015-05-24

I got this app last night, and played for a half an hour straight. It was fun, creative, addicting, and interesting. However, after a while, I started running out of ideas for the character to eat. Also, there is only three characters. If this app was free, I'd understand. But I paid ¢99 for this. Please, Toca Boca, come out with more options for food and characters. Here are some ideas: Breakfast: eggs, bacon, yogurt, bananas, pancakes, waffles Lunch: macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwiches Dinner: I think the app has enough for dinner Dessert: ice cream, cake, pie

You pay? by lulubyte 2016-12-23

I'm going to be completely honest right now, I got this game for FREE, yeah. Either it was bugged, or it used to be free a year ago. I got this game a year ago, and now that I'm looking in the 'paid games' category, I see this. This game is honestly completely pointless, unless you like doing random stuff with the foods your given. There really is no storyline for this, and I don't understand why it costs. It should be free. This game was quite fun, but after trying all of the things and eating all the foods with the characters, there's really not much to do.

It won't download by Lovethelifegames 2016-07-19

This game used to be so fun until the update when I updated the game I waited and waited after 24 hours later I decide to delete it than download it again but than it did the same thing but this time I couldn't delete it so than I went to setting than I couldn't get out or turn off my iPhone I had to wait until my iPhone died than once I recharged it the game was gone. Please fix this! I love this game and nothing ever bad had happen except this one time.

Its ok I guess. by Cheezor521 2016-03-08

So I saw this app was free and I was like "holy crap Toca Boca actually has a free game!" I mean, you get 3 people, a boy, a girl, and a yeti presumably Frosty the Snowman 's friend. It's weird, people liked fried, cooked, boiled, and chopped onions in a blender. At least make the game a bit more sensible for the older audience that plays this.

SOUND DOESNT WORK!! by Cupcake6274 2016-03-05

I LOVE tocaboca, and I was so happy to see this app but when I opened it up on my iPhone THE SOUND DOESN'T WORK!! We tried deleting it and reinstalling it, we tried to turn the settings for music on and off and back on and back off and back on, we tried turning the phone on and off (twice), but still nothing worked.

I don't understand by Mathmatica 2015-05-24

This is a great game, but since when does this game require a front facing camera? What feature(s) in this game need a camera? None that I've seen. I want this on my iPad, but it doesn't have a camera. My iPad has the required IOS. Fun game overall, but should be available to all compatible devices.

Darn by Dingdong347 2016-03-04

Are you kidding? I BOUGHT so many Toca games and then they started turning FREE AFTER I bought them!!! That's so annoying but it's not anyone else's problem but mine, I just want to warn you not to waste money on a Toca game you want, you won't use it much and eventually it will turn free

Can't even run it by < Ben B > 2016-03-04

I open the game and it does the cute little "Toca Boca" intro, then just goes to a white screen. Nothing happens after that. I have another game that does this and it's really annoying. People say the game is fun and since it's the free app of the week this week I wanted to try it out.

Fun!! But soon very boring by Joico15 2015-01-06

In the start I loved the game then I made everything then I was so bored I jest sat their making food and it jest wasn't fun. I sorry but it's not worth paying money I would say get it if it was free ( I would play if you had to grow or shop for food and more food and ways to cook)

Not worth the money but eh by Smileyryry 2016-03-08

Okay before I start, I love toca games. I didn't buy this one though, it was a free app of the week. This game is decent but but wasn't worth the money I would've paid. But I still like it and my baby cousin loves it.

IPad crashed by game by Huntmad31 2017-02-18

This is not the best app if you want it on an older version for iPad!!! I have had some troubles with the app, it opens up to a toca boca screen but then it turns white. Then when I go into the app the whole iPad crashes!