Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Kitchen Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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*Parents Choice Awards 2012 - Gold Winner!*

Ever wanted to play with your food?

Now you can! Toca Kitchen lets you cook and play with food for four hungry characters. Pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way! Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix? And wait for your hungry friend´s response…

- Four cute characters to cook for - each with their own favorite food!
- 12 different ingredients that can be prepared in 180 different ways!
- Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix any of the ingredients
- Optional vegetarian mode!
- Fantastic original artwork!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Kitchen is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids get to explore cooking. What happens if you mix a carrot and then fry it? Will the cat like it? And what is the bull's favorite food? Toca Kitchen supports free play for all ages and is a great way to use your imagination.

Watch our trailer to see what it looks like:

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Interesting, but needs an update Posted by

I would give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars, but I have a few suggestions. I purchased some of your apps and I know that you are capable of making amazing and addicting games. Toca kitchen was also fun but it got boring after a while. I think that You should be able to mix the food, make soups, sandwiches etc. Also add forks, knifes and spoons to feed the characters with them. I think that you should add more stuff to cook with like: Fruits, pasta, bread etc. I thought that it would be cool to have also liquids. To make juices, soups or for example add olive to your dishes. I read other reviews and I agree with them completaly. I know this game is for younger kids but What i also know is that older people play it too. As i said at the beginning I know you can male this game better and when you finally update it, I will give it these 5 stars :) Ps: I love your games, Mary

Great for following directions and for fun! Posted by

Toca Kitchen is very popular with my preschool speech students. Kids can choose from 4 characters to feed, each with different food preferences. There are 12 food choices in the fridge and 5 ways to prepare the food. I like that you can prepare each item more than one way. Example: you can slice the food, then boil it. This allows me to practice two-step directions with my students. The app can be used to practice the prepositions in, out, on, off and the adjectives hot and cold. I have found it to be useful with reluctant talkers (few kids can resist saying "in" or "on" to get to use the food processor). The kids like figuring out what the characters will eat and what they will refuse. There is an ad for other Toca Boca apps on the initial page but this can be turned off thorough Apple settings. There are no in app purchases. Highly recommended!

Toca Boca Kitchen: Great & fun kids app! Posted by

This app has great graphics and kid appeal. My daughters love finding ways to cook the food to make the characters be grossed out and not eat! It's very helpful for them to explore different ways to cook food, learn about different foods, and have fun all at the same time. The option to slice the food works on fine motor coordination. One can work on labeling foods and actions on how a child chooses to prepare the food. Also, the characters make "yummy" and "grossed out" faces and sounds depending on how the food is prepared; a great way to introduce how others feel and how your actions (preparing the food) affects others! This is one of my kids go to favorites when choosing an app to play.

Can be better Posted by

Very nice game for kids like me but it can be more fun . Like new food and more cooking things . It will be nice if you can make a cake with foods kids like . I do thing this game or app is very fun but needs more things. If I was to give it a update it will be much better you guys should let kids mix the food add more people like you did in toca boca hair salon 2 . I don't care if the update is going to take a while but your not making money with this. Your other games are better why not this one I work hard you can work hard to . This game is very fun but need more stuff ! And when I say stuff l mean cooking tools like a bowl to mix food. Well that is all I got to say. Your friend Jennifer ,Maldonado

Read Me! Posted by

This app is really fun! I have only had one glitch which is where I cut the sardine and then half disappears then I cut again and one fourth reappears. It is pretty fun! A little pricey but I love it. There is fun foods to cook, fun people and funny things like frying lemons! :) I like this app a lot. Once again, it should be at the most $1.99. I hope it updates soon! I bought it and don't think I wasted my money but that's my opinion. I recommend this app 85%. 4/5 Stars. Thanks for reading this long review! :) Also please add mixing things together in the blender! And add a soup or something. Really just add something where you can mix two + things together!

Toca Kitchen Posted by

Toca Kitchen is open ended fun! My preschool son with autism loves it as do my girls who are 11 and 17. (Okay, even I like seeing the characters faces get happy or frustrated at the foods we serve them) I like that there is no clock to beat, no right or wrong. This is a great app for experimenting with food, especially for children who are notorious for having feeding/food issues. My son loves to be the "chef" and to make the characters eat things they may or may not be so thrilled about (lemons, anyone?). I would love to see an update with more food added, but Toca Boca is great with coming up with updates for all of their apps. This is a fun app!

Fries Posted by

I've heard that you guys want fries, well I was doing stuff on the app and this kinda looked like fries. First, get the potato then cut it up, then put it on the frying pan. It kinda looked like fries to me. Hopping this helped you! By the way I love this app! But I want a update! P.S. The boy LOVES IT! Listen listen listen listen!!!!!! I know what the update is!!! If you put a food that isn't the hey in front of them and they don't like it a bubble will pop up and tell you how they like it!!! I put the fish in front of the girl and she said no and then the bubble popped up and told me she liked it fried

We LOVE Toca Boca but it keeps crashing Posted by

Update: This is STILL easily the most requested app by my students. Sometimes food gets stuck in midair and we have to exit out of the app entirely- it may be a memory issue, as my iPad is constantly chock full of learning apps. Original review: My preschoolers keep making this crash- if more than 1 set of fingers are on there trying to cook things or grab foods, it crashes, often. This is WONDERFUL for speech and language therapy- we can work on turn taking, requesting, adjectives, food vocabulary, articulation- just about anything really- I just am looking forward to it being more stable on the iPad 2.

Why require front camera for TK 2? (no iPad 1) Posted by

NOTE: rating this app, the original Toca Kitchen, as 5 stars. But would like to be able to get the new Toca Kitchen 2 on the original iPad, which is still used by the kids for educational apps like these. However, Toca Boca has made it required to have a front-facing camera, which blocks out all those original iPad users. (Yes, I know those iPads are old, but they are good for kids). Please consider releasing some new quality Toca Boca apps that are iOS 5.1 or less and will still run on iPad 1 tablets. Thanks!

Needs more food Posted by

Over all toca kitchen is a fantastic game but it is getting boring. I think that you need to ad more food, recipes or more stuff to cook the food with. I also believe that since this game is $2.99 it really needs iphone5 support as well as some of your other apps like toca house, toca monsters, toca doctor, toca robots, toca store, and toca birthday. Thank you for reading my review and please consider updating your games. By the way I am really exited for toca builder to come out this Thursday!

I love toca boca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by

I love toca boca but i wish they were free because my little sister has the new music one and its so much fun but it is 1.99 but its not worth that much because all you do is make music but it is fun and addicting non of the games are worth money but they are all fun so toca boca should start making them free before I start buying any more toca bocas but I repeat I dont hate them I just want them to be fun because they are worth to be FREE!!!!!!!

KindaLover stump Posted by

I love this game bit what i dont like is that there is not much food and charecter s. And thinks to do its like fun when you try it it is now a old boring stump!Ps oh i aslo have an quick idea what about the drinks!?and toothpicks and napkins!?and what about more creative food like pizza burgers donuts cookies and pie cake rabioloes watermolen bannanas but for more fun can we actualy Peel the bannanas !?SORRY FOR ALL THE SPELLING MESTAKES!

I like this game but.... Posted by

I like this game but its to easy your not getting your money's worth maybe they should add something more fun like drinks and new machines toppings maybe make pizza and roll out the dough and spread the sauce just and more steps but not to much I think you should wait for a update to get this game it should be free get toca monsters its the same thing free its just the kitchen is dirty dont get this game yet

Toca mama Posted by

I will say I have installed all the toca boca apps for my two yr old he loves loves them all especially toca kitchen lol he physically feeds the children the clump of hay just to hear them say eww yuck haha and then he busts out laughing :) he also says ohh they like it when they say yumm lol GOOD JOB toca boca DEF LOOKING FOWARD TO MORE APPS FROM U....AND I AGRee with the other comment about the drink lol

Ideas Posted by

You should add ... Apples, hamburgers, fries, oranges, cookies, and more... You should add drinks like you should be able to make smoothies, milk shakes and more.. And you should add a oven because you can't grill cookies;) and add a freezer to store ice cream and more. Thank you please add more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' I am 11 and I love this game thanks toca boca!!!! <3<3

Toca Kitchen Posted by

I really enjoy playing this game, it is one of my favorites. Toca is really cool because you get to cook for a cow, a cat, a boy and a girl. I think that it is interesting in Toca Kitchen because each little character has something they don't like and something that they like a lot. I am glad that I downloaded this app!

Toca boca Posted by

Hi my name is hank and toca boca is so Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and Can you make a toca arcade. and Can you make toca city and toca nature and toca mini free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!because i don't have an iTunes card

My kids love this Posted by

It gets a little repetitive after a while, nothing new popping up , same foods same characters... But my kids keep coming back. I think that when u have five plus games, you should get a discount.. Or make a toca boca package! Thanks

Good but needs work Posted by

It is a great app but it needs more food and you should be able to make Drinks Desserts and other pastry items and it should have more food and you should be able to make cake and cupcakes and Make breakfast

Great but..... Posted by

Needs some more foods and more options. Awesome game, best cooking game there is, just needs a little more, like mixing 2 foods together and being able to make drinks. Download this game it's fun.

Needs more by MKMMatt1 2012-07-13

I just bought this because I had the free version and that was fun, but for $2 there should be more things to do with the food and more types of food.

READ by 0123456789( :$$!' 2014-02-09

I wist that they had put more characters and had more food like"cupcake , drink, cookie" but I do like this game a little.

Bug fix by emmalovespie! 2012-07-24

IPad 1st gen bug crashes when I try to go back to plate More food and drink please fix!!

Fit for iphone 5 pls by Reviewer% 2013-12-16

good game but pls fit for the iphone 5

Not good by Jjasgydwi 2013-03-22

Will not let me download

Update!!!!!! by Hurricane412 2014-02-07

This is a wonderful app! I love all the characters and food your able to cook although the main reason for this comment is that I may suggest some things first, although you may have heard this one please make there be a way to MIX FOOD that is my main request!! Second, add pasta, bread (to make a sandwich with OR add the option to make a sandwich complete with all the condiments) ham, cheese (different kinds), lettuce, milk, water, turkey, drinks, berries, and flour. There's more but I'll stop there. Third!! A juicer please! Please! Also I would like to see spoon, knives, more cuts allowed, be able to feed them with a fork OR have an option for them to feed themselves, recipes, menu, toaster, deep fryer, maybe an option to hand mix or mix with a spoon... And I have more suggestions but once again I'll stop. I hope I could give you some ideas? Please take them into consideration on the next update! Thanks!!

Deeply flawed morals by _MUKUND_ 2013-12-18

The bull simply will not eat the steak prepared for it. It is a shame and a pity to see toca boca teach the kids using this app to waste food. In the next update, every character should eat anything on the plate, cooked or not, in order to teach kids not to waste food and to listen to their parents. It should be up to parents to teach their children what and what not to eat. In addition to all this, I find it horrific that the bull's anthropomorphic face lights up in excitement when an obscene quantity of marijuana is placed in front of it. I understand that children will not know what it is, but it is outright offensive to engrain this disgusting image in an innocent's mind.

Not worth $2.99 by Hi I'm Katie. 2013-06-28

I just recently bought Toca Kitchen, and I've had Toca Kitchen Monsters for a long time. Toca Kitchen has only a few more foods and characters... That's it. $2.99 for that? It would be better if there was a juicer, and if you could mix foods together. Also, better chop quality! If you're trying to cut, all of a sudden it makes a random cut out of no where. Also, just add things that could make a gourmet meal. Cheese graters? Cheese? Bread? Spaghetti? Lettuce? Just make it better quality! Don't buy this. Just buy Toca Kitchen Monsters.

It is ok..... by KLAA101 2016-02-14

This game is ok but it needs a update or something. I wish u could cook more than 1 thing at a time. I also wish I could put a steak and tomato in the same pan or whatever I also wish it had a way to make drinks and pizza and things like that. Dear Toca Boca makers it would be very good if you could make your apps free there is so many apps I wanna play but cost money if u would please make them free I would totally download them and please make a update on Toca kitchen please.....

I expected more by Dr.chunky Chocolate girl 2013-09-16

For 2.99 I expected a bunch more than toca monsters kitchen. All it is is just 4 different characters and........ That's all. Based on my experience with the past toca games such as toca hair salon , I knew this would be the right choice, but I was wrong. All toca company wants to do is sell this product to 5 year olds and cheat their parents. I'm eleven and still play toca. Toca , I'm very disappointed in your performance in this game you say it's worth for $2.99.

Good but... by Ootiecutie158 2012-10-21

When I first got this app it was AMAZING! But more recently whenever I open it and play it, my steak and fish are GONE! I bought the full version so I should have everything and previously when I played it it DID have the steak and fish. And another thing is it should be able to do more like make drinks and have a lot more food options and stuff. (Oh and it should be able to make desserts!) I love this app but these things will make it a trillion times better

why wont the cow guy eat??????????? by Smavery 2013-12-13

ok so i went through all this trouble and hard work to make the cow guy a gourmae meal and he only eats the mushroom and tomato NOT the meat! why wont he go canabalistic????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that is why i give you, toca boca one of my favirot app compines, a TWO STAR RATING. come on toca boca! you better than this stupid stuff!! and plus, the meat i worked SO hard for FELL TO THEE GROUND! i mean what is this??????!?!!!!!?1/1?!?!?!!?!?

Needs more food by Alohanarwhal 2013-12-07

I think that the app needs more food and drinks would be nice too. We need more fruits like apples, strawberries, watermelons, oranges, etc. For the food I think we need more variety of meat, pasta, and rice. We should be able to combine foods and create our own recipes like cupcakes and smoothies. Other than that I don't think it should be worth 2.99 if it only has a small amount of food to cook with. Next update should have more food!

Cute but very limited stick to the free monster kitchen app by Bubble1gum girl 2012-07-27

I was extremely disappointed that it's really not much different the the free monster kitchen app. No point of buying this one, it doesn't do anymore then the free app. I gave it two stars because my 15 month old loves the game but I feel she'll outgrow it very soon. I wish you could cook and mix foods, also would be fun to be able to burn things.

Honest Opinion by Roumiyah 2012-12-15

It's boring after a few seconds! VERY few options! The free one with the monsters is better because it's not pricey and it's the exact SAME just different characters! So I do not recommend this app and my 5 yr old brother agrees this app is BORING and DULL and OVER PRICED considering its quality!

DONT! by lindseyvargas 2013-12-28

this game is so boring! Doesn't fit the screen for my iPhone 5. You can't even do anything! I wish I could get my money back. I'm disappointed in the usually great toca boca company

Not different enough by Lala ipad10 2012-08-07

Good game, but not different enough from the free monster game. Not near enough food choices and not different enough from the free monster version of this game. I am disappointed.