Toca Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Calling all future scientists!

Welcome to Toca Lab! Explore the colorful and electrifying world of science and meet all 118 of the elements from the periodic table.

Discover elements by experimenting with the lab tools!

* Take your element for a spin in the centrifuge.
* Warm them up in the Bunsen burner.
* Put the element on ice with the cooling agent!
* Add a drop or two of mysterious liquids from the test tubes.
* Change their voltage and make them magnetic with the oscilloscope.

Each element has it's own personality. In Toca Lab, what does Neon sound like? Is Gold heavy or light? Is Nitrogen squishy or hard? Explore, inspect, and study each one and let us know! Can you find all 118?

The time has come, future scientists, to head into the lab to explore and discover. Put on your lab coat and protective eye gear because things are about to get experimental!

Toca Lab is a place for playing and having fun, and with it we hope to inspire kids to explore science. While the periodic table in Toca Lab is accurate, the way new elements are created is not. Instead, it’s a fun way to experiment, discover and create curiosity in the world of science. Toca Lab is just a starting point for further exploration!

About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


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Love! Posted by

I didn't realize this app was aimed at 6-8 year olds and have been playing it with my almost-three-year-old son. Honestly, I push him toward this one bc I enjoy it so much. It irritates me when he plays with the same old elements over and over bc I so enjoy finding new ones ;)! I must admit that I played the whole thing myself after I put him to bed on the first night we got it. I just love this app! I agree with many reviewers that there are some simple changes that would make this game just perfect. The first would be easier access to the actual names of the elements. Having them say their actual names in a funny voice would be so much better. Second, let every one of the different options displayed not appear until you've found out how to change them. Give us all question marks instead of just a few. Last, make the chart easier to see the whole thing in the screen so you're not scrolling around to see where the next element went or where to go next. Other than that, I cannot think of any changes. Awesome science game!

Clever game Posted by

Very clever game, my son just turned 6 years old and home schooled, this game has opened the discussion of the periodic table and where the elements are on the table, what element is gas, metal, magnetic and such. He has fun discovering new elements in the lab and we discuss what each method of experiments in the lab would or could be used for in a real lab. Like others have said, you do need to explain to kids that you can not actually convert the last element found into another element on the periodic table, they are in purest form already, so that was a bit confusing, but we enjoyed the clues given to find the next element, which believe was their real intent. I wish they had a short description of each element, but we have taken advantage of researching each element as we play and it has been fun to see what year the element was discovered, many new since I went to college!

Very fun but unrealistic Posted by

I really think that this game is beautiful and charming but it is not real science. I do understand that these are for kids but we don't want them to get false information about how elements work. I also think it would be great if you give more information about the elements like there actual names and not abbreviations, and maybe an example of where can find them (For example, Helium is in most balloons). One last thing is that once you finish the game it's pretty much useless, so I think you could either lower the price to 0.99 cents or add some new features to the game. But even though there are some complaints, it is a really entertaining game for 1.5 hours and does have some educational values for kids.

New game idea I hope you love Posted by

I love the game! I also have an idea for a new app I would love and I think other people would to. It's a pet store app where you can feed, dress up, clean and do many other things to so many different animals. Also you can breed animals to make new animals and raise the young and parents. You should be able to raise many pets at a time. You should call it toca pet shop. Just a suggestion. if readers read it and like it please say "toca pet shop!". Hope you like my idea I would LOVE it if you made it for me. I love all your apps in general and buy them all 5 stars for all your apps please make it or keep it in mind or even suggest it. Please and thank you-big fan

A lot of fun, taken the right way. Posted by

First off, no, this app isn’t scientifically accurate i.e. you can’t turn mercury into gold by putting it into a centrifuge. That said, it is a fun exploration of the periodic table, using some basic process of elimination puzzles to discover new elements. And while it’s not scientifically accurate, it was fun to notice little bits that are: relative densities of the elements are somewhat reflected in their characters. That all said, it’d be great to see that little bit more in this app….being able to tap on the symbol to get the full name of the element would seem to be a given.

Please add the names of the elements! Posted by

My 5 year old son loves this app. Yes I know it is not scientifically accurate, but for a young kid it is an entertaining introduction to the elements. I understand that it appeals to young kids to make the silly sounds, but please at least add the names to be read. When my son first started playing with the app, he thought the silly sounds were the elements names. I showed him a real periodic table and explained they had real names. It would be great for kids to be able to learn the names along with the symbols! I would give the app five stars, if it showed the names of the elements.

Look at this Posted by

Love but it need some more thing like new ways of creating new elements multiplayer thing a bigger lab more things to test custom characters maybe add a robot lab be able to feed them food put them to bed dress them play with them Elements more potions create food for them making the element feel better when they are sick we should be able to style them elements should be able to do childbirth by that I mean get pregnant be able to care for the young we should be able to do that to we should be able to communicate with their scientist by that I mean talk to anybody who is playing

Cute and engaging Posted by

Very engaging app that sparked lots of conversation about science with my 4 and 6 year old. My kids loved the sounds but really wanted to know the actual names of the elements. We needed to use other resources to learn the element names and a little about them because naturally there are questions about what all those cute little elements do in the world. We used the book " The Periodic Table : Elements with Style" as a nice complement for the names and descriptions of the elements. My four year old couldn't put it down because "it's really fun".

Great fun intro to chemistry Posted by

I agree with the previous review. The only reason why I gave it only 4 stars is because the actual name of the element should be included. I have to constantly look it up for my very curious 5 yr old son who WANTS to know the name! Please let the next update include the full name of the elements. And maybe why some have leaves etc, and what the little symbols that accompany the elements mean. PLEASE. My son wants answers. Do not underestimate the curiosity of young children!

Could use more Posted by

I love this app but I think there should be a lot more monsters and more things you can do with them than just spinning, boiling, freezing,zapping ,and test tube ps there no point in having test tubes If all it does is blow it up and it shouldn't tell what to do it loses the whole point in making new monsters I've already got all the monsters on day one MAKE IT MORE CHALLENGING AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Element name!?! Posted by

My son just turned 5 he got a iTunes gift card and purchased this app. He loves to learn and loves games. My only complaint is that the game should have the full element name and maybe the weight on the clipboard should be the weight of the element the name of the element and you should be able to click it so it says it aloud. It is a fun intro to chemistry and science, but with a little work it could be 5/5 instead of 4/5 stars.

Wow! Posted by

This app has floored our 3 yr old daughter, and I love that it's making her more interested in chemistry. This and the entire Toca app catalog should be purchased. They produce the best apps for fun and development in children. To be honest, my wife and I compete for the iPad with our kids to play their apps at times. All are must-have. Keep up the quality Toca Boca!


Hello Toca Boca People!! I'm Gabe and I need to tell you something I'm 11 years old and my Mom let me download this but it kept asking for the Apple ID password and she typed it in and now it won't Evan load its on the I cloud but if you could fix this glitch it would be great!!

Loved it, at first Posted by

While we had a GREAT time finishing the app...there is no second level. It, also, does not appear to have a way to clear it & start over (short of deleting & reinstalling). We were expecting some sort of second level to come, upon finishing! We had a very disappointed kiddo.

Great game! Posted by

It is a very great game, just a few suggestions for other games. Please Please Please Please PLEASE make more of your games free! Your games are so fun and I want to be able to play some more of them! Seriously, I think you are some of the best game coders ever!

Great Posted by

My daughter really enjoyed this game and trying to figure out ways to score new elements. She eventually got them all and then found it less fun. But the hunt was totally worth it. Will reinstall when some time has passed so it will feel new again.

Good but how to make it better Posted by

It's so fun, but here's a tip Add full name and a fact about elements When you tap them they should do their special thin ie. touch helium and he starts squeaking and going up, or touch nitrogen and he breath ice and freezes himself

Really Great App! Posted by

I really like this game. Super fun and enjoyable, but I wish there was a new update where there where new tools or something. When you discover all the elements what are you supposed to do? Delete the game and re-download it?

I think it's great! Posted by

I love this apps it's like supercool! I didn't know about the elements but I looked it up on the computer! They really need to be styled and dress up and get their hair done and have babies just like the Pu app!

Cool Posted by

The only reason why I downloaded it because you can freeze and heat stuff.

Not What I Expected by LazzyRoo 2015-05-18

I get the intent of the app, to make science (in this case chemistry) interesting and applealing on a playful level. Thankfully I got this one on sale (@ 99c) and frankly I'm a little dissapointed. I know I'm probably confusing this app with more educational ones like Endless Alphabet/Reader/Numbers but the elements, the periodic table, I find to be very fascinating. And creating block/blobs/gases and making them into other blocks/blobs/gases is good too, but is that really how most of them are made? And what are these elements actually called other than the abbreivated names or letters they're listed under? What do the numbers on the upper hand corners stand for? And if this is something that is fully disclosed at the end of the "game" once all 118 elements are made then I digress. Though this is desgined for 6 to 8 year olds, my 4 year old seems to like it because inane sounds and pretty colors are entertaining to him. SO not a total loss. If all the questions I've asked above were an assumtion, I would very much like some playful education happen in this app. Maybe a short animation saying what it is and what they do and how they're REALLY made. Then I'll bump my rating a couple of stars more.

Work in progress by Dr.Beast.67890876 2014-01-05

This game could be worth the amount I paid if there are improvements made to the game. It's great that there are over 100 different elements to discover, but by telling us how to discover it takes away the whole discovering part. The game would be much more satisfying if all of the elements were a mystery to find out. Also, I think there should be more options of what you can do with the elements. Add more things than just boiling, freezing, zapping, and blowing. There should be tons of different things! Also, with the test tube option, I find it pointless because on the majority of the elements it doesn't have any effect. I think on all the elements it should have a different effect, like all he other options. I also think when you do something to one of he elements, it doesn't have to turn into another element. Maybe it can have a chemical or physical change like in real science. It could change color, shape, etc. this game has a lot of potential,but I think it would be more worth the money, and be much more if if these improvements are made.

Please revise how you advertise! by Kitkat713 2015-12-19

I love these games and I have spent a great amount of money on purchasing many of these games as well as the sago mini games that Toca Boca partners with. However, it's very upsetting as a parent to have to purchase a game that my 3 year old is interested in and five minutes later hear him have a meltdown because he sees all the other apps that are available and he then wants to purchase. I allow my child 30 minutes a day on his iPad to give me some quiet time while I prepare dinner and do a little house keeping. Since kids are allowed to adventure into the "more apps" section from the home screen it's basically allowing the children to shop the App Store. While some games are 3.99 I feel that these should be removed. I have complained about this many times and still no action. Toca Boca, if you want to keep me as a loyal customer and purchasing your apps for my child, PLEASE remove this feature from the game. Until then I will continue to rate all the games I purchase as 1 or 2 stars in exchange for me having to deal with an upset child.


NOTE: I am an atomic physicist. While the app is like a fun puzzle that stimulates scientific inquiry, it is so dangerously misleading to students and should NOT be used as an educational app. I overheard my daughter showing this app to a friend and explaining, “see, when you put electricity on oxygen, it turns into carbon”. This misleads kids in a very destructive way. It blatantly teaches that one element can be transformed into another by freezing, heating, centrifuging, or electrifying atoms. While chemical reactions take place to form different molecules or to reduce to simple elements, atoms NEVER change to form new elements (unless going through some high-energy nuclear process). That’s why they are called “elements”. If they could change by putting them through these processes, the universe would be radically different. Toca Boca, I love you guys, but this has simply got to be fixed!!!!

not even vaguely scientific by jdbaum 2015-03-13

I bought this for my 6-year-old 1st grader, thinking it might have some actual science content. Hardly. All you do is drag little blobs/blocks/clouds of stuff around and do things to them which then converts them to a different blob/block/cloud thing. In the real world, applying heat or cold or electricity to an element does not turn it into another element. It might as well be dust bunnies being zapped with magic to change them into unicorns and dragons. They could have at least worked in something about 2 elements getting together to make something different. I realize that would make for a much more complicated game, but this is so simplistic it's meaningless. I think the 6-8 age range is too high – should be more like 4 and under. There's no creativity, no strategy, and no real science to be had here. It's a an activity that might entertain for a while, but that's about it.

From a parent/teacher perspective by 2016-10-22

While I love the concept and the immediate interest my 9 year old showed in the periodic table, I am annoyed that the actual names of the elements are nowhere to be found. App does not give very good directions and the descriptions I read online, implied that they would be learning more about each element. She completed the chart in a few hours and actually pulled up another periodic table on the computer to see what the elements were. When you click on the elements in the table, they just make little sounds, why not have them say their name... or at least have the name show up on the clipboard at the bottom of the screen? This way they would be learning more useful information, while having fun. Very cute app, just could be better.

Very misleading by JohnAppleseed_D 2014-12-10

The game is cute with all these adorable animations combined with cheerful sound effects. However I can HARDLY define it as an EDUCATIONAL game--I can guarantee you that kids will learn nothing at all. All they know to do is randomly mixing stuff they don't even know. The worst part is that ELEMENTS CANNOT BE MADE OUT OF OTHER ELEMENTS! This is unbelievably misleading as when you heat a certain element in the game, a new one will be created. What I would recommend to add in the game is some REAL experiments made easy for kids to understand----how hydrogen oxide is obtained from combining hydrogen gas and oxygen gas; how oxygen gas can be created out of hydrogen peroxide ... Otherwise the 2.99 dollars would just be wasted.

Misleading and not educational at all by MGhostSoft 2014-12-31

You probably want to keep your child away from this game. This game has hardly anything to do with the periodic table. You heat, boil, or apply electric shock to an “element” to yield another adjacent element. There’re two things to explain here. First, in this game an “element” is an entity by itself. Not the elementary substance of that element. Not even atom. Just the element. Second, by saying adjacent I mean all directions. Yes, you transform an element to another one right below or above it. Not to mention how silly the methods are. The game claims that it is made for ages 6 - 8 but I would rather say it is made for 15+ who are capable to realize that the whole game is a joke.

There has to be more than this... by Jafh2121 2014-09-07

Great concept but needs work. Not wort 2.99. I'm hoping they do an update where the kid is able to explore the lab, or use the elements to create something. Unfortunately once the child builds the table of elements, you can't take it further. My child finished this in a day, I can see why people said their kid got bored after a while. There are only 5 things you can do, electricity, spin, heat, freeze, and science tubes. There should be more than just creating the elements and not being able to do anything with them, or not being able to explore the lab. Visually it's great, but it leads you on to believe there is more...

Not very good by Petlover!!! 2015-04-29

Honestly, I hate writing bad reviews, but this one kinda deserved it. I have bought many of the other toca boca games and they have been worth the money, however, this one was very bland. I do recommend it for very young kids, about 3 or 4. But much older it's not so entertaining. The game was totally pointless, all you did was try and make new elements by randomly freezing them or heating them up, it wasn't scientific at all. And if that wasn't boring enough, they often told you how to make the elements, which was pretty much telling you how to do the whole game.

Interesting..almost cool! by MANDYJAMAINE 2015-05-21

Every few months I download new educational apps for my 2 year old. My daughter saw this app and asked if she can play. It's a rather cool app but lacking few factors. For starters, I have No Sound...after creating a new element, what else is there to do? I would like to see more scientific experiments, additional elements to chose from, perhaps plant seeds can form into a monster tree with eyes, ears etc. a Also, have the background come alive when touch by our kids. Just a suggestion.

Bad science by Davemakes 2013-12-14

This game is adorable, beautiful, and playful, so kudos to Toca Boca for that. Unfortunately, the game has players turning elements into other elements by freezing, burning, electrifying, etc. This isn't based in science, it's alchemy, and it's a poor way to introduce kids to the concepts of chemistry. I would love to let my nephews play this game, but I would feel guilty starting them off with a fundamentally wrong idea of what elements are and how they work.

I just want to share advice. by Special agent superhero 2016-05-28

Toca Boca! We meet again. Listen, you know how you've updated Tb kitchen 2 and toca hair salon 2? Lets just say, I read that the update is related to iOS devices, and new stuff are on iPad pros and got upset because I have a I pad mini. Can I just say 4 words? THATS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. So if you can be so nice,sweet, and generous to also put that so called awesome new update on iPad minis too? You'll get 4 more stars!

Not very educational by hyun007 2013-12-16

-There are no names of the elements being "discovered." -There is no rhyme or reason as to why each experiment leads to the discovery of new elements. -Scientifically misleading. the gameplay makes it seem like new elements are created by burning, freezing, spinning creates a brand new element. An element cannot be transmogrified to another through regular chemical processes. Totally not worth $2.99

Not Chemisty by ALA2012 2014-02-10

My daughter has been begging for this game. As a chemistry teacher, I agreed. However, after downloading and playing the game, I'm not sure I'm going to let her play this game. It is completely inaccurate. Elements cannot be turned into other elements by physical or chemical means. Ugh, too upset to write any more. Wish I had read the reviews.

For Education Or Entertainment? by SausageBossSauce 2016-10-22

This is just my opinion but honestly I did not really find this game that fun, because I thought this game did not have much to it, you just choose a thing and move on, though I do really like chemistry this game was pretty bland for me, I would want to add more to it and give the player more things to do and also more freedom to choose.

Not worth $3! by Kiwilust 2013-12-26

I downloaded this hoping it would help teach my 5 yo about the elements. The game makes no sense to me. The elements don't appear to be named. You freeze one element and it turns into another? It seems to be based on magic rather than reality.

It's a waste by Quizwiz101 2015-08-10

It's just a waste of time, your money, and energy I was expecting something a little bit more educational but it's completely pointless I feel so stupid for ever downloading this, please don't make the same mistake as me

Good and Bad by Eshankreddy 2016-12-25

The game is good because of how much curiosity it has. But I don't recommend it because it is waste of money as it is 2.99 and that it does not tell you the full name of the elements(I don't know the elements in the game).

Stops by #Toca boca fan 2014-12-26

It stops after you get all the components. It would be great if it continues with levels or something. I bought this yesterday and finished it today. Now I can't do anything Please get the free version then buy this app