Toca Life: Town Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Life: Town Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Life: Town Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Life: Town Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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*App Store Best of 2014*

You rule this Town, a play world where anything and everyone is welcome! With different locations and many classic Toca Boca characters, the everyday adventures in Town are infinite.

Move around in town! Visit the store to buy groceries, stop by the restaurant to cook lunch, and head home to watch movies with friends. Run over to the park for a picnic and go for a swim in the pond. Build a sand castle or go on an adventure in the dark? In this Town you decide!

Play cops and robbers today and hide and seek tomorrow, the story is up to you. Use your imagination to create your own world and play together with friends and family.

There are treasures hidden everywhere. Turn on and off lights, toss garbage in the bins, or wrap up a present in the store to give to friends. Throw stones in the pond and tap the sun for day and night. Remember there are no rules so don't be afraid to interact with anything, even the toilet!

Toca Life is a series of apps that takes you beyond the map of Toca Life: Town and let you discover new places within the Toca Life universe.

- 21 characters to play with. Do you recognize any of them?
- 6 locations to explore - park with a pond, store, police station, restaurant, house & apartment
- 30 different dishes to cook in the restaurant
- Go on adventure - light a campfire and sleep in a tent
- Control day and night
- 5 different animals to play with
- Open game play with no rules or stress
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Life: Town is made for kids as young as 3 yet can capture the imagination of those much older. It's filled with surprises and exciting things to do - there are no limits, just fun! Come play!

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About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.


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Suggestions for Toca Town! ☆☆☆ Posted by

Toca Town is a WONDERFUL app, and that's saying something because I'm turning 13 soon. I love how you can make your own little world and play and interact with things, I have named all the Characters, customized my little apartment, have places to go and keep my stuff, and more! This kept me entertained for HOURS! I love the animals they are cute! (though please make the little items easier to grab, don't make the people disappear from their places when you move them on the character select, and not make the freezer doors in the store close when you open them, I just wanted some milk lol) Although These would be great to add. Characters -Maybe a Flower -A Red Haired Girl. -A Design Your Own Character! You pick Gender, skin tone, eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, hair color, and finally a name. -Maybe A Baby Girl with little pigtails :D -Locations I feel some of these are kind of vital. -A Doctor's Office (where you can care for sick people and get a checkup) -A School (where you can teach and maybe draw on the chalkboard, and the school pet could be a hamster) -A Pet Store (where you can adopt pets and play with little puppies and kittens and all sorts of animals, and also buy pet food and cages and tanks for fish and hamsters) -A Haunted House (with cute and friendly little ghosts and bats of course, it could kind of be like your scaring game) -A Zoo (with cute animals like elephants zebras, giraffes, etc etc, and with each animal there's a little fun fact, like for instance for a zebra it could say, "no two patterns on a zebra are the same" or something like that. -And An Apartment Complex With Four or More Apartments in it. -A CLOTHES Store!!! Where you can get Wigs, Hats, Shirts, Shoes, And Pants for your characters! That would be awesome. -And Of Course a Theater, where you could perform in plays and watch little Toca Mini-Clips. I'm getting myself REALLY excited by writing this because i would REALLY REALLY REALLY love it if you guys added at least a bit of this stuff :) Sincerely, A Huge Fan.

Toca Life Additions That I Reccomend Posted by

Ok, well, first, you should add another one called Toca Life: Island. You get to do stuff on the island. Make them go swimming and play volley ball. Make them build sand castles. Make a clothes shop that you can make them wear pineapple shirts and swim suits and gear. A restaurant that you can make gourmet fish. A ocean home and dish swimming around. For another thing you should add to Toca Life: City, is a comic shop. Also an ice cream shop. Do not forget the pet shop! You should allow us to make the season different. Next in the Toca Life series, I think you should make Toca Life: Farm. You should make a lot of animals. You should allow us to feed the animals. Ride the horses, take the eggs from the chickens, milk the cows, feed the pigs. Do everything that you do at a farm. Harvest crops and go into the barn. Ok, my next idea is that you make a Toca Hotel. I know it has nothing to do with your Toca Life series, but I think you should do that. Make them have their own keys. They go swimming. Make them have their own hotel rooms and allow them to have their own luggages that they can carry around. Let there be a bellhop who helps. Please also make a elevator that you can make them go up and down on. These are what I think you should make. I would love it if you do listen to my recommendations. That you very much for at lease reading this review.

AMAZING GAME here are a few IDEAS... Posted by

I am loving the update and here are my ideas for the game. 1.COOKBOOK/say you figured how to make a pizza or pie and you want to know how it make it so you do not forget then you use the COOKBOOK. In order to use the cookbook( because it is for kids) you must drag the raw material and place it in the book and add the other on the other side and then it would give the result! 2.better bag/ I like to play the game for real that means take money and buy items but it's hard to get the money out of the bag so how about a handy bag for MONEY ONLY. 3.BANK/ continuing on from 2 a bank would be the perfect way to store extra cash. 4.PET STORE 5.let the kids learn the continents AIRPORT/ allow the kids characters to travel to diff parts of the world and make a new city and new food and also new music 7.BOATS AND FISHING 8.A FARM/allow the kids to do all of those jobs the farmers do! 9.YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED HOUSE/ALLOW THE KIDS TO MAKE THEIR DREAM HOUSE! 10.CLOTHS/ALLOW US TO CHANGE THE CLOTHS OF OUR CHARACTERS PLZ! 10.also allow us to make our own character 11.notice I put 10 2 times 12. A CARNIVAL/ADD FARISWHEELS COTTON CANDY AND EVERYTHING a local multiplayer ON DIFF DEVICES or same. Don't let the kids have a great time on their own. THESE ARE MY IDEAS PLZ READ THIS I BEG OF YOU!


I ❤️ this game but I have some requests. • I think that there should be more places like a barber shop or a salon or mall because right now, there are only 5 places but I think there should be 6 or 7 places. Also I think that there should be more houses and apartments for the towns people. • I think that there should be more characters in this game • In the park, I think there should be at least 3 tents to sleep in and a tree that you could climb and sit in because this would be really cool. • In the store, I think there should be shopping carts to push and have at least 4 of them. • In the apartment, there should be a shower and also, there should be a little more space. • I think the restaurant should have more foods for them to eat. • I think the house should have doors in between the rooms. • I think that all the animals should sleep and close there eyes when you put them on their beds • In the police department, the car should be able to drive away and the door should open • There should be more criminals I hope that you fix all of these and I hope to see them soon!

Love love love this game!!! Posted by

This is a really great game. It's so fun! Also could you make a two story house for those of us who want to have more than one older kid and a baby room with a crib and an older kids room that looks cool with like a canopy bed and choose between boys and girls room and be able to buy clothes at a little boutique? It could be called toca boutique! Thanks for the update! I like that your listening to requests and ur fans, unlike my playhome. Also, I noticed in the video in the police station and hone there was an iPhone and in the apartment the computer was white like a MacBook. Could you change those things back and make an iPad that they could play toca games on? They could touch it and it would have a screen and you could tap it again for an app and again to switch an app and so on. Also, people who are reading this and requesting the boy from toca tailor, he's in there! The dude with the striped shirt. Also I think it would be awesome with the house from Toca House except with a bedroom. The bedroom could be a cute little vintagey bedroom with a little quilt on the bed. Yeah. Thanks!

Outstanding Posted by

This game allows kids to play from imagination without any right or wrong ways to play,which is definitely great for kid's growing minds.It helps them learn creativity,which is definitely a skill that need to be learned,but parents and teachers often overlook it,thinking it's not a necessity.But some of the most successful people in the world got to where they are because of creativity,uniqueness,and imagination.It's a game that you may download for your infant or toddler,and find older siblings and relatives of all ages looking over their shoulders,smiling and laughing or even getting in on the fun as well.You'll definitely laugh while playing the game.I like that the game is imaginative and teaches children,but also is funny,interesting,and engaging.This is one of the finest crafted games in the App Store.You will never get bored or disappointed.It's a game for the whole family.When your infant,toddler,or child plays this,the whole family will be laughing and getting in on the action.When this game is being played,there's never a dull moment.

You are all insane Posted by

Okay I love this game because on toca city I like the clothes but I am constantly losing them and with the update I have so many problem I am restarting practically six times a week and besides look at the screen for toca town it's filled with stuff and if you think that they can fit in a zoo and a mall and a school I will scream beside a mall and a school are for toca school and malls are for toca city because f we add a mall and a school.then it wouldn't be toca town it would be a weird mash up of the toca life games crammed into the only app that I have never had a single problem with literary it's the one app I have never ever had one problem and an update like this will just cause more glitches when toca city got the tailor update everything changed and I way more problems with it then any othe app it is updates like that that make the games go crazy so you maniacs can review all your Ideas but there not good so the next time you write a toca boca life review see if they can add it to the screen because the screens already jam packed with stuff.

I hope you could think about this Posted by

Please make a free offer for toca city I really want it I'm trying to get all of the toca life but I really want toca life city but thanks for the free offer for the toca town I let my friends know about it and now they have it and want more toca life games but I know toca farm is coming out tomorrow so can you make it free at first and then can you make it cost money it would really mean a lot now for some ideas about the game can you make some more houses and make some new people and make a clothes store or a shoe store and I know I said houses already but it's called toca town in a town they have a lot of houses and could you make a carnival where your people can get on rides and play games and have food stands and a pet store thank you for listening I hope you can make some changes and I have an idea for an new toca life game how about toca park where there are a lot of houses and amusement parks and carnival and a store and pets

BEST IDEAS EVER!!!!! Posted by

Ok so I REALLY love Toca Town but, there are some suggestions that I want you guys to add so here they are: Hotel where you can check people in and have a room to yourself or share with a friend Hospital where you can get a checkup and if you break a bone you can get a cast Movie theater where you can eat popcorn and play a mini move Mall where you can buy clothes and other things I think you should have a school and a teacher can be in the front and there is chalk and a chalk board and a class pet! I think you should add some more to the park. There could be a play set! I think you should be able to make the beds and change the clothes and shoes. Pet store where you can buy a pet. I think you should be able to make more stuff with the food. I REALLY HOPE YOU TAKE THIS ADVICE THE APP WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE FUN (not that it isn't already fun) BUT THANKS AGAIN !!!!!

Great Job, Toca Boca!!!!!! Posted by

Ever since 2014, I loved Toca Boca apps. I loved the games, the fun things you could do. Then Toca Town came out. I read the reviews from parents talking about their 3 year old child playing this game. I got somewhat embarrassed. I was embarrassed because I was in 3rd grade and other kids who played this were in preschool or, better yet, not even in school. I had this game on my Kindle Fire and begged Mom for it on my iPhone. I showed this to my friend, Frankie, and her little sister, Sophie. Frankie and Sophie kept on making characters fart on the toilet. I remember when they both said, "We WANT this!" We kept on making fart noises and were laughing are heads off. But, they really liked ALL the aspects of the game. Especially the farts. That was a little immature of me to say, but now I'm in 4th grade, still enjoying this game. This is fun for kids aged 1-12.

Great, but maybe... Posted by

The game to a town is really fun, but why not add a school or a hair salon and a hospital. I would like if you add this cause then there would be more to do. And a little more education if little kids play. The school I mean. Like if there was a class room and you click this button on the board to put a equation and you can type something for the answer or like little test for them too. Oh and the hair salon and hospital is just for more fun, acctully maybe not the hospital, maybe in the hospital you have to fix them up. Well if you read this and add these things then I bet it'll be more fun and you'll get more better ratings and likes and downloads from others. But these are just suggestions for the game, thx if you do add these. Oh and maybe a a big two story mall with more things to get, and maybe if you can undress and redress them into cooler cutter clothes. THX.

Amazing please read!!!!! Posted by

Ok so I love this app so much but there needs to be just a few more fun things!!!! I think that maybe u can add a pet shop at the store with dog leashes and a clothes shop and a salon just like toca city maybe smaller because it's a town. And at the house maybe a dish washer and a washer. Maybe another apartment or house possibly I would love another house or apartment. More room in the park to walk your dog maybe add a balcony to the apartment and to the house a backyard or deck with a pool. Maybe even add more babies. Maybe more food combinations. Also a school maybe a new character "teacher" more kids for the school. Maybe the school can have a classroom and lunch room with a principals office. Also APP IDEAS. I have a lot of app ideas for the toca life series. First toca Farm or toca country hard to decide what name.

What I suggest for this app Posted by

Maybe you should add... 1.more places like, salon mall zoo pet shop etc 2.items like jelly sandwich and nail polish more stuff and leashes collars etc 3.make them have likes and dislikes 4.make more houses and more babies 5.make a airport and once you get on the plane you can choose any destination and once you get there you rent a hotel and rent a car also add phones iPads etc and you can tap on one then on top of the screen it should say "play" if you tap it you can play on the apps and download more that are on the device places like,president,mayor firefighter etc thanks hope you add and more stuff (can you guys add a app called toca life:Magic please and can there be like unicorns and be a witch please I know you just made toca life:school but just please?)

Amazing but... Posted by

This game is my favorite, but the family house needs an actual living room with pull out sofas and a television too. It should also have a boys room (which it has), a master bedroom (which it has), AND a girl's room! The apartment and the family house both need more windows. It needs more real looking people, not weird monster people. Why is there only baby boys? We need baby girls too. Oh and a baby room!! Yes! The park is awesome but the tent should be bigger and able to sleep more people. Also, more houses!!!! Or apartments! But it just needs more!! You can only really have two families. More food!! More cars than just the police car that people can drive and sit in and that they could put things like groceries in it. Thanks, really great game.

Really Fun! Posted by

Okay, so I like to play this game with my niece and nephew because it is just super fun! I love the new stuff that has been added as well. I only have some things that I would I like to suggest. So I understand that we can make foods like pizza and hamburgers, but it would also be super fun to make things like cupcakes and cookies. Also, you should add a school. My niece loves to pretend to be a teacher and have my nephew be the student, so it would be cool to add that to toca town and have their favorite characters learn at school. Just a minor comment. Anyways, like I said, amazing game. Can't wait to see more toca apps.

Amazing app so I have some ideas Posted by

How about having a big store where you can buy furniture house things cars fridges computers how about a shopping mall with different stores let it have more house more thing like a real city let ther be schools , hotels , beaches that are bigger that are not part of parks and in the park let there be swings and stuff and a forest where there will be a real camping spot with bears and tigers and snakes like a real world let there be cars to drive even if this isn't for kids let it be like a real world where the bear can eat people also sharks and all it will be more interesting but this is an AMAZING app good job

An Amazing game Posted by

I love toca town. I downloaded this game in June of last year and I played it for two hours after I downloaded.I just wish the townhouse could have been bigger, and the store could have toys and little brother also enjoys this game,and is great for the four-six age group. I love it and I'm almost 11 so that's saying its a great game. I play this game with friends on my tiny little IPod screen and its super hard to see. If your going to play this with more than one person for a long period of time I would get it on a IPad. I suggest this App for anyone who enjoys dolls or Toca Boca.

Hey toca can u add... Posted by

Hey toca boca! Adi here and I'm here to make suggestions to add things! 1: in the family house you should add a front AND back yard. Also a puppy and a hamster in there 2: please add a farm! It would be so cool! Like with these animals... Pigs,cows,horses,sheep,chickens. Also add a garden so u can grow plants and stuff. Also in the farm house you can go inside. 3: wanna know what else would be cool? A movie theater! To popcorn to comfy seats! And two movie rooms and a lobby. The movies are short videos of YOU guys (toca boca creaters) made! And also I'm sorry... I'm getting carried away

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! Posted by

It is a super fun game and it never gets old that is why I rated it 5 stars!I have a question though can you make Toca Life:City free please it looks super fun and I will rate it 5 stars,wright a great review and then tell my friends to get it please make it free!!!! I think you should make a school with different class rooms and a cafe. And have teachers that really teach also hotel and motels would be nice with hot tubs and an indoor pool a spa would also be nice.A fair and water park would be fun also. Can you make a hospital and have people in there.a pet park would be nice for the pets.

I have a superhero idea! Posted by

Hey TB! What's up? Listen, I have an idea for a new game idea. It's called Toca Life: Around the world. Oh, and can you make it free? So let me give you a review. There are the seven continents: Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America, Europe, and Antarctica, and you take this airplane, the same as the one in Vacation. You add 7 characters, one from each continent. Each time you go in the airport and on the plane and take the people with some of the people from the places, you can pick which continent you want to travel to.

Awesome but.... by Julianna Evans 2015-01-21

This game is so much fun! It needs a heck of improvements to get five stars. Here's what I want: 1.MORE HOUSES please 2 you can move more things around. I am kinda disappointed with that. 3. More characters!!! There like none! You need a waiter, waitress, more parents and pets 4. Bigger and better restaurant, so it can hold more people, cook more. 5. More food in the grocery store, and make it bigger and please add shopping carts, or more bags to store food in 6. TOY STORE you have a little machine that dispenses toys, make a toy store where there is more stuff. 7. MORE room in a bedroom, and more storing please. 8. Could make like hand bags/purses for the Moms so they can store money and a cellphone? 8.1 cell phones where you could text or call it another person with the phone. Like you hit the phone and you have 3options :call text and contacts. Contacts is hw where you store info, it when you want to call someone trust hit there picture and they can do what ever texting is explanatory. 9 school where you can have preschool/ elementary , middle school and high school. Please add more backpacks. 10. The camping isn't that much fun, you need to have a freaking big tent where they have food and stuff, that is why backpacks are needs. 11. MAKE CABINET space please in bathroom and kitchens. Where else are you gonna store food? Thanks and if this doesn't improve soon, well deleting this app is gonna happen -unhappy and disappointed player who wants all the improvements ASAP. (And screw Apple because writing the God darn review is difficult because. I don't even know if I'm making mistakes See I made a fricking mistake because of this

Toca boca make an update by Jhdgihdsflihwfhludsbfufvkejb 2015-03-31

Toca I have a question for you. Do you even read the reviews? The first review was written on December 20th 2014. Today's date is March 31 2015. Every review I looked at (and I read a lot) says that you need to update. It has been months and you still haven't updated it. People have been giving you great ideas and I think you should take advantage of that. I have written two previous reviews and would appreciate if you looked at them and saw my ideas as well as others. I am 11 and think that the game is ok but I don't believe it was worth 2.99 dollars if you refuse to make an update to make the game bigger and better and make it more appealing to the buyers of the app. I am sorry if I am being rude but me and many other reviewers would like a little more from this game. Read any other review and you will see that everyone is asking for more in this game. I know it is hard to make an app, but I would appreciate if you put a little more time into this game before creating others please. P.S. So so sorry if I am being to harsh but I am only being so critical because I literally wait for the little number one pop up by updated because I love what you did with the app so far!☺️☺️☺️

MORE STUFF!!! by WendyCrisp76 2015-05-22

it is fun and all but there needs to be more stuff like a toy shop, a fair/carnival, MORE ANMALS, a pet shop, a dog house, a hospital, another restaurant, a cat tree, treehouses, hamsters, hamster balls,you should be able to add different things to the houses and take away things and stuff but please don't make it too complicated,a cat/dog/ other animal toys and yes I did see the cat toy/mouse thing,hand cuffs,more people/robbers,a school ,you should be able to fill up the cat and dog bowls, a bigger tent/more tents, more stuff in the store, you should be able to drive cars, you should be able to cook food LIKE ACTUALLY COOK FOOD like on Toca Kichen , you should grow flowers and last but not lest there should be a flower shop! Also I don't think that Toca Boca reads our reviews, other than that BEST APP EVER! Oh and a bakery and sorry that I only put three stars but if Toca Boca fixes all that I will give you FIVE STARS but if You don't fix it still will be three stars,

Needs improvement but, is still great! by So Kawaii!!! 2015-12-31

This game is super fun! I have always loved the Toca Boca apps. But for this game their are a couple things I want to be improved. For example you should be able to change your characters clothes, hair style. That would be a huge improvement! And their certainly should be more places to go like a restaurant, beach ( Even though there's a lake in the park) clothing store! If you do most of these things that would be fantastic! And I have something to say about this app, and that is even though it suggests that this game is for five and under its really for 10 and under in my opinion, since I'm assuming that most kids under 10 like this if your over ten and like this I'm happy for you even more. Ps. ( I love LDShadowlady, Lizzie is the best!)

Getting Boring... by Jamie Person 2016-11-06

There is nothing else to do, except living at a house, going to the store, eating, going to the restaurant, the boring police station, and the lame park. This has limited places to go! There has to be something else you guys can add to this app! I shared this app with my cousin who is 4 years old, and she got bored with it in two minutes. I am speaking my opinion, and this app is rigged, lame, and very boring. I rate this one to two stars. Please make this app more entertaining and have more places to go to. One of the most lamest apps I have ever bought.

Toca Town Needs... by Foodloverartist3000 2015-06-22

Toca town is my favorite game to play. Even though I'm 11!!!!I love that you don't have to play it with Wi-Fi and I think it is a really great game. But I do have some things I think it should add. first of all I think you should add more babies, I think that the shower curtain should be able to open and close, I also think that there should be a two-story house with the basement and I think the grocery store should be bigger, you can drive the police car, add a school, a bakery, and I also think a zoo would make it 10 times better!!!!!! Thanks.

More More MORE!!! Part 2 by Madelyn G 2015-05-21

Alright. To add on to what I already have, the buildings should be a school w/ people in it with a connected playground, a three story office w/ people in it, a movie theatre w/ people in it, a two story fire station w/ people in it, a two story house w/ people in it, a four story apartment building w/ different rooms for the people in it, many restraunts w/ different themes and food. Also has people in it. And different shops that sell different things. And maybe other cool places like houses, museums, and more ALL in 3d. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good but by Superstar pony 2015-06-21

Omg I have a great idea this game is amazing.. You know 2 other good ones too? Toca kitchen and toca mini! Maybe you can make food in toca kitchen and send it to this game! Or make people in toca mini and send them to this great game!! Then this game will be amazing!!!!!!! When you do this 5 stars for you guys! Update OMG TOCA LIFE CITY is coming well I have ONE just one suggestion can the ppl who bough TOCA town get TOCA life city free? I mean we already paid 2.99 and one more thing.. PLEASE PLEEEESSE make a TOCA life Farm thanks.

I love u! by Wowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2015-05-21

Best app ever!!!! The new update made it better,but still needs a hospital and school,etc and the diamond in my oven was freaking me out but I still love it!!! 2 weeks later Ok, add more stuff. HOSPITAL, SCHOOL,A PET SHOP, THE DIAMOND IN WEIRD PLACES ARE CREEPY. new update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there should be a Christmas version to download with a tree and snow and a snow man. The pond should be a ice skating update!!!!!!!!!? Plzz add more stuff. I think I'm going to .... Delete it if there is no new updates.

Please read by Trinnybigsis 2016-12-25

You guys should really add a subway that is free so you can drive to different apps, and you can bring objects and peaple to different games. There should also be luggage on the train, and animals including horses, sheep, cows, and pigs should be allowed onboard.There should also be a toca zoo with tons of animals but not for as much money, it would also be cool if there was a toca jungle. Sorry about the long review but there is a ton of ideas for this company.

Please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by LBP #1 FAN! 2015-09-20

This game won't load! I can't play it at all! I uninstalled it from my ipad and then I installed it again hoping that it would work... BUT IT DIDN'T!!!:( PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! (I would put a higher rate to this game because this is the only problem that i am having with it although you all could add other people and places to the game... Like a hospital, more houses and a farm!)

Please make it free again! by Scalabengbeng 2016-12-20

When I first downloaded this game on my old iPad, it was free! When I bought my new iPad and searched this game in the AppStore, it needed payment!!! Please make this app free again and maybe other Toca Life games as well!!! Please do so, and if you guys do then thank you very much!!! Hope you guys make an update about this!

Great game - current version buggy by Il_Fabbro 2016-05-28

This has been our daughter's go-to game for over a year now. Seems to never get old. However, either an app update or an iOS update has introduced problems. Characters go through walls. You can apparently set the penguin's head on fire in the park, etc. Please fix!

looked so fun! by chlocat10 2015-09-21

i got the app and it looked so fun! i opened it up and it wouldn't load and kept making my phone freeze. i'm kind of angry about it considering it was three dollars… it looked like such a fun game, but i won't even know if it was fun because it keeps crashing

Good but by Dollhouse101 2015-12-21

Could you make it Christmas theme and add a school and on toca school please make it free because my baby brother loves your games and he really wants the toca school Will you do it for Christmas

Sound quit by Annoyed too much 2015-11-06

We only had this downloaded for about 2 weeks and now the game has no sound. Frustrating for my 4 year old. Even reloaded game in hopes it would fix it, and still no sound.

Not working on iOS 9 by gaston4kd 2015-09-20

After upgrading to iOS 9 toca town stop working, after the initial toca boca traditional message the game hang and the screen keep showing a white color. Please fix it!

Needs more updates by Emma waltmon 2015-11-01

I got this game and I had to pay and now it is free. It needs new places to go because sometimes it gets boring. Please make toca school and more free!!!!

Toca lives PLEASE READ TOCA BOCA by Axel flamesss 2016-02-18

This is an amazing game but can the other toca lives be free cuz I want to play all of them but I have to purchase them SO PLEASE MAKE THEM FREEEEEEE

I just bought toca life city and by Arietta Xylas 2015-06-25