Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Life: Vacation Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Make every day a vacation adventure! Feel the excitement of going through the airport to catch your flight. Jumping on a hotel bed. Digging for treasure on the beach. Create all the vacation fun you want with Toca Life: Vacation! EXPLORE With four locations to explore in Toca Life: Vacation, you’ll never run out of ideas for your stories. Want to start your adventure at the airport? Have fun with the X-ray machine, board the plane and visit the cockpit. Then get a snack and enjoy your flight! At your destination, you have many choices for activities: shopping and sightseeing on the boardwalk, playing at the beach and surfing in the ocean and exploring the hotel. DISCOVER You’ll find lots of surprises throughout Toca Life: Vacation. Find out who inhabits the seafloor, open a secret compartment, uncover buried treasures and investigate a very mysterious-looking statue. RECORD YOUR STORY Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice as you’re telling the story, along with your characters’ movements. Create vacation videos up two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share later! GET THE INSIDE SCOOP Don’t miss Life Weekly! This is your source for hilarious videos, insider tips and awesome fan art. Located in the top right corner of the start screen, this free feature updates every week to give you fun insights into the whole world of Toca Life! FEATURES - Explore four locations: airport, hotel, beach and sightseeing. - Create stories for 34 new characters. - X-ray luggage or people at the airport! Visit the cockpit and have a snack on the plane. - Fill up at the hotel buffet or raid the fridge in your hotel room. - Play on the hotel elevator then ride up to the top floor to enjoy the view from your penthouse suite. - Shop for souvenirs in the gift shop, take photos in the cut-out figures and have a snack on the boardwalk. - Play on the beach and surf above the ocean animals. - Discover the island mysteries! - Record your stories in the app and share with your friends! - No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like! - No third-party advertising - No in-app purchases WE LISTEN You wanted a vacation app, you got it! We loved your suggestions for a hotel, beach and airport, so keep those ideas coming! What do you want to see next in the Toca Life series? Share your suggestions by submitting a review, or share them with @tocaboca on Instagram & YouTube! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


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Something new Posted by

Me and my cousins thought you could add or change some thing to either make new games or to change from previous apps One of the main things we wanted to say was that one of my cousins was thinking about how it could even more fun than it already is which is hard to believe because all of your apps are great My cousins was thinking about an amusement park and some things you could add was in Toca vacation is sometimes there is A glitch. That you press a place to go it will take a few minutes than menu and keeps on doing that. For a while Also for Toca vacation is you could make a boat and have it travel several places same with the plane that would be amazing also maybe you try to make them drive cars Also it would be cool if you could make more reipeces by combining food and that's fun except when we run out of food if the food was unlimited there will not be any sad looks on me and my cousins faces. And for the beds maybe you could make the third floor in Toca vacation there is.a couch maybe you could make it. A pullout couch also you could make two people sleep on one person bed I can make them sleep in one bed but sometimes it does not work Also adding to the new games that I was talking about maybe a Toca museum that would be great for me and my cousins to play with And we would really like it if atm did not run out of money

Ideas Posted by

My first idea is Toca Life: Work. You can have the icon be a person in a suit holding coffee and have a office,fire station, lab, resteraunt and a house for a break, like toca life: school, but the parents side. My second idea is Toca Life: Summer Camp. There can be a mess hall, obstacle course lake, cabin, woods, entrance, and/or lawn There can be REALLY bad food, no electronics and counsellors,CITs,and campers. In the woods somewhere could you put a stump that is like a picnic table. The mess hall can be the "cafeteria" too. And the obstacle course, have some mud. At the entrance there can be a big sign that says "CAMP _______ " at the lake, you should have canoes that can fit two people in and can move. The cabins should have more than one cabin (2-3). My third idea (for Toca Life: Vacation) is baby clothes, and a restaurant, whenever I go to a hotel I have a restaurant for dinner. My fourth and probably final idea is Toca Life: Future, there can be a laboratory, robots, a factory, flying (working) cars, and two houses with working buttons in a button room to activate fans and lights in the house. And maybe a monorail could be in Toca: Life Future. Thanks for so much for reading, I worked so hard on this review (especially Idea 2) and I hope EA reads. And please mention me or my ideas in yours if you like it.


This game is so amazing I love it but when I play it it glitches out my stuff I wanted to use the dog from the airport and I took it to the hotel and it glitched back to the airport but other then the glitching it's awesome HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS 1 you guys should make a toca life babysitting there should be like 3 houses and a fancy restaurant and and some shops that would be so cool 2 you should also make a toca life zoo you can have some workers some visitors and a ticket stand a gift shop and the zoo and in the zoo maybe a ice cream store a place to eat and all the animals 3 I think you should add a toca life party where different people are having a party like a birthday party and a baby shower and a pool party and more and you can host them 4 I think you would have a toca life Hollywood where there's the studio to make movies the makeup and dress up the break room that would be amazing and have a lunch break room to eat 5 For my last idea I think you should make toca life Disney World where people are at Disney world you can have the seven kingdoms a hotel that would be awesome I HOPE YOU USE MY IDEAS I REALLY WANT YOU TO USE THE HOLLYWOOD IDEA


I adore this game series SO much even though you have to buy it I LOVE it. I know it takes a LONG time to make these but I can't wait for the next game to come out. I have a couple suggestions for the next game: 1. Toca life: Zoo 2. Toca life: Hospital 3. Toca life: Village 4. Toca life: Stranded 5. Toca life: Space I want to tell you about the 3 and below games: for Toca life: Village I was thinking a medieval theme for it. It could have a blacksmith, castle, market, stable and the market could have 4 or more stands in like: clothing, horse armor, food, toys ( for the children) etc. For toca life: stranded you could have a crashed( plane or boat) and you could find stuff on the crashed (plane/boat) like: clothing, food etc. there could also be a island, jungle, treehouse, and there could be wild animals. For Toca life: space there could be a rocket and they could wear space suits. There would be a planet with a dome where you could take off the space suits there could be aliens s well. I think we could also travel to different planets and much more. ( you can decide on that

Awesome! + New app recommendation Posted by

I love the Toca Boca games, they're so fun to play, especially the Toca Life games! I know, this game was only released a few days ago but I have this annoying bug where, for example, I'm at the airport and I just grabbed my suitcase but before I had an orange juice on the plane, I move my character to the hotel but the progress didn't save, so my character is holding an orange juice instead of the suitcase I put in her hands last. To sum it up, it doesn't really save the last progress I made. Please fix this it's really annoying. :) Also a suggestion: I read this in the reviews and I really like this idea! Toca Life: Work. Where there'll be a business offices, fire stations, hospitals, restaurants, houses to rest in etc. just anywhere you can get your character to work and you can add clothes like suits! Also a suggestion for Toca Life School: a library and a NURSE'S OFFICE!! And can you please make a Toca Life: Amusement Park with rides, restaurants, apartments to rest in, shops etc. :)

Toca Life: Pets = BEST IDEA EVER!!!!! Posted by

Omg u should make a toca life pets game. There would be a pet shop where there would be TONS of pets in different sections. The sections could be dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, rodents, and maybe even some CRAZY animals like monkeys, sloths, alligators, and other stuff. But then there would be a pet supplies store (separately from the pet store) and you would have so much food, treats, toys, beds, bowls and other things to chose from. And the apartment building and then the hiking trail and then the mansion. IDK why I think there should be a mansion in this game but I just think it would be cool. P.S., if you do make this game (which I REALLY hope you do because I think it's a pretty cool idea) in the reptile section of the pet store would you add in (for one of the pets) a bearded dragon. I have one named Om Num and he is epic and awesome! You can look up pictures online. Anyway, I REALLY HOPE you make this game, and if you do, I would for sure buy it! Thx a lot, and love your work and what you do!

4.5 stars Posted by

I really love this game! I have and love all of the Toca life ones, and vacation is no exception. First, you may go to the airport. After you go through security, it's time to board the plane! Time for snacks! Choose from a delicious array of top class foods, and when you land, grab your luggage and enjoy your vacation. You can stay at a hotel, and choose from 3 ROOMS!!! At the beach, you can sunbathe, eat ice cream, swim... Don't forget sunscreen! Swim far enough and you'll come across a secret island! Is that a treasure chest sticking out from the sand? After you are done swimming, shower off and go back to your room, or go sightseeing. Toca life vacation is so fun! You can do so many things, but one suggestion: I wish that when you take off in the airplane, that the scenery outside the Windows would mov, and that there would be some sort of barrier (like a door) to separate the plane from the rest of the airport. Overall, I really love this game and am looking foreword to updates.

Suggestion Great Posted by

The game is fantastic I luv it but 1 suggestion is that make more rooms instead of 3 make 5 so 2 more rooms and also you should make a college life toca boca so where you have a roomie then all these decorations a laptop even a case that goes on the laptop like Paris or pugs there should be a store for decorations for your room and there should laptop cases in the store and the beds should be like lofts and desks and closests bathroom the college like where the dorms are and there should be like 5 or 4 dorms in it because I know that would be exhausting make all those dorms and then when you go out of the dorm and into the map there should be classes a Starbucks you should have your own car keys to the dorm keys to the car a like cafe seasons and a iPhone 6 also a back pack bags purses and just everything you would have in college I know this is a lot but if you make it life you gotta make it real . That's all bye! PS they should have jobs as well

Bugs/Ideas Posted by

Dear Toca Boca, There are 2 bugs going on in the game,but the one that's bothering me the most is that when I'm changing the girl with the flower headband's outfit it logs me out and she's suddenly wearing the burger shirt from the city and when I try to change her outfit it logs me out.I wish you fix this problem. Second, I have a idea for the next Toca Life. It should come around during the school year because it's about school.Could you please make Toca Life:College. It's similar to Toca Life: School but in this one the characters are taller and there are more rooms in the school house. The house is really dorms and there should be 5 dorms at least with how it looks in a real college dorm house. For the school house there should be different rooms with different subjects, like art,fashion,and whatever subject that's all for now,and I hope you fix this bug and consider the idea. Thank You, AriCakez

Great game! Few disappointing flaws Posted by

My friend and I have recently taken a liking to the toca life series. However we have come across that we cannot throw things out which is a problem for us. A big problem. We would also enjoy more formal clothing choices. I love the rooms I think they're great, because in other toca life's there's not enough room for a family. We have also come across a glitch. When we go in the elevator, our hard work to clean up the hotel rooms is deleted. A salon in the hotel wouldn't hurt, but I don't wanna push it. One last thing. I have all of the toca life apps! I wish I could take something from one of the apps and bring it to the other. Like fly the airplane into toca city. Plus, I LOVE THE RESTART BUTTON PLZ DON'T REMOVE IT!!!!!!!! Overall it's a great game. My friend and I are just really picky. I love the toca life's I just had a few suggestions! Please take them into consideration!

Amazing game but I think you should add... Posted by

I think Toca Life:Vacation is really good!!! I was thinking you could add another place to go. I was thinking a volcano. On the beach you see a volcano in the distance if you go all the way to the end. I was thinking if you tap the volcano, it would take you to it. On the volcano there could be a gift shop and at one end you can get a view of the beach and at the other end there could be a pit of lava.there could also be a secret compartment it the wall. BY THE WAY who ever is still reading this, lucky you! I'm gonna tell you how to open the statue of the octopus! 1. Tap the tentacle that is holding the hotdog once. Then tap the tentacle that is holding the popsicle twice. Then tap the tentacle below that twice. Then tap the tentacle holding the popsicle twice again and finally tap the tentacle holding the hotdog once. The head should open up revealing the treasure inside!

Everyone has ideas Posted by

Hi! I am OBSESSED with Toca Boca. The Toca life games are my fav, and I had some ideas for the next one. What if.... drumroll please.... you could MAKE your own Toca City or something like that?! So first, like in Toca Blocks, you make a new 'world'. Then you name it, for instance, Erni's Paradise. You could have for example 3-5 places and you could pick out what they would be. You would have choices of course, and let's say I picked out an apartment building, a restaurant, a mall, a beach, and a pet store. If Toca wanted to make it fancy for the older kids, they might let you decorate the inside of each store. Then you can pick 30 characters of your choice. Then you can hit create game, and WaLa! Your own Toca Game! If you hit the back button, you could make a WHOLE other world. Hope I may have inspired some people today! Have fun with Toca!

Great app/crashing/more ideas Posted by

I can not stop playing this app, I really do think it is fun. The game crashing every once in a while really annoys me because I spend 15 mins or so doing something and then the crash erases some of it. You could add more shops and maybe houses to live in, besides the hotel. Or more hotel rooms that are bigger. Another game idea could be to add a Toca Life: Fair or Toca Life: Country. Or to clash all three of the Toca Life games together in one app. Another suggestion as I was reading in the reviews I saw a Toca Life: Future, with future cars and know the stereotypical so called "Future". This is one of my favorite suggestions so far, and I have seen many people suggest this also. Over all, I bought all of the Toca Boca games and they are all fun, me and my sister really do enjoy them.


I really wish I could give this game a five star review. I was playing toca kitchen 2 when in the corner in saw the new app icon. I was so exited, so I hurried up downloaded the game. I started playing and I picked out the characters I liked and put them in the hotel rooms and got them their own clothes and swimwear and hats etc. But I forgot something at the airport so I went back and I was there for about 3 seconds and then it crashed. So I went back on and saw that all my progress was not there. I have to say I was really aggravated but it's okay because it is a great game!!!! To add to Toca Life: Vacation please read the following. -spa -water park (a lot of people are saying that and I thought that would be cool) -nice restaurant -maybe and aquarium or zoo THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING GAME

Amazing!!!!! Posted by

I got this app for my little sister. Five minutes after it loaded she wouldn't lift her head up. Then my mom called her downstairs so I tried it. And i loved it!! I can't believe I love a 6 year old game! It is amazing!! Every minute of free time I get I play toca life. Now my sister and I have all of the toca life games. My mom loves that my sister has somthing to do now. Even though they cost money we still buy them. The only thing I would change is more activities. Like houses that the people can come from and more shops. Maybe a yacht or to. But everything else is awesome!! Thanks for this app. Please make more toca life games.

Really fun but.. Posted by

This game is so fun and can be enjoyed by anyone, really. I recommend playing it on an iPad to prevent crashing. It does need a little bit more to do like going to work or ACTUALLY traveling. I go to the airport and wait forever and then it doesn't end up taking me anywhere. I'm not sure if you can travel or not but they should let you travel. Another thing I want them to add is transferring one of the characters from this game to any of the other toca life games. Once you've tried everything in this game you really don't have anything else to do.

Read me! Posted by

I have a few suggestions to make: 1.) I accidentally put swim trunks on a girl.. Let's say it didn't turn out so well. Could you fix that? 2.) Please make a transfer app! I want to give my people from Toca Vacation clothes from Toca City.. -- This note is for people complaining about the price of this app. -- People of the world who want this app free, don't complain! The team of Toca Boca puts so much hard work into these apps, and they have no in-app purchases! Be grateful! Thank you. Smooches, Olivia

I'm TRYING to play Posted by

Ok so whenever I play on my iPod touch it works well but when I play on my iPad..... I press play go to the airport and then there's a black screen and it goes to the home screen! I think it would be better on a big screen but it's NOT because I can't play it! Please fix this problem, and oh whenever I get a bag it always comes back without the bag! Please put this problem in the next update. But remember, I always love your games!

OMG great game!! Posted by

I downloaded the Toca life school and the same day I also got toca life stables, city, and vacation, I LOVE the toca series and hope you will make more, I also like the little dogs/cat things you can find in them. In toca stables I love the secret of the waterfall but the pics of the game show a blue and pink or green zebra, How can I get that?? Thanks toca I LOVE these games and hope you will make more!!

So amazing! One suggestion... Posted by

Wow, this game is amazing. High quality graphics, so many people and animals, fun locations! But, there is one downer to me. Crashes. The first I downloaded it, it crashed VERY quickly. But, it doesn't crash anymore that fast. I know, the game's code can't handle all the people and tapping on the screen, but other than that, stop reading my review and just play this game!

Ehhh by 2016-07-27

Usually I don't write reviews for these apps... This is my second toca boca app. It's pretty good but there should me more things to do, stuff like that, at first you do everything, explore, make stories, then it gets boring. But anyway HOW DOES THE LITTLE CLOCK ON THE THIRD FLOOR OF THE HOTEL IN THE MASTER BEDROOM KNOW THE TIME! THE REAL TIME?! I even tested it out I changed my iPad's time... And guess what it changed to the new time! How does it do that! It makes me a little nervous. I don't hate it developers, but please tell me about that. Idk if that's normal or anything, but just please tell me why it's doing that.

I love toca boca but... by allysweet 2016-06-21

I'm trying to play this game and every time I open it, it takes forever just to change to a different screen and when I first opened the app, I went to the airport and right away it crashed. Then I tried again and it happened again. After 3 minutes of the app loading so I can actually play each time, it crashes. I read reviews and saw that other people were having this problem but was hoping it wouldn't happen to me. The other toca boca apps that I have don't do this. Please fix this, it looks like an incredible game and I really would like to play. Thanks!

Gets boring fast and crashes by ytan1973 2016-06-29

Don't get me wrong, this game was entertaining at first. That lasted for a few days. The game doesn't have much to play with, and on top that it gets boring. My suggestions would be to add more things. There is only a hotel, a beach with not much in it, airplane, and the sightseeing is boring. I'm sorry to write a bad review. Don't get me wrong, it is a fun game, but it just doesn't last. It also crashes ALOT. The crashing not only is annoying, but removes all the data you had and forcing you to do things you've already done. Fix please.

Radio plays what sounds like explicit lyrics! by Cerpengas 2016-10-15

My 7 - year old daughter loves this game but I got a shock when I overheard the radio on the beach- playing an upbeat techno tune that's starts with 'Dance! dance!' And then it sounds like 'f-you' and another- what sounds like a completely inappropriate 'sex' phrase. Hopefully your kids are clueless and can't pick up on this but I was completely shocked when I overheard it. Come on- pick a different tune that doesn't blast words that SOUND like sex or f**k! Other than this, my daughter seems to love this app!!


I had all of the toca life apps but when this I bought this it kept saying "waiting" and I deleted some of my apps, still saying that, and I had all of the toca life Apps besides this one. So I deleted them all then got them all back. Guess what? THEY ALL WOULD NOT DOWNLOAD BACK. THEY JUST SAID "waiting" ALL THAT MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN. now maybe I just don't have enough space. But I deleted like 15 apps. So now I'm pretty mad. I imagine it is a good app. But IT DOESN'T WORK AND IT IS RIDICULOUS.

Toca by Hejsjsmsns 2016-09-02

Hi um I'm twelve years old and I love toca but I wish you can like build a train to connect all the apps together but people still will have to bye the other toca life apps and I have a new idea for toca so you can adopt kids from the adoption place and there would be a bunch of homes kind of like a suburb and you can send them to toca life school for school also they can have jobs like a chef or a doctor so and they can also get married plz plz plz take my idea into suggestion

Fun but Crashes by Leahgirl5551 2016-06-24

I love playing this game it's just that I can't go on it any more because it keeps crashing. I know that other people are having this problem too and I recommend that you fix it because it was becoming my favorite game so far. And fix it soon. Come on I'm waiting. I was also thinking about a toca life amusement park with rollercosters and fun rides and stuff like that. Thank you for reading this and please make more toca life games. I have all and I want more.

CRASHES! by I am unhappy because of bugs 2016-06-22

It seems like a great game but I want to see the airport before I can see anything else but I can't because it keeps glitching out!☹️. I've tried a million times but it won't work! You'd better make that update or else I'm NEVER BUYING ANOTHER GAME FROM YOU AGAIN! And you should put more clothes, in the game and you should have like a smoothie stand on the beach. Me and everyone in the comments agree that you should fix this bug NOW!

cute app, too many bugs by Jojo the awesome one 2016-06-30

i've been a fan of toca games for a few years and i like this game but it glitches CONSTANTLY. It erases and resets clothes, characters, and suitcases all the time. the characters and items will just vanish? it also reverses progress often and the game resets itself every time i exit out of the app. please please please fix this app! other than the bugs, it's a good app and i'd be really happy to up my rating if it actually functioned correctly...

Good Game but too many Glitches by Cutie12876249 2016-07-11

When you play the game it works for awhile but then let's say your character was holding a cup so you went to the hotel and got a pineapple, when you go to the airport they are holding the cup again!!!! This only happened once but one time I was playing the game and I turned my iPad of for 5 minutes to go do something, when I came back every SINGLE person was wearing the same thing!!! I t a cute app but has a lot of glitches

Force close and no sound on video by Sarahlovesyouu_ 2016-09-27

App keeps force closing on my iPad mini. And whenever I record a video in toca city and vacation the sound goes always and sometimes doesn't come back for the whole entire video. Hopefully in the future the plan can take you to different destinations an back home to toca town or toca city. Love the games but can't play because it's always crashing and I can't record videos properly the sound goes away

Well it was fun for the first 10 minutes by A dissapointed cousin 2016-06-23

Me and my younger cousin love to play toca boca games together. She was ecstatic when I purchased this game. We enjoyed it thoroughly through the first ten minutes, that experience is worth 4.5 stars, but then the game crashed. It now crashes every time I open it. I have closed the app and reset my iPad. I can't make anything work. Unless you only plan on playing for 10 minutes I would not recommend this game.

Could use... More by 1308alyssa@gmail 2016-06-23

I love all the toca life games. And this if my favorite so far. But I drives me crazy how I can't change their hair!!! So here is all I'm asking. And if you made this happen I would be soooooo happy! So: a salon, movie theater, three houses, clothes store and clothes for babies. Most of this is already made, but on separate apps!!! So if you made all one app- that would be a dream come true!!!!

It won't let me! by Priscilla Cabadas 2016-07-01

Hello. I'm writing this review because the game has a problem. When I go in the elevator, and press the floor I want to go to, it takes me out of the game. I spent $3 dollars on this game and I'm extremely mad. This game is really fun, but I can't play anymore if I don't get to use the elevator. I tried one more time before I sent this, and still nothing. $3 dollars to waste...

App crashes after Jun 20 update by Shoo dog 2016-06-22

Love this app. It is our family favorite. We are very disappointed that it no longer runs after the June 20 update. It will startup, but once you select one of the locations to enter (i.e. Airport, hotel, etc.) it crashes back to the iPad home screen. We have the most recent iOS update or date. Please help. We are checking every hour hoping for a fix. Our family loves your work !!!!!

Crashes..a lot by Rainbowkitty321 2016-12-05

This game is really fun and I would really ,over to play it but it crashes every 5 seconds I love to play it but it's way to hard to play I have a first generation iPad and I have the latest update pleas please please fix it so I can play it will be five stars when I can play thank you also you should make a toca life wedding thank you for reading my review

Great game..... But crashes tooooo much by JusObservnt79 2016-06-30

I'm tired of it crashing I'm trying to go to the airport then it crashes and I have to start packing all over again. Also a suggestion toca boca work but it's free there would be homes business, fire station and a bus to school and the parents go to work and cars to travel to the toca boca life games u own plz stop crashes

Crash after 1 minute!!! by PipandMe 2016-07-21

In a whole, or what I saw on YouTube at least this app looks pretty cool!!! But when I downloaded it, I started playing and it crashed!!! I have tried over and over again trying to get it to work. I have even deleted and re-downloaded it a couple times!!! Please fix this immediately!!!

Dear Dev. by HassanMaynard 2016-08-03

Problem experienced using iPad 2nd gen.; sporadic crashes. Looks like a memory management issue. Other Toca apps work w/o crashing. Vacation appears more process intensive. Need a remedy please. Much appreciated! P.s. Vacation works w/o crashing on a iPad Air 2.

Crashes by Shorties2001 2016-09-04

I haven't been able to play for less than 5 minutes because it crashes repeatedly I use my iPad mini and I know that it could be fun to play but it just crashes so many times please fix I really want to play it