Toca Mini Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Mini Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Mini Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Mini Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Mini Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Cute, weird or funny? That's up to you in the colorful world of Toca Mini. Let your imagination run wild in this creative app for kids!

Make scary monsters, fantasy animals or your best friends! Dress up, dress down, three eyes or funny feet? The Minis can become whatever you want!

To get started, tap your Mini to add colors, stripes, sleeves or even pants. Be creative with stamps to add details such as hats, socks, laces and buttons. Adding facial features allows your Mini to smile, sneeze and see!

With thousands of possible combinations there are endless ways of creating your very own Mini! Don’t forget to take a snapshot of your creation and share with your friends.

• Add amazing animated eyes, mouths, noses and eyebrows
• Choose from 60 colors and 78 reversible stamps
• Use stamps to create patterns, hair and clothes
• Take a snapshot and share your Minis!
• Lots of colorful backgrounds to choose from!
• Your Mini makes fun gestures and sounds as you're creating
• No rules or stress - create and play anyway you want!
• Kid-friendly interface
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Santa is coming to town Posted by

All these years toca boca all the girls and boys like these games keep making it you will be rich than famous and the other side of the year before the game is a great day to be a good we have a good day to be a good day to day basis of the day I will be a good day to be a good day for me to be a good day to be a good time to get a good day to be a good day to day basis of the day I will be a good day to be a good day for me to be a good day to day and I have don't know if I was a little bit early but I don't know what to do with the day I will never get to see the point of where of view and I don't know if it's a little too I love you so much fun and I have to be a good day to be a good time to get a good day to be a good day to day basis of the e to be a good day for a few weeks and I don't think you should have I don't think that I can see it as an excuse for the day to be the best of the year and I don't think that the day I will be the first time in a good day for me to be a good day to be a good time to be the same as a result of an old lady at work on my phone is so much fun and I have to do wishing that for me to be the first place I don't have the right time and I'm at a good idea of what is your own life in I

Toca is BEST Posted by

THIS IS NOT A PAID REVEIW I AM 10 YEARS OLD THIS IS MY (grammar corrected thanks to autocorrect) OPINION!!! This review is for toca boca in general. They make the best apps, and are worth the money. Check apps gone free because they always have their apps free for a day. Toca apps are awesome because: 1. No(or not many) in-app purchases 2. Minimal/No adds. 3. Well-running 4. Not glitchy 5.Educational 6. Fun 7. Many awesome features without purchases 8. High graphics 9. Easy interfaces 10. Everything is explained/ not confusing I am sorry for those who hate suggestions, and if you are one of these people do not read on. I would like there to be a gallery for the minis you created, like when you press the home button it saves your mini. I would also like a friend/public gallery like you get an option "Submit to public gallery.", and you can make a mini and make it your gallery profile picture. Thank you toca boca

Not bad. Expected more. Posted by

You CAN save your child's creations. When you first run the app, it will ask permission to access your photo album. You should allow. I believe you can go back to settings menu to toggle this permission. You may also do a screenshot which will auto-save to your album (on/off button + menu button pressed at the same time). Not bad an app for designing although everything is a shape or stamp. There is no drawing needed. It is really for a 4 yo because of the slightly complex operation of a color wheel and the process of applying a color, which is not so simple as clicking to apply, like other apps are designed to. I was expecting more as in playing interactively with the finished creation like poking, tilting, shaking or tickling it to generate random responses. After you create your mini, that's it. Game ends. You either choose to create another or save the current one.

Cute, but… Posted by

This app is very cute and creative. However, there are many things that should be fixed. First, you cannot save the actual characters to a gallery. Sometimes, only pictures do not suffice. It is very sad when you have to leave a character & they get taken away in a box. I think it would be more lighthearted if they are put into a gallery with other characters. It would also be much easier than having to crowd my photo album with photos of my characters. Secondly, the stamps need a lot of work. There is no way to edit/undo them when put on a character. Also, you cannot color over them. I think this should be fixed. Otherwise, I think 4 stars is an appropriate rating for this app.

Great Game but... Posted by

Very cute game. I got it for my little sister but I've started playing it myself. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can't actually access the other characters that you've created THROUGH the game, you have to take pictures of it. My younger sister used up all of my picture storage because of it. And while I do like the templates and face accessories it provides, I would like to have the ability to put an accessory in their hands or on top of their heads. It would also be great if you had hair templates or could use pre-made shirt,pants,sleeves, and hair templates that you had created on a previous character.

Awesome app Posted by

Great app, could have more features, but awesome as it is. High quality and high definition. I see a lot of idiotic comments below, so I felt like people who haven't bought the app should know that it is not hard to use.. If you honestly have trouble figuring out how to use this or, "make flowers"(?? not the purpose anyway), then you're probably too young or ..'slow' to be using it. And if you find it boring when you're way past the age range then, please, get out. What did you expect. I'm 17, and I like it but most my age wouldn't because we're not who the app is made for.

Very entertaining Posted by

Bought this early this morning. I thought oh it's cute. No big deal. Then gave it to my grand kids. The 6 year old loved it and said this is really fun. My two 3 year olds have played with it every minute that I've allowed them on their iPads. Maybe not as involved as some toca apps but the kids like it a lot and have been pretty creative with it. Got to say, so far I have really liked everything Toca. My oldest grand daughter already reserved an iPad for after school to make more Mini's.

The best but........ Posted by

It is a great game but I either don't know how to save your toca figure or it doesn't let me! I wish I could see it in a gallery in it's little box that is goes into when your finished. Also, it doesn't let anything stick out for example, if I wanted to put ears on it's head if I was making a cat it doesn't let the ears stick out it just stays on like I drew a triangle on it's head so if u could fix those mistakes then it would be THE BEST GAME EVER!

I really like this app but I think it could use a few things Posted by

I really this game except I think you could add a few things: I think it would be cool if you could shape the characters and maybe after you make characters you could play like some kind of mini game.and then lastly I think it would be cool if there could be a search window were you could type in any shape or any animal and put it on the I hope you take that into consideration when you come out with the next update!

Suggestions! :) Posted by

1: Be able to rotate them so you can see the top of the head. 2: Have the ability to save your mini. They look so sad when they are taken away in a box! 3: Covering stamps. You can't undo or erase them. You should be able to color over them? 4: Maybe be able to give them props they can hold, like dolls, instruments, backpacks, and more. Perhaps wigs? Anyway, this is a fantastic free game. I never get bored!

Thank you!!! Posted by

I wanted to buy it a wile ago and yesterday when I cam home from my friends house my brother told me it was free so I ran up stairs to get my I pad and after I downloaded it me and my brother played with it all night long so thank you toca boca for jacking this awesome game for free!!!

Polaroid doesn't save to camera roll Posted by

this is a good game but has bugs. like others said, saving minis would be a great addition. also, taking the snap shot Polaroid doesn't save to camera roll in iphone5 but does in iPhone 5s. I have updated preferences already. nothing works besides screen shot.

Posted by


Love this app!!! Posted by

This app is great! It's great to unwind with or pass the time. Lots of designing freedoms with the variety of colors and shapes. Defiantly worth it!!! Download and start enjoying.

Perfecto ......well kinda .... Posted by

I have it on my phone and iPad I love designing people but the takes forever and almost every time on my iPad when I take a pic it crashes

It's not Loading Posted by

For some reason it isn't loading when I downloaded it. I deleted lots of my useless apps for this and it's not working.

Cool Posted by

It's cool I luv it i always wanted it but it costed money finally it's free! My sister and I love it

Nice Posted by

Free game

THIS APP IS AMAZING!! It's my absolute fav BUT.... by keribay 2014-12-23

it's such a shame that you can't somehow save your minis. I always take a lot of time and care in making one yet I can't truly share or keep them; photos don't do them justice. Furthermore, I sometimes tap the restart button and ruin everything. I would appreciate it if a confirmation box came up first. As for saving minis, it would be amazing if there were a space to see them all walking around, and if you could name them. If not, I would be totally satisfied with just a line of boxes that you could open and maybe edit. I like the stamps, but agree with everyone else that you should have a way to fix mistakes. Perhaps an undo button? A brush to draw freehand and an eraser would also be quite helpful. I know that this is a long list of requests, but they would truly make this app perfect.

Cute but not great by KIDAKA 2013-11-04

Weve bought all of the apps from TB in the past. We did the same here for our son because he was on blue all week at school (that's the best color). Anywho, I've never seen him get frustrated with one before the way he has with this one. The main problem is that you cant just hit a button and undo what you just did if you make a boo-boo. I wished there was a way to mirror the one side to the other. One last gripe is that I found the stamps, eyes, etc. didn't have as many choices as I thought it could. Maybe some of these changes can be updated. If so I will change my rating! I still love TB!

Lack of save is inexplicable. by FranGro 2015-03-25

I got this for my kids and it is sort of a neat little app, but if you spend a lot of time designing a mini and have to stop for whatever reason, you lose your progress. For what this costs, I’d expect at least the ability to save and come back later, even if some of the editing is fairly limited (like not being able to change things after they are added). There has been more than one occasion where they needed to put the app down before dinner or something and lost everything - which caused more than a little drama. Kids' apps should be designed for parents in mind.

Good, But Needs Work! by Amber ko 2016-10-10

This app is very good, not worth $3 YET. This app has very good potential. 3 things to make it SO much better: 1.)It needs a wider selection of things to put on your character such as hair, or ears, or just more stamps 2.)You should be able to save your character (besides taking a picture) instead of just making it and sending it away 3.)~just a suggestion~ After you create your character there should be a place where all your characters go and interact and you can see all of your characters together and name them and customize the land.

Disappointed by ladydetail 2014-04-04

We love toca boca games, we have almost all. I bought this game for my 4 year old son. But as we played together we run into glitches and problems like, how you cannot edit the stamps after you apply to your character and you cannot cover them up when using the coloring option. It's hard to fix a mistake with stamps you cannot undo them. The other bummer is that you cannot save your creations to a gallery that allows you to access later. Its a lot of work to make them and sad for children see them go never to return. :-(

Good game but you better make toca kitchen free !! by Kiddo 1234 2015-04-09

I like this game but my 7year old sister is mad like really mad at you because you still didn't make toca kitchen 1 or 2 free if you don't make none on the app store YOU ARE GOING DOWN !!! I'm giving you 3 days on the 3rd day I better see it . I'm not trying to be mean but my mom told me to be on my sister side. And yes I can be really really really mad And say a bad word and will not say sorry. And I 'm 20 years old. Sorry if I 'm being mean BUT I REALLY MEAN IT !!

Boring by Rainbow223455564466 2017-01-29

My kids play it all the time but hate they can't do some things like save characters and when you finish and send them they look sad my youngest cried if you have little kids don't let them play it's( that was my friends rate) this game is ok I think it needs more things to choose from only a few eyes and weird noses please add more I love you toca boca and your kids can play this just my friend said that Love glowing green panda and review all games gamer

Some problems by Gabsygirl 2013-10-28

You can't really make hair I'm a girl so I want the to have hair even when I try to make hair it doesn't look right there should be wigs to but on them also you SH should be able to save when you work hard on a creation it should save so you can see it again there also should be a world you can play with the characters in but I like the game otherwise

Can't save your work, app is useless! by bal1985 2013-11-05

My son sat and created one for 20 minutes but came to found out that he couldn't even save it. I went to click on the camera, bottom right. It sounds like a snapshot of his art is being took then a blank white screen comes up. Few seconds later the app just crashes. This app is useless if you can't save your work. I'm on the new iPad Air.

Not installing by Averygravery 2013-10-24

I bought it and it was taking forever to install, so I went and did something for about half an hour. When I came back excited to play it, I unlocked my IPad and it said it failed to install. So I tried again, and I have been waiting for about twenty minutes. I'm not very happy because I was excited to play this. Does anybody know what I can do?

May crash older iTouch by zarathud 2013-11-06

Crashes periodically but regularly on 3 year old iPod Touch after a long freeze will reboot the device. A shame because my kids (4 & 6) really enjoy all things Toca Boca, and liked how it looks. Hope it will get fixed soon.

Great app, if it didn't crash every time by Momto3chickies 2014-01-19

This looks super fun and my girls do badly want to play it, but we get a couple minutes into it and the whole thing freezes or completely crashes. We've not been able to finish a single figure. Please fix this app!!

35MB or 482MB?? by cbusbiker 2015-03-14

Limited space on iPad was taken by this "small" 35mb app. Usage page shows its 482mb!!

Needs update by Floating hippos 2014-02-08

Everytime I open the app it completely freezes and shuts down I can't even use it