Toca Nature Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Nature Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Nature Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Nature Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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*App Store Best of 2014*

Nature is magic. Toca Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips.

Shape nature and watch it develop. Plant trees and grow a forest. Raise a mountain and enjoy the view. Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals. Learn who eats what and discover how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become friends with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night.

Find new friends and challenges. Be mesmerized.

Discover the unexpected. End up somewhere far from where you started.

Let us show you the magic of nature!

About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Amazing but needs some changes. Posted by

I LOVE IT! But for some littler kids when they sleep they have their eyes open and it's really creepy. Some said it crashed. It didn't crash for me. Good things: Also stunning and beautiful graphics! Entertaining Bad things to change: Sometimes it takes a long time to fully make a mountain, I wish it could speed up bye the tiniest bit. And the land. I wish it was bigger. For some people it might get boring after a while. I think it's a great app I'm 9 but I love toca boca. Toca Boca could also be for parents, parents, there is a parents section. One other thing is I wish the beavers wouldn't make that freaky weird sound. And if the wolves howled that would be so cool. The birds fly away when you come close sometimes. How am I supposed to feed it? Any way, it was worth $3. MONEY MONEY! So I'm saying you should get it it's great but remember what I said about some creepy things. If you freak or get creeped easily, maybe it's time for a new toca boca app and not this. You will get used to it but I know for kids it could be a fright. Good luck, best wishes! ENJOY IF YOU BUY THIS!!! This part you don't have to read stop reading ok bye... HAVE FUN IN YOUR TOCA BOCA NATURE WORLD! Sorry for the capitals. Bye! I forgot, I wish you could save your land then make a new one. ; )

Beautiful and Innovative Posted by

This is one of the best apps in my opinion on the App Store. it combines the beauty of simplicity, and the sheer wonder of nature. this app is innovate, and at least for me and my siblings, create an endless array of entertainment and pure joy. I only have a few recommendations for this app, but besides these I would give this a 5 star rating. One recommendation I would like to give is being able to save certain habitats in a folder, in which you can have many folders on the app. Another recommendation I have is the ability to look up and down, not just side to side. the orientation of the screen while in the zoom mode is tilted downward, making it hard to see what is in front of you. My last recommendation is the ability for the animals to interact with each other. Have bears scare away elk, or have arctic foxes acknowledge each other's presence - something that could make the game evermore realistic. Besides these recommendations, this app is a masterpiece of simplicity and creativity which I'm sure all ages will enjoy.

Cute Game. Posted by

This game is pretty cute and it says it's for 6-8 yr olds but I just want to say, I'm 12 and I love this game! So I think any age will fall in love with it! Although I do have some suggestions: •Multiplayer. I saw someone else suggest this and I thought it was genius!!! •More objections. So I get how this game is for "exploring" but there really isn't much to do. You need some badges or rewards. Maybe you could do something like you have to make something for an animal like a cave for a wolf? •Bigger worlds. The worlds are so small I was thinking you could make it however big you want. •Streams or lakes. All you can do is make ponds but wouldn't it be cool if you could like make a stream going down a mountain? •Save option. I make cool worlds and I max up my animals but then I can't go back. I have to start all over again?!? That's not cool so please add this. Overall it's a good game but please take these ideas into consideration, then the game will be better.

Awesome! But I have some suggestions! Save feature and MULTIPLAYER!! Posted by

Edit: OMG! I had the best idea! Make this game a Multiplayer game! Along with adding a save feature, you should add local MULTIPLAYER to the game! My sister also has this game and it would be so cool if we could play together! The player of the host game makes the island, then when they are done, the other player ( visiting player ) can come and help take care of the animals. The host player is the only one able to edit the land! The player models could be characters from other toca games! Like the clients from Toca salon 1 & 2, or the family from toca boo! I think this is a great idea!! Still AMAZING GAME!! This is an AMAZING game! But I think there should be a "Save" feature. I made the BEST little forest but I went somewhere for a while so the app refreshed and I lost it!!! PLEASE PLEASE ADD A SAVE FEATURE! Maybe something like toca builders where you can have multiple saves!! Any way Great game!

Best app I've ever bought? Posted by

This is possibly the best app I've ever bought. I was bored, so I went looking for a new app. This looked really good, but it said it was for 6-8 year olds, and I'm 11. I bought it anyways, and I am glad I did! There are two problems though. When I leave to play another app, it deletes my world. But that's not really that much of a problem, because I get to create a new world! The other is I can't tell which of the small deer are male, and which are female. I also have a few suggestions: maybe make it a sphere, like a planet, instead of a square. Maybe be able to look up and down? Maybe add a save button to save your planets? More animals? Maybe you should be able to make caves for the bears, dens for the wolves and beavers, and holes for the bunnies? Animals have babies? More food options? Maybe you should be able to grow some of the plants for food? This is a really great app!!

LOVE THIS GAME! One suggestion.... Posted by

I love this game SOOO much and I'm 11! I have a suggestion to Toca Boca, though... I make the best "Earths" I can, but when I get off my IPad I always get sad because all my hard work is GONE and I have to start over! I wish you could save up to about 5 worlds and that you could name them...kinda like Minecraft (not that I'm comparing Nature to Minecraft). Being perfectly honest, my so called "suggestion" is actually a request, so PLEASE update Nature! No pressure,but I'm begging you guys! To all the readers no matter what get the game! It's %99.9 percent worth it. The other %0.1 percent is to the editors...Please make the changes!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!

Amazing! But add more! Posted by

This app is really great, but I would look into making this game an adult game. I'm 23 and love this app, but it doesn't save my nature. I would definitely look into that. Also I would like to see the world expand for example in stead of a square world make it a birds eye circular world. Also maybe add more animals and possibly add like cabins. Oh and the ability to zoom in and out on birds eye view. But other then that this app is worth downloading mine has not yet crashed on me so I don't know what's wrong with other people... But please keep up good work and look into making this an adult game. I enjoy it

Wow Posted by

Ok so I'm 13 and I love animals. I've wanted this app for so long but I did t want to pay for it. Yesterday I checked it out to put it on my wish list and I saw it was free for 48 hours! I immediately bought it and I'm so happy! Love watching the animal sleep and grow. The deer are so adorable but I have one problem. I was playing yesterday and I noticed that there were bones on the ground as if something ate an animal. If possible please remove that feature because little kids might get frightened! Thanks! Love your game. I highly recommend it!

Worth it! Posted by

This app is great. No problems with crashing or other bugs noted. The free-form world you can create is pretty awesome. My 3yr old gets a kick out of finding the animals and feeding them. I like creating the landscapes. There's a lot of room to grow and expand with this one, especially for adults and older kids! More animals? Larger land space to design? More climates? Animals interacting with one another and us being able to interact more with the animals? All possibilities.

I've been waiting Posted by

I actually love the toca boca series games and it isn't just for kids. This game was originally $3 and I wanted to wait till I could get but now that it's free I'm super happy. I actually love this game and it's a great way to waste time. There are things that do need a little fixing but don't most games? If you're someone who loves games like these it's good for you.

My daughter LOVES it! Posted by

My lil girl loves playing this game and most of the other Toca games. It's nice to see a game developer make games and make them without all the crappy pop ups and stuff that kids will get confused with. It's just a simple process to install and play, as it should be! I also like that they offer promotions quite a bit so that you don't have to pay for every single title. Way to go!

Great Game Posted by

I'm actually twelve years old and I love this game. It says that it's for 6-8 year olds, but I have a lot of fun with this app. The only thing that is a necessary change that needs to take place is a "save" option. If I go do something else and my iPad's screen shuts off, it reloads when I turn it back on and my creation is gone.

Please make more apps free Posted by

Ok so I've been playing to a nature and I absolutely love it and I just have one request It's to make more of the apps free so please make some of your apps free please make to a blocks free I have always wanted besides this gam I love this game to but I want to a blocks to so please make more of your apps free

Great Game! Posted by

This is a great app especially for younger kids. Very entertaining. The app includes time changing, great graphics, photo option, six adorable types of animals, and best of all make your own forest! The only suggestion I have is maybe add a save mode. Buy it while it's still the free app of the week!

I love it Posted by

The graphics are amazing I just wish there could be a save button so you could save your forest or something, also i know people are saying the game should have tasks but Toca Boca is all about doing whatever you want Freely by having someone tell you what to do short answer: I LOVE IT

Good but 3 things... Posted by

Ilike it but 3 things. Can you save worlds every time I turn my iPad off I have to make a new world. Why is it so hard to get animals? Make it easier. And can you make it so u can Ujust the world yourself? PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Make these things in a update! :l

Adorable, but a bit disappointing by SETH MILLER 2014-11-26

The graphics in this game are completely amazing, the whole scenery is adorable and everything is well done. I just expected more with something I had to pay 3 dollars for. All you can do is place trees, hills, and lakes, and feed the animals (though only sometimes). I will say that it has plenty to keep a very young child occupied- but only for a bit. It needs WAY more options to be engaging. I would really like to see: - the ability to create and save multiple worlds, so that kids don't have to fight over one world - more things that you can do with animals. For example: naming them, having them interact with each other, having baby animals, and more needs overall. - the ability to pan up and down as well as side to side; this gets extremely annoying, especially for my little brother who complains he "can't see the birdies". - more animal types: more types of birds, more aquatic animals, etc. - more terrain types like oceans and meadows - being able to interact with the animals yourself: my little brother was extremely disappointed that he couldn't pet the animals, or interact with them in any way. All you can do with them is throw food to them. I would suggest that you could have relationships with the animals, and could become 'friends' with them. - more food types If you are looking for a review on whether you should get this app are not, I say yes if you have a young child, no if you are older and wishing to entertain yourself. Hopefully this app will get better with time, though, and you'll be able to get it soon!

HEY!!! READ THIS PLEASE!!! by KNT Daddy 2016-05-25

Can you also save and name feature and play as multiplayer? Some other players want that too!! You made so much apps anyway! Why don't you go back to the old ones and update them so they can be better!! This doesn't have much education! Deers not only eat mushrooms, they eat grass! Why don't you show which deer is male and female! And can you please add in more habitat like: jungles, coral reefs, kelp forests, deserts, caves, savannas, prairies or waterfalls! Example for animals to live here: jungle habitat has: banana trees for monkeys, palm trees for parrots and coconut trees for crabs! Or waterfall caves for tigers and papaya trees for jaguars! Ocean habitats have: coral reefs for sharks and kelp forest for exotic fish! AND ADD BABY ANIMALS!!!! Oh and the animals can help themselves to the foods they need, and they should behave like the animals in real life, and the predators hunt some herbivores, and seasons! Add seasons! All of these updates could make this a REAL good nature app. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP WITH AT LEAST ONE OF MY IDEAS OR MORE AND I PROMISE TO RATE FIVE STARS AND CHANGE MY REVIEW!!!!!

I payed three dollars for this by Love pink monster girl 2015-03-30

As the tittle says I payed three dollars for this and it crashed every time I tried to play it. Give back my money now! I just downloaded this game and can't play because of the crashes. My three dollars was wasted on a crashy game. Waaa! Please please please give me my money back. Not fair ! I will change my review if I get my money back. Just in case it wasn't clear that money belongs to me so give it back. This isn't the dumbest thing I bought on my iPad but still! I bought this and it would be fun if it didn't crash so much. I enjoy reviewing games. Just give back my money so that I can not feel bad about buying this game . Please this isn't even my own money that I spent so I really need it back! I was going to spend that money on comics. Please!!!! Hee ha . I fixed that but I still won't change my review. Great game by the way. Hope the beginning of this review doesn't bother you guys. Just want my money back but that no longer matters. Still not a five

Okay for a free game by PhotogMom5 2015-05-12

I got this for free and for a free app it is okay. It looks a little odd, the colors are not as vibrant as other Toca games and the graphics seem to me like something one of my older kids would create. and the game is basically pointless. My 3 year old enjoys playing this game, though he didn't realize that the little seed packet thingies were to feed the animals. I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it so we could try again. I don't think my 7-9 year olds would want to play this for more than five minutes, my older kids wouldn't play this even if they were super-bored. There is no way to save this game or re-start the game unless you uninstall and re-install. It would be awesome if it behaved more like a Sims game and you could grow things like food for the animals and if there were different ecosystems to choose from. I feel sorry for anyone who paid for this game. It doesn't live up to my expectations of a game from Toca.

Beautiful! But useless. by Sillysassa 2014-11-15

The graphics are absolutely magnificent, nothing to be disappointed with. However I agree with other commenters that are asking for more options or even objectives. The animals maybe needing food, being able to pick them up and place them places. Maybe some of them can't swim across a huge lake (notably the bunnies), more interactions between the animals, and perhaps some badges or goals like "growing your first wolf to maximum size" or something. I also think you should be able to pan the view up and down and not just side to side. The restriction is really aggravating. Maybe some an update with some "Pocket God" like features would be cool. I'm not sure, but for now, the app has no purpose, and honestly isn't worth the dollar+ that I spent. All you can do is place or get rid of the same five animals that don't do anything except go where you don't want them too and look spectacular.

Underdeveloped. by Musey101 2015-05-31

They achieve the basic concept of building a space and studying the creation in 3D simulation. There is no save or undo option and the navigation is not quite as versatile as you yearn it to be (birds are heard but we can't leave 5 inches from the ground to look in the trees, or to inspect the world at less of a zoom higher up) so it feels like the resources and developers they needed to hire to bring this app to its full potential weren't quite there, perhaps because it's a free app and it wasn't within their budget, or because it's meant to be a simpler prototype where nothing too fancy and RAM inducing should happen on an iPhone 4. Then again I played Infinity Blade III on this phone. This could do better. I'd be willing to pay a few dollars for an ad ridden game like this on desktop, but something that has less of a limit in navigation and definitely a save option.

Great Graphics, but it crashes a lot and doesn't save... by Super mouse 5 2015-05-10

I loved this game when I first got it. I got it as app of the week, so I luckily got it for free. The first time I played it I was instantly in love with the animals and graphics, and I love how the game was designed. However, about 3 days into playing the game, it would only load as far as the welcome screen, and then it crashed. Every time. I became so frustrated with it. I think this game may be in need of an update to fix crashes. This game also erases all progress you have made once you exit the app. I had worked hard on getting the land to look the way it did, and once I logged back into it the next day, it was all gone. Just thought I'd put at in the review, also, if you're looking for a game that saves your progress. All in all, this game is wonderful, if you actually get it to fully load.

Parents beware. Needs save option by Cant_type 2015-07-06

We bought the game today. My 6 year old and 4 year olds both adore the music, animation and activities. They have come to love tending their animal friends. Unfortunately my daughter is devastated that her animal families are deleted when she closes the app. It makes it difficult to restrict play time to a reasonable length, and I anticipate her wanting to run my phone battery dead. Now I have an over stimulated and tearful 6 year old. I'm glad she loves the app, but the lacking save option ruins the fun for her. I rated this app as "parents beware" due to the difficulty of cutting play time short.

The app itself is good, but disappointed with ads in app. by juliainor 2014-11-13

My son is enjoying the game, but I’m annoyed that Toca Boca has decided to plaster a link to another of their apps on the home screen of this new app. That’s just inappropriate in an app for kids, even if the app linked to is free (which it is in this case). I’m not even against having links to other Toca Boca titles in the app, but PLEASE put them in the Parent area, not where they are front and center for the kids. We’ve had lots of Toca Boca apps over the years and have loved them, in part because they didn’t have these kinds of shenanigans. I hope they reconsider this poor decision.