Toca Robot Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Robot Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Robot Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Robot Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Robot Lab Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
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Build your own robot with Toca Robot Lab! With all the tools and materials you need, Toca Robot Lab let kids get creative.

Make your dream robot by mixing odd pieces found around the house, scrap metal and junk. What was once a TV can now make a perfect head, and a rusty gear becomes a leg.Choose a body, head, arms and legs and put it together as you prepare to take off!

Once completed, you can test your robot in our state of the art test flight facility. Collect stars and knock over blocks while zooming around the robot track. Find the giant magnet and get your Toca Robot Lab test report. Was it approved? All systems go? Nice work! Now make a brand new robot and do it all again! With Toca Robot Lab you'll never run into the same robot twice.

So put on your safety glasses, grab your screwdriver, and join us in the Toca Robot Lab!

- Build your own robot with pieces of scrap
- Different parts to choose from every session
- Test fly your robot to make sure it works!
- Get your Toca Robot Lab Test Report!
- Beautiful original graphics
- No rules or stress - play any way you want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising!
- No in-app purchases!

Want to know more about our digital toys? Meet us over at!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases. Yep, that's us!

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Keeps my kids busy and learning at the same time! Posted by

My friend suggested I look into the TocaBoca apps for my kids so I downloaded them all. My kids fight over my phone to play these games. My son said for me to download the robot one because its a boy app. He loves all the sound effects (which he ends up making all of these noises now). They're very easy for my 4 year old and 6 year old to play yet still challenging at the sametime. Building the robots is really fun and my kids feel like they made them all by themselves. When Im at the grocery store checking out Im able to think for two seconds because I hand them my phone and they can build a robot ha ha. The colors are extremely vibrant and the music keeps them entertained and focused. There is a area for parents to read how to play the game but its really simple and to the point the kids can figure it out for themselves. My 4 year old feels accomplished when he finishes his robot which is nice because some apps have frustrated him. I highly recommend these apps for children of all ages. Even my 12 and 14 year old enjoy them.

So fun Posted by

My two year old son loves this game. He was going through a phase where he was afraid of robots eating him at night, but with the help of this app and the Iron Giant he's gotten over some of his night terrors. I love that you can drag the robot pieces anywhere in the box and they float into place. Other apps result in me sitting there putting puzzle pieces into place for him. An option to go back and change your mind might be nice, because sometimes he picks the wrong head and gets mad he can't change it. I love that you win every time regardless of whether you collect the stars. At the end of each round, he yells, "Goodbye Big Robot!" I'm really glad I downloaded this.

Well designed simple app ideal for 1-5 year olds Posted by

Well designed simple app ideal for 1-5 year olds, young kids can easily build then fly their newly built robots. The build allows kids to create a simple out of spare parts and flying/testing section develops motor skills (as they explore simple maze with 3 hidden stars) We have most of the Toca Boca apps, both free and paid apps, for my two girls. They are incredibly well designed and as a result are both simple & addictive. The games are so popular in our house that our 1 YO's third & forth words were Toca Boca ;) My Kids Top 5 Toca Boca Apps: - Toca Tea Party - Toca Hair Salon (Hair Xmas & normal edition) - Toca Robot - Toca Monsters (same as Toca Kitchens) - Toca Doctor

Toca Robot Lab Posted by

Toca Robot Lab is awesome. I am sure that is how my son would describe it since he goes to this app again and again, even though we have had it for many months and we have hundreds of apps. He is 4 and can navigate Toca Robot Lab like it was made especially for him! The graphics are clean and high quality. The music is perfect for the app. He does not know all of the things he is learning as he flies his robot creation through the maze, knocking things down, rolling balls, and finding the stars before heading to the magnet. Cause and effect, physics, and more! He loves to play this app both on the iPod and iPad, so it is definitely a WINNER.

toca robot lab give away Posted by

i love this game i bring my ipad out side and then all the kids in the kids comes out and plays the game they all love how there is many choices to chose from and they also love how you can test the robot on a small mini games they all love how there is so many games that you can do i play this game nonstop it is the best game ever like any other game thank you for the game you made and also grate graphics love it good job again toca boca keep it up and i really hope i win the kids in the community all want a shirt and a button and stickers please pick me please

Excellent Posted by

This app exceeded my expectations. My three year old as well as her eleven year old cousin liked it tremendously. Though I would not buy it for the eleven year old exclusively. I think ages three to six would be perfect for this. Building the robot is interesting but not complicated for a toddler and interesting game play after you build the robot makes it a real stand out app. I deducted one star because it freezes up at least once every time we use the app and the child does not get to complete the task. You have to restart the iPad to clear up the problem.

Good app Posted by

Great app for kids. The only change needed is the ability to scroll through all the parts available. When you make the robot you get a selection of 3 parts per category that are randomly presented. So you get 3 legs, 3 heads etc. you should be able to scroll through all the legs, etc. The mini game is nice and simple for kids but the game could use more mini games and a gallery where you can save your robots and select them again to play with. The style of the game is fantastic and my kids really like it, but they want more parts to play with.

Toca Boca = LoveLoveLove! Posted by

I love Toca Boca apps. LOVE Toca Boca apps, did I say it loud enough? Just downloaded this one for the 3 year old, he found it right away and already loves it. My older girls also enjoy these. (I have a few now). I think it's the "doing". Not a game with specific, linear objectives and rewards, YOU build, YOU create, YOU play and that is an underrated reward, all unto itself, for kids. The colours and design are wonderful. The sounds are superb. Did I mention that I enjoy a go at Toca apps every now and again? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Wonderful app to let the imagination run free! Posted by

The darling granddaughter loves this newest addition to the Toca Boca family of electronic toys! As with all of their apps, Toca Robot Lab provides a pressure free environment for kids to use their imagination and have fun without worrying about a timer or points or beating anyone. Absolutely love it and highly recommend Robot Lab and all the Toca Boca apps!

I Love love love this app Posted by

I'm ten and I love this app but I really bought it for my little brother but when he plays it I take it from him cause I want to play but it is my iPad then we start fighting but any way after I bought this one I bought it from me these r really fun games u need to try it!

Good Posted by

It's good but not great. I feel it needs a little something else! Otherwise, nice and organized game! When i got it, it was free!! I really get to express my creativity! Thanks! I hope I get an update!

Great for my 3 year old Posted by

I love that this and other Toca games work on iOS 5. That means my toddler can use our first generation iPad. Toca games are great for young kids, and this game is the best of the bunch!

I love this. Posted by

I'm 16 yrs old and I love Toca Boca Games. I always recommend these games every time they're free to my sister who has a daughter. Have you seen the "secret" rooms?

Great app Posted by

This app is really and I hope remaining free for all kids out there. Bringing creativity and logic to kids. Make them think where to find all the star to pass each level

Such a mean auntie Posted by

See my niece downloaded this so she could play on my iPad but I've hogging it all to myself!! 5 and under? Do you mean 10 and older? Yeah I thought so

So cute Posted by

Me and my friend thought this was awesome we luv the heads with the eyes. The tv face is so cute and the best thing about it it's free!:)

Thoughts from my child by Strawberrypig 2012-05-14

My daughter LOVES Toca games; we own them all. She is EXTREMELY disappointed, however, that you are completely unable to save photos of your robots. All of the other Toca games allow you to save photos, but not this one, so each time she lovingly creates a robot, she has to just say goodbye to it and never see it again. She is concerned, also, about where the robots are going when they go off from the factory after testing. She'd like some kind of information about if they are going to children or to work or to space or what. She loves her robots and wants them to be happy. Please add the capability to save photos!

Looks cool but how do you play? by mogmios 2011-07-14

Building a robot is fun buy brief. Then you get dropped into a random looking screen where your robot is tiny and you don't know what to do. Is there a way to choose or go back and play with your robot again? I think replay would be good after having made your robot - maybe with changes you can make as time goes on such as painting and accessories. Maybe even a sort of 'Operation' game where you can fix or beef up your robot's internals. And being able to use the robot like an action figure seems an essential part of robot play.

What am I missing? by jmhatfield84 2014-02-28

Prior Toca Apps had so much more you could do. After my four year old built the robot, went through the three star maze, and then was taken back to beginning that was it. What? Really? I actually said there has to be more to do this is Toca. Unfortunately, there is not. My son still likes it but he doesn't play as long as he does with other content full Toca apps. I don't blame him as it can get repetitive. I expected much more from Toca. Fill your apps with more content or lower the price. You're ripping off your loyal customers.

by JClemons77 2013-09-07

I think you should be able to paint the robots after you build it. I also think you should be able to save a picture of your robot. And it would be nice to know where your robot goes after testing like, space or something and it could show you a pic of your robot doing its job. Sorry toca, but this is disappointing, I have almost all of your apps and I LOVE them and would love to see an update on this app featuring all the things I said if possible. NOT YOUR BEST WORK!

So short, but I love it by Tatetanic 2014-09-14

You should make the game more interesting by making an extension. Like, show where it goes after test flying. Does it go to space or a lab or what? And you should also be able to save pictures of your robots so if you make one that looks cool, you can save it forever(until you delete the picture) . I docked off two points because you need to work harder on this game! Other than these things, I love the game. Rock on!

Bug in app if running iOS 7.0.4 by thefan08 2014-01-25

Cannot finish the game in some circumstances. Have alerted Toca Boca through their website - looks like I am not the first to report it since its been there since August 2013. No sense of urgency to fix it based on the response I got from their customer service, so I wouldn't buy this app if you are looking to do so.

Concern by Mom of 3 little dudes 2012-03-02

In this game children are learning how to play with wood and matches to start a fire. This is very concerning to me as a parent. Children should not think playing with fire is any kind of a game. I feel that part should be removed completely. Otherwise I think this app is a great teaching tool.

Well... by lovely Christian girl! 2012-06-16

Once you get the 3 stars u die, what is the point of this game?? The only reason I didn't give it one star is b/c I like the general concept and it's free which is the only reason I got the app!

Horrible by Savy2750 2012-06-18

It has no point! I gave it 2 stars because I got it for free and I don't even think it should be Toca boca because all of the Toca boca apps are cool and five stars but not this one!

Ehh by Mangomagic86 2011-08-27

I thought u could save the robot AND have more levels this should be 4 free