Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Store Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Have your kids ever played store at home?

Now you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a Store Play Set - without any of the cleaning up afterwards! It's the perfect toy for your kids to play together with you, their siblings or friends.

"The app lets youngsters run their own Store by allowing them to be both storekeeper and customer. The end result is simply fantastic" - Bryan M Wolfe, AppAdvice

"It’s an interactive app for multiple kids or can easily engage one child who gets to play both roles. Kids learn about making choices, counting, money, and also get the pleasure of selling their wares to their very special “customers”! - Jeana Lee Tahnk,

"Toca Store is a wonderful app that gets your child interacting with their friends, setting up shop as well as making decisions on what they might like to buy!" - Maggie, Appsforipads

- turn taking
- cooperation
- negotiation
- basic mathematical skills
- resource management

Toca Store is a Store Play Set that triggers your child´s imagination and inspires role-playing. We wanted to create a toy that can be included in children´s natural exploration of everyday life and help them to master social and mathematical skills. That´s Toca Store!

- Choose between 34 different objects to sell in your store
- Set your own prices
- Invite friends to the store and let them start shopping!
- Cute animations guides along the way
- Beautiful original artwork
- Multiplayer fun!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Store lets the players try out the roles of storekeeper and customer. It is preferably played by two players, but works fine for a single child too.

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


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fun app Posted by

Great app to simply play or to use it as a launching pad for other activities of daily living goals, such as: increasing vocabulary - requesting and offering items that are wanted, basic counting and sequencing, and rehearsing and building tolerances for sensory input while in a store. The magical part of this app is that it is built to be interactive - it is more fun with a partner! You can negotiate everything from who is store keeper and who is customer to just ....whatcha wanna sell or buy. For kids that are more can practice buying items at Toca Store - and habituate to the cash register sound and the sequence of waiting (paying and bagging up your items), then progress to playing "store', then visit a store and buy a few of the items with a checklist... The graphics are well done and inviting. The only thing that I would like is to be able to push a cart through an aisle and try to spot items that were selected to buy. That way you have the whole sequence of a store shopping...and not just the last part.

Another amazing Toca Boca App Posted by

My children and students love the Toca Boca apps. My kindergartners play Hair Salon and Doctor lite. My 9 year old likes the Robot app. My 3 year old (and I) love the Tea Party. I think the helicopter is brilliant and wish my boys were toddlers/preschoolers again so they could experience the wonder. So when I saw Store had been released I didn't hesitate to buy it. I love the concept. It's cute, the extra touches (cash register's expressions, a blinking wallet that magically pulls out a few extra coins when needed...) are adorable, and the sounds and animations are simple but playful and realistic. I'd like to see the register to go up to 10 (it's great for early math skills- the cashier helps with number to object correspondence and counting down and up to 5). I would buy the app again and can't wait to see the dramatic play that happens as a result of the kids using this app.

fun Posted by

Fun store app for little ones. I just played this with a kid and he complained that he couldn't tap the purse (wish there was a gender neutral container for the money instead of the girly purse) to see how much money he had before he bought something. Other than that he loved it. I also think being able to look at what's in your bag at will would be neat and if some of the items had sound effects when you touched them! Maybe in the future you could have a Toca Store 2 that is a little harder and geared toward older kids, but could also be used by those that have mastered counting while playing this app. Great job Toca Boca!!!

Some things you should add for older players Posted by

Love this game and other toca boca games!!!! This game is fun and great but like many players are older then the age of 8. And i mean im 12 and this game is great But... You should be able to scan the stuff like in real store if you want and there should be a setting change if you want to use a credit card when buying and when the you pick how many of the items you want (lets say 5) then when you put them in the bag (5) will apperr. And we as in the store owner should get to put specials up like 4 example 2 for a dollar and stuff. Just saying thanks for reading

Fun Posted by

A fun shopping app for kids. I think their should be an option for a wallet since most boys don't carry a coin purse. You should have the option to be able to look in the shopping bag and coin purse at any time to review purchases and see how much money you have left. Have the option to price the items or see how much you have paid for an item so you can stay consistent in prices. It would be really cool if each item had a sound effect when you touched it. The Dino could roar, the robot make a R2D2 noise, the blow dryer could whoosh, etc.

Lots of Imaginative Fun Posted by

Toca Store is a fun-filled shopping experience for those little consumers we love! Kids love to play "store", especially when you add cash registers and money! This app is chock full of educational fun for language development skills! Go shopping, select what you will buy, take it to the cash register, pay for it and bag it! You will even get a receipt for your purchases! Loads of fun! You do not HAVE to have 2 players...use your imagination and be shopper and cashier. This is not a math game. Play pretend fun!

Fun! Posted by

I wish you could add these below!:) 1 you could of added a done button. Whenever I'm still shopping, it tells me am done shopping and gives me a receipt, but I'm not done shopping! please add a done button so I could say when I'm done shopping. 2 make a one player mode so people get to come and shop at your store, or let you shop around the store. 3 add more items to the store. 4. Put items on shelfs, not baskets and let costumers put the items in a basket, then drag it to the counter.

OMG sooo cute >0< Posted by

Really simple and adorable game. Great graphics, simple and easy to understand, also really glad I got it on discount and found it free for a day, yay ! SUGGESTIONS: 1. be able to scan stuff like in a real store 2. Add stuff like animal crackers, yo-yos,ect. 3. For the next game u make I'm suggesting veterinarian or dentist or zoo/safari that would be Awesome!!! By the way I agree not a game but an electronical toy LOVE U TOCA BOCA

Cute Posted by

I just downloaded this app, and it is very cute. I think my preK kiddos will like it. One thing I didn't like was the fact that more money magically appeared in the purse if you didn't have enough for your purchase! Although I would LOVE if that actually happened, I don't think it is a good thing to be teaching children.

LOVE IT! Posted by

I love this app!I got it right away today(since I got a new iTunes card) but you really need to add more items to shop for!ideas are: Cookies Wallets Ice cream Nail polish Candles Candy Toca Boca scarfs Toca Boca hoodies Toca Boca hats Toca Boca gloves Ect. Anything really!

LUV IT Posted by

I luv all of these Toca Boca things for little kids, but I'm 11! I have almost all of these, and I'm a addicted to them. Hey Diana, I got it for free to. Ha.


This app is the best thing I've ever downloaded! Well, no, but it's a close second. I love how you can play it with two people!! ;P

Please add more free games Posted by

Hi I love your games except sometimes they are not free and I can't buy those games so please make new games free.

Awesome! Posted by

I bought tons of bubbles and ketchup please continue making your games free!

LOL HAHA Posted by


Posted by

It would be great if there were more free ones

Disappointing by Auroraborealis2011 2013-05-02

We typically love Toca apps but this one was a major disappointment, especially for a paid app. This is not a single player app. The child picks a selection of items to sell in the store. A friend or family member would then play the part of the customer & pay for the items. The child dictates the cost of each item (which is not predetermined) and this continues until the buyer runs out of money (10 coins). I don't see how this is educational or entertaining. It doesn't help with math. At best it would help their negotiating skills but that's a far reach. It's lame and boring. Jut purchased it within the hour and the kids already have no interest. Very disappointing Toca! Stick to ideas like Toca House and Hair Salon.

Needs Imorovements by iSheldonCooper 2015-10-18

This app is very simple, and it's a decent app to work on counting skills as well as helping kids visualize addition and subtraction. The context is real world to make it relevant for kids, and it's fun to choose your own items and prices. However, I do not think this app would be worth teachers buying. Since students can only use pennies or 1 cent to buy things that goes up only to 5, it's not an app that can be used for a variety of levels. Not to mention, it doesn't allow for students to have errors because the coin purse refills. The app also shows students how many coins to use in an obvious way. This is may be more suitable for kids who are younger than 5.

Worst Toca game for kids by Matthew ANDERSEN 2015-01-11

Most Toca games are worth 4 bucks. This one isn't. The poor effort by Toca on Toca Store demands a warning. This game has only one screen where u can choose different items, put the items from a plate into a bag and then be asked to pay 1 to 5 coins for them. That's it. U put a few things in your bag and that's it. No accounting of the money or delivery of groceries or even display of a storefront. Literally must have taken 2 hours of programming max. Not even an easy way to exit from this boorish kids game. My 3 year old was bored in less than 3 minutes and my 9 year spent 5 minutes and then was just angry there was nothing to do. Give me back my 4 bucks!

Worst Toca game for kids by Mattislove 2015-01-11

Most Toca games are worth 4 bucks. This one isn't. The poor effort by Toca on Toca Store demands a warning. This game has only one screen where u can choose different items, put the items from a plate into a bag and then be asked to pay 1 to 5 coins for them. That's it. U put a few things in your bag and that's it. No accounting of the money or delivery of groceries or even display of a storefront. Literally must have taken 2 hours of programming max. Not even an easy way to exit from this boorish kids game. My 3 year old was bored in less than 3 minutes and my 9 year spent 5 minutes and then was just angry there was nothing to do. Give me back my 4 bucks!

Nice app, could use a couple of tweaks by kranck4 2011-11-12

Nicely presented children's app, my four year old adores it. That being said, it would be great to allow the "store owner" to price his/her items and allow the "consumer" know how much money he/she has to spend each round. This would prevent creative book-keeping and reinforce the math aspect. Also, having the number of coins needed highlighted in the cash register drawer prevents the child from having to figure it out for themselves (and perhaps making an err to learn from). As with all the Toca Boca apps, this does a great job of promoting sharing and turn-taking. Definitely worth picking up.

Toca store (please read) by Gabby4743 2013-01-27

I think it's pretty good and it's fun for Lil kids but y'all should make like a app were its like a real shop and you have customers and workers and you help the costumers find what they need and then take them to the cash register and make them pay! That would be a EPIC game for everyone all ages and if you decide to make this game please tell me 1st! Trust me I know what kids like these days!! I hope you consider it! Thx for reading!! If the people reading this right now likes my idea (the people is YOU) on your review put 3 hearts <3 <3 <3 or you can put it like this

Great idea with one MAJOR flaw by Chakids 2013-02-07

We have most of the Toca Boca games, which are terrific favorites with all ages in our public library--and this one is a great idea. Very satisfying to play together, unlike many other apps. BUT the fact that if you run out of money, a magic purse appears to bail you out is SUCH a bad idea! WHAT A TERRIBLE LESSON TO TEACH!! and a missed opportunity for some problem solving instead. Could the storekeeper set a price when s/he chooses the items, and then the shopper would know, and could do some simple math?

Almost perfect by saturday night movie lovers 2013-02-15

Yes it is fun and it teaches how a supermarket works and the value of money. My daughter now understands better what more expensive or less expensive is. BUT there should be an option to turn OFF the wallet that replenish itself when there's no more cash. That's not real life! You could put an option to do a sale or just finish shopping because there's no more cash left. Thats more real. I hate when the wallet refills itself! Please change that.

I-g-g-y who dat who dat by Angie-Isaiah's so hot 2014-10-18

I have this game on my phone and my iPad I play it with my little brother who's 5 and we are usually fighting and screaming and my family thinks its annoying so this game kinda helps my brother and I to stop fighting and play nicely.

Very boring by Lovethelifegames 2016-03-20

When I got this when it was "free app week" for my little brother on my iPad we were very excited to play but it was sooo boring after playing a couple of minutes that we didn't want to play it anymore.

Great fun by The1'nOnlyBookWrm 2013-10-28

It's great idea for an app but it would be a lot better if you had a computer mode for the second person otherwise you would always need to have 2 players. My daughter still loves this app though.

Bad by Cellur111 2012-01-10

I can't believe I wasted 1.99 on this crap it's boring and has no point this can only amuse a 2 year old..and besides this isnt even worth 99 cents im not sure I'd download if it was free

Boo! by washburnello 2012-06-09

I was pretty excited to buy this game for my children but it crashes whenever I try to open it. Maybe it's a problem of being compatible with iPad 1‘s? Please fix it!

Free????? by Jj ooo snap 2012-04-02

I just got it for. Free and they didn't charge me. Not shabby for free but if I bought it. It would be terrible. I a, disappointed Toca Boca.

Weird by Lovethelifegames 2016-02-20

In now downloading this game because its free now before it used to cost money but now it's free