Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad
Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad

Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Toca Train Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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All aboard? Time to get on Toca Train! Your kids are the train driver in this fun and friendly train simulator. The controls are intuitive and there are no written instructions. Just pull the levers, push the buttons and start exploring the island with your train!

- Steam train with sounds, smoke, whistle, sparks and speed lever
- Load and unload characters and cargo
- Change camera angle by swiping and pinching
- Delightful scenery with 6 stations
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Train is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids decide what you want to do. Where do passengers want to get off? At what stop should you unload the crate of pears? Your kids imagination is the only limitation! Just like a toy train set.

Toca Train is suitable for kids between 3-7 years old.

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Thank You, Toca Boca! Posted by

So I own almost every Toca app and all of them are played with on a daily basis. The Toca Train app is no different. It's a wonderful digital toy that involves no small parts (a huge bonus for me!). First let me say that I love the graphics and the "world" that the Toca train travels in: gorgeous sunny day, green grass covers everything, trees, lovely homes, windmills. Pure eye candy! You can either view it from the point of view as the train driver or as a third party (while still being able to switch the train speed.) My four year old girl loves playing with it. She especially enjoys the whistle and putting different types of cargo on board. She also loves being able to sip the tea while driving the train (what a cute small detail!). Another thing that I appreciate about Toca apps is how gender neutral they are. Both boys and girls will enjoy playing with the apps even it it appears that they are more suited for one gender versus the other.

Could be more fun Posted by

This is a great game. For the first few times around the railroad, the game is amusing and fun. But after a while, you begin to get bored of the routine- picking up passengers and turning a lever to start the locomotive. There are only three stations, and all of the track is pretty much the same the whole trip. It would be fun if they could add a lot more stations, ways to move the train, and different options for where to steer. It would also be fun if they could make the tracks go on longer and have more twists and turns, bridges, and so on. This game would be more interesting if you could take the train to different places besides the regular path. Anyways, this game is okay but has a lot of potential to be better.

Fun but crashes. Posted by

Works great on my iPad 3 and my daughter loves it. Very cute game. Even after rebooting my iPad 1 though it crashes during loading. (Has iOS 5.1.1 on it.) Would like some way to ding the bell. And it's a little confusing that it prompts you to continue when you've exchanged passengers but not when you've exchanged goods. Would be fun to see some more semi-interactive elements alongside the track. Sheep that bleat and leap a fence when touched, dogs that bark when you blow your whistle, etc. Something like a mail car could be fun - as you picked up and delivered mail at stations you could see little envelopes opening and hear people reading funny letters - and would be especially fun around Christmas.

❤️ Posted by

I love this app!!! I mean I love all toca boca apps and I'm debating whether or not to get toca cars! I could literally play this all day and I'm a teenager! Your games are for little ones but some how keep me amused :-) you guys have wonderful graphics and also know what kids and even parents want. I've always hated those games that have pop up adds or in app purchases and it's great that you guys don't :-) my only thing is I might see myself getting bored of the map it would be cool if you had other maps or if you could make your own map. Also on the map inside the train it would tell you where you are.

Toca Boca train Posted by

I think this is a great app for train loving toddlers. My 2 1/2 yr. old boy loves this app. Sure it's simple, but that is what makes it so great. It is simple enough for a toddler to master without help. Perfect for a little one who is just starting with an iPad or iPhone game. My son loves that he can drive the train, pick up passengers and cargo, and blow the train whistle. The graphics are bright and colorful. I do see that in the description they say it's great for 3-7 yr. olds. I don't agree. I'd say 2-4 yr. olds. Maybe up to 5, but I don't think it would entertain a 5 yr. old for long.

Finally one company gets it! Posted by

It's not a game, it's an interactive toy. There is no losing, shooting, killing, blowing things up. There are no in-app traps, purchases, social network links. This app is safe for your kid and will never take you where you dont want your kid to be. Other companies should take notice as they are missing on young audience. Yes, map could be bigger, more variety, but as-is i'm happy with my purchase. Make more "games" like his geared towards boys - trucks, rockets, airplanes, ships!! Thank you for his gem!

The first app my 3 year old can do by himself that contains vehicles! Posted by

I love this app. My three year old only wants apps that have vehicles. Anything I have tried is difficult for him to do and he gets frustrated. After 5 minutes of playing together he can do it himself. He loves getting the passengers. He always decides where they are going. He loves to get lumber on the train from the crane. I agree with other reviews there isn't as much activities like Toca Kitchen and Tocan Hair but I think for the very young- 3 and 4 year olds, its enough. Its a new favorite in my household!

Toddler Approved! Posted by

I like how this App simulates a physical train playing experience and there is no end game. I feel that it promotes endless hours of play and imagination. My son who is about to turn 3 absolutely loves this program. It is very intuitive as he figured out how to play with this train set within minutes of downloading and now he spends hours controlling the train to go around the track and picking up and dropping off passengers and cargo. Great job Toca Team!

Wonderful Game Posted by

The first time I downloaded this game, I was glued to it immediately. I don't know what it is about this game I love so much, but trust me it is definitely worth getting! Great for kids under ten or eleven. I would love to see some updates, but the game without the updates is still great! Also, I wish you could act as the people getting on the train, and choosing a seat. Maybe even order room service! Over all, this is a wonderful game!

3 yr old loves Posted by

My 3 yr old loves this app. There is really nothing to the app. But my son loves trains and so the app appeals to him. He drives the train, blows the whistle, picks up a couple people and loads a couple things on the train. That's about it. It gets 4 stars because it entertains him. First day I downloaded he played for 2 hours and cried because he had to go to bed.

Love it.But how does this end?! Posted by

How does this game end,I mean I love this game no doubt but does it ever end because I played this game 3 hours straight and I was still playing picking passengers up and dropping them off,picking them up dropping them off.But it's really fun though and really cool and creative.I love your games I want to download everyone thanks Toca Boca

I Love Toca Boca Posted by

This game is my favorite on my iPhone and I am 13. Everyone in house loves it. I hope to see some small upgrades but it is still great the way it is.

Restart the iPad to solve the crash ! Posted by

Crashing on my iPad 1, not start ! My kid very sad now ! It's ok now after restart the iPad ! My kid is happy now :-)

Perfect for the recommended ages Posted by

My two year old loves it. Can't get audio to work on the iPad for some reason so he just uses the iPhone. Cute game.

Cute, but doesn't seem to be as engaging by RachelRazzle 2012-09-06

I have been looking for a cute train app for my train crazy toddlers win boys. We love the Toca Boca apps, but because this one was more than I usually pay, I hesitated. Finally I downloaded it last night. They like it, but not as well as some of the others. I will watch to see how much they do play it. If they start playing it more, I'll change my review, But graphics and animations are cute, and it's simple and easy to understand for the small ones. I do agree it really is geared more toward the 2-4 age group than 3-7. I also agree a few mini games might make it even more fun (and I would increase my rating), a train wash, seeing the characters wave out the train window, and maybe luggage to load or something.

Don't waste your money by CPasta 2013-05-18

We have a few of the Toca games (tailor, kitchen, kitchen monsters) and have enjoyed them all. And since my son is really into trains I thought this would be a good choice. It wasn't. He's 3 and lost interest in about 10 minutes. I think because it's so monotonous. Once you visit a station to pick up a passenger and then stop and pick up cargo, you've essentially finished the game. It just repeats those two stops, with very limit variety on who/what you pick up at those stops. I can't imagine this holding the interest of a six or seven year old (they state it's designed for ages 4-7). I like the Toca games in general, but not this one.

BORING AND NOT WORTH THE MONEY AT ALL by Lisa is me 2014-11-30

I love the toca boca games but this a real let down. All you can do is ride around while stopping every minute to load cargo or to let people board the train. There is absolutely nothing fun about this game except for maybe blowing the whistle which gets boring really fast. I am above the recommended age for this game so maybe that is why I don't like this game. All I can say is this game is way over priced, not fun AT ALL, and I really want a refund. Please don't let this review change the opinion of the toca boca games because some are very fun. But this one is not and I STRONGLY believe that you should not get this game.

I will not buy another Toca Boca Game by bekabug 2016-03-12

Ok this game was boring but that isn't why I despise it. My 2.5 year old played it and lost interest after a couple times. A waste of ~$3. His favorite thing about this app now? Going to the "Other Games Your Mom Might Buy If You Scream Long Enough" area of the app and shrieking to play the other titles. He's 2 and doesn't know the difference between the home screen and sales pitch...I'm completely furious. We might try your other games but I refuse to reward a developer for this kind of mechanic in a PAID app aimed at very young children.

Boring!!!! by LeopARTnik 2012-07-01

This game needs MORE! Especially for 3-7 yr range. More buttons to press, lights, sounds.... I mean it's a great idea but my kid gets so bored with it after 2 minutes. I regret spending $2 for such a simple game, i was expecting more. My suggestion add more buttons at the controls, ability to turn light on in the tunnel, a choice of several passengers not just one, more robots as passengers and more interesting cargo like big fruits or letters or numbers to load on the train. It's needs improving especially for $2, this version should be free.

REFUND PLEASE by That guy right their 2015-01-01

My daughter was SOOOO exited to play this but after seven minutes of this she started playing TocaBoca kitchen. I asked her why she turned it of and to just try it and she said she didn't like it, so I gave it to my son. A couple minutes later, he said that he didn't like it. Children don't really like it and all you do is pick up stuff, ride around a collect people, it's completely boring. I want a refund by January 14 or I'm never getting tocaBoxa games for my children ever again, and most of them are a big waste anyways

Toca Train by Apps 3 all 2012-06-19

We love Toca Boca Apps and love Toca hair salon and most of the awesome Toca Boca Apps.The Train was awesome until it crashed and tried to restart,delete and download again several times on the iPad 1.My kids said this app is there favorite app and they love it so much and it is amazing and fun for everyone but we wish it would work soon .Please Toca Boca could you please fix it soon We Love Toca Train and All Your Awesome Apps and can't wait for more Toca apps soon . Toca Boca Apps are the best

Toca can do better by Gamehater#29 2016-01-25

This game is the worst you could buy I thought it would be fun for my 4 year old cousin but it's just stupid even she's not in to it and for the money you spend on this app that's not interesting for a baby and I agree a baby could make a better app than this it really should be free I thought you could do better on this toca come on it should really be called lame train #dont listen to the other reviews it's not worth the time and money spend it on something better

Age 3 to 4 at most by Tmmpimp daddy 2015-01-20

I own most the toca apps and will download pretty much every one they put out. This one is good but any child over 4 is going to get bored pretty quick. My 3 year old quickly mastered this as there is not actually that much to do. Great graphics and easy to use for any child. I just don't think age 4 to 7 is correct

Good but you can do better by Kiddo 1234 2015-04-06

I play this it's good but I can make it better like add tea and cookies for the guest and add when you drop off a guest you should drop them off at there house. And please make more free games like: toca kitchen 1 & 2 , and toca house , toca lab , and toca town . Please try to make more free games .

Crash! :( by Princesspea3 2012-06-14

Toca Boca games are my kids favorite- we have them all! So of course my little one remembered Toca train right away! She was so excited! However,it crashes every time after the opening screen on the iPad 1. We are up to date with the current OS- please fix it so my girl stops hounding me! ;)

Why did I buy this? by TripletMom99 2012-06-22

iPad 1 - Crashes every time! Even when I reboot, it will start the game but then crashes. We love Toca boca, but this was released before it was ready. I will be more careful downloading their stuff too soon based on them releasing this junk. Too bad.

Silence is NOT golden! by Debgree 2016-09-12

Transferred this app from traded in iPad where it worked perfectly WithSound. On new iPad this and all other To a Boca apps are silent. Settings are correct, tried rebooting . Sorry I can no longer use these with my young language delayed clients.

Can't get it to work! by CubaTraveler 2012-06-16

I am so frustrated... I have downloaded and re-downloaded this app... Restarted my device three times and STILL can't get this to work... My son is very disappointed... Maybe it will work tomorrow... AUGHH!!! Complete Waste of money otherwise!

Crash by emo_s 2012-06-19

On the 1st gen iPad this game crashes on the loading screen. We have never gotten to the point where we could play. Very disappointed to have wasted $ on a game that doesn't work.

Crashes by Bluesuzy77 2012-06-21

Crashes every time it starts to load. Does not work at all. I have 1st generation iPad. Will there be a bug fix? If not, how do you get your money back.

Kid loves it! Need to fix though. by RHarriss 2012-06-14

My son loves the app but had to use on my phone. Crashes on orig iPad even after restart. Can't install on 2nd gen iPod like the other Toca apps:(

Well.... by Lol omg xoxo ttul brb g2g btw 2012-06-15

When i downloaded it i thought it would be great but when i played i didnt think it was good like toca house but its kinda cool

No sound again by Pebav 2016-08-22

Repeat problems with loss of sound. Uninstalled and reinstalled app, re-started IPad several times, but no help. ????

Please fix by AGMANDERSON 2012-06-14

I can't open it on my iPad it just brings me back to the main screen please fix