Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad
Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad

Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Tonality Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Massive August sale: 50% OFF.
Professional black & white photo editor for Mac. And much more...

Best of App Store, Editors' Choice
Over 20 other software awards.


Over 150 one-click presets:
- Street photography
- Basic black & white
- Architecture
- Portraits
- Dramatic black & white
- HDR effects
- Toning
- Analog Film
- Vintage
- Outdoor photography
- PLUS you can load custom presets and create your own

All the necessary editing & enhancement tools, including:
- Color Temperature
- Adaptive Exposure
- Smart Contrast
- Clarity
- Structure
- Shadows
- Highlights
- Color Filter
- Split Toning
- Tone Curve
- Glow
- Lens Blur
- Grain
- Vignette

Pro features that everyone can use:
- Layers with blending modes
- Texture overlays (plus you can load your textures)
- Editing brush for selective edits
- Smart selective color controls
- Batch processing (in-app purchase)
- Histogram
- Gradient tool
- Native RAW support
- Luminance controls


Tonality let's you save photos in various formats, including PNG, JPG, TIFF, PDF. You can easily share images via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even send them to your gallery on 500px and SmugMug.

Want more? Export your photos to Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Photos, Aurora HDR, Intensify and other top photography applications.

We are here to help. If you have questions or suggestions about Tonality, contact our 24/7 customer support at: [email protected]

Make amazing photos faster with Macphun.


Current Version:
Varies with device
195.88 MB
First Tracked:
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Powerful tool at a great price Posted by

I’ve been shooting B&W film for fifty years . . . and struggling to find a good BW conversion tool for digitla images the last five years. There are many choices out there but for me they fell into two categories: way too expensive . . . why not just shoot film? Or inexpensive and very incomplete. “Tonality" strikes a great balance between being feature rich and approachable, both in terms of price and performance. If I want to be Ansel Adams’ darkroom assistant, I can . . . many sophisiticated controls await me. But if I’ve found a “look” that conveys what I want, then it could be as simple as a couple of clicks of my mouse. And lest you think I use this only for my color digital images, here’s a surprise. I still scan my B&W film (can’t beat the look) and do further adjustments with Tonality. I enjoy the vignetting, the ability to layer structures, add frames, and more. But let me make one simple feature request of the very talented development team: add a control to the vignetting tool so that I can locate the “point of light” anywhere on the image I like and not just the center, which is the unmodifiable default today. This would enable me in “post” to highlight a portion of the image and draw the viewer’s attention to that . . . other than that, it’s a marvelous tool. And when will there be a version for the iPad? :-) BTW, if you want to see some of what I’ve done with the tool, look me up on Flickr. My “handle” is Leicamark.

Love it! Posted by

Straight-forward, easy-to-use, effective editing tools plus a few nice effects to boot. I love B&W photography (or why would I spend money for such a specific app, yes?) and this app gives me all the tools I need to get exactly what I’m looking for, whether it’s a little extra tweaking of the image, or a wholesale re-interpratation of it. I’ve never used Photoshop, so I can’t compare the two. I just know this app gives you powerful tools yet doesn’t require hours of reading just to learn how to use it. The tools are all logically designed and intuitively laid out. If you have even a basic concept of exposure and tone, this app will give you B&W images you will be proud to enlarge and frame. I’ve used it on numerous images without any problems. Some I import from iPhoto, others from my Canon image processing program. It works just fine with pretty much any source, and then you can export it as Jpeg, TIFF or other formats for uploading to the internet or printing. Do note that Tonality does not have its own image gallery. To save a processed photo, you must export it (Jpeg, TIFF, etc) to a separate folder or photo gallery.

KABOOM!!! Posted by

Real simple. If you love black & white photography, you MUST own this app! Period. So simple to use and VERY powerful. MANY of the presets are exceptional; and there are a number of them that you could seriously use as your very final output with a single click of the mouse! Yes, they’re honestly that good. The other GREAT use I’ve found for this app is for educating myself about the (intricate details) of b&w photography. Here’s what I mean: I edit a b&w photo in Photoshop until I get it right where I (think) I want it. I will then edit the same photo from scratch using Tonality. Then, I compare the two side by side when finished. My Photoshop edits are never (quite) as good as the Tonality versions. They are sometimes very close, but Tonality always makes them noticeably better with its remarkable treatment of mid tones, shadows, and highlights. Its advanced algorithms are just simply better than what I’m able to achieve on my own. At any rate, I am 100% satisfied with this app. Astonishing. THANK YOU MACPHUN!!! :)

The latest black & white software is solid Posted by

I’ve been doing digital photography since about 2006 and have always loved a dramatic landscape or classic “Hollywood starlet” portrait in black and white. Pursuing these for my own photos, I’ve tried Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and even plug-ins like Silver Efex Pro from Nik/Google. Now I’m finding that new Tonality is a SOLID and very affordable black and white tool with hundreds of one click presets and precision adjustment controls on tap. I love the way you can recover shadows (I’m always screwing up exposure!) and add amazing detail to images. Plus the stackable layers let you experiment with different looks before deciding on what your masterpiece should finallly look like. Lately I’ve been using the layers, brushes and masking tools to help me “float" foreground objects above the background textures - cool effect! I would recommend it to anyone who loves black and white photography OR is interested in trying it out for the first time, even if you have another product that you normally use.

A Very Good App That Just Misses Beiing Great Posted by

For the money, this has got to be the best color to black and white photo conversion tools out there. You get a lot of tools at your disposal for not much money. The interface is pretty simple and the website does offer support via some handy lessons. What is not to love? In a word, workflow. If you have a small photo library it should be easy enough to work your way through the app, if still annoying. But if you have a large library , trying to fish for your specific image becomes a challenge. It is neither fun nor simple as the drag and drop menue is of no help at all. In using the iPhoro optio I was confronted with my entire library, all 148 Gb of it, unsorted. And the app really did not want to play with Apertue, but nothing seems to want to play with Aperture now that Yosemite came out. I was able to figure out a work-around but it cost the app half a star. Half a star off for the drag and drop menue beung useless plus the other half a star off for having to fight the app in Aperture equals one whole star off.

Fantastic Software! Posted by

I own several of MacPhun’s software options starting with their original phone app FX. While I use Lightroom and Photoshop for my post processing I have found that Tonality and MacPhun’s other mac apps are by far the most awesome and easy to use. Once my images are finished in Lightroom I run the extra special ones through Tonality for B/W or Intensity, Focus 2. Each has their own attributes and frankly I find them much better and easier to tweak to my liking than all the expensive software out there. I tried Nik and found it just okay but nothing really better than Lightroom. I do own OnOne and find it useful but oddly these little apps most times hit it right on the spot for what I might need. Totally impressed. Easy as heck to use and just really well done!! I’d give 10 stars if it were an option. Oh and I am a full time professional photographer.

The Winner Posted by

We all know it takes allot of time to make a stellar monochrome shot (far easier it is to make a cool color shot). Tonality is my first place to go to, when editing black and white photos. It has powerful, yet simple to understand controls and does 95% of the work for a photographer like myself (5 years in business now). When I don’t know the look best suited for a certain photo, I simply click through pre-configured presets, and this program gives me dozens of ways to see where to go - great starting point. Simply put, Tonality helps all types of photographers create really great monochrome shots, it makes the workflow easier, better, and much more enjoyable.

Tools not functioning but developer aware and working on it Posted by

UPDATE: The tools work fine now that the developer released an update. BTW, the developer has been nothing but responsive to my several queries concerning this and some other (now corrected) issues. My earlier review: Running Tonality and Tonality Pro on Mac OS X Yosemite. Neither the crop tools nor the gradient tools work. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice per their tech support suggestion. Still the tools don’t work. No mouse recognition whatsoever when using these tools. Also the undo command is intermittently unresposive. The presets seem to work satisfactorily, but mouse controlled tools seem problemtic.

Black and White editor that does more than many color editors Posted by

I’ve discovered that you can work with color images in Tonality as well, though it is not its prime functionality. All the tools are really fantastic and are worth more than you really pay. It’s way more than in any other monochrome editor on the App Store (I’ve tried free demos of all and Tonality is by far the best). I highly recommend it if you really like taking pictures.

5 stars Posted by

Very powerful and simple. Tons of tools for black and white photo editing and enourmous amount of tricks that I keep discovering. I am very glad I’ve purchased this software. For those who are still deciding, get it and don’t look back. All the tools you see in the description are there, and you can also get a free trial on their site (that’s what I did first).

Really clever software Posted by

I just purchased Tonality for my MAC. The videos explananing the use of the software are quite good and easy to understand. I chose to use extensions with the just released El Capitán and the extensions worked beautifully. The software is quite clever, the dual window to see before/after effects really useful, and in general a nifty addition to Apple’s Photo app.

What Happened? by Cecil&Ezra 2015-12-08

When I first used this app- I enjoyed it immensely. I used it to enhance some images easily, and effectively. Then- problems arose. The app refused to quit- unless I shut down my computer. I sent an email to the company- and they replied within a reasonable amount of time - and offered me a new download. I had to ask them to send an activation key so I could use the new downloads… seems as if they would know that would be necessary. 3 days later- I had to have my computer wiped at Apple- there were so many problems. They advised me to add apps individually, and test them- to see if maybe I could find where the problem had come from (my computer was THOROUGHLY checked through hardware- this was definitely a software issue.) When I installed Tonality to run again- it took a full minute to load the image I wanted to edit. When I was done and tried to save my work, the computer froze. I had to force quit the app. Since deleting Tonality- I have had no further issues. Draw your own conclusions. In my correspondance of the last few days with Macphun- they have asked me to open my Console Logs- recreate the problem, and send them the logs. I told them they were as smart as a bag of rocks if they thought I would be installing software I KNEW made my computer freeze up. SO- it seems I’m out not only money for Tonality, but also for Intsensify Pro- which I bought DIRECTLY from Macphun- but they seem uninclined to replace- even though I have a receipt for my purchase.

Buyer Beware!! by Alan.AZ 2014-10-14

Just so you know before you buy… If you have any kind of major issue, the Macphun support team will try to help, but once they can’t figure it out they will tell you it’s something you’re doing, then drop the case. Then, you apparently get on some “list” whereby any subsequent questions or issues you contact them with are totally ignored! This app is quite useful for basic straightforward B&W conversions, but try to do anything more complicated which results in the software not functioning correctly? You’re out of luck!!

Works well but beware by Nasrudin 2015-03-23

Does good B&W conversions — no complaints for the money it is a bargain. HOWEVER, when you view this on the Mac App Store you will get a nag screen prompting you to get version 2 and you can’t get past it any easy way. You can’t force quit (window is hidden), you can’t quit the app, you can’t even shut down your computer without agreeing to visit their website. Ironically I was just seeking information to recommend it to a friend. Sorry, MacPhun you lost me with this nagware.

Too many annoying “review me” pop ups by SeriouslyDave 2015-08-21

I’ve only exported 6 photos and the app has covered itself with a “review me” pop up 2 times. I’ve hardly used the app enough to give it a decent review. However, in an effort to stop this pop up, I am reviewing the app. With as little experience as I have with the app, I don’t feel I can justify anything more than 3 stars.

Obnoxious Notification! by nerkles 2014-08-15

The app does nice things, but the company has chosen to abuse notifications to try to sell me their other apps. NOT COOL. I was trying to do work and you busted my groove with an irrelevant annoyance while Tonality wasn’t even running. I would have given 4 stars, but… 2 stars deducted for being annoying pests.

Great App by martee99 2014-08-15

This is a really fun app to use and works great. Only 4 starts because there is no mention, that is a stand alone product. If you want to use it as a plug in for various image editing programs, be perpaired to buy thier Pro App, for a higher price.

you pay, then they spam you by sneakatdatavibe 2015-10-22

This app abuses push notifications to spam you to buy their other apps, even after you’ve paid them money for this one. Great way to abuse your customers, guys. :(