TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad
TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad

TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad

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TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games for iPhone/iPad

Download TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire for iPhone/iPad
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Experience TriPeaks Solitaire all blown up.

Come see why people call this the most addictive version of Solitaire there is. Presented in a fun way on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

• 6 different Game Boards
• 2 Game Modes
• A Bunch of Achievements in Game Center
• A sweet High Score System using Game Center
• Saved your game for later on exit.
• Time Bonus, but this is a casual game, so you don't have to rush.
• Undo - Just tap the up card.
• And a whole lot of addictive fun.

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TriPeaks Explosion - Solitaire Games ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
2.75 MB
First Tracked:
Content Rating:


Very polished TriPeaks! Posted by

This is a very polished TriPeaks game. The animated background, cards design (easy to read), interface and sounds are all top notch. In addition, the Mixed and Classic card layouts (modes) with OpenFeint integration (leader board and achievements) assure a good replay value. Feature wise the game can properly resume, supports iPOD music and both landscape orientations. My wishes are: 1) Vegas rules (another mode) that would be interesting with OpenFeint, and, 2) Portrait screen mode that is very convenient to play.

Great version! Posted by

NO crashing ever! I made sure i had enough space on my phone. N enough memory. Note to all..... When u install any app, at the time may have enough space for it, but as u play ant app there is more space being used up even when u c u have available space shown. So if u want crashing to stop u should delete any apps that ur done or tired with. That solves ur prob. If every single person had crashing prob then it would b prob with app. Hope this info helps!

Great game of TriPeaks Posted by

Very nicely made game of Tri-Peaks. Easy to play and responsive tap controls for smooth playing. Openfeint with some cool gameplay achievements to earn. The only area I think the game could improve on is sound. Maybe add some background music and better sound effects. Other than that its a great game of tripeaks, the funnest version of solitaire IMO.

5 stars Posted by

Easy to use and fun to play TriPeaks solitaire. Nothing to complain about the production of this nice little iPhone game, very smooth action and a happy bright interface. Very easy to lose track of time while playing as it's addictive. Glad for the addition of OpenFeint and achievements!

Good game Posted by

Fun game and plays terrific, Game Center included. Although playing on an iPad 4 still looks good. Minor gripe is the annoying clang when at the end of the game. Overall a worthy Tri-Peaks game to play. Recommended!

iPhone 4 Posted by

Before the game was very slow with the version 4.0 update but now with the iPhone 4 the game is back to normal and fun to play, once again.

Nice Update Posted by

THANKS for the update as so much better. Game play is nice. Fun game to play.

Pretty good TriPeaks by Adam Schramm 2010-05-10

Full disclosure: Got this for free during a brief promo period. Pretty good TriPeaks app but there's nothing particularly outstanding about it (except it was free!) Not sure why anyone would want to track or post high scores for a game that's completely luck and chance-based but if that's what rocks your boat, so be it. Since I don't care about open feignt there's not much going on here beyond a pretty basic and pretty tight game. This TriPeaks is not easy. Advancing beyond 4 or so levels is tough. Layouts are pretty small (none of those 40 or 50-card boards so far) which can make for some frustratingly brief play. Good graphics and easy to see cards, which is always nice. Still holding out for TriPeaks in Paradise or Wild TriPeaks to go on sale though; I think they are better games. Still a solid 3 stars and I'd rank it third among all of the TriPeak apps out there.

Needs update for iOS4 by scottastrophic 2010-06-26

This was a great game, despite one annoying bug that prevented a new game from starting and appeared to be because of a synchronous call to the OpenFeint servers (so if there is a network connection issue, it has to receive some notice back before the game will start). But that was live-with-able. But ever since the upgrade to iOS4, the game has been crashing constantly. I tried to send an email to them from the address on their Web site, but it bounced back to me. I hold out hope that they might issue an update, but until then, know that this game is going to frustrate you.

Crashes by Papersouls 2010-05-12

This could easily be a 5 star app, but it constantly crashes! Started out ok after I first downloaded it, but now can't get the game to stay open to get into the first hand. Will hold on to though-just in case an update rolls around soon..

Still crashes by ohio water lover 2010-08-02

I used to really enjoy this game, but ever since OS 4.0 it crashes on me every time. The recent update apparently didn't fix the issue.

Keeps crashing by HeatherDeeBee 2010-04-15

Game was fun when I first played after downloading. Now all it does is crash.

Disappointing by MizGoose 2010-04-14

Keeps crashing.