Tune Sweeper Apps for iPhone/iPad
Tune Sweeper Apps for iPhone/iPad

Tune Sweeper Apps for iPhone/iPad

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More than just a duplicates finder, Tune Sweeper is your all-in-one iTunes cleaning App. Automatically find and remove duplicates, discover and add tracks on your Mac not listed in iTunes and remove tracks listed on iTunes not on your Mac! Tune Sweeper also corrects missing artwork and other track details.
All performed quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks using Tune Sweeper!

- Duplicate Removal -

Tune Sweeper shows the duplicate tracks found in your iTunes library in groups and suggests which tracks to keep based on your preference. i.e. Highest Quality, Latest Played, Latest added etc. You can override this automatic selection on a group by group basis.
Also, you can listen to a track if your unsure if this is the correct track to remove.

At a click of a button, Tune Sweeper removes the selected duplicates from iTunes, saving you disk space and cleaning up your music collection. Optionally, Tune Sweeper will back up the tracks removed for safe keeping.

- Missing Artwork -

Tune Sweeper scans your iTunes library for tracks with missing artwork and automatically downloads matching artwork to your iTunes library.

- Tracks Not In iTunes -

Tune Sweeper scans your hard drive for music not currently listed in your iTunes library. With a click of a button you can add this additional music to your iTunes library.

- Tracks Missing -

Tune Sweeper also shows all the tracks listed in iTunes that are missing from your hard drive. Tune Sweeper can quickly remove these broken links in your iTunes library with one mouse click.

- Fix Track Details -

Use Tune Sweeper to identify tracks with missing details and then quickly fill in the blanks with Tune Sweeper. Tune Sweeper uses advanced digital fingerprinting technology to identify your music and download the correct track information to iTunes automatically!

- Apple Music -

Apple Music is a great way of discovering new music. Tune Sweeper lists the Apple Music tracks you have added to your Music library - which will vanish if you cancel your Apple Music subscription. Optionally, purchase these tracks to keep them in your library.

- Statistics -

For a bit of fun, Tune Sweeper will summarize your most listened to Artists and Genres in iTunes. You may be surprised what Tune Sweeper can tell you about your listening habits!


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saved me so much time - worked as quickly as i would have expected Posted by

I have what I think is a pretty large iTunes Library… 50k songs (350 Gig). It used to be much bigger. Upon merging libraries from 2 computers onto my new mac mini server. I noticed that somehow i messed up and had a period of time that overlapped causing an incredible amount of duplicates. I also have a tremendous Phish library so seeing 50 versions of "Down With Disease" is pretty common. Long story short, I wanted a tool that would work within iTunes (to avoid "lost files") and something that could de-dupe with precision. I ran this program before buying it, and based on the selectable criteria… I was able to find over 5000 "sets" of duplication that met Artist, Track Name, Album, Track # and Track Length requirements. It took about a half hour to find them and an hour to clean. It even allows you to back up. I estimate it deleted over 10k duplicate tracks, and so far I am very happy with the results. I felt like this utility was a little over priced, but I woulda easily paid someone 19.99 to sit there and do it for me, this was much faster and less error prone. If you have a quick machine, it shouldnt take long. I am recommending this program to my friend (who has the same issue) tomorrow. thanks guys!

finally got rid of my duplicates Posted by

Freed up about 4GB from my library :) I've been wanting some programmatic way to get rid of the dups for awhile now. Tune Sweeper did the job. Of course now that my dups are gone it's just sitting there. I think it was worth $5 though, it would have taken me much much longer to do it by hand. That's probably why I had so many dups to begin with, it's just such an annoying and time consuming problem that I ignored it for years and it got worse and worse. A few things i'd like to see improved If songs don't have enough ID3 information to conclusively say they don't have a dup, use MD5 sums or something. I have a lot of songs with bad or missing ID3 information so there may still be some duplicates there. the ability to automatically prefer songs that have a higher play count and have been rated over those that haven't been. I had some duplicates where one of the tracks had been rated and played a lot and the other had little or no plays with no review and the rated one was selected for deletion by default. It was easy to switch it to the unplayed ones, but i would have liked that as a default or an option. Good product and worth the money if you have a large library and have been annoyed by duplicates

Genuinely Essential for the SnowTape Crowd Posted by

Initially, I had some problems with this app, along the lines of those noted here. But, I finally broke down and rebuilt my iTunes index, a job made easy per Apple's instructional page. That killed all weirdness; I unknowingly had a boatload of file-not-found ghosts throughout my 8500+ stash of tunes. (FYI: no iTunes exclamation marks to alert me to the dilemma, and the "Get Info" screens always pointed to the correct location. Go figure, eh?!) Guess I wasn't as careful as I thought during the recent migration from Windows to Mac. In any event, after that base cleanup, I ran this app again. Worked perfectly, consistently and reliably. Extremely intuitive and just about fool-proof. Since I use SnowTape just about every night to pull well-cut and CD-quality MP3s from assorted Net radio streams, restricted to my preferred genres, I frequently encounter upwards of a hundred new tunes the following morning. Before I grabbed Tunes Sweeper, I'd suffer through a painstaking visual comparison of pre-existing vs SnowTape-pulled files, to figure out which to keep when the inevitable dupes appeared. Now, that chore is reduced to a max of 5 minutes. Major Woot!! Job superbly well-done, dev! Thanks a bunch!!

Good application with lots of potential Posted by

I like this application. While it helped me find duplicates in my iTunes Library, it wasn't without some effort. There are three additions I would like to see the developer consider in a future release. 1. Additional Search Criteria; one being Bit Rate. Users often have both AAC and AIFF versions of the same song in their library. Tune Sweeper lists these songs as duplicates. The ability to identify duplicates by Artist, Song Name AND Bit Rate would be beneficial in reducing the list of duplicates returned. 2. File Name and Location: The ability to view the File Name and Location in the table of duplicates would make choosing which file to keep and which to delete easier. Currently, if two files are located in different locations, say one in "Compilations" and one in "Various Artists", I have to use CMD-I in iTunes to determine which file I want to delete. If users had the option to display the path and filename, users could quickly determine which file to mark for deletion. 3. View Options Menu with the ability to select which columns are displayed in the tables.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Posted by

If you have a large music library like I do, this app is perfect for detecting duplicates, removing the file of lesser quality, all while maintaining the original file in order to secure your music. I tried using a regular duplicate file finder, and even after going through each file meticulously, I still ended up erasing many files and had to reload iTunes….an entire weekend of “housekeeping” my music. I am pleased to say that TuneSweeper not only worked without flaw, but was able to erase multiples without losing the core file. My music is now nice and organized with no stray files, no duplicates and all core files in tact. After having my first “ooops”, TuneSweeper is my new best friend. Don’t use just a regular dulplicate finder…you will regret it. TuneSweeper allows you to set perimeters in order to assure original files stay put. I highly recommend this app for all who have a large music library or even those who want to organize iTunes. From a music lover with OCD (haha)…THANK YOU!!

Feature rich - works well Posted by

I've seen some really complicated itunes duplicate removal tools out there but this one is really nice to use. The settings are simple but powerful. You can very quickly see the duplicates in your collection and select which track out of each set you want to keep based on quality, length, last played, last added etc. Then, I fine tuned the tracks to remove manually - a nice feature. You can also change the way duplicates are searched for. For example, you can tell the app you want to consider ( or not consider ) Artist, album, track number and the difference in time between two tracks when working out if they are duplicates or not. The really clever part, you can specify how music time difference between the two tracks to consider. Once thats done - its a quick press of the remove button to clear out the duplicates. When all was done - I had a iTunes library that was a joy to behold. Over 5000 duplicates banished. Couldn't ask for more - worked flawlessly.

Surprisingly good... Posted by

I knew I had a ton of duplicates, but I didn't know how many. This program took an entire night to clear almost all of them. I still went over my iTunes files to find copies and I only saw a few which makes me wonder why the program seems to miss these every now and then. But other than that, it does a good job of recognizing duplicates, and with the specific query the user can select of details (Live vs. Studio recordings, time of track, etc.) it does well to weed-out copies with these details selected, and this makes a huge difference. If I could only figure-out why Mac makes copies of the same tracks, I wouldn't have this problem. But by the looks of it, I'm not the only one who has this problem--and that's reassuring. I would highly recommend this program. Like I said, it's well worth the money.

I'm Confused This worked great Posted by

At what point do people expect to much? I wanted a simple application that would go into my itunes library, find the dups and zap them. I did not want to do this by hand since my itunes library is so huge, i have about 6000 songs right now before using this it showed something around 7800. So I download the trial application of this thing, it runs like a charm, granted it won't remove the dups unless you have purchased the app so i'm cool with that. I removed the trial and bought, ZAP, got rid of all my dups a little over 1800 of them, so again I ask the negative reivews at what point to you have to stop an inspect what you expect? This thing did EXACTLY what it said it would do... so i'm confused about all the negativity Hope this helps FurryDan

Not smooth with OS X Yosemite Beta Posted by

The GUI of Tune Sweeper keeps freezing now that I’m running OS X Yosemite Beta. Maybe Yosemite Beta is the issue. I’m not sure. But I have to resize the window to get it to refresh. Not a big deal but not smooth either. When I first used Tune Sweeper a year ago I noticed a glitch on the dupe count. In that case I ran it once, deleted dupes and saw a pop up advising there were X duplicates still not deleted. I think that was an erroneous message though. All the duplicates that I had manually seen in itunes were gone once I clicked the delete duplicate button within Tune Sweeper, regardless of what the pop up advised. Which is great! So it does what it’s supposed to do well. Even though it’s reporting and screen refreshing seems a bit slow/wrong.

Expensive but desperate times call for desperate measures... Posted by

I would have given it 5 stars except for the price. Garageband is only $14.99 and is a whole lot more software. But, in the final analysis, it can't remove iTunes duplicates, which were driving me crazy. I did a lot of research around using Display Duplicates and Display Exact Duplicates in iTunes. That approach just isn't practical when you have thousands or even just hundreds of duplicates. I researched the software that was available and finally resigned myself to getting the top-rated duplicate remover software on the Mac App store, which is Tune Sweeper. It works as advertised so I guess it was a good investment.

Worked great. Pricey! Posted by

OK - It deduplicates your iTunes library with a couple clicks. It does it in a smart way (doesn't get rid of just similar track names -- it keeps the best bitrate quality, etc.) - but I wanted to delete based on filename. For example I have MP3s named my_song.mp3 and my_song 2.mp3. --Well I want to get rid of the obvious extra filename version. This app doesn't have that choice. In the end, I decided I'd rather save time than worry about filenames. Also… it was 20 bucks!!! That's really expensive for a simple database app.



Does a good job, but could be better Posted by

This application does exactly what it says. Based alone on the complete lack of programs that accomplish this, I would give this five stars. However, there a few noticeable bugs when operating the program. Sorting of the duplicates found doesn't work very well at all. I have been looking for a long time a great program that would find and delete all my itunes duplicates that have collected over the past seven years! Tune Sweeper is by far the best I've seen.

Love It!! Posted by

I had alot of duplicates in my music collection, 1820 according to Tune Sweeper. I selected to keep the highest quality track from each of the duplicates and clicked the "Remove" button. Tune Sweeper cleared out the tracks I didnt want in minutes. Now my itunes is duplicate free, I can get more music on my iPod nano because iTunes isnt copying over loads of duplicates. So glad I got this app! Thank you.

Saved me a lot of time Posted by

I made a huge mistake while moving my entire iTunes library to an external drive. I read Apple’s instructions on removing duplicates, but with the amount of tunes I had duped, I would be lucky if I finished by Christmas. This amazing App did just as advertised, and took care of my issues in less than 30 minutes. Money well spent, and a life boat if I ever get in that situation again.

much better than Tune Up Posted by

This app does exactly what Itunes is missing: clean up dead files in the library identify which music is in the computer and NOT in Itunes (you can select what to do then) remove duplicates I also used Tune Up which messed up my library hopelessly redoing metadata which was perfectly fine and NOT identifying missing files!

Pricey but works Posted by

I had a monsterous iTunes library, about 20,000 files. Tune Sweeper got it under control! First run found about 6,000 dupes, ran it a few more times and it pulled 300 more, then 100 or so the third time. For the price, it'd be nice if it fixed tags, found artwork, that kind of thing.

You need this. Posted by

This is one of those apps you need to run every so often so that you can keep your computer in top shape. Specifically, keeping your music collection trim and clean. This beauty "sweeped" my iTunes clean in no time and took out a few thousand duplicates in the process.

Descent Duplicate Finder, Good UI, But needs additional matching Criteria by crsouser 2012-06-15

I got this as the I was honestly pretty irritiated with several other iTunes tools I have purchased and figured adding another one to my library wouldn't hurt, and I am generally glad I did with a few reservations and comments. 1) Every single time I enter the app it has to re-conduct the search and there is no way to preserve a previous search. On my library this is HOURS of the app searching my library. Then 80% of the time it locks up. When it does complete the app is half the time hardly usable. When it works it is great, but I am not going to go through 4000 duplicates in a sitting. 2) The user interface is friendly, straight forward, and generally intuitive and following standard conventions for apps. This UI feels like it has been developed this century. 3) It finds duplicates and I REALLY like the track length match threshhold feature so I can go for exact match or several seconds difference. I haven't ever seen that on other duplicate finders. I only give 2 stars (down originally from 3 stars) at this time because: 1) Comment #1 2) The one thing that really needs to be improved upon though is going beyond Track information (Song, Artist, Album, Bit Rate, Song Length) in the matching criteria. It I feel it is lacking though is a true 100% SHA/MD5 hash check between files and other analytical features like that as if I have improperly tagged song or two songs tagged vaguely the same but one is the LIVE version and one is the standard version it will detect it as a duplicate. 3) It needs to be able to display the actualy file name and path. 4) A nice to have feature would be on the items that it suspects are duplicate, is a verify tag information lookup that goes out and verifies the tags on the songs since it is so tag dependant.

Renames files when adding to iTunes by EpicacMan 2013-11-10

This program is helpful for 1.5 of its 3 functions. First, what it does right: As far as I can tell, it removes items in the iTunes library that are missing correctly. I doubt if it looks for the underlying file so you probably have items that aren’t REALLY missing that it removes but whatever. We’ll say +1 on that. What it does wrong: When consolidating all files in to iTunes (add items not in the iTunes library in to the iTunes library) it really screws it up. Yes, your files are added to the library. But what about metadata? It keeps most of it (yay!) but not the name of the song. The name of the song is replaced with the filename of the song (including .mp3!). So, your iTunes library will go from “Staying Alive” —> “01 Staying Alive.mp3”. This is clearly a bug and causes a big, cascading headache. First of all, what are you supposed to do to fix this? You’ve just made your iTunes library grow and now you have a ton of messed up file names!?! +0 Although the dupe function works, it relies on the new (now messed-up) file name. In the above example, if my library now had both a “Staying Alive” and a “01 Staying Alive.mp3”, the program wouldn’t recognize the dupe, even if all other underlying characteristics are the same (album, time, etc.). That stinks. +.5 I’ve heard mixed reviews about TuneUp Media but now I have to buy it to fix all the song name metadata. What a hassle.

Update Still Doesn't Fix Problems by dolausen 2011-01-19

With over 20,000 songs in my iTunes library, I was looking for a program to remove "exact" duplicates. By exact I mean, same file size, same meta data, same length, etc. The update has not fixed the underlying problems with the software. Using all the options, the program found over 4000 duplicates. The problem is that TuneSweeper lists songs as duplicates that are not true duplicates. For instance, one version has all the meta data, and the other one doesn't. There appears to be no way to accurately verify the "duplicate" status without manually checking each set of duplicates. For a program that is supposed to save time and make removing duplicates easy, this program fails miserably. In addition, the program does not always choose the duplicate with less meta data. There are options for choosing which "duplicate" to remove, but this does not appear to work well. There are many instances where the selection should be more expanded. For instance, songs with the same length should be classified as duplicates, which this appears to do. Then the higher bit rate should prevail. If they have the same bit rate, then the one with the correct meta data. But even then, if they have differenct ID3 tags, then they are not true duplicates.

Works... IF you are an experienced Unix user by Iago_42 2011-06-16

I will preface this review with the fact that my iTunes setup may differ from the vast majority of Mac users, and most may not experience what I did. I installed this application and ran it against my iTunes library, which happens to be installed on a separate physical disk volume than iTunes itself. The application located all of the duplicates in my library, but presented them all in red, with no option to remove them. The application was running as a user with full read/write/delete priveledges to the separate volume where the library was stored. After a great deal of fiddling with it, I discovered that if I ran the application with elevated priveledges from the command line (sudo) then it worked exactly as advertised and did a great job of cleaning out my music library. Consideringe ease of use, I would give it 1 star in its current state based on my personal experience. Considering only capabilites, once I got it running right, I give it 5 stars . If the developer gets this problem fixed, I would happily give 5 stars, but for now I will need to average the two values and call it a 3 star app in its current state.

Good interface but... by Bill StL 2015-05-31

For some reason over the years I had a massive amount of duplicates. Running it the first time it comes back with several color codes of files - explained nowhere, not even online documentation- and removing the ones it selected for removal was easy. But inexplicably I still have 1900 duplicates, that it CHOOSES to ignore. I can manually deselect the ignores, but have to do that 1900 TIMES! Which sort of defeats the purpose of why I bought this - so I would not have to spend hours removing duplicates by hand. These files are identical in every facet - same artist, same album, same time - why would it flag them as duplicates, but then ignore them? There MUST be an explanation of this somewhere, and I hate to delete these if there is some legit reason that I cannot fathom. Anybody?

Frustrated by Think-it-through 2014-05-26

Tunes Sweeper identified over 30K duplicates in iTunes. I carefully reviewed to make sure the selections were legit; I was impressed. It took about 15 hours to actually delete the files, but I didn’t mind, since doing it manually would have taken me at least 15 days! However, the deletinion also wiped the mapping, so that about 75% of them “cannot be found”. I’ve tried selecting the drive in iTunes’ preferences, etc. No luck. What’s frustrating is that I cannot select through Tunes Sweeper the drive holding my music and video files. I currently have a request into the Wide Angle Software for assistance. No luck. If I receive help, I’ll be sure to post an update. (If you have your library on an external HD, beware.)

Absolute Garbage by mswilk67 2016-01-02

I bought the version available on the App Store to try and clean up a mess in iTunes. The application hangs for a long time with no feedback. I tried doing a cleanup 3-4 times with little or no success. Apple was kind enough to issue a refund since the latest version available on the App Store is not what’s on the company website. Bought that and thought it was working well. Found my thousands of duplicates and removed them. Problem was it moved the files to the Trash (fortunately I selected that option) for both the “real” file and duplicate(s). Now I’m trying to recover from a Time Machine backup as putting all those files back from the Trash turns out to be non-trivial. I am very unhappy with this product...

There is potential. . . by Braham 2011-02-04

I bought the app without any reviews listed because I really needed something to clean up my iTunes account of duplicates. The application searches really fast for the files, which I love, since I have about 7500 songs. After finding the files, I started checking off the files to be ignored. I get to about the 30th song duplicate listed, and it starts to choose the duplicate songs under the one I intended to choose. It will not un-click the wrong one, and will not allow you to click the correct one above it. Then, it stops working altogether. i have tried it several times and it still does not work. I hope for an update soon. I will also try to reinstall it. (just re-installed; did not work) H.B.

Doesn't get them all. by FlynMac 2012-11-14

Had several hundred songs on my desktop to be added to iTunes without duplicating what may already be in the library… It didn't see any of them so chose to manually add them and then check for duplicates. Wish I could submit screen shots that would show Tune Sweeper finding 30 duplicates and when running iTunes 'Show Duplicates' found over 200. TS would be worth the fee if it worked but clearly doesn't work as advertised and should be a free app at best. Check for yourself. Run TS to find duplicates and then run iTunes 'Show Duplicates'.

AWFUL!!! by Runson20 2015-01-21

Ran the remove duplicate feature. As described with larger collections, it appeared to have hung but it was still running. After a full 24hrs it finished the scan. I selected the app remove the duplicates, after 48hrs it finished. It removed entire albums, that were not duplicates!!! iTunes still thinks there’s a song in the library, but the mp3 is missing. Gone, poof, DELETED. I’m having to go through my entire collection artist by artist to ensure they’re still there. UGH, I want my money back!!!!!! I want my songs back even more!!!!!

Only worked on about 1% of the dups by Nashizawa 2011-03-06

I tried to delete missing and duplicates. Tune Sweeper never deleted missing file even though it told me I had over 6000. Then I tried to delete the duplicates. It found many missing duplicate files and only a very few true duplicates. I have 19,000 duplicates when I do a search within iTunes, but TuneSweep can't identify a single one. If iTunes imported it and added a number after the original title then Tune Sweeper is useless. As of version 1.3.0 there is no work around for these problems. If they ever fix this then I will change my rating.

Not The Full Version 4!!! by Fedde 2015-10-21

I bought this, thinking that it would be the same app as advertised on their website. I was wrong! This app has limited functionality compared with their latest version 4 available on the Wide Angle Software Website for $24.99. The one on the website has the additional features of being able to save your duplicate results, download missing artwork, and fix tags. These are worth the extra $5 for me so I got this purchase refunded to me. If you want those extra features, buy the app from the website, not the App Store!

Constant Crashing, Doesn’t Work by jbardzel 2015-06-12

I have tried to run this application about 10 times, and every time it crashes, not during the initial scan but during the actual duplicate scan. It runs happily for 5-20 minutes wth the progress dial spinning, and then the whole thing freezes and that’s that. OSX Yosemite, iMac 27-inch, Mid 2010; iTunes Music folder is 129 gigs, probably 20-30 gigs of which is duplicates, thanks to Amazon Music Player integration running amok (as far as I can tell). I want my money back.

Ugh! Doesn’t work by bcaudet 2015-07-29

Just downlaoded last night. Have tried 7 times to get the program to load. Every time in starts reading the library it stalls. The one time I did get it to fully read the library, it stalled while searching for duplicates. NOT stisfied with this product. My iTunes is about 27,000 songs maybe that’s too big for this program. Stay away until you see some recent positive reviews. Waste of money. I should get a refund.

Big RIp-off by mospeed200 2011-05-29

This software is not much better than what is already provided in iTunes. For example, the following were not detected as duplicates: Ode to my Family Ode To My Family Capitalizations aren't detected. ITunes won't find that either but I paid a premium for this software. I have never asked for a refund, but I am now. I'm stunned Apple approved this software for release. It would be a rip-off at $.99.

Doesn’t work with larger iTunes libraries by meme.addict 2015-01-15

This application never fully loaded for me. It tries to read the iTunes library when it first starts. It would try to read it for 5mins and then die. I tried this about 20 times and it never loaded. Tech support confirmed they may have an issue with large libraries, and suggested I “split my library into two." Got a full refund from Apple. Not a fan of this company.

Works Okay by Pat11382 2013-04-22

It works as advertised, however it took around 10-12 hours to sort through my itunes and delete the duplicates. I bought this to try and save time by not having to doing it manually. If your library isn't huge (60,000+ songs) I'd say save your 20.00 and do it manually. You would be done before this program would be...

terrible product - dont buy if you have anything in the cloud by Terrible design 2014-08-24

I am asking Itunes for a refund for this product. If you use Itunes match or have ANYTHING in the cloud it wont work. You have to download everything for the match to run. I have asked for help repeatedly and there is no response. Bottom line - it is easier to manually fix our itunes than to run this product.

AppleMusic causes this version to fail. by dvandusen 2015-07-20

When you begin to use AppleMusic, and upload music, the local copy becomes baggage, and gets marked as. If you delete those files, or delete any other duplicates, TuneSweeper fails to be able to clear them out of ITunes - meaning clear them out on the local copy (not the one on AppleMusic). Problem reported.

Unfortunate by newnamehere 2015-01-25

This has been so disapointing. I have had to run it 13 times for a total run time of 9 1/2 hours. In addition, it does not “delete” duplicates but merly removes them from itunes; leaving your hardrive riddled with unseen duplicate files. I’m very upset for purchases this program.