TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad
TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad

TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad

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TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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A newer version of TurboCollage is now available. Search TurboCollage 6 on Mac App Store to get the latest version.

Create stunning picture collages on your Mac. Setup a collage with a prominent center picture, arrange pictures in a regular grid, or create a random picture pile. Let your imagination fly and arrange pictures like a beehive. Tie fond memories together into gorgeous picture mosaics. With an intuitive interface, TurboCollage gives you complete control over your collage design.

Simply start by dragging a few pictures into TurboCollage. Choose a collage style from seven exciting variants. Select from a range of default picture sizes and aspect ratios or create your own custom size for your collage. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation and use a color or a custom picture as collage background. You can even use a transparent background for your collage. Add shadows to pictures to give your collage a real paper collage feel. Exchange pictures by dragging one picture on another. Add text to your collage. Shuffle the collage to get another exciting layout. TurboCollage even lets you pan and zoom individual pictures within their frames so that they are positioned just as you wish.


• Regular Pile
• Circle Pile
• Picture Grid
• Mosaic
• Center Frame
• Zig Mosaic
• Photohive


• Add unlimited number of pictures to collage
• Add text to collage
• Create collage in any custom size
• Wide range of default sizes and aspect ratios
• Customize picture shadows
• Drag a picture on another picture to exchange them
• Shuffle collage to get a completely new layout
• Pan and zoom pictures within their frames
• Drag, scale, or rotate pile pictures
• Change pile order to bring more prominent pictures on top
• Customize picture borders
• Select background picture or color
• Tile background picture
• Use transparent background
• Set rounded corners on pictures in Grid, Mosaic, Center Frame, and Zig Mosaic collages
• Customize number of rows and columns in grid
• Create Landscape or Portrait collages
• Customize text color, text background opacity and color, shadows, and alignment
• Resize, rotate, or move text
• Use Instant Camera or Postage Stamp border styles in Regular Pile collage
• Create symmetric Center Frame collages
• Upload collage directly to Facebook
• Post collage to Twitter
• Save collage design to edit later


We love to hear from our users. You might have a suggestion for a feature or you might like to report an issue you faced. Please email us at [email protected]

TurboCollage - Collage Creator Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Varies with device
4.04 MB
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easy and elegant Posted by

TurboCollage is my first choice to make several styles of attractive photo collages. I don’t remember it ever crashing or glitching. There are some collages for which I have to resort to Photoshop, but that’s a lot more work involving layer masks. I do have a wish list that would bring TurboCollage from great to even greater: 1. Rulers and optional snapping. To line up up text or circles with other things (like other text) I have to place a physical ruler on my computer screen, but that’s not as precise or easy as I would like. 2. The ability to define text styles. If I have several text items on a collage and decide to change something about their style, there’s no way to change them all at once. I can’t even precisely make them all the same new size, because TurboCollage doesn’t show you numerically how big text is. 3. The combined rotate/zoom control in some collage styles like Regular Pile and Circle Pile is hard to use. I frequently change one when I only wanted to change the other, and it takes a lot of fiddling to get the result I want. Separate controls would be much easier. 4. The ability to change picture aspect ratio (cropping). In the Regular Pile and Circle Pile styles, the pictures are stuck at their original shapes, although you can zoom and pan within that. Sometimes I have to make a specially cropped version of a picture externally just for use in a TurboCollage collage so it doesn’t cover up part of another picture, and changing the stacking order would just make a different picture cover up too much. Being able to push the borders around in the non-pile styles as well would also be handy, though I suspect harder to implement. 5. Soft edges. It would add to the program’s versatility if it had the ability to cross-fade the edges of one photo into another or into the background. This is one of the cases where I have to use Photoshop. 6. In addition to the Shuffle button, or augmenting it with a drop-down control, buttons to sort the pictures by file name or date stamp (from EXIF tags, or file modification time if there are none). That would have avoided a lot of manual re-ordering of pictures in some of my collages.

Super Easy to Use - Great Results! Posted by

Collage Creator is a great program - extremely easy to use and you get great output. I created a beautiful collage of her high school years for my niece as a graduation present, then had it printed on heavy, poster sized paper at Kinko's, and framed it. It is beautiful and she loves it. I can't say enough about how fun this program is, you can hit shuffle a bunch of times and see different configurations of your photos, set different backgrounds, drop shadow easily, and add text. Fun fun fun! And you can always save your files out in a variety of formats, so it would be easy to include the collage in an iPhoto book. The sole flaw that needs work in this program is a good method for adjusting the size and centering of a photo inside its "frame" once it is on the page. The current draggy-thing is awkward and lacks precision - it tries to do two things at once - drag the photo around AND resize it, but that combination does not work well. These are two different functions and separating them into two tools would be a great next update for this program. (Of course if I'm doing this wrong, someone please tell me!) For the miniscule price of this program you cannot go wrong!

worth the money Posted by

I have to admit I got this on sale for half price. Not sure I would have paid $10 for it but am glad I got it. I am a web and graphic designer by trade. I could certainly do this kind of thing via Photoshop or InDesign but it would take me a bit more time to set up the various templates in these programs to match what this could do. My verdict is for the non-professional user, this is well worth the price. You even get drop shadows for your photos to boot. For those who are adept with Photoshop and other such robust programs you'd have to weigh out how much you'd use this to justify buying. I often put together a mini collage of photos so this kind of thing is worth it for me, especially in it's flexibiliy. Throw together some photos in TurboCollage, take it into Photoshop to size and optimize and you have a quick web collage of photos in a twinkle of an eye. Think of it as an add-on for Photoshop or your favorite image editor. My advice for the developer is keep this evolving. There are already a plethora of "collage apps" that are cheaper than this. There would seem to be a need for an all-out collage app that takes it to the limit for creative possibilities.

A good app, needs to be updated. Posted by

I reveied this app a few years ago & I wish it has made significant improvement, but it seems the same. There is so much this app could and should do, that they haven’t added. For example - let users set the angle of photos directly. It is remarkably difficult to make a given photo have 0 degrees of rotation! Please update! Here is my old review, from when I gave it 5 stars. ------ I tried several collage apps & this is the one I liked the best. I used the free version first (Collage Creator Lite) & really enjoyed it. This paid version seems to have some really great additional features. I hope they keep working on it an improving it. Here are some suggestions: - the biggest problem I have is that the Picture Pile template should have a setting that automatically covers up the entire background. I spend most of my time resizing & moving images to accomplish this - its hould be programmatic. - Make your application window a real, resizable normal Mac window. - Add the ability to star-rate (like in iTunes) the images & thus effect which get displayed more prominently & less prominently. All in all, a great and useful app - thanks!

Awesome App Posted by

I rarely write reviews of Apps, but this one is INCREDIBLE! I have bought many collage programs as well as collage apps and spent more money on them all than I care to think about. Most end up in folders called “Collage - Do Not Use!" I looked at this one and thought it was just another app that I would probably purchase and discard, but it is amazing!! I created a collage in three minutes after adding some pictures, changing pictures around, changing collage types and backgrounds, putting in my text box describing the event, and all this included learning how to use it! As Historian for a service club and having hundreds of pages to do to show what our Club has done throughout the year, I have been struggling because each page takes me hours, literally! I am now excited because I can catch up in a week this summer if I can do a whole collage in about three minutes! This App is a gem among many broken rocks! Thank you to the developers who have made a truly outstanding App! I will look to see what other programs you have done! Nancy

It Posted by

I used this program for over a year and it's pretty good. Until recently I could choose any picture out of iPhoto I wanted but now it will only let me choose pictures taken from my phone and not my nice camera which is really unfortunate. I like that you can pretty much set up the pictures the way that you want and choose to round or square off the corners more. It will also let you choose a colored background or a photo for background but I wish it would let me blend colors for a background. It's pretty user friendly and will let you enlarge pictures and move them around when creating the collage. The other main thing that I do not like it the text function. It will not let you turn anything at an angle and you can only do so much with the fonts they give you to use. It's pretty good overall (except for not letting me use my camera photos - that will be a deal breaker in the next week if I can't figure out why TurboCollage won't even let me choose them even though they are in my library).

Quick and easy, but still lacking essential manual controls. Posted by

This is my go-to app for creating quick and elegant collages. It’s easy to chuck a selection of images into the pile and let Turbo Collage sort them instantaneously. The problems arise when you want to make manual adjustments to the frame sizes or when you add a new photo and your painstakingly designed layout is completely reorganised. Pros: - easy to use - offers some good manipulation of the border widths and colors - presets are creative and look nice - using textures for the background is easy as long as you have some reset textures to hand Cons: - adding to or removing a picture from the pile will reset your layout - can’t resize image frames - this would be particularly useful in the new circle pile setting - no ability to adjust the image area, so if the "zig-zag" is not quite right, you have to just keep hitting "Shuffle" and hope for the best Overall, definitely worth the small price and far easier than doing the same thing in Photoshop.

Does exactly what it says, and easily, too! Posted by

A lovely, simple, streamlined app packed into a tiny 1.7 MB of space (which is terrific because I hate programs that get bloated out of all proportion to what they do). It's especially great for those of us who can never decide which picture we'd like to use for wallpaper. I get really tired of changing it from day to day, but now I don't have to. I took twelve favorite photos, set the overall size to the resolution I use (a one-click process, no sliders, no guessing), moved the pictures around until I was pleased with the arrangement, and presto! Fabulous wallpaper! Do the same with pix of your kids, your pets, your vacation, your boyfriend/girlfriend, comic book covers, outer space, whatever... you will be extremely pleased with the result and the ease of use. I got this app for free, but I definitely, absolutely would have paid for it. Stormvoël

Fun Posted by

It is really close to what I was looking for. Close enough for 5 stars. I always want more. I like the Journal mode in the new iPhoto on the iPad. which is not available on the Mac. Hopefully the developers take a look at iPhoto for the iPad for inspiration. But even with that said. I am enjoy this app, and have fun with it. Yet I gave the iPhoto for the iPhone/iPad only one star. It is cool, but very hard to use and control. I'm currently using TurboCollege to help me generate a series of colleges to be used as screensaver and a background on my MBP. Dont like the default screen saver of a single image per slide. This app allows you to be a bit more creative. Such as Picture Pile Pattern with only a single image. Then resaving it in different places on the screen. for a more interesting background.

This is almost a great little app Posted by

I use it a lot. Would be super IF it had more freedom to change shape of collage boxes, or at least resize them. it insists on using tall skinny boxes when you need a shape that is overall taller than wide for the whole collage. that does NOT suit most photos. Why can't we resize or reshape them? only the picture pile gives that option. If only all the patterns did. Would also like all the patterns to have frame options and change the color of the frames or the text. Also, picture pile needs the option to keep all the photos straight. It does have a command to straighen them all, but you have to do it again and again as you move pictures around. It's so close to being a wonderful program.

Great App except for one thing Posted by

Collage Creator is a great app, The app allows you to quickly and easily create collages. The ability to re-size the subject within a selected photo is marvelous. I also appreciate being able to manually move selected photos around the collage instead of relying on the shuffle feature. The only reason I do not give this app five stars is that you cannot save the newly created collage for possible future editing. I believe the Help for the app says that it may be a future feature. But as of now, I cannot edit a saved collage the next day unless I keep the app open 24/7. Otherwise, it is a great app at a great price, FREE. :-)

Wonderful app that does what it says it will Posted by

This is a great app. I first downloaded the lite version and was impressed enough to buy the full version. I have made some very nice desktop backgrounds and various collages that have been used to make photo gifts such as mugs, mouse pads etc. It is very simple to use. I do wish there were a few more options for for picture borders in the picture pile. I would like to see chain link, bevelled, old paper, burnt paper and things like that. That would make the app even more indespensable. A definite purchase for quickly making wonderful collages.

perfect! Posted by

Wow! All I needed was to create a simple banner. I had researched all day whether to pay a lot of money to download photoshop or another costly program. But since this one was very reasonable, I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with this program. It did exactly what I needed it to do. Since I am technically challenged, I was worried about having to study up on a complicated program just to accomplish a simple banner. But no need to worry with this program, it is so simple and efficient! Trust me, simple.

Awesome App Posted by

Love this app. I downloaded it a while back and didn't use it until the other night. I made a bunch of really cool collages that I use as wallpapers. I have no compliants I feel it works great :) More of a request though, I wish i can zoom in more on the picture pile, like do close ups. But simple cropping on iPhoto solves that. I think when people gripe about such a small request it is more laziness. If you can add it great, it not I do not mind taking 30 seconds out of my day to crop a picture. :) Worth all 5 stars

Great, quick tool. Posted by

I think an important thing to remember when downloading TurboCollage, is that you can't have the expectations of Photoshop. A full-time photographer, I think this app is great for putting together photo previews for clients or for blog posts - it's quick, simple, and has enough options to get the look you want, but nothing close to the layout of something like InDesign or, as previously stated, Photoshop. I'd really reccomend this to someone who is short on time, but wants to make their work look good.

easy to learn and start having fun Posted by

I actually am not computer savy but started working with youth in TJ orphanage this year and when I introduced this Turbo collage to them they started enjoying the projects we did together with making collages of photos they took right away. it's been great. I'ts also been great for telling the story of how the proccess is coming along with my arts project at this orphanage. A collage tells a better story than a narrative or at least a great addition to a narrative of my project. thanks

TurboCollage Posted by

I have used SmoothPrint in the past but since it is a PPC software, I have not been able to use it with Lion. Checking for an upgrade was a common activity on a monthly basis,but with no result. TurboCollage was pointed out to me by a friend. On downloading the application I was pleased to see it does everything that SmoothPrint did. All I can say is that TurboCollage is everything I had hoped it would be. My thanks to the developer.

Completely awesome!! Posted by

I've been searching forever for this very app! I had not found one that could do the custom layout. All the others seemed to be pre-defined....or else they could do it but they were $30 apps. I had been sending all my photos from my laptop to my iphone to put into a collage of my liking...but now I can do it straight from the laptop! Thank you to whoever created this and put it at an affordable price!


I am currently a student at Penn State and i very much enjoy documenting my college experience. I use turbocollage as my background on my macbook and Its awesome! i love it! i have all of my favorite pictures as my background!!! Its a win win! from photos of the lion shrine to football games, the mountians, my family etc. Its worth the money! you just need a little patience and some free time. I love it :)

Easy to use. Great results Posted by

I downloaded Posterino and was disappointed at the rigidity of the templates. This program was so easy to use and not rigid at all. I popped 126 photos into the tool and it put them all in a grid formation PERFECTLY. Very little adjustment required on my part. Also, it saves in 300dpi, unlike Picasa! I loved this and if I ever have to make a collage again, I won't waste my time with other tools!

Missing 1 key feature by Ziggy0726 2014-04-30

The app is awesome except for one key feature. I want to be able to have several pictures in the waiting area (part of app that holds the pictures being used in a given collage) without the app automatically putting all of those pictures into the specific collage that I am working on. I want to be able to manually select which pictures in the waiting area, if any, will be part of the specific collage I am working on. Perhaps this is a problem unique to the way I am using the app? I am trying to basically take a given picture of a product I sell and create 3 separate collages: one showing the product by itself, a second collage of the product duplicated to show a “2-pack”, and a third collage showing the picture as a “3-pack.” I also add text to the image and want that text to remain in place to be used on each of the pictures. I’d like to be able to just drag all of my images to the waiting area and make my 3 collages of each picture one by one. But as of now I can only keep one picture in the waiting area at a time so it just drags the process out for me as I constantly have to drag and drop one picture at a time.

Well... by epicweirdo 2011-07-15

It does what it does. I got this for free, so i shouldnt be complaining, but there are some things bugging me about this app. 1. No undo option? No app is very easy to use without an undo button. End of story. 2. No way to edit a template- Yes, you give the app pics and it makes a collage. you cant edit the size of an individual photo, nor can you change how many photos you want in your collage. you can change the pic's size in the given space, but you cant change the actual space. 3. No save option- you should definitely be able to save a project to work on it later, or in case the app closes, the computer shuts down, etc. 4. Not enough options for pictures- you can throw them into a pile, a grid, a mosaic, or a bunch of pics around one bic pic. thats not a lot of options for an app that people pay for. If there were more designs, this could be used as a professional tool. Great idea for an app, just didnt live up to some of my expectations. Clean it up, make it easy to use, and itll be worth $20.

Limited Options by J123S 2012-01-19

I downloaded this app to make a simple collage and it was almost great. The problem is that it has only a few templates and you can't adjust within those templates. For instance, you pick the "mosaic" setting and it randomly generates a mosaic pattern of your photos. From there you can zoom in or out of your photos and you can swap photos from spot to spot, but you can't change the size of the individual squares or change the pattern or the mosaic tiles. If you don't like the way they were laid out, you have to hit "shuffle" and it give you another randomly generated pattern of tiles that you may or may not like. It can go on for a long time before you get something you like enough to work with.

Way too limited by HBSteve 2011-09-29

I assumed you could put however many photos you would like, resize images as you would like, change borders as you like… and have alot more options… I was wrong… this DEFINATELY does not deserve all these 5 star ratings… not by a long shot… Say i just want 2-5 pics, have it adjust, allow us to stretch the borders not just the inside… the inside scaling is poor and usually makes the images blurry/pixilated.. you need a more easy to understand sizing and resolution setup… perhaps warn certain images if lo res for the size you are trying to show etc… Good start but WAY too limited. Please make changes to improve this…and this was "on sale at 75% off"!? omg it wasnt worth the $5 I paid… useless

i like it! by Roozedidar 2011-11-26

1st its free. 2nd its good for people who doesn't know anything about working with softwares such as photoshop. (means its ez o work with) i can say its a good start and to the devaloper you need to add a lot of miner things to have the best collage software in app store. for example need to add delete keys on keyboard to remove the pix instead of remove button. ability to move the pix around and changing the shape of collage without using shuffle button in zigzag mode. ability to save with different dpi. ability to use right click and having some nice shortcut such as changing the background and etc… a lot of more thing that i dont have time to write here, sorry! 5 star after seeing the above list. good luck!

Not Tested with Yosemite-Starting Crashing Immediately by PMichalski 2014-11-25

I have never written an app review, but this app is so disappointing that I have to warn others. I just purchased the app and can’t even get it to work for my first project. As soon as I try to select photos from my Box folder, it crashes and needs to reopen. Then it can’t even access my files—just a blank screen where files should be listed. I am using Yosemite. 50% off is no bargain When I sent the issue to TurboCollage, I received the following response which may explain the problems. "The existing version of TurboCollage v4.0.1 was released long before OS X Yosemite was out so it has not been tested with OS X Yosemite. We intend to come up with a version tested with Yosemite soon."

Can't seem to figure it out…… by garbs65 2013-01-04

I have been unable to get photos into the app. I drag them over and get an error message that my photos are not in the correct format. I was able to import every photo in my Mac, but then I had to remove all the unwanted photos, which was a task I was not attempting as I had several hundred photos. I watched a tutorial provided on their Facebook page, but that was little to no help. I have since submitted an email request to the support area. I am not an expert, but I am somewhat capable in finding my way around most programs/apps. I rated this app a 2 at this time, will revise/update once I get a response to my inquiry and can actually use the program.

Unexpectedly Quits by Dana Gassman 2012-02-29

I downloaded this app today and created a beautiful collage. I tried to share to facebook, but when I clicked the link it unexpectedly quit on me, and I hadn't saved my collage so it was lost. For my second attempt I made sure to click save before I tried sharing, but the program quit when I clicked the save button on my project! This app was on my computer for less than a few hours -- the risk of losing not only your project but the time and care you put into it isn't worth downloading a crappy free program.

ANGRY by hwhite8 2011-11-04

I have paid for this app but everytime I try to install it, it will not work. I have contacted the seller, they responded once and when I told them their suggestions did not work they ignored me. I am very angry by their response or lack of seeing as I have paid for it.

stop asking me to rate and get more like photogene by repChristallday 2012-12-05

not a bad app and has good functions, but it keeps asking me to rate it; I hate that! I wish it was more like photogene on the iPad though where you can select all the photos within the app without going to different windows

Only reason it gets 1 star ..... by Tutsymae 2012-02-27

It is simply uncool to release a potentially innovative app like this, download, work on your first collage and then it crashes when saved. MANY OTHERS are reporting the same problem.... PLEASE FIX FAST SO WE CAN ENJOY!!!

Freezes Constantly by macgirl12 2011-06-15

Great idea, and works for most people. I have a new mac book and I havent gotten to make one collage yet because everytime I got to add photos it freezes and I have to force quit. Really bummed that it does not work.

Will not export by GreysonB 2012-07-26

The app produces good looking collages. The only problem is it will not save or export. I can't do anything with the callage I've made. Maybe it has to do with Mountain Lion which I just installed??

Looks Great, Easy to Format......Doesn by GeorgiaJim 2012-02-26

I've spent hours trying to save a collage, only to have the program crash, five times so far! Very frustrating. It's easy to see why it's free!!!

WARNING: DO NOT BUY by channingas519 2011-05-31

Don't buy this!! I have had to reinstall it multiple times and it still won't load! I think it charges me everytime... I NEED HELP!! any ideas???

Not sure who likes it by Geegal- 2015-01-03

This is most basic collage app. There are much more sophisticated ones that are in App Store for free. Dont buy this.

Hasch mismatch ??? by Jack Sparrow 1050 2011-10-11

Can't be downloaded even after having followed the instructions !!! Useless...