Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad
Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad

Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos for iPhone/iPad
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We've been selected on the App Store's Best of 2014!

Every moment has it's story. Tell it. Add quotes and design over your photos!

#1 Photo and Video app in over 80 countries!
Featured on the App Store in more than 120 countries.

Take your photos further using your imagination. Add filters, effects and a nice inspiring quote, and give your photos a final touch with design elements to make them stand out!

Typic includes:


• Controls to edit letter and line spacing.

• 23 awesome filters.

• 12 LIGHT LEAK EFFECTS: Light leaks look awesome on photos. Add them to see how much professional and improved your photo looks.

• More than 500 DESIGN ELEMENTS: Awesome designs that will make your photos very unique. Change size, color, add shadow and opacity for each design element, and move them around using your finger! Create infinite designs!

• 12 FRAMES: Add a frame to your photo, choose your favorite color, width and texture.

• A 21 color palette that you can apply to texts and design elements.

• Color Wheel: Pick any color by sliding your finger around the wheel and also pick any color directly from your photo.

• Custom RGB color spaces, where you can enter any RGB value you need. You’ll be able to keep your favorite colors and use them for texts and designs. Great for designers and brands!

• Layer Up & Layer Down buttons to move texts and elements to the front or to the back.

• Adjustment controls to edit Filter Intensity, Saturation, Contrast and Exposure.

• Masking Effect: Mask parts of your text and designs to make them seem like they're behind objects in your photo.

• Promote your brand with Typic: This cool feature is great for business, you'll be able to make your own brand stand out on every photo you make! With Typic you can add up to 4 versions of your company or personal logo, store them in the app, and use them to sign all your photos.

• Export your photos in Portrait, Landscape or Square format.

• Share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and iMessage.

• Email your photos to your friends or save them on your iPhone or iPad.

• Photo Editing Extension: Use all Typic’s filters within your Photo Library.

• Available for iOS 8.0 +

Enjoy Typic

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Typic - Beautiful captions and designs over your photos Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
80.68 MB
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Don't wanna pay again and again Posted by

Love this app, been a fan since it first came out. But back in the day, there was a free version (white icon) and a paid version (black icon). I "paid to upgrade" the free version only to find that doing that wasn't the same as buying the paid version. So I spent the extra money to buy the other app. Eventually the paid version became free with in app purchases. (Not sure, already owned both by this point) So now I've paid to "upgrade" twice and my "paid full version" adds new fonts, doodles, etc... and I'm required to buy those as well if I want to use them. Maybe it's because I've just been a user for so long and because over this time the way paying options have changed in the Apple Store, etc. but I think those of us who've paid through this process should be able to get free updates as one normally expects for paid "full versions" and not get nickel-n-dime'd. (Developers: Please consider a "restore purchase" for those who paid before X.XX version allowing new features to be free for us who had the faith in you and bought into your app when there was no such thing as in-app up selling.) The app itself is great. Many others have come and tried to provide similar options, but they don't stand up over time.

Loveeeeeee Posted by

I absolutely love this app for adding text to my pictures I post on Instagram. It is seriously so easy to use and all of the designs and doodles you can add are so adorable and really enhance the picture even more. I use to create so many graphics for livejournal and tumblr back in the day and would use photoshop. I've tried a few different text apps and this is by far the best. The fonts are completely on point with trend and they are always updating the app with new additions which makes it that much better. The only complaint I have is that I wish there wasn't a limit on the number of text fields and design fields you can use. I'm not sure why that's there but there's typically a work around if I just save the picture with what's existing and then reimport it and add more text, I just can't move what's already saved if I change my mind. Otherwise I would recommended this to anyone!

Awesome way to Make a Photo w/ Text Posted by

I love the app. I had tried somewhere between 8-10 others and found them frustrating in some or many ways, but this one is awesome. The only thing I don't like is that they changed the borders to not having as many patterns as previously. I hope they add them back in soon, but I can live with more basic borders. The choice of Fonts and Graphics is really good and quality along with the colors. It is easy to change the colors or modify it with a "feel". If I haven't said it enough, I love playing and creating with this photo app and think you will also :-) K

Much better options available! UPDATED!! Posted by

Word Swag, Phonto and a few others are better than this. This app has okay filters, effects and fonts but nothing worth the $2 fee. I prefer Phonto, it's free and much better IMO.... Good update. Still needs more features like line spacing when writing on one layer or add option for more text layers. Also, text spacing is handled better in this update, but still needs the option bring letters closer together. I really like the way word swag generates designs. Would be cool to see some similar here. Added a star to my previous review!

Love the app, hate the bugs Posted by

I love using this app to really send a message whether personally or as advertisement, but I would really appreciate it if you fix the crash bugs. You know it'll have problems for, in my case, the iPad w/out Retina so please do something about it. This is my top app for adding font to photos, so I don't want to stop using it. I don't have the money to buy an iPad with Retina display, and probably won't until after college and when I get a good paying job, so it's only fair to think of the customers situations. Thanks!

Good app but... Posted by

Most apps like this give you a free option and then charge to access a lot of the features, designs, fonts, icons, etc. Paying for the app is fine but it doesn't include everything. It charges to have access to additional items, and it's not just one rate to "access it all". charges .99 cents in individual categories. While it may seem you have total access to all features that's not the case it's another 2 or 3 dollars extra. Other than that it's a pretty good app.

THE BEST Posted by

I'm absolutely totally in love with this font app!!!! I've been looking and looking for an app that provided many different kinds of fonts AND include some kind of other different options. I finally came across Typic and I fell in love right away. So many AWESOME different fonts PLUS all kinds of other fun things like great filters, so many great different kinds of doodles, as well as options for letter spacing and opacity!! And FREE!?! It's my go-to font app. Perfect.

State-Saving!!! Posted by

4.0 and still no state saving. Come on already. update 2015-06-08 • changed rating from 3 to 4 stars • new layout tools a good step in a positive direction • well done on the new partial free / partial pay IAPs, smart pivot • still no state saving (see Image Blender or FaceTune for Gold Standard examples) • layout elements tool icons (bottom left during layout) should move out of the way when placing text/elements in bottom left corner


I think I got this app for free some time ago (through "AppsGoneFree") so for that reason alone I'm happy. However, I would have paid for it, now that I know how GREAT it is. I've downloaded MANY more apps for making my picture quotes, but I keep coming back to this one. It's SUPER easy to use (less time-consuming) and I LOVE the font selection. No teasers to "try it and buy it" I hope none of this changes!

Phenomenal set of graphics and edits Posted by

This app is my go-to app for graphics and product photos in need of advertising text. There are a ton of free graphics and trendy stamps to use along with full flexibility to change, layer, and edit them. You can also edit in square or original formatting which is great. I am so thankful for this app and hope to continue seeing this kind of content! It's perfect for the kind of mobile adverts and stuff I make :)

So great. Posted by

I love this app so much, it's one of the very few that I use a lot. I love all its fonts and photo editing adjustments. I loved the free app and then the pro version was free for a limited time so I got it and I love it so much more. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who needed a good photo app. It's a must have for me.

Love the app, but needs tweaking! by MelodeeForbes 2013-10-01

I enjoy this app, but a few changes need to be made before it's worthy of five stars. 1) When I try to buy the font pack inside the app, it gets buggy and QUITS the app every single time. Please fix this glitch so I can purchase and use the extra fonts. 2) Add a copy & paste for text. Nothing worse than typing all of my text only to have the app QUIT on you and having to REDO your text. 3) Improve the overall QUALITY. Whenever you finally are able to save your image, the quality ends up looking slightly blurry. This should not be in a "pro" version! 4) Allow the capability of adding more than 2 captions and more than 1 symbol. Sure, I understand simplicity, but let's allow room for CREATIVITY. 5) A duplicate layer button for text/symbol world be a GAME CHANGER as well as the ability to come back to a project later and continue where you left off! Thank you for considering these changes and putting forth the hard work of what will eventually be a GREAT app!!!

Was a satisfied customer but now not so much. :/ by CHAZtheQTpi 2016-04-20

So I got this app when it was free originally. And I loved it! It WAS my go to photo editor. I had it probably longer than a year. :/ recently for some reason it started freezing on me when I tried to upload photos from my library. So I turned my phone completely off. Then opened the app again and tried again to upload my photo still no luck. So like I have done before with other apps, I deleted the app so I could redownload from the App Store and that usually stops the freezing unfortunately for me the free app is no longer available. :/ well I loved the app so much and saw all the updates features I decided what the heck the new features look awesome so I purchased the "new and improved app" I was excited to try out the new app but to my luck it still freezes up when downloading my photo from my library. So for $3 I don't get any use of the app if I can't download my photos to edit. Please hurry and fix this glitch or I would like my $3 refunded to me. :/

Love the app, just needs a few more features by McKenzie edit app lover 2014-11-11

I loved the free version, but wanted more fonts & downloaded this. I use it mostly for my online shop for watermarks and stuff, ease of use is there and its pretty straightforward. !!: Wish there could be an option to keep the work you've already created and just change the photo rather than having to start from scratch, that gets pretty frustrating. Since I use the same watermark/design for several photos. Hope you could fix that part. And more colors & designs/doodles/art, maybe? Other than that this app is great. Update: I deleted the app to free up space temporarily so I could take more photos. Knowing I could redownload it anytime, but No, My iPhone had to upgraded to the latest version. I can't upgrade right now since I haven't backed up & read reviews the upgrade makes the phone slower. So please make the accessible to those who didn't upgrade the IOS!

Mixed feelings. by clin0048 2014-02-27

I, like one reviewer, also have Photoshop. However, having some interesting, fun things to play with on my phone are a nice option while driving cross country on a roadtrip or flying. Plus, my kiddos love it. Some minor quibbles: 1. More options would be nice. Perhaps consolidation. I don't know why there must be Typic, Typic+, and Typic Kids. I would LOVE the kids options to be perhaps an add-on option to + instead of having to jump between apps. 2. Little UI things need to be fixed. For instance, let me scroll down to see more fonts, don't make me push a tiny arrow each time. 3. Allow copy/paste. Deleting an entire phrase because I made a typo in the first word is pretty much unacceptable. So yeah, some fixes and this is a 5-star app easy.

Just Falls Short by Ipodallthetime 2014-09-23

I had the free version of this app and liked it, but didn't like the limitation of where the text goes as far as the ultimate shape of it. While you can move it around anywhere on your photo, it is strictly horizontal. I purchased this version because I was hoping it would allow you to have a vertical text box for the photos that would work best with the text going down the side. Unfortunately there is not the option for this. While you can rotate the text box so it sits differently on the picture it does not (once rotated) conform to the size of the picture, but rather spills off to the sides. For this reason this just falls short for me.

I'm a paid customer and now crashes!!! by Amy gilmour 2014-11-03

I've been using this for over a year now. I actually made some purchases within the app because I was using it for some marketing. It crashes constantly now with the newest iOS version. I just spent 10 minutes working on a picture and when I went to save it the app crashed once again!!!!!! You need to fix this Typic. You've stolen from your customers and now the app is junk!! Updated November 4, 2014 Deleted app and then downloaded again to see if that fixes my issues. Nope. I can't even get it past the opening page without it crashing over and over again or freezing up my entire device. Deleted for good now!