uHot – Organizer and Calendar for Professional Women app free for iPhone/iPad
uHot – Organizer and Calendar for Professional Women app free for iPhone/iPad

uHot – Organizer and Calendar for Professional Women app free for iPhone/iPad

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How to install uHot – Organizer and Calendar for Professional Women app free for iPhone/iPad

Download uHot – Organizer and Calendar for Professional Women for iPhone/iPad
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10 Key features are:

* Easily navigate through, organize, preview, end edit your records in a beautiful visual calendar interface that makes it easy for you to view your weekly and daily activities at a glance!

* List view provides a nice way to choose the type of activity from about 100 pre-defined subcategories, subdivided into 6 major groups – Beauty (with 4 subcategories Hair, Nails, Face, and Body); Health, Fitness, Shopping, Errands, and Other. Daily Calendar views display all activities marked by one of the 6 category icons to provide a quick overview on the weekly or daily basis

* A user-friendly event set-up mechanism allows you to store Time, Name, Phone, and Location details of your activity. You can also add a 15min, 30min, or 1 hour reminder before the event

* Phone numbers autocomplete

* Each event can be marked as recurrent on weekly, monthly, or yearly basis

* Useful space for your notes allow you to keep all event details in one place

* Easy and elegant way to add new event and delete those you don’t need any more

* Convenient 12-hour and 24-hour time format

* User interface languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Española, Svensk, Русский, Українська

* Keep a log of your beauty, fitness and doctor appointments; record and track your social and family plans; design and track your very own data

* Synchronises the events with your standard calendal. You can see how your Uhot events matches with the other events in your calendar. Simply try a long tap or pinch the calendar screen.

* Please enjoy additional icons for Fitness and Errands categories.

* List of subcategories is expanded for your convenience.

Application developers are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses that have arisen or may arise related to using this application.

Please write a review. We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback! Please email us your bug report and suggestions too. Please let us know your needs.

Contacts: [email protected]

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