Ultrapic Apps for iPhone/iPad
Ultrapic Apps for iPhone/iPad

Ultrapic Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Ultrapic Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Ultrapic Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Ultrapic is a powerful editing tool that provides quick and elegant command over any photo. Features - Color Curve Using 5 light anchor points you can easily achieve the exact look you want. - Expressive Filters Filters that adapt to your Color Curve inputs to help create the perfect shot. - Fine Adjustment Zoom and adjust the finest details of your photo with Brightness, Color, Hue, Sharpness, and Highlight tools. - Selective Color Splash Make any part of your photo pop with color using the Splash tool - Crop, Draw, Tune and so much more.


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User-Friendly Posted by

Aside from absolutely loving the design, I must say I really enjoy how user-friendly the developer has built this masterpiece. Being able to have full control over the editing features is something that I've yet to come across, and I'm extremely happy to create wonderful images at my own disposal.

Love it Posted by

Extremely useful for scenery and/ or action shots.. I wouldn't necessarily say the same for portraits but that's okay because that's what Instagram is for in my opinion. Definitely nothing quite like this. Keep up the good work!

High hopes Posted by

Looks awesome! I have the problem where it crashes once I open it. Trying to clear out some space on my phone to see if it works better that way, all in all have good expectations and high hopes for this app.

Perfect Posted by

This is my favorite photo editing app- very simple to use yet offers a wide variety of options and editing tools that I have not found in similar apps

Good and simple Posted by

Works well for really quick edits. The filters could use some work but I mainly bought it for the curve and that is AMAZING.

Good lookin' Posted by

Clean and easy to use with a good looking interface. This app gives really good control over how your photos turn out

Simple and easy Posted by

Best way to beautify my photos to make them look as if I spent days editing. THE BEST WAY TO EDIT PICTURES

Good lookin' Posted by

Clean, simple, and powerful interface. This app gives really good control over how your photos turn out

JLail Posted by

Great app, easy to use. Offers many features in a single, user friendly interface. Well done!

Luv it Posted by

I love this app so much , it makes my pics look tumblr and beautiful ✨

Posted by

Ultrapic is sweet :) It makes your photos look cool

Posted by

Really awesome!!!!

Why did this get featured? by disgruntlematron 2016-07-19

There's nothing new about this app. Took me 45 seconds to try every feature, then I deleted it. A bit of this and that from other photo apps, filters, drawing and curves, but as a whole it doesn't match any of its competitors in anything it tries to achieve. Not a lot of money, but wasted nonetheless. Also, the neon-like pictures in the preview are not effects that this app can do.

It's ok by Roberto923 2016-07-19

Very pretty interface, easy to pick up the tools, much better than Snapseed there. I can see great results from the curve tool. That said, doesn't bring anything new to the table, just a prettier way of applying filters. I also had trouble getting it to load on my iPhone 6, and the crop tool doesn't seem to work from the right side or keep the ratio selected.

$1.99 by Muze Productions 2017-02-18

For this price I expected more, I could achieve more from a free app, and there's glitches, certain features in the draw tool don't work and I should be able to adjust the width of my pen, I kinda want my money back now because I feel like I need another app to truly accomplish something as basic as putting text on a photo

Shows promise but buggy by Drob518 2016-07-20

I would like to use this for photo editing, but whenever I get halfway through editing a photo, the app freezes and I have to restart it. I like some of the features but have yet to be successful with it. The developer needs to do some bug fixing work before anything else.

Too many glitches by On The Moon 2017-02-20

Expected more. The best thing about this is the hue function in my opinion. The app is very easy to use but most times the functions don't work. Glitch after glitch after glitch. Very disappointed and a waste of my money. Could have been a good one if it worked.

Lame by Awal77 2016-07-21

I paid a dollar for this and the app opens to a black screen with a little share icon at the bottom and nothing else. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again multiple times and still it does not work. What a waste of a dollar--save your money.

Great app by Lucifer415 2016-07-18

Easy to use and tbh perfect to make dank MayMay's i would give 5 stars but no one gave it one so far because it doesn't deserve it! but ill do it for the MayMay's 5 stars in my mind

I wish I could give 0 stars by VintageDiva124 2016-07-24

it's worthless. it doesn't work. it crashes and won't let me upload a photo. it's just a black screen. I wish I could ask for a refund. Don't Buy This!

Don't buy by JamJayx1279 2016-10-28

Waste of time if you want to draw on the app. There are only 5 colors to choose from and the "white color" is actually grey. Wish I could get a refund

Horrible!!!!!!!!! by Hawkfan59 2016-07-21

What a waste of money. Why would the App Store feature this? Every time that I open the app it crashes in 3 seconds. EVERY TIME!!! 3 Seconds!!!!! Deleted.

Very Misleading by Lasersrager123 2017-01-11

The photos make it seem like you can change the whole color of the photo. You cannot and I feel that it is very misleading and not that good of an app.

Don't bother by rickmurrays 2016-07-19

This is quite possibly the worst app that I've ever purchased. The UI is poorly designed, and the features not on par with other better free apps

Misleading by Tnewt542 2017-01-31

In the pictures it makes it look like you can change the entire color of a photograph, however this is NOT the case. Very misleading, waste of money

App doesn't work -- at all by Northwoodsman 2016-07-22

When I open the app, all I get is a black screen with a share icon in the lower left corner. No instructions. No way to access photos.

Oops by Matt Angry 2016-07-18

Paid and downloaded. Just crashes after opening. Dooh. Needs some help.

Nope by Narnicorn Duffy 2017-03-04

Could do the same with Instagram, WHICH IS FREE. Want money back.

Don't buy.. very basic by Klintala 2016-11-18

There are free apps that do a lot more than this thing

Total waste of $$ by halfthelaw 2016-07-20

Instantly freezes on launch.