VeinSeek Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad
VeinSeek Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

VeinSeek Pro Apps for iPhone/iPad

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---- Follow us on twitter! @VeinSeek ---- VeinSeek is an augmented reality 'vein finder' application for your smartphone, and allows the user to see veins that would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye; VeinSeek Pro works for all skin types, and improves and extends the functionality of the original VeinSeek app. VeinSeek Pro offers better performance in a range of lighting conditions. In VeinSeek Pro, users can adjust the intensity of the effect for adaptation to bright or dim environments, for darker skin types, or to reduce imaging artifacts caused by glare or side-lighting. The app's suitability for low-light conditions and close-up use is improved by enabling use of the iPhone's built-in flashlight. Screenshots to compare different sites can be captured via the camera button and stored to the iPhone's photo album. VeinSeek Pro is a live video processing app. By principles of multispectral imaging and the intrinsic optical properties of skin, images of skin produced using this processing technique may show veins with increased contrast or reveal otherwise invisible veins. The effect is most pronounced in individuals with moderate skin pigmentation. Disclaimer: VeinSeek Pro is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. The creators of VeinSeek assume no liability for the use of, misuse of, or inability to use, the VeinSeek app.


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Zimbabwe Vein Seek Posted by

I'm happy to tell you that I have been using Vein Seek in Zimbabwe! It's been helpful on our patients who all have dark skin. I've seen veins clarified using your program-- and our patients have very difficult veins to see --- they are volume depleted and our lighting is difficult to adjust. Today we had even a "negative" result that was helpful -- we had a patient that looked like she had no obvious veins. Her arm was in a tourniquet yet with our eyes we could see no veins and on feeling her forearm we could feel no veins. We pulled out Vein Seek and there were no veins. We used a control and looked at the arm of a doctor whose skin color was the same as the patient's-- we were able to easily see the doctor's veins, so we knew the app was working well. Because of Vein Seek we were able to save our time and give up on seeking for a peripheral Vein that wasn't there. The patient was able to avoid excessive poking and prodding because we were able to quickly rule out the possibility of a peripheral IV. Your app is great! I have been sharing it with doctors in Zimbabwe and they have been showing interest in it because they cannulate their own patients.

Wonderful! Posted by

I'm a PA working in both ED and UC. Everything is hunkey-dory until it becomes apparent multiple techs aren't able to get access on that hard-stick vasculopath who needs fluids and labs stat. Then all of the sudden all eyes are on me to dust off my IV chops and make something wonderful happen. It's fantastic having this incredible easy to use app in my back pocket, especially in the urgent care setting where there's no bedside sono available. This purchase was well worth it.

It works!! Posted by

I'm a home health nurse! This is going to be awesome! My fellow nurses are downloading This app now!!! Worth it. Note... You have to tap the "Vein seek" to turn it on. It's not automatic

It works! Posted by

Have tried this on a number of people with good results. Works best with the flashlight on and the contrast at the lowest setting where you can just start to see veins.

Cool app Posted by

Interesting App for sing blood vessels through the skin on hands legs arms etc. there is an adjustment to enhance vessel contrast. Pretty cool for under $5.

WOW!!! Posted by

I was skeptical, but holy cow.... it works. I have horrible veins and see them with no problems. Way too cool. Awesome app. Perfect for new nurses.

Unbelievable!!! It's REALLY works. Posted by

As an Infusion nurse, this app has been a gift inn my work. I was initially skeptical but it actually works...genius!!!!

Not perfect as in video by Infusion Nurse 2017-01-14

Buyer beware :-(. I'll play around with the app more but initial review is meh. Only clearly identified veins I could already see near the surface.

It doesnt work at all by Rainynet 2016-12-21

This app doesn't work at all keep your hard earned money. I don't know how thy did it in the video but it doesn't work. Rip off.

Doesn't work!! by Fjbdukkf upset 2017-01-01

I tried the app on 3 different people, skin types,colors,ages. Veins DONT show up. AT ALL! Its a scam. Super bummed

Phlebotomy tech by Mojorb27 2017-01-16

it's basically a cheap Camera filter. I would not recommend this.Save your money!