Volt 3.2 Apps for iPhone/iPad
Volt 3.2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

Volt 3.2 Apps for iPhone/iPad

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New Features

IE or Firefox Modes

VOLT supports IE or Firefox modes. The limited compatibility allows you to see or visit those IE only websites. NOTE: Some IE restricted websites may not work with VOLT.

Brand New Bookmark.

To delete a bookmark, do a long horizontal swipe on a selected bookmark.

Full Screen View

Just shake it to get the full view. Shake it again to bring back the menu.

Brand New Page Links.
Works with Google, NY Times & Other News links.

Enabled Secured HTTPS Access.

Access a bank or a credit card web site in a secured channel in a public WIFI or 3G network at school, work or anywhere else in the world.
Access https:gmail.com in a public WIFI network at school or work to scramble your emails, so they don't get recorded by the IT guys or other prying eyes.

Email Page Link

Send an interesting web site address to a friend or a coworker directly from VOLT.

Open Safari

Gotta open the current page in Safari for whatever reason? Yes, you can open it without remembering the address. Just tap it and it launches Safari with the current web page address.

Lean RAM Memory Footprint

VOLT uses almost no RAM memory. Why does that matter to me? Try to play a heavy-duty game or app after using Safari. Your RAM memory may be depleted to 15MB or less. Your favorite app may unexpectedly quit because you don't have it enough. Use VOLT. Unlike Safari, which consumes 20MB or more total, VOLT is a lean web browser, and it uses almost no RAM. So you can still play favorite apps or games after using VOLT and without using Safari.

Private / Anonymous Browser

VOLT deletes your browsing history which may be remained in your Mac/PC and iphone/ipod. Don't put yourself in an embarrassing situation, when your family members, friends or coworkers stumble upon your browsing history, after you check out few sites made for grown-ups.
-- You may double check this by opening Safari after using VOLT. You history trace is squeaky cleaned.

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BOLT nails it. Posted by

We have reviewed many web browsers on iPhone and iPod Touch. But many browsers seem to fail on satisfying users' needs when it comes down to meeting their needs. The most common problem is the RAM memory issue. iPhone has 128MB of RAM. This gets depleted when Mobile Safari or other browsers are used. BOLT nails it on the spot without consuming almost no RAM memory at all. I checked this with one of memory tools available. And, again the BOLT users' claim about BOLT efficient usage of RAM memory comes in real handy, when I am playing games. After using Mobile Safari, I have to restart the iPhone or iPod Touch to bring back all consumed memory. In my case, I had about 25MB RAM remained. When I power-cycle my iphone, it comes to about 40MB of RAM. When I use BOLT, the RAM memory remains the same before and after using it. It had about 35MB RAM before, and I got 35MB RAM available after using BOLT. So, launching my favorite game title was quick and breeze. I didn't have to restart it. Privacy is another matter. BOLT nailed on this too. After browsing some porn websites, I couldn't find any traces of my browsing history in BOLT. Just in case, I opened Safari, but no traces were found there either. I truly believe BOLT is now matured to a point of a Safari replacement at version 2.1. My rating is 5 stars with BUY rating.

Decent alternative to Safari - Has potential! Posted by

My main reason for trying out this app was because it claims to have a small memory footprint. I can't stand how Safari remains open, tying up so much RAM. I really had no need for it's browser emulation, but Bolt has a few nice features, as well as some room for improvements. Bolt offers more of a "desktop" browsing experience by opening to a homepage (which you can set) each time the app opens. The full screen browsing is a nice feature too. As far as speed goes, it seems to be a bit quicker than Safari, but not by too much. It has some room for improvements, especially in the area of bookmarks. It would be nice if there was a button on the main bar that opens the bookmark menu, reducing the number of clicks needed to get there. Also, clicking (or at least double clicking) on the actual bookmark should open the page, but instead you have to "check" the bookmark then click an "Open" button. Once again, too many clicks to accomplish one task. Also, you cannot organize the bookmarks in any way. $3.99 might be a little steep, but it is a decent alternative to Safari that has some real potential. So far, I have not encountered a site that it did not render as well or better than Safari!

Good Browser, but... Posted by

This browser is pretty quick and light on your memory, but it lacks the ability to save pictures. It has a sleek interface, has the ability to go fullscreen, and is easy to learn. It is a good browser, but I'm just glad I got it over the free update and not actually paying for it. I'd wait till you get similar features that you get with Safari before you buy this one. If memory is an issue and if you use the Internet a lot, then this browser is for you. In the next update, give us the ability to save pictures! Edit: Good update, but when I want to save an image, I don't want a cheap screenshot of my image, I want to be able to save the image itself! It is a good browser, but even after the update it still lacks basic features! Even though we have reviews saying this app has everything, it doesn't. You don't have bookmarks, You don't even have the OPTION to have a web history for those that use this to replace Safari. To sum it all up, you can browse the internet; that's it. This app is nothing more than a basic browser and a browser only.

Umm not cool man Posted by

Ok so, the new skin looks better then before looks like a 2.0 version, but feels like a 0.5 the prior glitches were miniscule compared to the current lack of features that got F'd in the A during this new update. The shake to full screen dont work and thats the biggest problem i have, being such a compact browser it makes doing bills, or looking at un mobilized versions of websites on the fly much smoother... But it even better in FULL SCREEN so im not hitting the other buttons with my fat fingers while scrolling or selecting items on the site, plus its more pleasing to the eye to not see so much clutter on screen.. Devs take a good hard look at the app and fix it fast so i can... WE CAN give you your stars back!!! I'll review the next update dont make me wait and if its gonna take forever repost the older version please. As promissed, heres your 5 stars thank you for not making us deal with that lol

BOLT is it! Posted by

BOLT surfs great! I browse few adult sites, and it deletes the history after. I don't care to keep any history after all. Taking pictures? Well I get that by using BOLT as well. Just press Home and Power buttons like how others recommended, and I get my snapshots in any pages shown in BOLT. Those snapshots look great too. Speed? Blisteringly fast. Tap BOLT icon. Wham! It's opened. Type few search words in the Google page. Wham! It's got the google search result fetched. BOLT is really simple, and it's beauuutiful. I love the user interface. I can't believe it has been downloaded 140,000 by people around the world, and it manages to keep its rating at 3 star overall by 1200 people? That is substantial. Update: @PeterDum, turn off your iphone before putting it in your pocket. If not, you can always turn the sound effects off in Settings.

IE (Internet Explorer) Mode works!! Posted by

Love the bookmark manager. It works really well. I can't complain. Also, the IE mode works pretty well. What is the IE mode? It lets you visit some IE only web sites. These web sites cannot be viewed with Safari. Get BOLT, you can view them! Use the force (IE Poser mode). Now, like Safari, Flash is not supported, so if you want to see a flash-based web site, you can't see it. Some IE restrictive websites, which have heavely ingrained the IE hacks, cannot be viewed. This is the fundamental limitation to the iphone OS itself. But, if you want to see the IE restrictive websites, this may help you to see the web sites. Your miles may vary. My recommendation is BUY.

Pretty cool but... Posted by

I think they have a great start on an alternative to the memory hog known as Safari. There are some bugs which is why it only got 4 stars. And there's not as many features as Safari but then that's kinda the point I suppose. It does load pages a little faster. And the fact that it doesn't use so much memory makes it worth it's weight in gold. However I don't think it replaces Safari at this point. I will use Bolt when I can to keep from constantly rebooting and clearing memory but there will be times I'll need Safari. If they make it so I only need one browser and retain it's minimal resource used approach, they'll have a 5 star product.

IE & Firefox Limited Compatible BOLT Posted by

First of all, no iphone or ipod touch web browsers are not compatible with Flash. So, until Apple gives us the flash compatible, we are out of luck. Meantime, BOLT is the only way to view some IE only web sites. I said some websites, because these websites heavily use the IE tricks, no web browsers including mobile safari can open them up. Now having said that, I am pretty happy with BOLT, because I can use it at my work sites!! I am okay with few IE websites not openable with BOLT, because, without BOLT, I wouldn't be able to see any IE only websites. I would pay $5 for this granted access! BUY, BUY, BUY!

Love BOLT! Posted by

Between game plays, I use it to google game cheats and tips. I couldn't use other browsers, they just eat up a lot of RAM memory. I couldn't play my games after using them. So I had to reboot my iPhone 3G. But BOLT doesn't, so I use it all the time. It's really cool. Update : @Mike, when reading Google News, wait until the page finishes loading. Then you can tap on each article link to get its content. If that doesn't work, reload the page and make sure it finishes loading. So don't tap on an article link before it finishes. This trick always work for me.

Awesome! Posted by

Wow, I just got BOLT. It's awesome! I can't believe it works really well on my iPod Touch. Google loads fast! update : @sandy, why would you return the iphone? If you need help, try to talk to the smart guys at Genuis Bar at any local Apple store. They are amazing and very helpful!! Also, have you contact the tech support for BOLT? The link is provided at the bottom of the app description. They can also help you. They helped me with my work site. Now, I am accessing my work site from any client location. Really cool!!

Helpful Hints - How to view it in a full screen & use the new bookmark manager. Posted by

For those who couldn't figure it out, here are few hints. BOLT is pretty easy to use. To bring back the navigation bar, just shake it. It brings the menu back. When you tap a download link from few porn sites, it doesn't do anything? Mobile Safari has the same problem. Basically, you clicked on a link to download some flash file which is not supported on iPhone 3G or iPod Touch. Mobile Safari says downloading the file is not supported.

It should be called the IE browser. Posted by

I needed the IE browser for my iphone. I tried safari and other browsers. They didn't work with ie sites. My browser doesn't have to work with all IE sites. And, I really don't care about these technical jargons @TheParkFamily comments about. What's important to me is BOLT works for me. It works on the sites that are important to me. Sure, it is not 100% compatible with IE. Who am I to complain if it works with my sites?

Great App Posted by

Recommend this purchase to anyone that needs to have a good browser. It worked better than any that were free, But the support is Phenomenal. I asked about the autofill that I saw on the screen and they went out of their way to help me find out how to use this. Besides this, they also showed me how to make a screen shot (this was to help them out). But I learned yet one more thing about the app and the touch. BUY THIS APP.

A god sent! Posted by

Thank you! I had not been able to access my company site. I thought I give it a try. To surprise, it worked for me. It's a pleasure to access my company site with my iphone! Not even the Mac's Safari can access the site! This is amazing! Speaking of Mac, can you also make it for Mac? That would be truly awesome!!

Epic BOLT FTW Posted by

Great browser, the only thing I can think to add would be a download plugin to SSH, I mean transfer via 100% legal non jailbroken computer program, like a flash drive, because of course only thing this lacks is Safari Downloader, a major temptation for hackers.

Truly Impressed Posted by

Does everything they say. I'm amazed how much faster it is than Safari, the additional screen usage makes web browsing on the iPhone so much more enjoyable, & no more leaving your trail of where you've been. I am truly impressed.

Pretty Good Posted by

Overall, it's a pretty good browser, seeing that it's a bit larger than safari. The accelerator is also faster. Only problems are that I can't change the homepage, and at times it's really sluggish and freezes.

Very Cool App Posted by

I think the negative reviewers never figured out that you simply shake the phone to get the back & forward buttons and options. I'll probably never use safari unless I need two windows to go back and forth between.

Fantastic work! Posted by

Hey, this is great! This is a very impressive application. It turns the iPhone into a serious production tool. Incredible I Love :D nice nice -.-;D Also, it real faster than other browsers.


I have iPhone 3G with iPhone OS 3.0 Beta. It really works with OS 3.0!! It's still pretty fast!! I can open myspace and facebook. And All links work!

Updated Review by Cairnblsd 2010-02-28

The longer I use this browser the more I like it. It is fast and makes much better use if screen space than safari.i have never had problems with crashing or freezing. Also safari does not stop using memory after you stop using it but bolt completely closes with no memory leaks. Previous review: I really like this browser. You actually do have more screen space for viewing web pages and here's a great thing, it does not have the memory leak that Safari has! (If you have an app that shows how much space you have in your memory check it after using Safari. You'll be down to 5-6 mb but will still be in the 20s after using Bolt.) It is a huge drawback though that you can't save favorites and the reason it doesn't get five stars. I hope the next update fixes this.

It works, I guess? by icantgetthenameiwant 2009-07-14

I'll change my review to 5 stars once -it doesn't freeze while a page is loading (took me a while to figure out that the phone wasn't frozen) -it saves my prefs. Seriously? I set my homepage and it still goes to google. I set the browser posing to FF and it goes back to the default. I really don't want to have to change all that stuff every single use -option to remove the splash screen -button to toggle fullscreen. It has conflicted with OS 3.0's "shake to undo" more than once... and I really don't want to be shaking my phone and drop it. This app has potential, but until the updates roll out, it has no place on my springboard.

Misrepresented by banished 2009-07-05

Safari Mobile doesn't correctly render some of the web pages I frequently visit, so looked for a replacement. Bolt's reviews and marketing blah, blah, sounded reasonable, so bought it. It turned out to be one of the most misrepresented apps I've bought. Start up an is agonizingly long display of app's logo and then locked to Google as the startup page, even after setting the home page to something else. Interesting capability to misrepresent itself as a different browser to web sites. I'm probably doing something wrong, but app isn't intuitive enough for me to figure out what, and I'm not your average street user.

New version is a mess by MQCarpenter 2009-08-15

The version prior to this release was very useful. The full screen browsing and privacy is nice. It also loaded pages very quickly and was a nice switch from Safari since Safari eventually bogs due to its inability to release memory. The new version is a mess. It locks up a lot. The worst piece is when you are in the middle of browsing and the address bars and options will not come back on screen no matter what you try. Very frustrating. You have to restart the app all over again. Prior versions had none of these issues. I am about to give up on it and move on if these issues are not resolved

App is basic but has potential. by Thank God for the Iphone!! 2009-03-11

Pros: •Uses less system memory than Safari. •Allows you to lock the auto-rotation. Cons/Needs • A status indicator so I know how long it will take pages to download or that the app is even working. This is a basic feature that Safari shows in the URL bar while it is opening/downloading a page. Come on guys! I don't want to sit an guess how much longer a page has to open. This app does not even have an indicator showing that it's "thinking/working". Almost every app in the app store had this simple indicator. • Ability to add bookmarks. • Ability to download images.

Almost Perfect by XMushroom 2009-06-25

Ive been using this browser and Oceanus for weeks now. This app would be better if it added one fuction other browswer adds. To catergorize, make folders, for bookmarks. To save a picture in this browser is really great, other certain browsers dont even have a way to save pictures.(To save a picture, just press the sleep, home button at the same time, then let go, dont hold them down.) To make this the best browser app please add a feature to have multiple tabs open, and a way to manage that, and a way to make folders for bookmars, and this will be a must have app!

Ok, if it works for your desired sites..... by NorthshoreRealtr 2009-12-21

........but, unfortunately, didn't work for the 3 sites I needed. (And that included trying multiple emulations to reach my MLS site--a real plus for my job!) One suggestion for improvement: have the software retain the emulator setting for future sessions. Resetting emulations every time you use the program is a pain, since I'd suspect most folks would use this app only for a handful of sites--and would use Safari for all other sites. Graphics are good, and the program seems intuitive enough. NorthshoreRealtr iPhone v. 3.1.2 (Is there a refund policy?)

Is it just a Safari underneath? by peterwiz 2009-07-05

Wasted my $2 on this app. I had a web site that was rejecting Safari so decided to buy Bolt. Whatever Bolt browser poser mode I use, the target website tells me it does not support Safari. The web site is not deceived and is still able to detect this as Safari. I assume that most of the underlying code in Bolt is actually Safari. The browser does work in a basic mode. The other frustrating feature is the shake action to retrieve menus. You can't walk with it in your pocket unless you want the shake noises after everey step or two. Pity. I guess I was dupped.

After a day by MursePaolo 2009-07-21

At first I liked it, but now it shows its true colors. It lags. No progress loading bar is annoying (you just stare at an idle screen while loading), no way to stop pages from loading, it chops when swiped quickly, bookmarking is questionable at best, dropped my iPhone switching it to full view, one time it got stuck running in the background and I had to restart my iPhone because it would not forcequit nor load anymore. This app has got a long, long way to go. I'll keep it just for the hope of these problems getting fixed. 99c program runs like one.

Zoomed in by Dacius 2010-04-12

I installed this app so i could take advantage of a different browser on my iPad. The functionality of Safari and e touch screen interface confuses my online classes at school, meaning I am unable to types my answers and responses for online discussions. This app solves that issue as it works fine in firefox and ie. Unfortunately this app zooms so far in on the one page i need it that I am unable to see which question I am answering. Unfortunately thar makes this app useless to me and a wasted $4. Let me see the page and you have a 5 star review.

AWESOMEEEEE!!!  by duhh-r 2009-06-24

I was able to download BOLT when it was FREE! But I deleted it coz I wasnt impressed. Now,I stumbled again on this app after my boyfriend told me to check this out and I thought what I got before was just the 'lite' version. But man! This was the app I downloaded!!! And I am so pleased with the updates!! FYI PEOPLE: This app is a full-screen browser! Just shake it to untoggle the toolbars! Great aye? BOLT IS THE BEST!!! Freaking fast! And yeah,I cant wait for the next update!!! 

Don't buy, waste of money by Reply 2009-11-03

This loads just as fast as safari, in some sites slower Does not work well when clicking on a link, usually freezes or takes forever to load When the menu bar on the bottom disappears there is no way to get it back so you can't change the website without reloading the utility It doesn't have a favorites list so you have to type in every web address you go to Don't buy this it's a waste of money

I should have know!!!!! by FinchMonster 2009-12-26

After reading several reviews about this app not working on work related websites I still downloaded it and guess what??? It doesn't work!!! If you're looking for an IE style browser for work related sites, keep looking! It would seem most work related/professional websites do not work with this browser. I would love my money back, you can have your app back. Just glad it was only $3.99

Much better. by royalsmartperson 2009-10-20

Was slow, now fast. Dev: No need to market about ie comparable. Especially since you contradict yourself in the first three points in new features list. All needs to be said is this browser works well and is fast. Only real drawback is having to shake to get rid of bottom bar. But although it's a stupid gimic overused in iPhone browsers, bolt is still better than the rest.

Well it certainly didn't work for me... by ZGALINEC 2010-04-18

Displayed the IE asp site worst then safari did. Hopefully the developer will make amends and make the app live up to the description. If your looking to run this on your iPad, don't bother, it looks like hell, the fonts are pixelated... This app or a latte..... Should have got the latte! Will revise if basic asp support is added in future updates.

Ok, it's free. by NJBR 2009-02-17

I'm really not sure why this is necessary. You guys realize there is a full featured browser on the phone, right? All this does is take away features. I'll leave it installed for v1.1 in hopes I'm missing something. The "bar" toggle is quite annoying actually. Safari hides that automatically. Why would you need a button?

Nice, but missing some features by Peace of Landru 2010-11-02

Viewing full screen is nice, and not leaving a browsing history is cool, however there is no support for downloading a picture, you can only have one browser open at a time, and I've noticed that sometimes the bottom nav bar disappears, and I'm not sure how to get it back. I like it though and will continue to use it.

Fading fast by Mike245 2010-09-18

I initially liked Bolt, but after 3 accasions of unresolved news article access problems and comparing it to others I see now I paid for it to fast. USA Today's free app is far better for quick news (and faster!). I am very dissapointed in this as a paid app. Must have a lot of friends rating for you!

False advertising by Imovelives 2009-11-02

I downloaded this app after reading the description. The websites (MobileMe) I was visiting required safari or firefox but it says that this app version is outdated. If you upgrade the version of safari or firefox then maybe I can change the rating. But for now, it's useless and a waste of money

Not bad, could use some improvements by The Beejerino 2010-06-17

Helps me access my work site for basic review only. Waiting for iPad version. Hope it includes browser emulation lock so I don't have to reset browser to IE each time I open it. Until Apple supports Java and Flash, though, no emulator will fully support IE only sites.